Why You Should Spend Your Spring In Croatia, The World’s Spring Break Capital

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					Why You Should Spend Your Spring In Croatia, The World’s Spring
Break Capital
Spring is just fast approaching. This is the time of year when you start planning your spring vacation
activities. You want a plan that guarantees an enjoyable spring break that will surely be unforgettable. This
article offer tips on the best places to visit and what you can expect to experience in such places.

Places to visit in Croatia

Europe is the best place to go to for your spring vacation. Not just any place in Europe, though. You have to
bring your family or friends to Zrce, Novalja, Croatia, considered by many as Europe’s spring capital.

Croatia, which lies along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, has a coastline dotted with superb beach resorts, but
in terms of beauty nothing compares to the beach of Zrce located in the eastern of part of the Island of Pag
and facing the town of Novalja.

During the peak season you can see thousands of tourists, both local and international, clogging the road
leading to Zrce beach, an indication of the place’s reputation as an excellent venue for eroding away
stresses of everyday living.

Cars and shuttle buses regularly ply the route connecting Novalja to Zrce. When you get to Zrce you may
not want to visit other places because in addition to its first-rate beach that stretches right into the town, it
has other attractions like speedboats, motorboats, paddleboats, trampolines and windsurfing boards.

Zrce offers a nightlife that is envy of other tourist destinations. Its open air clubs are known to offer superb
entertainment, provided by first rate entertainers from Zagreb, until the wee hours of the morning, and its
cafes that line the beach offer a superb view of the sea and the lights of Novalja.

When you or your friends want something physically demanding, there are wind surfing and water skiing.
And do not fear you will make a fool of yourself; there are courses you could go to that will teach you the
basics. A gym equipped with all kinds of exercise equipment is available when you feel you are neglecting
your workout routines.

Safety is a paramount concern among tourist’s officials. The beach in Zrce is divided into zones for different
activities. There is a zone for swimming which is further divided into zone for children, adult, disabled and
non-swimmers. An adequate number of lifeguards are constantly roaming about, alert for people who
might be needing assistance.

The island Pag, whose tourism center is located in Novalja, is Adriatic’s 7th biggest island while its coastline
which is endowed with beautiful coves, beaches and capes, is the sea’s longest coastline. There are island
tours that will let you experience the sights of the Adriatic Sea- the islands and the bays and coves that
characterize the Croatian coastline.

Best thing you will experience in Zrce is meeting people of various cultures. People are always the most
interesting and when you visit during the peak of the spring season; you get the chance to meet the most
number of people of different nationalities and learn something about them.

The place to search for information useful when you are planning your spring vacation in Croatia is the
internet. You simply type in the search box the key words spring break Croatia or Spring break vacation
destinations and you’ll get all the information you need to complete your plan. From the search results you
will websites that describes the attractions that make Zrce, Novalja such a desirable place to spend your
vacation in. Further research will yield travel websites that offer information on how you can get there and
reliable estimates of how much you may have to spend during your vacation there.

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