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 How You Can Earn =N=50,000/Month
       Betting On Football…


             ‘Seun Ajaja
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!


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© Copyright 2009-2010 Seun Ajaja

The information presented herein represents the view of the author as of the date of
  publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves
 the right to alter and update his opinion based on the new conditions. The report is
  for informational purposes only. While every attempt has been made to verify the
  information provided in this report, neither the author nor bookmaker assume any
    responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. If advice concerning legal or
   related matters is needed, the services of a fully qualified professional should be
sought. This report is not intended for use as a source of legal or accounting advice.

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               Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction                                             page 4

The Bankroll                                             page 6

Football Betting Revelator Nuggets                       page 8

What is football betting?                                Page 10

Football betting as an investment                        page 11

What is an odd?                                          page 14

How to read/interpret odd                                page 15

Step-by-step guide on
(How to open account and place bets)                     page 17

How to fund your
Account                                                  page 21

How to place bet on                         page 23

How to add your bank information                         page 27

How to withdraw your money on                                             page 28

My betting strategies                                    page 29

Conclusion                                               page 33

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™                 3     
              Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

It is a great opportunity for you to have laid your hand on this book. This is the most
practical step by step manual you can use to pull in unbelievable amount of money
from football betting in as little as 30 days from now all within the shores of Nigeria
so to say.

There have been a number of manuals you could have purchased or borrowed from
a friend or even received as free e-books online on football betting. BUT… there is
one thing common to most of them and the thing is that the books try to offer you
football betting that is solely and based on foreign bookmakers’ platform. And you
know what? Most of these so called foreign bookmakers make it almost impossible
for you to start your betting on their platform.

This is simply because the means and mode of payment (both funding and
withdrawing your money) is cumbersome and almost proves impossible. This is
mainly so because of the peculiarity of our country- both in the areas of our money
system and internet facilities- which slows and almost halts you from making the
real money from football betting.

But there is finally a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

This manual is going to take through some simple practical steps you will need to
follow and apply religiously by using the First Nigerian Bookmaker for football

I will personally take hold of your hand and lead you through the practical steps
provided in this manual to make money here in Nigeria and be the money maker
and probably an investor you’ve always been dreaming of.

I promise this manual is going to be interesting and open your eyes to how easily
you can make money from football betting in Nigeria easily and become a seasoned
investor from its simple strategies.

I wish you good luck!

Enjoy this manual.

God bless.

‘Seun Ajaja

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          Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

                      I Love Football Betting!

                                Do You?...

               Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

                                   The Bankroll
I teach the following tricks to all my clients. No matter what you are betting, it works
and protects your bankroll.

The most important thing when it comes to football betting is your bankroll. This is
the money you are willing to play with and you don’t need for anything else.

First you will have to break your bankroll into 4 equal blocks. This way, you will risk
only 25% of your bankroll and you protect the rest of your bankroll in case you hit a
very bad losing streak.

For example,

Let’s say you have =N=10,000 bankroll.
You breakdown=N=10,000 into 4 x =N=2,500.

Now you play a system with your first block of =N=2,500.

As soon as your first block is doubled, add it back to your total bankroll.

So you now have =N=10,000 + N2, 500 = N12, 500.

All you have to do is to break the new total into 4 equal blocks. Here is 4 x N3, 125.

Then, you will be able to raise your betting unit and make more money.

When you have doubled your first block again, start the same process again then
you have 4 x N4, 687.30.

Repeat this process again.

But if you experience a losing streak and lose all you first block. You just need to do
the opposite. So if you lose the first N2, 500 of your N10, 000 (Total Bankroll), it
leaves you with 3 x N2, 500. So it’s N7, 500.

Now breakdown this N7, 500 into 4 blocks of N1, 875 and you just have to repeat
the same process again. Up as you win, down as you lose.

 (Note: You must stick to this trick of bankroll. It will help
   you a great deal in managing your money. Don’t ignore it!)

 (You must not stake more than 10% of your first block of your
  bankroll. I advise you to start with a bankroll of N5, 000.
  With this you will make a minimum of N50, 000/Month with the
          simple strategy I’ll show you in this manual)

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             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

The following are the most important things in good football betting and necessary if
you want big winnings.

1. Get to know your teams

Study the teams learn their strengths and weaknesses, know their home and away
records, and evaluate them objectively.

Pay attention to changes in the quality of a team from one season to the other as
players get older and changes occur - players are transferred, managers come and
go. Major improvement or decline from season to season is commonplace in
professional sports.

2. Bet on motivated teams

Sometimes a team doesn't play up to its potential, but at other times may play well
above what is indicated by their overall record - especially in critical games.
Determine how important a game is to a team. If the team has already reached a
play-off spot, they may be more focused on the play-offs than the present game.

Conversely, a team facing a must-win situation to avoid relegation may be highly
A team out to avenge a defeat earlier in the season may also be very motivated.

3. Don't chase your losses

When you do run into the inevitable losing streak, don't panic and make the
common mistake of betting larger amounts in an attempt to recoup your losses.
Instead, examine your betting methods and reduce your betting amounts until you
start winning again. Remember - chasing your losses is the single biggest mistake a
punter can make.

Once you start winning again, increase your bets slightly, but don't go overboard.
Unfortunately, like losing streaks, winning streaks also come to an end.

4. Bet with your head, not your heart

Make an honest assessment of a team's chances, not one based on emotions.

Don't bet on a team simply because it's your favourite without considering the real
odds. Be selective and remember that you will only find value betting situations in a
small number of games. Betting the entire Premier

League fixture list every week is a risky proposition at best.

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             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

5. Value betting - find low risk high reward action

Successful football betting requires getting value on your bets. Basically this means
getting better than the "true" odds on your picks.

For instance, if your objective prediction for a game suggests that Arsenal should
have fair odds of 1.30, but bookies offer them at 1.50 then this is a value-betting
proposition. In this case, the risk to reward ratio is very much in your favour, making
Arsenal a strong play.

6. Bet against public opinion

Certain teams always have a strong public following. For example Chelsea or
Man United are such teams. High-value bets can often be found by betting against
these teams because the bookmakers adjust their odds to reflect the expected
amount of public money.

Thus, the underdog is often listed with better odds than they realistically deserve.

7. Stay abreast of injuries

Watch the injuries, but don't overreact to them. Judge the importance of an injured
player and the quality of his substitute. Remember that second-string players are
often highly qualified and are especially motivated when replacing a starter, so it
often pays to bet on a team missing its best player. The public normally overreacts
to injuries so you may find good value in this situation. However, beware of
situations where there is more than one injured key player or there is an injury to
the team's captain or inspirational leader.


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             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

                          What is football betting?

Football Betting is one of the activities that make football to be very exciting and
much more enterprising. This is simply putting an amount of money (a stake) into a
match to back your team to win a particular game.

This is usually done against some others who are backing the opposing team your
own team plays against.

The stakes, that is, the money placed in bet are gathered in the custody of a
bookmaker who charges a little commission on the money and divides and returns
the money back with percentage interests on the money to whoever wins in a bet in
a particular match.

If your team lost, then the bookmaker holds on to your money legally and you have
nothing to expect. You lose the whole stake and the probable return on your bet.

(Note: I have made sure that if you follow the simple rules in
       this manual, you’ll not have to lose any money)

It is an interesting thing to watch your favourite team plays and wins but it is much
more to make money alongside while your team wins. After all, your team receives
bonuses at the end of each match played. So, it is not bad if you collect some
winnings as returns on your money too.

Do you agree with this?

I guess your answer is Yes.

If so, you will have to understand the basics of how football betting works and how
to manage it and turn it to a goldmine that will yield you unlimited amount of cool

But before then, let me quickly make something very clear to you. This is crucial to
your success in football betting and will determine ultimately how much and how far
you will go.

 (Note: Football betting requires that you do your homework by
  studying like every other business you put your money into)

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              Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

                  Football Betting as an Investment
Is football betting a form of investment? I will say YES.

There are three kinds of investment that I know of, there could be more but I will
make do with this three that I know of for the scope of this manual.

There are 3 investment vehicles namely:

   1) Stocks and Shares
   2) Business
   3) Real Estate

Stock and Shares

Stocks and shares are sold and bought in units in the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE)
on Monday through Friday every week of every month in a whole year.

Stock represents the unit share of the total financial value of a company and
organisation that is quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. This makes it possible
for every individual interested to own a certain percentage of stocks in a company
with the hope of a return on the investment.

The stock appreciates in value based on the productivity of the company on a daily
basis which accumulates overtime within a period of time which could be in months,
years. If the company is not doing well, the value of the stock(s) will definitely
dwindle and this will affect the return on investment which may result in loss if
something is not done on time.

Note that if the value of your stocks appreciates steadily and consistently, it will yield
you more revenue in the long run. This means the longer your investment the more
returns you make.

I believe you got the simple scope behind Stocks and Shares as an investment

Alright, let’s get to the next one.


Business is another investment vehicle that yields more than stocks and shares if
done correctly. Business is simply the exchange of values for a profit. If you know
what other people don’t know and they are looking desperately for it that means
they are in need of it. Then you are in business if you take what you know out and
package it, market it and sell the knowledge to them in return for their money at a
profit of course. There and then you are adding value to them through your
knowledge and in return they add monetary value to you.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™                10     
              Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

So, the more people you sell the solution or knowledge to, the more money profit
you make. Hence, business is a game of numbers.

In business, you work so smart and hard that you add value to the capital i.e. the
start up money, you start the business with or else you are bound to make a loss.

Let’s go to the last investment vehicle.

Real Estate

Real estate is simply you buying properties (land, house etc) at a certain price and
selling for higher profits. You could purchase a piece of property and decide to lease
or rent it out at a profitable rate that brings big returns.

I want you to note that real estate is the best form of investment because it is
lucrative and has stood the test of time to be true. I advise you to get involve in it.
You will not regret this. But before you do, consult the expert to put you through.

Thank God, I’m through with the vehicles of investment. I managed to get that one
out because I’m not an investment guru and I hope you get the scope.

Be that as it may, how do I mean by football betting is an investment?

Here we go!

For instance, you have registered with a good bookmaker that pays well.

  (Please note that unlike many manuals/books you might have
   bought or come across on Football Betting that talk about
 foreign Bookmakers make it difficult to register with due to
 the peculiarity of our country. I have provided you in this
manual with a first ever Nigerian Bookmaker that is tested and
trusted with corresponding customer service. I say to you that
 I make mine money in Naira with this Bookmaker every week).
   The Bookmaker is and their customer’s
         service address is )

I will show you later a step-by-step guide on how to open account with this
Bookmaker and place bets and get your money right here in Nigeria into your bank

As I was saying earlier on, you need to approach football betting as an investment
or rather with an investment mentality. By doing this you will make football betting a
lifetime income generating machine.

How do I mean?

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™                11    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

Let’s say you funded your account with =N=5000, therefore you have =N=5000 as
your balance. For instance, Chelsea your favourite club is playing this weekend. Let’s
say Chelsea Vs Hull City at 1:00 p.m. today.

First thing you need to do will to login into your bookmaker account, (let’s assume
you’ve registered with the ), check the match fixtures under the
premiership section, locate your team (Chelsea) and check the odd placed on
Chelsea as against Hull City.

Also, you can place a bet on any team apart from the team you support; you must
do your statistics very well.

But before I go on, I need to explain what an odd is to you in football betting.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™               12    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

                               What is an Odd?
This is simply the probability of winnings voted on a team to win or draw a particular
match. It is mostly represented by a decimal for easy calculation.

Bookmakers publish the odds for sporting events and in this case for football event
across Europe. This is based on their understanding of the probability of an event

It is important to note that odds are quite dynamic and can change along with
betting trends as well as time remaining for the game to occur. For instance, if
bookmakers notice that more people are betting on a favourite that had low odds,
they may try and pull in more people to bet for the underdogs.

This can be accomplished by reducing the returns on favourites as well as shortening
the odds on the underdogs.

Once the odds have been published by the bookmaker, bettor can then study those
odds and place bets on the teams they believe offer the most favourable odds.

If the bettor wins, they will take home the principal amount of money originally bet
as well as the money they won. Typically, with online betting, bettors are required to
actually have an online sports company that is .

Your payment can be accepted by direct payment into their bank account. I will
show you a step by step guide on how to do this and many more in the later
chapters in this manual.

Note this, that numerous variables can affect the results of a football bet. These
factors include the presence or absence of a top performer at a game and the
number of goals scored by the team.

To take advantage of this, you as a bettor can take advantage of free advice which
is commonly offered by both football betting software and football tipsters. Both
these tools will help you understand how different variables can affect the outcome
of events.

I will be posting the predictions of a credible football tipster on Mark
Lawrence. But always be careful about picking the tips for your betting business by
studying the facts. Note: He is not correct every time but he is MOST of the time. I
follow him regularly because he is 80% correct.

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              Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

                      How to Read/Interpret Odds
To ensure you have maximum chance of winning when placing your bets, you must
understand the odds. This means being able to read the odds so that you can then
estimate your chances of winning. As mentioned previously, dynamic odds can
change, so you must also be to assess odds quickly.

Odds are thus represented according to three major formats which are used to
calculate the payout of a football bet/wager. The formats are American, decimal and
fractional. But we will only be using the decimal system odd.

That’s all there is to an odd in football betting.

Let’s move on.

For instance, match involving Chelsea and Hull City. The fixture and the odds for
both teams will be written like this in the table below:

      Home                                                              Away
       Win                               Draw                            Win
 Chelsea (1.20)                           3.0                      Hull City (6.0)

                                         Table 1

The team on the left side of the table is the team playing at home and vice versa.

There are only 3 columns on Table 1 consisting Home Win, Draw, and Away Win.
From the explanation of the odd I made earlier, the stronger team (favourite)
attracts the lowest odd (1.20) and the weaker team (underdog) attracts the highest
odd (6.0) and the probability of a draw attracts (3.0).

For instance, you place a bet, let’s say =N=500 out of your =N=5000 in your
account with on Chelsea to win at home. If at the end of the 90
minutes Chelsea won, that means what you win is:

                               =N=500 x 1.20= =N=600

So, you now have a return of N100 on your N500 in just 90 minutes i.e. 1 hour 30
If you place a bet of N750, you will have:

=N=750 x 1.20= =N=900

From this illustration, you will realise that the more money you stake on a bet, the
more return you make if only you win. NOTE: Don’t be GREEDY.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™                 14   
              Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

You need to play your cards well and be sure of the risk you can take. This is your
money and I don’t want you to lose your money in any way.

Do I make myself clear? If no, please read the above paragraph again until you
understand the message.

Alright, let’s continue.

Whatever your return is, it will be automatically added to your account. Now the
total amount you have left in your account totals =N=5,100 based on =N=500 bet
you placed on your team.


If you placed N500 on Hull City and Hull City won, that means your winning is:

                              =N=500 x 6.0 = =N=3000

So, you now have a return of =N=2500 on your =N=500 in 90 minutes.

This process is applicable to a Draw bet also. Simply multiply the amount bet by the
odd of Draw in the match.

This added to balance it will be =N=8,500.

But, you have to be certain you don’t just place bet mainly because of the high odd
on a particular team.

Odds are used to determine the outcome of an event occurring and the strength of a
team in winning a particular game/match. This is such that a team with low odd will
likely win a match and vice versa.

NOTE: Don’t be greedy and put your money on a weak team unless you are
emotionally stable to lose your money!

Don’t place an amount you can’t afford to lose on any team.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™                15    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

Now, I’m going to take you on a ride to a step by step guide on how to open
account and start placing bet on Nairabet. I promise you will enjoy this simple and
exciting journey.

When you log on to on your web browser, Nairabet homepage
will open up on the web browser. You will see something like this picture below.

When this page above shows up, click on New User link I circled red. You need to do
this so that you can have access to become a member of this football site by
registering. The registration is free.

After clicking, you will be directed to a page with a form for you to fill in your

You will then have to fill the form with information about yourself.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™                 16    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

I entered the info about myself here at the above picture.

As you can see from the picture above, I put in my own information just to show
how to fill the simple form. After you fill in your information in the form, click on the
check box that has I agree to Terms and Conditions in front of it to put a checkmark
inside the box. This will indicate that you are now ready to go ahead and become a
full member of the site.

  (NOTE: I will at this juncture, advise you to make sure you
 read first and foremost the Terms and Conditions for adequate
  knowledge and understanding about what applies on this site
 Also at the Introduced By (Referral code) space I circled red
           enter: SZWIUOJK -this is my referral code)

Ok, let’s move on.

You need to submit the form after filling to have it stored in their database for
verification and other stuffs you don’t have to worry yourself about.

When you click on submit, this will open a fresh form for you like the one you just
filled BUT with a little difference which I’m going to show to you now.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™                17    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

From the picture above, you will notice a confirmation statement I circled that your
submission was successful. So you need to follow the instruction right away to fully
confirm your registration by checking your email you filled in form.

That is all there is to opening an account with Nairabet. In case you didn’t get this
right the first time. Go back up and follow the step again.

Well done to you.

We will continue with our journey to the next call of action. Like I promised, you will
enjoy this too.

Now, let’s move on to how to place a bet on

But before we do, make sure at this point that you have checked your email to
confirm your registration fully.

If by now you have done this kudos to you.

Now let’s go placing a bet on

Enter your user name and password on the homepage of and a place
bet window will come up to you that looks exactly like the one below.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™               18    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

I want you to note something here. As at the time I signed in to this site the bet
table looks like this. The table changes depending on the matches that are to be
played for the particular period in various leagues.

Also, you will notice that my name has appeared at the moveable (marquee)
welcome statement above. At the same time my account balance is displayed which
I keep away from you guys for personal reasons.

In your own, your balance will be =N= 0.00 as you have not funded your account

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™               19    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

            How to Fund your Account
This can be done in few simple steps.

Firstly, click on New User on the homepage and the registration form will be open
for you. Look at the picture below to see what I mean.

On the registration page above, you look to the left and see the simple instruction I
circled in red on account funding. Simply copy the account details of the company
correctly and pay whatever amount you want into the account.

When you’re done with your payment, log into your account and click on “CREDIT
ACCOUNT” to enter the payment details such as your teller number and the amount
you paid.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™               20    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

Then click on the submit button I circled in red above to submit the payment for
processing after filling the required data.

The processing of your payment is done within 24 hours. So, this means you will see
your money reflect in the account balance at the top of the window after 24 hours.

That’s it about funding your account.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™               21    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

                    How to Place Bet on Nairabet
If you looked at the picture below, at the left side of the window you will find a bar
that contains some bars with various functions on them.

So, look for the bar that has “PLACE BET” and click it. This will take you to the next
page that has the table that has the fixtures of the matches to be played that
particular week. On the table you will see different leagues with the clubs and the
odds placed on each of them per match.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™               22    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

From the pictures above, you will discover that on the table there are fixtures of
matches to be played that week from different leagues and it contains some special
tournament matches to be decided as well.

On the table, I picked from Barclay’s Premiership League the match between Aston
Villa and Everton for that week. I picked on Aston Villa to win the game. I click on
the odd button that I circled red. I then unchecked the “No Bet” button to make
sure it is put off like I circled in the picture above.

Then, I clicked on “Accumulate” button simply because I wanted to place a bet on
another match that same week but in the FA CUP League. So I picked the match
between Arsenal and Chelsea backing Arsenal to win the match.

From the picture above, you will see places I circled red. These will show you exactly
what I did with my picks.

What does “Accumulate” signify?

This is a good question to ask.

The “Accumulate” means that when you place a bet on more than one match in a
week like I did from the picture. The bookmaker will add up the total picks together
with their odds so that you bet money on the two matches at a time.

 (NOTE: Be aware allows you to place accumulate
bet on two matches at a time and nothing more than two. If you
 lose on any of the two, you will lose the whole bet (wager).
     So be very sure before you make decisions on placing
              accumulate bet. More on this later)

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™               23    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

After picking the two matches, you will see at the bottom of the “PLACE BET”
window “Add To Slip” button. Click on this button to submit your bet(s).

This will take you to a page where you will enter the amount you are willing to
bet/wage on the bet(s).

The page looks like this one above.

You can then enter the amount you want to wage in on the bet assuming you’ve
done your homework on the matches.

From this above picture I waged in =N=500.00 on the two matches written AV vs
EVE (H 2.0) and AR vs CH (H 2.5). Also, look at the total odd that is displayed from
the accumulation I did before now. So the bet odd that I waged on will 5.0.

So, if I won my bets on the two matches there and then I have made:

=N=500 x 5.0 = =N= 2500.00

This means in less than 2 hours I just sweep into my account a profit of =N=
2000.00 by placing bet on my favourite teams.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™               24    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

Man! I just love this thing.

Can you see my potential earnings if I won.

(So, once again I will advise you to put to use the strategies
I explained to you before now about choosing a team to bet on)

So that’s it about placing bets on

Now, let me tell you about how you can withdraw your money anytime into your
bank account.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™               25    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

                How to Add your Bank Information
You will need to add your bank information first and foremost after registration.

The reason is because that will require this from you so that you can
withdraw your earnings from your bets into your bank accounts.

When you sign in to, simply click on “BANK INFORMATION” to add the
details of your bank and account number.

You can see from the above picture how I entered my bank information details.

After entering your bank details, click on the submit button to submit the
information to

So at that moment you can have whatever amount you will like to withdraw from
your account into your bank account. This processing is done within
24hours if no technical difficulty is encountered.

FOOTBALL BETTING REVELATOR™               26    
             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

      How to Withdraw Your Money on
You can withdraw your money from account at anytime of the week
into your bank account.

Simply click on “WITHDRAW REQUEST” and enter the amount you want to
withdraw. Note that you can’t withdraw more than the amount you have in your

From this picture above you can enter whatever amount you want to withdraw.

That’s all about withdrawing from your account into you bank account.

I believe this is simple enough for you to implement.

If not, then go back and follow the instructions again.

Right now let’s get to know the strategies that I personally use to rake at least N50k
every month.

If you’re ready to make some fungolas (money), let’s roll.

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             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

                             My Betting Strategies

Strategy 1

Make sure you don’t stake more than 10% of your bankroll into any bet even if you
are so sure it will hit a home run.

This is the reason I told your to fund your account with =N=5,000 as a start up.
Should there be any case of loss you will have a lot to fall back on. From the
bankroll trick, divide it into 4 equal blocks. You have 4 x N1,250.

Now you have N1,250 to bet with. Remember I told you on page 5 to always stake
10% of your first block. In this case it is N125.

  (Note: Go for only the BIG four in the league(s) you will be
playing on. I play on Premiership regularly with the BIG four.
  I occasionally play on other leagues whenever I spot a very
 easy match with their BIG four. You must be familiar with the
       league you are playing on. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!)

Let’s continue.

If for example Arsenal is playing against a lower team like Sunderland. This is a sure
bet for me because I know I’ll win though the odd on Arsenal might not be much.
Go to page to see what I’m saying here.

What if Arsenal loses? You may what to ask.

Because they (Arsenal) are among the BIG four in Premiership, they have a position
they are fighting for. That is to remain at least at the top 3 or 4 of the table. They
will like to keep their pride and ego as well therefore; they will win their next match.
This applies to any of the other BIG four in any league.

What you will now do is that you double the money you lost on them in the next
match. I bet it with you they will win. Then you have your lost money back though
not with a profit.

Double your lost money 2 xN125 = N250 for the next match on Arsenal no matter
the odd placed on them.

Note: The odds placed on any of the BIG four is always lower because they are most
of the time the favourite and strongest teams. This means they win most of time.

Now imagine you bet equally on Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool each with 10% of
your first block. That is N125 each. Let’s assume each of them is playing against
weaker team, with odd of between (1.20-1.30).

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       TEAMS                       HOME WIN                 DRAW            AWAY WIN
Chelsea Vs Hull City                 1.20                    5.0               6.0
Derby County Vs Man Utd               5.0                    4.0              1.20
Liverpool Vs West                    1.20                    4.5               7.0
Bromwich Albion

The table above is a typical example of match fixtures involving 3 of the BIG four in

OR It could appear to be something like this table below:

      1(Home win)          2 (Away win)           X (Draw)

                                  1                     2                     X
Chelsea V Hull City           1.20          5.0                      6.0
Derby County V Man Utd        5.0           4.0                      1.20
Liverpool V West Bromwich     1.20          4.5                      7.0

If you win all the matches, you now have at 1.20 odd each,

3 x 1.20 x N125 = N450.

Add this together with the Arsenal win, it will be N150 + N450 = N600.

So, if you raise your stake to like N500 on each team. You can imagine how much
that will be. That’s more money my friend!

Did you get that?

Ok, let’s go to the second strategy.


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             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

Strategy 2

This is simply the furtherance of the first strategy. From the table above, if you have
to place bets on the teams because you are sure they will win.

After all, they are among the BIG four and are playing against weak teams.

Here is the slight difference. Instead of placing bet on each team at a time, you use
the power of accumulation.

Go to page 25-27 to check out accumulate on

For example, let’s say you want to place bets on the BIG four from the table above.

We will include Arsenal to have our complete BIG four.

To accumulate will be:

                                Arsenal Vs Sunderland
                                  1.20          4.0

                                 Chelsea Vs Hull City
                                  1.20           6.0

                              Derby County Vs Man Utd
                               5.0              1.20

                         Liverpool Vs West Bromwich Albion
                                 1.20          7.0

From this fixture you can pick on all the BIG four with each having 1.20 odd.

  (Note: The accumulate button on allows you to
 pick on 2 teams at a time. Also be aware that if you lose on
 any of the team in the accumulation, you’ll lose everything.
             Be very sure before you accumulate! )

Pick the two teams at a time.

Arsenal and Chelsea, their accumulate odds is 1.20 x 1.20 = 1.44


Man Utd and Liverpool, their accumulate odds is 1.20 x 1.20= 1.44

If you bet the 10% of the first block of your bankroll to accumulate, you now have 2
x N125 x 1.44= N260

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Though you might not have that much from the example I gave here for illustration.
Note that this is just an assumption. Accumulate is always bigger on I
have the evidence on page 24.

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             Discover How To Earn =N=50,000/Month Betting On Football Guaranteed!

I hope you enjoyed the whole trip I took like I promised. I believe you will take to
heart everything you learnt from this manual. Most especially the simple strategies I
used personally.

Always read and reread the Football Betting Revelator Nuggets on pages 6&7 for
understanding. This is the Bible that will ultimate guide you with my system.

You must get this straight, that if you want to make more money you stake more
and do not go beyond your bankroll. The more money your bankroll the faster you
to get to N50,000 per month. It is possible and you can do it as well.

Note that in the course of writing this manual and now that you are reading, a lot of
changes may have occurred on as information changes on the internet
every second.

I personally use strategy 2 with a minimum of =N=2,000 each on 4 accumulated
odds of 5.0 to rake in at least =N=50,000/Month. This is a lot to stake on
accumulate for a beginner; I will say you stick to the rules I gave you until you are
confident to increase your stake.

Therefore, we will always improve on this manual by adding new information as they
arise. So watch out for the second edition with more and better strategies.


To your success online,

‘Seun Ajaja
Football Betting Expert.

For any enquiries, you can contact me at or 08067553980.

NOTE: Expect to receive emails from me personally about some
other businesses you can do online. We are currently working
on valuable and profitable projects for your success online

Be expectant!

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