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Saakshar Bharat Mission is 34,299 as per the survey report. The numbers of AECs in Thoubal District
are 42 AECs fixed by Government of India under the latest Guideline. Fund flow (10 % State Matching
Share) to Thoubal District is Rs.3.28 lakhs (Recurring Only)

Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan: There are 34, 420 scheduled caste population in four districts (Chandel -
210, Senapati - 238, Tamenglong - 3 and Thoubal – 33969) according to 2001 census. Out of which
number illiterates (women in age group of 15+) to be covered under the Saakshar Bharat Mission is 2,
713. Therefore, fund flow to SC Sub-Plan is Rs.1.69 lakhs.

Tribal Sub-Plan: There are 3, 42, 193 scheduled tribe in four Districts (Chandel – 1, 08, 779, Senapati
– 1, 22, 791, Tamenglong – 1, 06, 349 and Thoubal – 4, 274) according to 2001 census. Out of which
number illiterates (women in age group of 15+) to be covered under the Saakshar Bharat Mission is 54,
075 and as such, fund flow to tribal Sub-Plan is Rs. 160.87 lakhs.

Outlines of the Annual Plan 2011-12: The Department of Adult Education, Government of Manipur will
continue to implement the Saakshar Bharat Mission- 2012 in the four Districts (viz. Chandel, Senapati,
Tamenglong and Thoubal) of the State. The programme will cover a total number of 93,024 illiterates
(women in age group of 15+) in four Districts and all sanctioned AECs for the four Districts will function
in full swing. All other activities of Saakshar Bharat Mission- 2012 including teaching / learning process
of Basic Education and evaluation of the learning outcome will be completed during the year.

         A sum of Rs.264.15 lakh is proposed for Annual Plan 2011-12 out of which Rs.100.00 lakhs
for Strengthening of Administrative Structure at State and District Level and other normal programme
and Rs.164.15 lakhs for implementation of Saakshar Bharat Mission – 2012.

         Out of the sum of Rs.100.00 lakhs, a sum of Rs.30.00 lakhs each is proposed for procurement
of land and construction of administrative buildings, 2 (two) in the hill district (Tamenglong & Senapati).
A sum of Rs.3.00 lakhs is for repairing work of Northern Block (Directorate) and Rs.7. lakhs for
construction of compound fencing of Administration block at Chandel District H.Q. The remaining sum of
Rs.30.00 lakhs is for the other normal programmes of Directorate including i) Rs. 15 lakhs for Office
Expenses, ii) Rs.10 lakhs for Other Charges and Rs. 5 lakhs for Other Charges( IT), etc.

         A summary statement of the proposed outlay for the Annual Plan 2011 - 12 is given

                                                                                        (Rs. in Lakhs.)
Sl.        Scheme            11th Plan      Annual        Annual       Annual Plan 2010-11 Annual
No                           approved         Plan          Plan                                Plan
                             outlay at      2008-09       2009-10                             2011-12
                                                                       Approved Anticipat
                              2006-07        Actual        Actual                             propos
                                                                        Outlay       ed
                               prices        Expdr.        Expdr.                                ed
 0             1                  2             3            3            4           5           6
1.    Strengthening of         450.00        60.00         60.00         65.00        65.00       100.00
      Structure (SAS)
2.    Saakshar Bharat         2746.00           -                       113.22        113.22      164.15
      Total:                  3196.00        60.00         60.00        178.22        178.22      264.15

                                TECHNICAL EDUCATION
Introduction : The Technical Education Department, Manipur gives major thrust on (i)
Direction & Administration, (ii) Establishment/ Development of Girls’ Polytechnic, (iii)
Strengthening of Govt. Polytechnic, Takyelpat (iv) NIT, Manipur (Temporary campus at
Takyelpat) and (v) Establishment of new Polytechnics. This Department needs to be
strengthened with additional number of Officers and supporting staff so that it can design
curricula, introduce new courses, recognize/affiliate Technical Institutions, conduct
examinations, etc.

Review of 1st four Annual Plan (2007-11) of 11TH Plan : Out of total projected outlay of
Rs.1320 lakh for 11th Plan period (207-12), an expenditure of Rs.1250 lakh is anticipated during
the first four Annual Plans (2007-11). The anticipated expenditure of Rs.1250 lakh includes
Rs.820.64 lakh for Annual Plan (2010-11). The expenditure likely to incur during the year is on
the following:
     i) Rs. 15.00 lakh for Development and Expansion of Direction & Administration.
     ii) Rs. 5.00 lakh for Establishment/ Development of Girls’ Polytechnic and purchasing of
          equipment, furniture, etc.
     iii) Rs. 145.00 lakh for strengthening of the Government Polytechnic in which Rs. 15.00
          lakh is for purchase of furniture, equipments, library books, etc. Rs. 130.00 lakh is for
          construction of Library Building, Repairing of Buildings, development of campus, etc.
     iv) Rs. 580.90 lakh for establishment of Temporary campus of NIT, Manipur at Takyelpat.
     v) Rs.74.74 lakh for payment of compensation of standing properties for land acquired for
          NIT at Lamphel.

OUTLINES OF ANNUAL PLAN 2011-12 : The Technical Education Department, Manipur gives
major thrust for (i) Development and Expansion of Direction & Administration,
(ii)Establishment/Development of Girls’ Polytechnic and (iii) Strengthening & Modernisation of
the Government Polytechnic, (iv) Establishment of New NIT Manipur at Government
Polytechnic,Imphal and (v) Establishment of New Polytechnics during the Annual Plan 2011-
12. For implementation of the above five schemes, Department proposed an outlay of Rs.
555.00 lakhs. Schematic details are as given below:

Direction & Administration : There is need for strengthening of this scheme so that it can
meet the challenges for promoting Technical/Professional Education including design of
curricula, introduction of new Polytechnics as well as new courses for which purchase of
equipments, furniture and maintenance are to be made. For this a provision of Rs. 20.00 lakh is
proposed during 2011-12.

a Girls’ Polytechnic under the following courses

Sl.No      Name of Course/Branches                                 Intake Capacity
1.         Modern Office Management                                20(Twenty)
2.         Cosmetology                                             20(Twenty)
3.         Fashion Design & Garment Technology                     20(twenty)
4.         Architecture                                            20(Twenty)
           Total                                                   80(Eighty)

A provision of Rs. 5.00 lakh is proposed during the year 2011-12.

Takyel, Imphal (Estd. 1956) is a very old Technical Institute. It offers 3(three) years Diploma in
Engineering and 2(two) years Diploma in Pharmacy courses. Its buildings and campus are in
poor shape. It needs Modernization of Workshops, Laboratories, Class Rooms and
Modernization of Instructional Tools are also necessary. The offered courses and intake
capacity are given below :
Sl.No      Name of Course/Branches                                  Intake Capacity
1.         Civil Engineering                                        60(Sixty)
2.         Electrical Engineering                                   40(forty)
3.         Mechanical Engineering                                   20(twenty)
4.         Electronics & Communication Engg.                        30(thirty)
5.         Pharmacy                                                 30(thirty)
           Total Intake capacity                                    180(One hundred eighty)

An Outlay of Rs.280.00 lakh is proposed during the year 2011-2012.

Manipur starts from 2010-11 in the Temporary campus at Takyel and for its development an
outlay of Rs 100 lakh is proposed for the year 2011-12.

ESTABLISHMENT OF NEW POLYTECHNICS: Under the provision of one Polytechnic for
every district of Manipur laid down by MHRD and for establishment of two Polytechnic at
Senapati and Bishnupur a provision of Rs 100 lakh is proposed 2011-12.

                                                                      (RS. In Lakhs)
 Sl.            Name of              Projected     Annual Plan 2010-  Annual Plan
No.             Schemes            outlay for 11th          11        2010 – 2011
                                        Plan       Actual      Anti    Proposed
                                                   Outlay      Expdr    Outlay.
1.   Direction & Admn.                  50.00        15.00      15.00    20.00
2.   Est./ Devpt. Of Girls’ Poly.      425.00         5.00      5.00      5.00
3.   Strengthening/ Modernisation      845.00       145.00 145.00       280.00
     Of Govt. Poly. Imphal
4    Establishment of NIT at Govt        ---        473.27 655.64       150.00
     Polytechnic, Imphal
5.   Setting up of New                   ---           ----      ---    100.00
     Tech. Edn                       1320.00        638.27 820.64       555.00

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