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									    Nutrition for Men

    On the nutrition of man can talk forever, because this theme is always up to date.
    Proper nutrition - is a very important part of every man, as it determines the physical form, feeling and

    A striking example of this is the example from Shelton GM "Principles of good nutrition" about the life of
    Polish Jews: "... a stunning example of a miserable physical condition because of poor living conditions
    are Polish Jews. Physical muscular strength they decreased with each generation. Their blood is depleted,
    the growth of small, narrow shoulders and chest.Many exhausted, pale appearance, even with signs of
    racial degeneration and decay ... "
    There are different views on the products and their use. Many people eat only vegetables, other
    ctoronniki separate feed.But all of these systems the use of products have many disadvantages for the
    modern man.
    Proper nutrition.
    What is?
    In response to this question is usually hear, "Eat it!".
    Wrong answer.
 Some foods can cause only harm your body, so eliminate from your diet:
 coffee, tea (black stout), carbonated beverages;
    pastry and sweets;
    mushrooms (in the body, they are not treated);
    vegetable oils and fats;
    sausage;
    mayonnaise and fatty sauces.
    Below is the pyramid of nutrition for men, which shows clearly what products and what dosage are more
    suitable male body.

    The first step.
    Bread is better is dark, coarse;
    Yellow rice;
    Pasta 1 grade (they are boiled for a long time, and do not boil soft).
    The products of this stage, we see a carbohydrate - the energy for our body.
    The second stage.
    Fruits and vegetables should be eaten raw;
     After training you should eat a fruit or vegetable salad.
    Favor of these products are not talking - it's vitamins
    The third stage - the most delicious for most men.
    Consumption of dairy products - one of the main criteria of the pyramid. The most important thing here
     - quality. Buy them not hard, because they are sold in almost every hall in the market. Something that
     gives us a shopping products, leaves much to be desired, because in processed milk is very little use,
     just as in the cheese and cottage cheese. The milk must be from a healthy cow that is maintained in
     good sanitary conditions and a rich diet.
    The following criteria - the meat. The meat can be stewed, boiled, baked, not fried! I will not say that
     choosing a lamb, pork or beef, is the choice of each, but I prefer chicken or pork.
    Eat fish! Probably heard about the fish day in the Soviet Union, the use of the fish maximum.
    The fourth stage.
    Fat is definitely beneficial organisms, as vitamins, but their use prevents excessive absorption of other
     substances.When ingested harmful fats help to get them faster. There is only one way to get rid of fat -
     this exercise. Only the muscles are able to convert fat into energy.
    Eat dill, parsley in them have vitamin B. It makes our skin better protects against infection. In the
    Caucasus, knowingly made use herbs, which influences in addition to the male power.
    Proper nutrition.
    As is?
 That's actually the rules that should be followed
 Foods rich in protein can help you feel full longer maintain
    Eat more foods belkovosoderzhaschih this may be a chicken, hake and other foods with protein that will
    nourish your body and do not force you to think about the frequent snacking.
    The larger portion, the more you go
    Do not pass! This is the most important thing right out of 100 people died of hunger only 1, the other 99
    due to diseases caused by consumption of a large quantity of products. Try to eat more than three times
    a day and snacking opportunities.
    Soup will help you keep satiety
    Eat Soup! Because of Russian cuisine is also good for your stomach.
    Low-fat dairy products contribute to the removal of fat from the body
    This fact has long been said, no wonder Americans eat it all the fat.
    In the middle of the day eat 65% of the food out of your diet
    Many people during the day almost nothing to eat and get full evening. This is not right!
    Human health is its wealth. Print out the essence of article and hang it over the place where you usually
    Proper nutrition - is a very important part of life for men.

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