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									How to Treat Stomach with massage

When a girl flexible, elastic, soft, smooth, delicate skin, this means that a woman is looking after
themselves and their own bodies. This lady will not be overlooked and will always be covered by male
To achieve such a good result is necessary to normalize the functioning of the stomach and remove the
fat accumulation in the abdomen. In the human stomach, every person has the vital organs (gall,
pancreas, liver, intestines, kidneys). In Thailand area Cartagena (stomach area) is a center of energy
balance, from the stable of the center depends on a stable operation of the whole organism. Toxin
concentrations are concentrated in the abdomen dense layer. Such toxin deposits sometimes difficult to
remove workouts.
Indirect manual massage of the stomach.
This method allows you to:
- To activate metabolic functions,
- Usilitm hormone synthesis glands
- Qualitatively deal with fat accumulations,
- To strengthen the abdominal muscles,
So that with the help of massage improve pancreas and remove cellulite fat in the tummy area should
contact the competent master. Massage abdominal area is used not only in the recovery purposes, but
also as a means of strengthening the silhouette. Quality massage make a preventive measure to prevent
the consequences of the problems of the kidneys, intestines and liver. Even through      manual
massage techniques can cure bloating, diarrhea, diathesis, constipation. Hand massage abdomen
is useful in situations of stagnation, the presence of structures in the gall, a strong synthesis of bile
juice.After completing the course sessions, you can prevent the development of ulcers and
bloating. Massaging the tummy and make children. Made session shows a visible lifting
effect. Cosmetologists are in agreement that the press is not a simple work through the area. Deposits
near the stomach to decrease with fasting or rubbing.
Massage the navel area enhances the flow of lymph to the desired area. The influx of lymph tissue breaks
down cellulite. For normal literate master the abdomen is the problem areas for massaging.
That should be able to master?
Tummy massage is better to trust the professional massage therapist. Illiterate massing adversely affects
the operation of the internal organs. Professionals need to have specialized education and have a
massage certificate. The massage specialist can eliminate the impact on internal systems, the maximum
effect on the fatty tissue. On the massage recommended prior to treatment
pointerisovatsya of a certificate of the masseur.
Fasting and sports melts good practices in fighting this problem. If performing a kneading, eliminating
diet, fat will also disappear. Only the most benefit is the use of the existing complex of the three
methods. Because kneading abdomen due to pressure on vital organs, has its contraindications. This
procedure should be excluded in disorders of the gastrointestinal and endocrine disorders peristatiki. Go
for a consultation with a specialist practitioner before a session.

The total procedure time of thirty minutes, the treatment consists of 15 sessions. The course is calculated
necessarily masseur. Massaging the stomach good for the digestive peristatiku and a guarantee of health
and well-being. How to properly perform abdominal massage well demosnstriruetsya on          video .

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