Held at The Old Town Hall, 4 Market Street, Bradford on Avon,
                                         On Tuesday, 28 January 2003


Cllr R Andrews
Cllr Mrs R Brown
Cllr J Feilding
Cllr Mrs M Gillham
Cllr M Hewson
Cllr Mrs F Lewis
Cllr R Locke
Cllr Mrs J Repton (Chairman)
Cllr Ms P Roberts
Cllr P Taylor
Mrs D J Holmes (Town Clerk)


Cllr Mrs V Landell Mills

171.    Minutes
        It was generally agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 17                December 2002 were
        accepted as a true record.

172.    Matters arising from the minutes

                  i)         Minute 157 (ii) Golden Leaved Trees
                             The clerk reported that she had repeatedly chased delivery of the correct tree
                             guard and had been promised that it would arrive on Thursday next. The trees
                             are being held and would be planted as soon as possible.

                  ii)        Minute 157 (iii) Joint Document Accompanying Council Tax bills March 2003
                             It as noted that two pages have been requested at a cost of £200 and copy
                             has been sent to WWDC comprising the budget and some editorial based on
                             the main newsletter.

                  iii)       Minute 157(iii) Joint Newsletter in West Wilts Matters It was noted that the
                             provisional cost for three editions in one year would be £900 but it was unlikely
                             that this could be joint funded from the Five Towns Initiative.
                             It was RESOLVED: to defer a decision on this matter until more details were

                  iv)        Minute 157 (v) Local Transport Plan
                             To note that no reply had been received from WCC regarding allocation of

                  v)         Minute 157 (vii) Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
                             The comments from the working group which met on 15 January (The
                             Chairman, Cllr Mrs Brown and Cllr Taylor) had been circulated with the
                             It was RESOLVED: to agree the comments.

                       Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 28.01.03
               vi)      Minute 162 Kingston Mills- Meeting with planning officers from WWDC
                        It was noted that the meeting was held on held on 15 January and was very
                        successful. The Town Council were able to convey the reasons for its refusal
                        of the application at a friendly, helpful meeting chaired by Cllr Osborn.

               vii)     Minute 167 (5) Service from Bradford on Avon to Waterloo
                        To note that no reply had been received from the Rail Passenger Committee
                        regarding possible reduction in services to Waterloo. The Chairman advised
                        that Dr Dodson had reported that an external review was minded to cut the
                        service to Waterloo but objections were made in the Welsh Assembly, which
                        resulted in the service being retained.
                        It was RESOLVED: that a letter be sent to the Strategic Rail Authority to seek
                        assurance of the continuance of service to Waterloo.

                         The Chairman also advised that there would be a discussion at WWDC on
                        26 March about this issue and suggested that Chris Gibb from Wales & West
                        Passenger Trains Ltd be contacted to ask for his support.

173.   Members of the Public.
                        a)         Vivian Kynaston spoke in support of Bradford on Avon becoming a
                                   Fair Trade Town and distributed some information to members.
                        b)         Mr Orton attending at the request of the Chairman spoke about the
                                   design for commemorative badges or tie pins for long serving
                                   councillors and past Mayors. He circulated some designs and costs.
                        c)         Alda StClair, the Practice Manager, spoke in support of the planning
                                   application W/FUL/03/0041 for a second floor extension at St
                                   Margaret’s Surgery, Bridge St.

174.   Declarations of Interest.
       There were no declarations of interest.

175.   The Chairman decided to bring forward item 19 on the agenda as several members of the
       public had attended to hear it :

       Planning Application W/FUL/03/0041 St Margaret’s Surgery, Bridge St
              The planning application for a second floor extension was considered and it was

               RESOLVED: that the following recomendation be forwarded to West Wiltshire District
               Council. ‘On the assumption that the windows are to be painted white to match the
               existing, the Town Council has no objections to this application’.

176.   Chairman's Announcements
       The Chairman announced that she had attended Bradford on Avon hospital on Christmas Day
       and had visited residents at Abbeyfields on 11 January.

177.   Minutes of Committees
       The Minutes of the following committees were noted:
               Planning Committee                                 23 December 2002
               St Margaret’s Hall Working Group                   3 January 2003
               Highways and Transport Committee                   14 January 2003
               The Bull Pit Working Group                         16 January 2003

               With regard to Highways and Transport, the subject or repairs to the Pack Horse
               Bridge was raised and it was

                 Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 28.01.03
                That a letter be sent to David Weston at WCC asking for details of the work on the
                Packhorse Bridge and asking for confirmation that advice has been sought from
                English Heritage.

178.    St Margaret’s Hall Development
       a)     The clerk reported that she had attended the first site meeting on 24 January and work
              appeared to be progressing well. Both Jonathan Hetreed and Ian Walker attended on
              behalf of our architects and she was pleased with the attention they were giving the job.

               She advised that additional costs had been incurred in the foundations amounting to
               approximately £2000 and that an additional flood valve and pipe were required at £350.

               Attempts to make savings on the plumbing contract were being made although
               commercial plumbers were charging high prices at the moment.

               The clerk advised that some of the hard wood floorboards may have to be taken up
               near the bar, but that Fraylings had been asked to take great care to relay them.

               Fraylings had offered a special price for replacing all the existing asbestos tiles on the
               riverside gables with natural reclaimed slate to match the new extension for £2500. Our
               architects advised in favour as the existing slates may only have a life of approx 10
               years remaining and to erect scaffolding just for that job would be expensive.

               It was unanimously

               To agree to the additional work of replacing the asbestos tiles for an extra £2500 the
               money to come from reserves and not from the contingency fund.

       b)      No Parking Signs
               The clerk had obtained a quote and two alternative designs for the two ‘Town Council
               Parking Only’ signs one with a logo and one without.
               The price was £84 each plus delivery of £12.50.

               It was RESOLVED

              To order two signs without logo.

       c)      Meeting room furniture
               It was noted that the St Margaret’s Hall Working Group had looked at one supplier but
               two further furniture presentations would be made on 31 Jan at 10.00am and 11.00am.
               All members would be welcome to attend. Recommendations would then be made to
               the Town Council.

       d)     Flooding at St Margaret’s Hall
              It was noted that the clerk received flood warnings through out the night on 1 January
              2003 and arranged sandbags for the following morning.
              It was RESOLVED
              To agree the short-term flood management policy as circulated
              The following members would be prepared to be included in the flood team:

               The Chairman
               Cllr Mrs Lewis (and Mr Lewis)
               Cllr Locke
               Cllr Feilding
               Cllr Ms Roberts
               Cllr Mrs Brown
               Cllr Hewson

                 Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 28.01.03
179.   Flooding
       It was noted that Sarah Bunney from the Environment Agency would be addressing the Town
       Council on 25 February about Flood Warden Schemes.

180.   Notice to Terminate the lease at 4, Market Street (standing item)
       It was
       RESOLVED to give 6 months notice from 1 February 2003 to terminate the lease at 4 Market
       Street on 31 July 2003

181.   The Bull Pit
       A draft memorandum of Agreement from North Wiltshire District Council had been circulated
       with the agenda and Cllr Ms Roberts explained that the agreement would be for North Wilts DC
       to be appointed to carry out the design, obtain consents and estimates and oversee the project
       at the Bull Pit for a fee of 11% of the contract price including the planning Supervisors Fee.

       It was proposed by Cllr Ms Roberts, seconded by the Chairman and

       RESOLVED to appoint North Wiltshire District Council to progress the Bull Pit scheme under
       the terms as detailed.

182.   Highways and Transport Committee
       a) Church Street It was noted that the design had been agreed at Committee. The clerk
           advised that a new quote had now been received from Ringway Parkman for £22,948 not
           including the design and any possible extras resulting from consultation with Abbey Mill or
           drainage issues. Cllr Locke raised again the possibility of reducing the length of footway.
        It was RESOLVED to refer the matter to Highways and Transport Committee on 18

       b) Frome Road it was noted that provision of stone kerbs was within the budget (match
          funded with the Five Town Initiative) and the work had been instructed.

183.   Budget 2003/04 and Loan Application
       The clerk advised that loan sanction had been received from the office of the Deputy Prime
       Minister and that the loan had been applied for from the Public Works Loan Board. The loan
       had been requested from 18 February and the PWLB had verbally acknowledged receipt of
       the forms. As the final agreement to the budget was dependant upon the loan it was
       That the budget (as attached to the last minutes) be finally agreed, the precept be now fixed at
       £222,400 (an increase of 4.47% with a band D equivalent of 3811.1) and the precept
       application now be submitted to West Wiltshire District Council.

184.   Dates of Meetings 2003

       The circulated list of meeting dates (as attached to these minutes) was agreed with the
       adjustment that Recreation should always come before Town Amenities to facilitate the co-
       opted member on Recreation, Cathy Knight.

185.   Training for new councillors
               a)      It was noted that the training course for new councillors will be held on
                       Saturday 31 May 2003 from 9.30am to 16.30 at Calne Town Hall and that
                       anyone can also attend as a refresher course.

               b)      It was RESOLVED to recommend the introduction of a ‘buddy’ system to
                       assist new members in May.

186.   Legislation
                a)     Data Protection Act Notification
                The requirement for the Town Council to register was noted and it was

                Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 28.01.03
               RESOLVED: to agree to submit application and fee of £35.00.

               b)       Freedom of Information Act 2000
               It was RESOLVED to note that the Town Council’s Publication Scheme is already on
               the notice boards and will be published in the newsletter.

               c)        Human Rights Act 1998
               It was
               RESOLVED to note that basic rights contained in the legislation are: the right to a fair
               trial or hearing, no punishment without law, respect for private and family life, right to
               religious freedom, freedom of expression and a prohibition of slavery and forced

               d)      Crime and Disorder Act 1998
               It was RESOLVED to note that under S17 the Town Council has a duty to take crime
               and disorder matters into consideration in all functions.

               e)      Disability Discrimination Act 1995
               It was RESOLVED to note that by October 2004 consideration should be given to
               making reasonable physical adjustments to all buildings which offer public access.

               f)       Equal Opportunities
               It was proposed by Cllr Ms Roberts, seconded by Cllr Locke and RESOLVED: to agree
               the following policy:
               ‘No member of the public, job applicant, elected member or employee shall receive
               less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, marital
               status or disability’.

               g)       Race Relations (amendment) Act 2000
               It was proposed by Cllr Ms Roberts, seconded by the Chairman and RESOLVED:to
               agree the following policy:
               Bradford on AvonTown Council acknowledges its continuing duty under the Race
               Relations (amendment) Act 2000 and resolves that in the provision of its services, due
               regard will be given to:
                    the elimination of unlawful discrimination
                    the promotion of opportunity
                    the promotion of good relations
               beween people of different racial groups.

               h)       Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
               It was RESOLVED To note that theTown Council adopted a Health and Safety Policy
               on 24 September 02 (Minute 102)

               i)       Code of Conduct / Quality Councils / Freedom of Information
               To comply with the spirit of the legislation, it was RESOLVED to introduce an
               attendance register which should record reasons for apologies. Under the Code of
               Conduct which all members have signed, declarations of interest: personal and
               prejudicial will also be recorded in a register brought to each meeting. It was noted that
               gifts and hospitality should also registered.

187.   Shelter
       The design and quote from Gerry Peachy for the shelter in St Margaret’s car park, were
       considered and discussed at length. It was noted that with regard to the Crime and Disorder
       Act, Sgt Auburn had been consulted and had no objections to the shelter, but Michelle
       Meacham, the Youth Worker had commented that ‘it might encourage a dominant core of
       young people with specific issues’

        It was generally agreed that the fear of misuse should not prevent the facility being provided
       for the town to enjoy. It was noted that further consultation would take place when planning
       permission was sought.

                Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 28.01.03
       There were mixed views about the design and several members would like to see the windows
       in the stone wall opened up. It was


       To send the design to Caroline Power, the Conservation Officer at WWDC for comments and
       to ask her opinions about the possibility of unblocking the window openings. The comments
       should be requested ideally for the Recreation Committee to consider next week.

188.   Commemorative Badges
       The proposal by the chairman to organise some commemorative badges for long serving
       present councillors and past extant Mayors was considered.

       The designs and costs presented by Orton Jewellery were examined.

       Some members felt that a role of honour might be more appropriate and some felt that badges
       should not be given to past mayors.

       A vote was taken and with 6 in favour, 3 against and 1 abstention it was
       RESOLVED: to agree to the badges in principal subject to clarification of costs.

189.   Correspondence for Consideration

1)      Society of Local Council Clerks                  Membership Renewal
        Renewal due 21 February-                         RESOLVED: to agree to the renewal
        Subscription £89 pa

2)      Bradford on Avon Tourism Association             Flag Pole
        Permission requested to use flagpole for         RESOLVED: to agree to the request and to
        South West Tourism flag when the pole is         write to WWDC about the possibility of a
        not required for other use.                      flagstone path across the grass to the new
                                                         TIC office.

3)      Rowena Quantrill –BOA Fair Trade                 Bradford on Avon- A Fair Trade Town?
        Request for the Town Council to pass a           RESOLVED: for members to study the
        resolution to become a Fair Trade Town.          literature given out by Vivian Kynaston
        This means agreeing to: serve fair trade tea     regarding the 5 goals to becoming a Fair
        and coffee at meetings and in the office,        Trade Town and to consider the matter
        promoting        awareness,         allocating   again at the next council meeting.
        responsibility to staff or committee in
        partnership with local group and erecting
        street signs declaring fair trade zone.

4)      Wiltshire County Council –Jane Brown             Pollution Seminar
        Emergency Planning Officer
        Monday 17 March in Civic Hall Trowbridge         Noted

5)      N Lemoir                                         The Masons Arms
        Application for licence from Susan Kevan         RESOLVED: no objections

6)      Emjay Agency Ltd                                 Beef & Barge
        Application for licence from Maria               RESOLVED: no objections
        Rosemary Pitts and Stephen Noel

7)      Godfrey Marks                                    Relief Road-notice of resolution for the
                                                         Town Meeting on 8 April
        Resolution to propose that the Town              RESOLVED: to support the proposal to
        Council should formally request the              request that the Highway Authority to
        Highway Authority to address the option of       address the option of a relief road and that

                Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 28.01.03
        a relief road                                  the clerk should write a letter in conjunction
                                                       with Cllr Hewson to the County Highways
                                                       Dept to that effect.

8)      Lance Hope                                     Relief Road
        Urging action in support of relief road        RESOLVED: to note the letter and send a
                                                       copy of the letter from 7) above to Mr Hope

9)      Margaret Dobson,Preservation Trust             Plaque for donors to Barton Grange Project
        Sample wording and request for                 RESOLVED: to advise corrections in
        contribution to cost of plaque                 spelling of ‘Fairbairn’ and no hyphens in
                                                       Bradford on Avon. To agree to a donation
                                                       of £100 towards the plaque (£50 for the
                                                       inclusion of ‘Bradford on Avon Town
                                                       Council’ and £50 for the ‘Five Towns
                                                       Initiative’ (match funded if possible

10)     Christ Church May Fayre Committee              Advertising in magazine
        Invitation to advertise                        RESOLVED: to advertise St Margaret’s
                                                       Hall – cost of A5 advert - £35

190.   Correspondence to Note
       Item 11. Polling station review Cllr Mrs Brown and Cllr Hewson asked for a copy of this item
       and the remainder of the correspondence was noted.

191.   Reports
       a)      Cllr Andrews reported that the arrangements for the West Wilts Show and stalls were
               beginning to be booked with help from the Assistant Town Clerk. Additional costs were
               to be incurred for security of £150 for each town council.

       b)      Cllr Andrew further announced that all were welcome to his wedding celebrations on
               Saturday 3rd May.

       c)      Cllr Andrews reported the sad premature death of Brian Porch, the previous Town

       d)      Cllr Ms Roberts reported that she had been in correspondence with Mr Withers from
               Kingston Saunders about the Bull Pit who strongly feels that any work on the Bull Pit
               should be carried out by WCC and/ or the Environment Agency but she met him to
               present the Town Council’s view.

192.   Accounts for Payment

       That the Town Council accounts having been checked by Cllr Mrs Brown with invoices and
       direct payments amounting to £28,180.20+ VAT be approved (attached to these minutes). Cllr
       Mrs Brown advised that Cllr Mrs Lewis (who had by then left the meeting) was prepared to
       check the accounts for the next three months.

       The meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

                 Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 28.01.03

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