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									The Diverse Applications of Silk Flower Arrangements
Silk flower arrangements have been available for decades, offering artificial but realistic
floral displays for both the home and weddings. For many years the application of silk
flower arrangements has been restricted to these two key areas. However, this is no longer
the case. The production techniques used in making modern silk flower arrangements
ensure that it is very difficult to discern that silk flowers are not fresh flowers. Moreover,
corporate customers are beginning to realise the significant advantages that silk flowers
have over fresh flowers.

First and foremost, silk flowers offer greater value for money than even a single bunch of
some fresh flowers. Whereas fresh flowers will wilt and die within a week of their purchase,
silk flowers can be used again and again for many years. The cost savings offered by silk
flowers are therefore obvious. Only on exceptionally close inspection could a passerby
discern that silk flowers were not the real thing. Moreover, with simple dusting and
rearranging silk flowers can continue to appear to be fresh and genuine for many years to
come. What is more, numerous different combinations and arrangements can be achieved
even with the same silk flowers.

Secondly, silk flowers relieve time pressures in a hectic world. In an environment such as
an office or a hotel flowers need to be present on a constant basis. With the lifecycle of
fresh flowers this means that new flowers would have to be purchased at least on a weekly
basis. This can be a time-consuming process particularly in a city environment where the
florist may be a distance away through heavy traffic. Moreover, fresh flowers must be
attended to on a regular basis in order to preserve them for as long as possible. Silk flowers
create none of these time pressures. Once they have been purchased they obvious do not
have to be purchased again and again and the only maintenance that is required is dusting
along with the rest of the interior fittings.

In the majority of businesses flower arrangements are a luxury or a finishing touch rather
than an essential. By reducing the expense of flower arrangements and reducing the
amount of time that must be dedicated to their maintenance, both time and money can be
spent on areas more critical to the company’s operations. In a time of streamlining due to
the economic climate this makes a lot of sense for large and small businesses alike.
However, as well as having a newly discovered application in the corporate world, silk
flower arrangements are just as relevant today for the home or for weddings as they ever
have been. Using silk flowers means that the flowers of choice can be acquired irrespective
of the time of year or the stock held by the local florist. Silk flower arrangements can be
created to match the exact requirements of the customer and can be kept as a memento of
that special day for a lifetime, looking just as good as they did on the day.

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