2011 MTB Michigan USAC Series - Tailwind Racing

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					        Tailwind Racing LLC - 2011 MTB
             Michigan USAC Series
   Saturday        Pontiac Lake Recreation Area             Time Trial
   April 23                Waterford, MI                   USAC MTB-1

                      Brighton Recreation Area             Stage Race
                            Brighton, MI                   USAC MTB-2
* May 14 & 15

   Sunday           Fort Custer Recreation Area             Time Trial
   June 12                  Augusta, MI                    USAC MTB-3

   June 26
                   Pontiac Lake Recreation Area
                           Waterford, MI
                                                           Cross Country
                                                            USAC MTB-4             2011 MTB
    * July 2
                       Stony Creek MetroPark
                        Shelby Township, MI
                                                           USAC MTB-5         Michigan USAC Series
    Sunday                 Big M Ski Area                  Cross Country
   August 7      Manistee, MI (Manistee National Forest)    USAC MTB-6

   Sunday                 Ruby Campground                  Cross Country            Fort Custer Time Trial
  August 21                 Port Huron, MI                  USAC MTB-7
                                                                           Fort Custer Recreation Area - Augusta, MI
  August 28
                       Stony Creek MetroPark
                        Shelby Township, MI
                                                           Cross Country
                                                            USAC MTB-8
                                                                                            June 12
* Your highest finish out of these two races SCORES DOUBLE SE-                            Series Sponsor
                          RIES POINTS!

To all of the Volunteers, Sponsors and MMBA Chapter Members who                          Event Sponsors
                    help make this event possible

                     Contact Information
       Website:                     E-mail:                   Phone:
www.tailwind-racing.com    Info@tailwind-racing.com        248-842-3644
                        Tailwind Racing LLC
                 P.O. Box 734 - Oxford, MI - 48371
                                                                                                             Fort Custer Recreation Area
                                                                                              Ft. Custer is located north of I-            Ft. Custer Recreation Area
                                                                                                4 between Battle Creek and               Augusta               M-96
                                                                                                Kalamazoo. From I-94 take                                                              Rd
                                                                                               Exit #85 or #92 and go north
                                                                                               to M-96 The park is just east


                                                                                                    of Augusta on M-96.


                                                                                                                                                        Race Site
                                                                                                 A State Park Vehicle                                                                           m
                                                                                                  Permit is required                                                  Business
                                                                                                                                                                                            Co Av e

                                                                                                        $10 Annual                        Galesburg                   Loop I-94
                                                                                                To reserve a campsite, call
                                                                                                   Michigan State Park                                  I-94
                                                                                                     Reservations at:                   Exit 85                                   Exit 92
                                                                                                      800/447-2757                        Kalamazoo                    Battle Creek

                                                                                                      Park Address: 5163 Ft. Custer Drive — Augusta, MI 49012

                                                                                                               Event Rules & Information
                                                                                                             Race day registration & number pick-up opens at 8:30am
                                                                                                  All racers who require an annual license must show this license at registration
                                                                                                                 Helmets are required for all event participation!!!
                                                                                                                   All racers must sign a waiver at registration.
                                                                                               Racers under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian
                                                                                                                 Racers start two at a time on 30 second intervals
                                                                                                         $500 Cash purse for Elite Men/Women racers (Pay top 3 finishers)
                                                                                                                      Elite Men 1st-$140, 2nd-$110 & 3rd-$70
                                                                                                                     Elite Women 1st-$90, 2nd-$60 & 3rd-$30
                                                                                                                    Medals to top 5 finishers in each category

                                                                                                              Series Rules & Information
                                                                                               For 2011 an EIGHT Race Series of USA Cycling MTB Sanctioned Events throughout
                                                                                                 Michigan. We will total the FIVE Highest Point Scores out of the Eight Races for each
                                                                                                 participant to determine final series placing. Racers must participate in at least THREE
                                                                                                 races to be eligible for Overall Series Awards. Note: Either the Brighton Stage Race or
                                                                                                  the Stony Creek Marathon may be counted as double points toward final overall se-
                                                                                                   ries standings (The highest finish of these two events will count as DOUBLE POINTS
                                                                                                  while the other will be scored as SINGLE POINTS). If the racer holds an Annual USAC
                                                                                                   MTB License, the overall winner of each Class/Age Group will be the USAC Michigan
                                                                                                                                 State Champion for 2011.
                                                                                                        Your 2011 USAC MTB race age is your age on December 31, 2011
                                                                                                             All USAC MTB events will be held under USAC rules

                        Course Information
The race course is a combination of the green and red trails for a challenging 13 mile loop
                that is about 75% single track with plenty of passing areas.
 This loop includes many of your favorite sections like the Trenches and Granny’s Garden
               that have become the hallmark of the Ft. Custer trail system.

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