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					     Join us for dinner!
Worried about                                   In addition to dinner
dinner? Let us help!      5-4-3 Dinner          for all ages, we offer
Every night of HTS                              a full age range of
we team with local                              children and youth
vendors to provide our       $5 adults          programs, as well as
5-4-3 Dinner plan at                            free childcare, during
5:43pm. $5 for adults,       $4 youth           Hillsboro Theological
$4 for youth, $3 for                            Seminary. Visit us
children. Reservations                          on the web at
can be made on the         $3 children for
Sunday before class or                          more information!
by emailing...           Starts 5:43pm

                                                                                  COURSE CATALOGUE
    MORE ABOUT HPC                                                                    Lent Term
 To find out more about what        Hillsboro Presbyterian Church
 we’re up to at HPC, check us out   5820 Hillsboro Pike                  Mark your calendar!
 online at        Nashville, TN 37205                  All classes run from 6:30-7:30pm   Ever wish you could go to
 There you can learn more about     (615) 665-0148                                                          seminary? Now you can!
 our mission and ministry in                     LENT TERM:                         Join us on Wednesday Nights
 Nashville and around the world.                                         Weds, Feb 20-March 13              for Hillsboro Theological
                                                                         SPRING TERM:
                                                                                                            Seminary. Throughout the
                                                                         Weds, May 1-22                     year, we’ll offer four terms
                                                                                                            with different course options
                                                                         SUMMER TERM:                       so you can continue your
                                                                         Weds, July 10-31                   theological education without
                                                                                                            the student loans!
   EDWARD                        LENT TERM                                                      LENT TERM
                                 The Human Condition:                HUDSON                     A Novel Approach to Lent:
   FARLEY                        A Christian Interpretation           NEELY                     Making Christian Living a
                                                                                                Good “Hobbit”
                                 Dr. Farley’s Lenten course
                                 “The Human Condition”                                          Picking up on the
                                 will introduce you to                                          narrative and themes of
                                 theological discourse in an                                    J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic
                                 interactive setting. Each                                      novel The Hobbit, this
                                 session will be a                                              course will imagine what
                                 combination of analysis                                        the journey of Lent and
                                 and interpretation, as well                                    Holy Week mean for daily
                                 as questions for discussion.                                   Christian living. Join us as
A graduate of Centre College                                      Hudson is a graduate of
in Kentucky and the              See the below outline for        Furman University, the        we join Bilbo Baggins on
Louisville Presbyterian          the four topics of               University of Tennessee and   his unexpected adventure.
Seminary, Dr. Farley                                              Princeton Theological
received his doctorate in
                                 conversation.                    Seminary. He and his wife,
Philosophical Theology from                                       Lindzey, moved to
New York and Columbia            Feb 20: Human Fragility          Nashville in 2007. Soon
University. Before joining                                        after, Hudson joined the
the Vanderbilt faculty in        Feb 27: Human Evil:              staff at HPC. Hudson has
1969, Farley taught at           The Personal Strain              written and edited
Pittsburgh Theological                                            curriculum for Dash Student
Seminary and DePauw              Mar 6: Human Evil:               Leadership, Wayfarer
University. He is currently      The Institutional Strain         Ministries and the National
the Drucilla Moore                                                Baptist Convention.
Buffington Professor
Emeritus of the Divinity
                                 Mar 13: Redemption:
School at Vanderbilt. Farley     The Possibilities of Re-Making
is the author of ten books and
numerous articles.

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