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									January 24th, 2013                                                                                         Published by: Janet Johnson

Mindset 101 For Your
Work From Home
                                                                       have experienced this and more and I believe I am a very
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  You have chosen a work from home

                                                                       Having a mindset for success takes work. We can be very
                                                                       positive people and still need to work on our mindset
                                                                       if we wish to have success in our work from home
  Congratulations on deciding to have a work from home
  business. Working for yourself is very rewarding. No                 Did you know that 98% of our skillset comes from our
  more time clocks to punch. No more trading time for                  mindset?
  dollars. No one to tell you how many days off you can
  take.                                                                The right mindset can even
                                                                       influence how much money you
                                                                       can make in your work from
  Now you need to master                                               home business.
  the proper mindset for your                                          Let’s face it. Negativity comes to us from everywhere.
  work from home business.                                             From well meaning family and friends asking us why we
                                                                       want to have a work from home business to them telling
  But why? I am a positive person, right? Why do I need to             us to just get a regular job like everyone else.
  work on my mindset?
                                                                       They just don’t understand. Most people live the
  If you have had your work from home business for any                 following:
  length of time at all, I’m sure you have faced all kinds
  of emotions. I know you have experienced excitement,                     • Go to school
  negativity from others and maybe yourself, joy, highs,                   • Go to college and earn a trade or get a degree
  lows and the list goes on and on. I can honestly say that I
                                                                           • Get a job working for someone else

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January 24th, 2013                                                                                         Published by: Janet Johnson

      • Retire (if you are lucky enough to)                                • Have clarity in your intent. Visualize your goals
  And this is taught generation after generation.
                                                                           • Focus DAILY.
  But if you have chosen to “have a work from business”,
                                                                           • Hang out with others who have the same goals and
  you are not like everyone else. You already have a
                                                                             dreams OFTEN.
  different mindset than most of the world. You have
  a mindset of an entrepreneur and you have chosen a                       • Attend events that will help you. (Perhaps your
  better way for you and your family.                                        work from home business offers this.)
  You have already made the decision to stop working                       • Have fun! If you are not having fun, you are not
  to build someone elses dreams and you have made a                          doing it right.
  decision to build your own dreams.
                                                                       In my work from home business I have amazing mindset
  But from time to time, doubt will creep into your mind               support from my team members, from audio, facebook
  preventing you from reaching your full potential in your             group support, and events.
  work from home business.
                                                                       Learn more here about how I stay focused and build my
  Here are some common things you will hear either from                mindset.
  yourself or others when you persue your work from                    I am not going to tell you that having a work from home
  home business:                                                       business will always be easy. There will be struggles and
                                                                       disappointments along the way. But remember, mindset
      • You can’t do it!
                                                                       is top on the list if you wish to keep your vision and
      • You are not good enough!                                       focus.
      • It won’t work!                                                 Mindset is:
      • This isn’t working!                                              A fixed mental attitude or disposition that
      • I just don’t have the skills I need!                             predetermines a person’s responses to and
                                                                         interpretations of situations.
      • Just get a real J.O.B.!
                                                                       What is YOUR mindset? Are you in need of some
      • What will others think?                                        help? If so, click on the link below to learn how others
                                                                       are receiving help and a very positive way to make
  You need to rise above the noise of others that will come
                                                                       additional money in your work from home business.
  at you. Determine:

      • I cannot quit!
      • I will not quit!
      • I have something to prove!
      • I can do this!
      • I will do this!                                                I trust this was helpful to you. Please LIKE and SHARE
                                                                       with others!
      • I don’t care what others think!
                                                                       Success through helping others,
      • I can make this happen!
                                                                       Janet Johnson
  I heard someone say this recently and I don’t honestly
  don’t remember who to give credit to, but:
                                                                       P.S. Learn how to take your work from home business to
    When the noises of your mind subside, the true                     the next level with the proper training and tools to help
    symphony begins.                                                   you succeed.
  That’s powerful!                                                     This entry was posted in Inspiration, MLM Success
  The noise of struggles and doubt will come into your                 Tags: home based business, home business
  thinking from time to time. This can seriously impact                ideas, janet johnson, mindset, work from home
  your mindset and prevent you from achieving all that                 business, work from home business ideas, work
  you desire to achieve in your work from home business.               from home business opportunities
  Let me sugggest the following to you:                                « Previous Post
                                                                       Next Post »
      • Listen to motivation in the form of audio DAILY.
        (Personal Development)
      • Read books that will encourage you and motivate
        you in your business DAILY.

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January 24th, 2013                                                                                        Published by: Janet Johnson

  About The Author: janetjohnson
  I have been married to my high school sweetheart
  for 33 years. I have 3 beautiful children, 2 awesome
  son-in-laws and 2 wonderfully sweet and amazing
  grandchildren. I am an Entrepreneur, network marketer
  and internet marketer. I love spending time with my
  family and friends, reading, traveling and relaxing at the
  lake and the beach. Two quotes that I love: "Giving is
  better than receiving because giving starts the receiving
  process." (Jim Rohn) "If you can dream it, then you can
  achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help
  enough other people get what they want." (Zig Ziglar) I
  truly believe that success comes through helping others.
  When I lost my job in early 2012, I joined a network
  marketing company. Network marketing is truly a great
  industry to be in. It is an industry where you must have
  a servants mentality. If you cannot help others, you will
  NOT succeed. I joined into a great Empower Network
  team with great training. You will receive the same great
  training if you join my team. I would love to help you
  build your dreams.

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