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									Heat-Source Dangers

Abnormally high temperatures, steady in the Kursk region, a major concern of all emergency services. As
a rule, it is in this period that most domestic and wild fires, recorded many accidents related to heat
stroke. In the area held a range of preventive measures.
To avoid falling victim to the scorching sun and do not get heat stroke, you must follow the simple rules -
the Council Director of Emergency Medicine Victor Barannikov.
You can not spend much time in the sun, and the more engaged in physical labor on the street, you need
to strictly abide by the water regime In other words, the fluid intake as much as it comes out of the
body. In addition, you must pay attention to the clothes: it should be light and made of natural fibers,
can not be out in the sun without a hat. Strictly prohibited the use of alcohol.
Signs of   heat stroke    are weakness, sudden onset of fever, dizziness and loss of consciousness. In
this case, you must move the victim into the shade, away from the sun, wipe with a wet towel and seek
help from health professionals to the number "112."
In the clock working staffs to monitor the fire situation, held every day dozens of raids and patrols on
forests and villages.The venue for one of these raids was the forest, located in the Kursk region. Although
the current fire regime violators caught by the hand did not, however, identified the mass
violations. Everywhere met pockets of fires, and where they were not equipped with ignition in
accordance with the rules. This means that not only the fire accidentally caused wildfires. Not far from
the road in the woods unquenched smoked a cigarette, not only from her already lit dry grass in minutes
A human carelessness could lead to dire consequences. -
Such violations - not uncommon - said Inspector of oversight by the district Seymskomu UND
State   Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Kursk region, Eduard Nechayev - during raids and
had to meet with the tourists, who are not easy to explain why now you can not build fires in the forests.
Every day, the number "112" receives hundreds of calls for help medical professionals. During the high
temperature affects the elderly, children, and having problems with the cardiovascular system.
Together with the police inspectors oversight of 10-20 minutes daily violations of fire safety.
remind that during the period of special fire mode (at the moment it is installed in 9 municipalities)
penalties for violations of fire safety regulations increase doubled to ordinary citizens fine is 3-4 thousand
rubles, entities will pay 100-200 thousand.

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