Sign up for Google Adsense without having to have a website

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					Sign up for Google Adsense without
having to have a website
The method as is done by the blogger from india who successfully register in google adsense, but very
fun because we need without have to have a website and look for visitors, and in view of some
comments that

do the same method many of them his google adsense account

approval by google. Good luck _

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Yang perlu menjadi perhatian adalah langkah-langkah berikut :
- Your profile should be at least 50% complete
- Your account should have an image . [ Remember that you have to upload your own
- You should upload al least 10 images to your album and their privacy must be set to
everyone .
- You should post at least 2 blogs in your account .
Berikut kutipan dari si penulis :
I will advice you to request for an Adsense account when it becomes at least of 10 days old ,
although it is not an eligibility proposal of Indyrocks . Right after you meet all the
requirements , you can request for an Adsense account . After your request , you will receive
an email regarding confirmation . Then , confirm your request and complete the request
form by visiting the form url which will come along with your email . Within 10 days you
will receive an email regarding your account whether it is approved or not . And the most
wonderful thing is that you don’t need to provide your website url during the sign up
process . So , using this method , you can easily achieve an Adsense account without having
any website . Not only you can get an Adsense account through Indyarocks but you can also
earn some extra money in Indyarocks by implementing your Adsense account with
Indyarocks , by uploading videos , by watching videos and by referring people to the site .
When I was not familiar with Indyarocks , I tried several times to get approve by Adsense
using my blog but again and again I got rejection . I was so frustrated , then I found
Indyarocks . At that time , I thought that it was a fake program but thought to give it a shot .
Right after 3 days of my Adsense account request , I got an email from Adsense regarding
my account approval . I was shocked , it was really a wonderful moment for me . I am really
thankful to Indyarocks and you can also give it a chance to get your Adsense account
without having a website .
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