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					The useful android apps

Today, internet members is having tendency to turn their online functions from the
computer into mobile tools. Blog and blogger is not also the exceptional condition. The
bloggers always hope to discover and take his blogs anywhere and anytime. Therefore,
they more and more focus on the mobile instruments that are today very common and

Due to the spread of modern day technologies, there are 5 top applications of android for
bloggers that are free and the best. These apps can improve you to be connected with
your blog anytime and everywhere just with Android on mobile.

1.    WordPress App for Android: Wordpress is the kind of blog which is made use of
much more on the earth. Wordpress app is the application that has been designed for only
Android to help bloggers control his blogs directly. You can publish, review, answer back
comment, ect with only just click.

2.      Blogger App For Android: Blogger for Android is the application which is
produced by google so as to make easier the method of take blog on Android apps.
Bloggers can work with this application to put up his writing from mobile in a few
seconds. You can put more subject matter, writing by making use of the technique of
edition. You can also make use of many different languages and add more tag words with

3.      Google analytics app for Android: Most of all bloggers just like to care for the
variety, index of searching their blogs every day. Google analytics can help you to follow
and check the statistic data, position, address of IP of accessing users.. and many
available functionality. This is the easy application but totally easy to employ and
valuable for all kinds of blog.

4.      HootSuite App for Android: Hootsuite is the wonderful app that is made use of on
Facebok and Twitter. You can create a list tweets using Hootsuite. Hootsuite makes it
possible for you link the other internet sites and support you publish your articles on the
social networks.
5.     Evernote app for Android: Evernote is the uncomplicated application that helps
you note the information when you are in the meeting or in the class. Your all data will
be preserved and connect with another tools. The best point in the app is capture, note
and do a list and record as well.

Those are 5 tops apps of android that are well-liked and famous for users. You can click
here to download and locate more info on the useful android apps.

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