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                             T      AISSONS ALUMNI AS
                             TEXAS CA       A                  ON,
                                                       SSOCIATIO INC.
                                         P.O. BOX 20423 32
                                       AUSTIN, TX  78720‐4232 

Hook  k’em!
     been a while since I’ve pushed out an update so I apologize for the leng
It’s b          e            p          a          o           e                         Lots of great stuff has
                                                                            gthy letter. L           t
     n                        t
been going on. Included in this update:
     1 Caissons Status Re    eport
     2.          E
     2 Recent Events
                C            der
            a. COL Magrud Scholars       ship
            b. FTX Support    t
            c. Dining Out
     3.          ng
     3 Upcomin Events
                L            on
            a. LTC Robinso Retireme     ent
            b. May Commis    ssioning Ceeremony
                C            mer        g          g
            c. Cadet Summ Training – Looking for sponso        ors
     4 Scholars                         or
                 ship Drive – Looking fo donation  ns
     5 Closing Notes

1. C Caissons St    tatus Repor rt
The Caissons have 90 Life Members and nearly 1700 ROTC graduates with Year G
                                            a            1          C                         Groups rang ging from YG G
1934 to YG 200 along with a few Ca
     4             09,                      adre and frieends of the program. O  Over a quar  rter of our Life Members  s
grad               e           nd
    duated in the late 60’s an early 70’s and have been a staplle for establiishing the C
                                            s            b                                   Caissons Ass sociation and d
enab              ucceed. This year we’ve added a fe life mem
     bling it to su             s           e            ew         mbers to our ranks, and we’ve seen involvemen      nt
   m                          mni           o
from a lot more of the Alum through our outreach campaigns on Facebo
                                                        h            s           ook. We’ve also teamed up with the
                                                                                                           d            e
     as            b
Texa Exes to become a ce                    work with the Exes. Thiis allows us to tap into their resour
                                ertified netw            e                                                 rces such as s
    mni             es,        c
Alum database official communications procedu            ures, and wweb page ho  osting. With the Exes, they hold the   e
offici Alumni da    atabase for former stude ents so PLEEASE go to t Texas Ex website, select ARM ROTC as
                                                                      the         xes                     MY            s
your student activity, and up
     r                         pdate your pe ersonal infor
                                                         rmation so y can rece
                                                                     you                      ns
                                                                                 eive Caisson communic     cations. The e
     s                         on           E
Exes do not store informatio from St Edwards, or our other p        partner Unive             we
                                                                                  ersities so w will maint              h
                                                                                                           tain that with
the CCaissons Of   fficers and Board. Goin forward, we look to r
                               B             ng                                  o
                                                                      reach out to the recent graduates to strengthen   n
our a              pport the cadets. build a stronger network for o new LTs Commissio
      ability to sup                                                 our         s                        he
                                                                                              oning into th Army, and   d
provvide career re  esources for our Alumni in the corpo
                                r                        orate world.
If yo are intere   ested in bec            C
                                coming a Caissons Life Member, w are wor
                                                         e             we                     he
                                                                                 rking with th Exes to build on-line    e
enro               p            or          ase
    ollment and payment. Fo now, plea fill out the attached f
                                                         e                        nd
                                                                     form and sen to our Au   ustin PO boxx.

2. RRecent Even  nts
The fall commi              eremony wa held at Calhoun H all on cam
                 issioning ce        as                              mpus at 11:00 AM, De            7,
                                                                                            ecember 17
    0.          g           w
2010 Opening remarks were made by LTC Boris Robin
                                                B        nson, Profes                       ce, and the
                                                                      ssor of Military Scienc         e
                            as                           st,
commissioning address wa given by COL Kelly A. Wolgas Chief Nu       urse Executive, U.S. Army Medica al
Com              S          on,
   mmand, Ft. Sam Housto TX. Tex      xas Caisson Associatiion President Joe Cima presente Caissons
                                                ns                               ato        ed        s
     ficates. Thr cadets were commis
certif          ree        w         ssioned Seco Lieutena United S
                                                ond       ant,                  y:
                                                                      States Army

2LT Katie Rene Maudru graduated from Cedar Park High S
                ee                    f                                edar Park, T She atte
                                                            School in Ce          TX.                   n
                                                                                             ended Austin
Commmunity College and the transferre to the University of T
                          en          ed                   Texas. LT MMaudru gradu                      o
                                                                                  uated with a Bachelor of
Arts in Nursing and is comm
                a                      t         urse Corps.
                          missioned in the Army Nu
2LT Stacy Elena Eberhardt is origin                        C         She graduat
                                              nally from California. S                              f          n
                                                                               ted with a Bachelor of Science in
Nurs   sing. LT Ebe                 ommissioned into the Arm Nurse Co
                        erhardt is co         d            my         orps.

2LT Rebecca Jo Addingt
                J                      rn
                           ton was bor in Frankf  furt, Germa ny. Origina attending UT San A
                                                                         ally        g                   e
                                                                                              Antonio, she
trans           ustin and gra
    sferred to Au           aduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. LT Addingto was commissioned in
                                       h                     e                       on                  n
    Quartermast Corps.
the Q           ter

   February, LT (R) Mag
In F           TG        gruder (’69) awarded Cadet Peter Doblar wit the COL Lawson M
                                                C             r           th                       Magruder JRR.
Scho           adet Doblar exemplified the characteristics of D
    olarship. Ca                                                                       ositive attitude that COL
                                                              Duty, Integriity, and a po                       L
               w          f
Magruder (’42) was known for.

In M             L
    March, COL Noel Car                 ),
                             rdenas (’88) COL (R)   )
Stev Stephens                nd         C
                 son (’66), an Mr. Joe Cimato (’96))
supp                                   C
    ported the Cadets with HOT CHOW, war           r
stories, and tale of how hard it was back when
                  es         h                     n
they were cade at Camp Bullis afte their FTX
                 ets         p         er          X
and familiarization fire at th range. Additionally,
                              he         A
the Caissons presented th Cadets a U.S. Flag
                 p           he                    g
that MAJ Bryan Bogle (’96) had flown over the Al
                              )                     l
Faw Palace, Ca   amp Victory, Bagdad, Ira It was a
beau             nd
    utiful day an the Caissons thoroug             d
                                        ghly enjoyed
    r            he
their time with th cadets.
                                                                    ocal Caissons Life mem
                                                         In April, lo                                ded
                                                                                          mbers attend the
                                                         UT ROT C Dining O               d
                                                                               Out located at the Hi ilton in
                                                         Downtow Austin wh
                                                                  wn                     ery        OL
                                                                               here our ve own CO Noel
                                                         Cardenas (’88) was t
                                                                   s                      peaker. LTC Boris
                                                                               the guest sp          C
                                                                   n           d
                                                         Robinson introduced this year    r’s commissioning
                                                         Seniors, as well as introduced next year’s Cadet
                                                         chain of ccommand.

3. U           E
    Upcoming Events
    ve         ew                      ht
We’v got a fe events that are righ around the corner a                               will
                                                              and then a few that w happen later in the     e
summer. As yo know, the cadets will take part in multiple summer tra
               ou          e                                                         ts
                                                                         aining event such as L LDAC, ABN  N,
AASSLT, and CTL This will be a great opportunity for Caisson across the Nation to s
                LT.                                          ns          e                                 et
                                                                                     step up and take a cade
    to         how them yo role in th Army, or just provide them with some Texas Hospitality Please le
out t dinner, sh          our          he                    e                        s         y.         et
me know if you are interes                                               o          g          my
                           sted in linking up with one of the cadets who is coming to an Arm Post near
you! Please con            mato JoeCim
               ntact Joe Cim           mato96@alu 512-694
                                                                         4-0289 for th contact in
                                                                                     he                    o
                                                                                                nformation of
the c
    cadets headed your wayy!

        WHEN                    W
                                WHERE                                     WHA AT
   3 J 1000                             I
                          Texas Tower MAI        LTC Boris Robins
                                                     B                        T
                                                                   son, PMS UT ROTC, Re   etirement
                          2I2                        mony
   6 J - 6 Aug                  wis,
                          Ft. Lew WA             UT ROOTC Cadre @ LDAC. L                 r,
                                                                              LTC Kopser CPT Garvi     in,
                                                 MSG Silva, SFC S  Snyder
   6 J - 5 Jul                  m          T
                          Ft. Sam Houston, TX    Cadet Savino @ N            mer
                                                                  Nurse Summ Training Program
    2            l
   12 Jun - 11 Jul              ox,
                          Ft. Kno KY                               dets       ng
                                                 Cadet LTC - 2 Cad attendin training. FYI only.
                                                      s             ked      with
                                                 Cadets will be lock down w their trai    ining cycles..
   13 Jun - 5 Aug               wis,
                          Ft. Lew WA             Cadet LDAC - 18 Cadets atten             ng.
                                                                              nding trainin FYI only   y.
                                                      s             ked      with
                                                 Cadets will be lock down w their trai    ining cycles
   13 Jun - 4 Jul               od,
                          Ft. Hoo TX             Cadet Reinhardt @ CTLT
   14 Jun                 Univerrsity of Texa
                                            as       J                        S          C
                                                 LTC Joseph Kops er, new PMS UT ROTC arrives on
    2            l
   22 Jun - 15 Jul        Ft. Bennning, GA       Cadet Jenkins @ A            hool
                                                                   Airborne Sch
    9            l
   29 Jun - 22 Jul        Ft. Bennning, GA       Cadet Downes @ Airborne Sc   chool
   13 Jul - 5 Aug         Ft. Bennning, GA       Cadet Huey @ Air            ool
                                                                   rborne Scho
    7           ug
   27 Jul - 19 Au         Ft. Bennning, GA       Cadet Regalado @ Airborne S  School
   5 A - 27 Au  ug        Ft. Bliss, TX          Cadet Kelly @ CT TLT
   31 Jul - 18 Au         Ft. Wa            K
                                ainwright, AK    Cadet McPhee @ Northern W   Warfare Schoo ol
    8           ug
   28 Jul - 19 Au         Ft. Bliss, TX          Cadet Simmons @ CTLT

We a           wo
    also have tw cadets stu
                          udying abroa in Kenya (May-Jul) a Estonia (
                                      ad                  and                   f            he
                                                                    (Jul-Aug). If you’re in th area,
               now and we can synch you up!
please let me kn                     y

4. Scholarship Drive.
The Caissons sponsor three scholarships for cadets each fall. They are as follows:

              Texas Caissons–Orlando A. Bonilla Memorial Scholarship
The University of Texas Army ROTC alumni established this scholarship to honor the memory of Orlando A. Bonillo,
BA ’99, a Distinguished Military Graduate of the UT Army ROTC program. Captain Bonilla was deployed to Iraq and was
killed in January 2005 in the loss of his helicopter supporting combat operations. The scholarship is awarded to a member
of the UT Army ROTC program.
              Texas Caissons Scholarship–Tommy Pham Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is given in memory of Second Lieutenant Tommy Minh Vu Pham, BS ’98, and was made possible by a
generous donation from Tommy’s widow, Maria Truong. It is for a member of the UT Army ROTC program.
              Texas Caissons Scholarship– Russell Steindam Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is given to a member of the UT Army ROTC program in memory of First Lieutenant Russell A. Steindam,
BA ’68, who was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for gallantry in combat in the Republic of

Please take the time to donate $5, $10, $100, whatever amount you are comfortable with to enhance these
scholarships! For the next two months, the money you donate through the Texas Exes Website will go directly
into the Fall 2011 Scholarship fund and will go right into the student’s hands. We currently have about $1500
available to disperse to the Scholarships, and our goal is to raise an additional $1500 by June 31st ! The Texas
Exes Website places the money into the Caissons Scholarship account, and that money is then distributed to
the three scholarships in the fall. Please help us now by making an impactful difference for the scholarship
Donate Here!

5. Closing Notes
Special thanks to MAJ Ken Frey (’96) who has been diligently working to collect recent graduate email
addresses from AKO. That’s a tedious, but not thankless, job! Ken has also been helping me brainstorm more
ways to get involved in the Caissons program and more ways to support the cadets. Look for a detailed
OPORDER from the Caissons soon!

Please make sure you “Like” our Facebook Fan Page. Please first log into Facebook then click on this link!/TexasCaissons

If you are a member of our group page, we will be shutting that down effective 31 May, so please go “like” our
fan page.

Again, please also update your personal information with the Texas Exes. They maintain our database of
personnel and it makes life grand when it’s accurate.


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