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									         Safe and Secure Driving With Dog Pet Car Seats

You are bombarded with car-seat safety and airbag safety for children and seat-belt for
everyone. But how about the safe of your pets when you travel with them? Unrestrained
pets aren't just a driving hazard; they're a danger to you and themselves. They can disturb
your attention, but they can also suffer severe injury in an accident except if they're
properly secured.

                                                           Do you have a dog car seat? Not
                                                           only can dogs be killed or injured
                                                           in an accident, when unsecured
                                                           during an accident they become
                                                           flying objects that can kill or harm
                                                           you and your commuters. Car
                                                           seats for dogs keep your pet
                                                           and your passengers safely.

                                                           In addition, when your dog is
                                                           appropriately restrained with a
                                                           dog car seat, he cannot jump out
                                                           of the window and he will be less
                                                           likely to disturb you as you’re

                                                           These are great investment for
                                                           your dog and everyone will be
                                                           better protected.

Dog pet car seats come in a variety of styles from lookout car seats, travel rack and some
oversized dog car seats. Like children’s car seats, car seats for dogs come in varieties of
sizes. Furthermore to finding a seat that fits suitably, it’s necessary to find one that offers
the right features for you. If you have a small breed, you’ll have different needs than an
owner of a larger breed. If you have more than one dog, you may want to buy a dog car
seat that can cater two or more dogs.

To bring your attention back to your driving, secure your pet using a dog car seat. There are
a few rules to protect you and your pet while traveling:

      Do not let your canine buddy run free in the bed of your pickup truck. This is the
       main reason of animal deaths in car accidents.

      Small dogs should be properly restrained and secured. Do not allow your dog to ride
       on your lap or help you drive by putting its paws on top of the wheel.

      Use dog pet car seat. With pet travel safety a device such as dog pet car seat,
       your dog is safety restrained and won't become a safety hazard.
                                                         Dog        Car                 Seat

                                                         No matter which type of dog car
                                                         seat you choose, you must have a
                                                         sufficient restraint system or way of
                                                         fastening your dog to the seat. The
                                                         safest choice is to suit your dog
                                                         with a safety pet car seat. These
                                                         can your dog’s security and comfort
                                                         and        providing      comfortable

                                                         Another important consideration
                                                         involves location; just as young
                                                         children and small adults can be
                                                         killed or wounded by air bags, dogs
                                                         can be killed or injured too.

                                                         The safest place for your dog is in a
                                                         properly restrained dog car seat
                                                         that is securely attached to the back

Whether you travel with your dog on vacation or just strolling down the town, a dog car
seat is a great investment. Not only will your dog be safer, you’ll have less distraction while

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