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									                       How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

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                      How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

About The Author

                 Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola, the winner of the
                 prestigious SuccessDigest Young Entrepreneur
                 Award of Year 2008, is the Managing Director of
                 TechClick Limited, the company that owns
                 Nigeria’s No. 1 Online payment system,

He is a creative young man that has generated several online ideas
that have solved many online problems faced by internet marketers
and helped many to make money online. Part of the initiatives he led
his company to create includes, an online
payment system,, a bulk SMS system, and, an online digital marketplace. His company
organised the first ever blogging contest in early 2009 tagged
FasteCash Blogging Contest which encouraged a lot of people to
start their own online business. The archives of the contest can be
seen at

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                       How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

Introducing the SMS Business
Short Message Service (SMS) is a service that enables someone to
send text message from his or her phone to friends, relatives,
associates and so on. It is also possible to send text message via the
internet using an SMS enabled online system.

SMS is becoming more popular day by day as it has been noted to be
one of the most effective way of communicating to people that
belong to the same group or have common interest and for marketing
or promoting products/services. The process of mass messaging is
often referred to as bulk SMS messaging.

SMS has made it possible to reach people in few seconds and place
information directly “in the palm of their hand”. The recipient's
direct response to such information has been noted to be very high.

SMS Business Profit Boom
SMS business is enjoying its profit boom presently as you will have
noticed that many people are now marketing and promoting the
business. Though the price for each SMS sent is relatively low, but
the promoters of the SMS make their money from volume and
consistent sales of the SMS.

For example, if you have a user of your SMS system that send at
least 10,000 SMS through your system on a weekly basis and you
make at least N1.00 (One naira) on each of the SMS, then, your
profit is N10,000.00 (Ten thousand naira)

If he sends the message four times in a month, that will give you a
pure profit of N40,000.00. Now consider a situation where you have
ten people that send the same number of messages consistently, that
simply means that you will be making a huge monthly profit of
nothing less than N400,000.00.

You are sure of making huge profit regularly even if you have few

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                         How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

users that are sending large volume of message through your system.

I recently discovered someone that provides SMS for some banks in
Nigeria and since the banks use the service extensively, he is able to
send as much as 10 million SMS on a monthly basis. That means if
he makes N1.00 on each of the SMS, he is having a huge profit of
N10 million naira in a month without considering other people he is
providing the service for.

You too can be part of this SMS business profit boom.

What Makes SMS A HOT Money Making Business

   1.   It is cheap and affordable for different levels of users
   2.   It is a reusable commodity.
   3.   People that send bulk message to group of people like
        religious groups, clubs, friends, associates etc are likely going
        to do it consistently.
   4.   It can be used for instant business or transaction alert as seen
        with the banks.
   5.   It is a delightful advertisement method for marketers and
        promoters who often experience quick response from their
        recipients any time the message is sent out.
   6.   The amount for sending SMS to different networks is the same
        which is in contrast to what is obtainable when you use
        handset to send it to different networks.

The Enormous Potential Use of SMS
Here are some highlights of what the SMS System can be used for in
term of messages that can be sent to different audience.

       Business Marketing & Advertisement
       Wedding announcement and invitation
       Birthday announcement and invitation
       Events and Meetings notification

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                        How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

       Special seasons greetings
       Political campaign and awareness
       Product Launch and Sales Promotions
       Customer Services and Relationship Management
       Financial Services
       Social Networking
       Business Process Management and Internal Administration
       Information Technology and System Administration


How To Get Started
To get started with SMS business, you will need to get an online
SMS system for it. Sending bulk SMS is done online most of the
time. Though, it is possible to send text message through someone's
phone but if you need to send text message to about 500 to 1000
people, you will discover that it won't be easy to use handset to do

Presently, there are lot of people providing SMS platform but only
few of them have what it takes for their resellers to become
successful in the business. Some may provide cheap and low quality
SMS for their resellers. This can easily kill an SMS business if there
are lot of complaints from users of the system that messages sent on
the system are delayed or not delivered.

Things To Look For In Getting An SMS System

   1.   Ensure you have an SMS system that is created for ease of use
        of its users. That is, users should be able to navigate easily
        around the website without any difficulties.
   2.   Make sure it has a registration and login form for users to
        create their own accounts and send messages without getting
        in touch with you before they can do that.

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                         How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

   3.   Ensure that your system has different payment system that
        makes it possible for people to buy SMS from you even while
        you are not there or when you are fast asleep in the night.
   4.   Make sure you have a system that gives you some level of
        control and flexibility of the website so that it will be possible
        for you to adjust and customize some things on it.
   5.   Ensure that you can always get support for your SMS system
        and you are not going to be charged consistently for the
        maintenance of the system.
   6.   Get a system that has future, i.e, the developers keep working
        on it to ensure that the system remain relevant to technological

Introducing ClicknReach Web SMS System
For more than a year, our company worked on a web SMS system
which is the perfect solution needed for people that really wanted to
make money with SMS business. It is one of our highly rated online
solutions. It is one of the best 21st century state of the art mobile
technology created for fast, direct and cost effective exchange of
information with the combination of mobile telephony and Internet.

So, if you need a system that fulfils all the things that are necessary
to have an effective SMS system, then ClicknReach Web SMS
System is what you are looking for.

How Does The SMS System Work?
The SMS system is designed as a web based application. It allows
you to send bulk SMS and manage your contacts and messages by
using any web browser. You will need to visit the website on
Internet to use the service. The SMS system is robust and flexible for
future improvement.

Our working model for the SMS System is at

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                       How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

Some of the Fantastic SMS Systems We Have Created
Presently, our SMS is being used by more than 100 users across the
country who are personally making a living with the service. They
now have their own online business and they are proud to call
themselves, CEOs, MD and Chairman of their business.

The impressive SMS System has so much encouraged most of them
to start a serious business while some have registered their company
names in order to be able to send proposal to get big SMS contract
from companies, organisations and government parastatals.

Below are some of the unique SMS systems we have created for
several persons;


Testimonies By Some of Our Resellers

Testimony I

I sold over 6,000 sms units within the first two weeks of introducing and the demand for this service is growing
every day.

So far, the speed of the system has been wonderful and the delivery
has been accurate.

One of the most important benefits to me is that, it ensures constant
positive cash flow. This is because people buy sms units from me

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                        How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

virtually every time – morning, afternoon and evening.

Clicknreach, thank you. More grease to your elbow.

               James Gbolagoke
               Gbola Empower Consult/Biz Expert Consult
               505 Ikorodu Road, Ketu, Lagos

Testimony II

I feel very proud owning a money making system like courtesy of your
Company( SMS site has just been wonderful
and a few friends I directed to the site for possible criticism are left
with no better words than to say it is of world class standard.

The speed at which messages are delivered in split seconds is also
amazing. And the ability to send customized messages is captivating.
Making users feel very much on top of technology.

Making money on the site is very much possible, with the right
marketing and advertising.

Thank you for the ample opportunity to tap into this entrepreneurial

                Livingston Obasi
                Chairman/CEO -
                08033939680, 08055159453

Testimony III

Thanks for the beauty you added to my life by giving me this
platform (my sms reseller package). The system is working fine and
its really fast, easy to use, dependable and reliable.

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                         How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

The most important thing I found with the system is that it does not
charge you when your sms are not delivered like other systems do,
this is really WONDERFUL of the package.

Since I launched, it has brought me cash and
it will keep bringing me cash and one very important thing, I like
their customer care at clicknreach.

God bless you

              DARAMOLA AYODEJI

The Benefits of Using Our SMS System

SMS is often provided by mobile telecommunication companies
along with voice services. SMS can be sent from one phone to
another in form of text message but the direct use of major
telecommunication companies SMS services via personal handset
has limited functionalities and is always expensive.

Below are some of the unique reasons why you have to use our SMS
system for instant mobile communication to your targeted audience.

   1.   It permits you to send message at the click of your mouse to
        thousands of people at the same time while delivering all the
        message in few minutes. This is called bulk SMS messaging
        and it is not possible to do that using a handset.
   2.   It is an effective direct communication for individuals, group,
        companies and advertisers.
   3.   It delivers fast and promptly at any time and anywhere to
        different telecommunication operator networks using the same
        charge rate without barrier of location.

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                         How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

  4.   It gives you flexibility to customize and personalise your
       message with the name of your company, organization or
       personal name.
  5.   It provides direct and high responses from recipients
  6.   It helps you to create different targeted audience lists which
       you can broadcast your message, greetings, promotion etc to at
       any time you want it.
  7.   It gives you the ability to schedule a message to be delivered at
       a particular day of a month at the time you specified.
  8.   It can be used for instant transaction notification if you have an
       online based business or system.
  9.   It provides you with delivery reports that help you to know if
       all the messages you sent to mobile phones are delivered or
  10. You    can send long text messages to phones i.e., you are not
       restricted to traditional 160 characters per message and the
       messages will be receive by the recipient as a single message.
  11. You  can re-edit and re-use previously sent messages whenever
       you wish to do so because all your messages are securely
       saved in your personal SMS account.

Your SMS Website Package Overview & Features
  1. A unique website that is accessible to everyone all over the world.
  2. Opportunity to choose and register your own unique domain name for
       the website.
  3.   A registration page for anyone to register from any part of the country
       or in any country of the world.
  4.   Ability for individual to login to their account, manage his or her
       contact and send message.
  5.   Inclusion of other web pages like About Us, Contact Us and FAQ.
  6.   When your contact form is filled it sends a message to
  7. Optional creation of Blog, forum and Customers Chat system.
  8. Ability to set price range by the SMS system owners.
  9. Access to important statistics that can help improve the business.

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                       How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

SMS System Control Panel

You can login to your SMS System Control Panel by visiting your
website and by using admin sub-directory to access it. E.g., you
should have something like

Here are the features of your control panel.

System Stats

Members Summary

Registration Summary

Credit Usage Summary

Credit Purchase Summary

Members Profile

Units Purchase

Units Transfer






Admin Settings

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                       How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

Units Bulk Purchase
Generate Pincodes

Print Pincodes

Bank Notices

Payment Options

Settings & Status



SMS System Add Ons

The SMS System addons are other additional applications that can
be included with your website. Some of these add ons are important
in generating traffic to your website. For example, a site with
regularly updated blog is likely going to appear on search engine
faster than a site without a blog.

A site with bustling forum will definitely have opportunity of getting
many of the forum members to use its SMS website. Likewise,
facebook is a trendy social network that is capable of getting people
down to your website.

Also, if you can provide instant chat support for users on your
website, they will appreciate using your webiste because they know
they can always get instant support if they encounter any problem.

Presently, we have about four working add on services. They are
optional but we can install it at a very moderate price for any reseller
that is interested in any of them. We hope to add more with time.
Below are the functioning add ons.

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                       How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

  1.   Blog
  2.   Forum
  3.   Facebook
  4.   Live Chat

Marketing Strategies

  1.  Start with your circle of influence. Family members, friends,
      partners, associates, members of staff, church or mosque
      members, club members, village/town members, classmates,
      colleagues, etc.
  2. Stir up word of mouth marketing strategies. Encourage people
      to tell others about your product.
  3. Create referral programme. You can give gift to people for
      doing that. Design a card or leaflet that can be returned to you
      with the name of referral. You can compensate them with
      some number of SMS
  4. Do promo. Give extremely reduced price to gain new
      customers once awhile. It a fantastic principle that works.
  5. Advertise in SuccessDigest Extra. Be creative with the advert
      in order to edge competitors.
  6. Advertise in other national dailies like complete sport. Take a
      classified advert space.
  7. Send letter of introduction and proposal to companies,
      organisations, schools that you know will like to take
      advantage of the SMS opportunities.
  8. Create stickers and place it in strategic places like cybercafes,
      bus stops, inside buses and give it out to people that can help
      you place it around their houses and places of work.
  9. Organise free seminar on how people can benefit from the
      service and teach them how to use your system effectively.
  10. Place advert on Internet. Use different sites like,,,, google adword
  11. Send email to your list.
  12. Send text message to all the contact you have on your phone
      and inform them about your new business.
  13. Get phone numbers from friends and relatives and send them
      text message introducing your new SMS service to them. You

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                       How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

      can promise them discount if they sign up within a particular
  14. Create promotional materials like cap, T-shirt, pen with the
      name of your website and stir curiosity with the material using
      exciting slogan e.g. “Ask Me About SMS Wealth Empire”
      “...Instant Message On The Palm of Your Hand”
  15. Hold contest. Give gift to the person that buys the highest
      SMS unit in a month or that send the highest in a month.
  16. Print handbills and distribute strategically.
  17. Have an agent arrangement with cybecafes, design a small
      banner that indicate SMS Recharge pincode is sold here with
      your website name inscribed on it.

How To Become ClicknReach System Owner or Reseller
One of the smartest things to do now is to become an owner of
ClicknReach SMS system to start making N100,000.00 above on a
monthly basis. Our system has been tested and trusted by more than
100 SMS owners. You can never regret it if you get this
ClicknReach SMS system which still stands as the best ever created
in Nigeria today.

To own the powerful SMS system, you will need a domain name and
hosting space. This makes it possible for people to access your
system all over the world.

What You Need To Get Your Personalized System

  1.   Domain name of yours.

       You can register any domain name of your choice and your
       SMS system will be customized to have the name of your
       domain name.

  2.   Hosting Space

       You will need to host the system. That is where we will upload
       your SMS system so that you can have access to it anywhere
       you are in the world. Others can also have access to it.

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                           How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

     3.   The SMS System Package

          We will deploy the package for you with full customization
          and privilege for you to use all its functions.

     4.   Purchase of SMS Credit Units

          You will need to buy SMS credit units on a regular basis. You
          will also ensure that your credit units is not exhausted before
          refunding your account with more credit units so that your
          users or clients will not experience service disruption for lack
          of enough SMS credits.

Pricing For Your Customized SMS System

Below are the prices for what you need to get started.

S/N                   DESCRIPTION                           PRICE

1.        Domain Name & Hosting Space                     10,000 : 00
2.        Setup fee                                       10,000 : 00
4.        Minimum SMS Credit Units (1,000                 3,000 : 00
          Units) at the rate of N3/SMS unit.
          Total                                           23,000 : 00

          * Please note that Domain Name & Hosting Space is optional.
          If you have your domain and hosting space, you will not need
          to pay for it again, we will only need the FTP username and
          password to be able to upload the system to your server.

          FasteCash is our company online payment system. It is also
          integrated with Interswitch. This makes it possible for you to
          accept payment through our FasteCash online system or

                                             Copyright © TechClick Limited 16
                       How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

      Interswitch ATM card without probably integrating a fresh
      Interswitch payment system on your website. You can access
      FasteCash at

      Also note that if you are buying as much as 5000 SMS credit
      units, you can get the SMS unit for N2.50k/SMS.

Getting Your ClicknReach System Package
To purchase this package, you can visit our website at to order online. You can also
pay the amount into any of our bank accounts. After that, open the
Clicknreach order form.pdf that you downloaded with this e-
booklet, you can print it, fill the necessary information, scan it and
sen it to our email at You can also send the
details directly to us through email if you are unable to scan it.

Here are our banks details for payment;

Account name: TechClick Limited
Account number: 233281266110

Account name: TechClick Limited
Account Number: 6018906946

If you will like to speak with someone, you can please call Ije on
+2348059821468 or 234-1-8202618

Become An Agent And Make Money On Leverage

Apart from being a reseller of SMS by having your own reseller
package, you can leverage on other people's effort by raising more
resellers like yourself or by getting companies, organisations,
religious bodies, schools etc. that will like to get our SMS package
for their use.

                                          Copyright © TechClick Limited 17
                       How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

We all have our circle of influence, though is limited most of the
time but can be maximized to reach several others out of our circle
of influence. Circle of influence are those that are close to you like
friends, associates, relatives, partners, etc. that you can reach easily
for assistance, marketing purpose and so on. These same people that
belong to your circle of influence also have their own circle which
on an extensive level can become a ring of chain to connect to others
that are very far away from you.

Taking advantage of this human influence potential, you can make a
big profit for yourself with little or no effort. ClicknReach agent is
someone that agrees to market the SMS reseller package to different
people, organisations, companies and religious bodies. The major
work of the agent is to just follow up on the potential client or user
of ClicknReach system.

TechClick Limited will give the agent every necessary assistance
like preparing and packaging a well written proposal to potential
clients and supplying materials that may enhance the marketing
process. After, a client has signed up, 10% of the N10,000.00 setup
fee will be given to the agent. But that is not where the money is.
Any time the client sends message, a commission of 15kobo will be
given to the agent automatically on each of the message sent. If the
agent is an existing ClicknReach reseller, commission of 20kobo
will be given on each of the message sent by the client.

For example, if the client an agent introduced sends 10,000 units of
SMS per week, it means, a commission of about N1,500 will be
credited into an agent’s FasteCash account on a weekly basis
without him or her doing extra job again. It also simply means that
an agent can earn as much as N6,000.00 from just a single client on
a monthly basis. Let us assume that the agent is able to introduce
about 10 clients that do the same volume of SMS in a month, it
means the agent will smile to the bank with as much as N60,000.00
without doing any extra job again throughout the year.

                                          Copyright © TechClick Limited 18
                        How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

If the agent is an existing FasteCash reseller, it means, his or her
monthly take home will be N80,000 if he or she has about 10 clients.
But here is another joker, as an agent or reseller, if you are able to
introduce more agents to us, you have potential of making 5kobo on
the number of SMS the clients or your introduced agents are

What this means is that if you are an agent, and you introduce
another agent or your agent becomes a reseller, any time the agent
make 15kobo or 20kobo on SMS being sent by his client, you will
also be making 5kobo. That does not affect your own direct earning
from your clients. So, if your sub-agent makes N60,000.00 or
N80,000.00 you are also sure of making N20,000.00.

This is what is called passive income.

The Payment Structure
Agents get their pay instantly into their FasteCash accounts
immediately text messages are sent in a reseller or Client SMS
package. The system is designed to also pay the 2-level commission
of agent or reseller that have sub-agents.

The agent continues receiving payment in as much he or she
introduces or get at least one reseller per month. If an agent fails to
sell an SMS system package after 30 days of making his last sale,
then his or her commissions will be stopped.

The requirement is that an agent must introduce at least one client or
a reseller within 30 days of his last sales to keep getting his or her
commission. There is no strict rule as per bringing in somebody into
the system, the requirement which is one reseller within 30 days also
means just 12 SMS reseller package owners in a year or for 360
days. So, if an agent is able to get about 12 reseller package owners
in a particular month, let’s say in January, that will qualify him or
her to collect his or her commission throughout the year.

                                          Copyright © TechClick Limited 19
                        How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

How To Become An Agent
It is simple and free to become an agent. You can get an agent form
from our office or you can print the agent form.pdf attached with
this ebook. Fill the necessary details and submit it at our office.

You can also print out the form, fill it, scan and send to our email at This will help us to get your information and
keep in touch with you with necessary information.

Duties of Agents
Agents are expected to work with us as marketers. These are some of
what they are expected to do;

   1.   Get and collate the names of potential ClicknReach system
   2.   Submit the names to our marketing department for preparation
        of proposal and letter to potential system owners.

   3.   Follow up with the potential ClicknReach system owners until
        they make purchase.

Agent Commissions Analysis

S/No            Commission                         Amount
                  Setup fee                       N1,000.00

           Direct reseller package             N0.15k per SMS

           Direct reseller package             N0.20k per SMS
           (ClicknReach Reseller)

         Agent 2-Level Commission              N0.05k per SMS

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                    How To Make N100,000.00 Monthly With SMS Business

Getting In Touch With Us
It is easy to get in touch with us. You can call our Marketing
Executive, Ije on +2348059821468 or 234-1-8202618 for more
information. You can send email to us at

You can visit our SMS website at to register online.

You can also book an appointment to have a meeting with us at
our office;

TechClick Limited,
36, Esuola Street, Off Ago Palace Way,
Okota, Isolo, Lagos,

                                      Copyright © TechClick Limited 21

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