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					       All That You Wish To Know About Home Improvement
Even if your school, college or workplace has some of the best infrastructure but your home will be
the center of the lives. A beautiful, cozy and welcoming home is all that you look forward to each
day when you leave for work. So it won’t be pretty if the window hinges have rusted or the roof is
leaking or the plaster has come off the walls. The size of home hardly matters, what actually matter
are the condition. If your home is well maintained and clean then at the end of the day you will have
a greater desire to return back in the cozy atmosphere of your home.

Be it the walls, floors, tiles or the kitchen counter, everything has a shelf life. Things will break
down at some point of time and hence we need to accept this fact. If you do improvements in your
home then it means you are utilizing your second chance of recreating your home.

Just carefully read the following things which will guide you towards successful home

a) To decide if it’s time to replace your windows, check if the hinges are creaky of rusted. However
if it’s not highly rusted then you can just oil them and paint them, as this changes will give them an
altogether new look. However if frame is rusty and will fall if you shake it then better go for
replacement. Go in for aluminum windows with sliding glass panels. They comes at a low price and
is lighter in weight and you can clean it easily They are sturdy too. The same goes for doors.
Wooden doors expand and contract in summer and winters respectively. As a result it will be
difficult for you to open and close the door. Not to worry as you have the options of going in for
plastic doors or artificial wooden doors.

b) Your drains might get blocked often. That happens when pipes have rusted and or dried owing to
a period of little or no use. Sanitation is one factor that keeps us on edge. After talking to a reliable
plumber and making thorough market surveys decide upon what sort of pipes are the best for your
homes. There are a variety of drains available right from stainless steel or bronze. Make an
affordable and lasting choice.

c) If you are willing to experiment with the unconventional, try covering one wall of a room with
glass. The glass will make your room look larger. Generally this is done in rooms that are used as
the gym or dance practice rooms but it looks classy otherwise also.

d) Washrooms form an important component of our homes. Hence take care that they are airy and
well maintained. It will be really good if you give sunlight a scope to enter your bathroom The floor
if kept dried will make it look better.

At the end just see the things which will make your home more lovable, and more comfortable. Try
and include plants and flowers in the living area. Installation of chimney will help you to get rid of
the cooking smell and hence you will enjoy living in your home.

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