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									What is the treatment of chronic prostatitis

Depending on the type of prostatitis patient has a wide range of drugs that can help get rid of the
prostate or to alleviate its symptoms.
1. Antibiotics - before use, samples of the prostate have to determine which bacteria are causing the
infection and which drugs should be prescribed effective treatment. Treatment may last from 4 to 12
weeks, depending on the severity of the infection.
2. Alpha-blockers (   medicines for prostatitis , which are used for the treatment of benign
prostatic hyperplasia by relaxing the muscle tissue of the prostate gland, and easing the difficulty
3. Painkillers the simplest representatives of analgesics: Analginum, paracetamol, ibuprofen
4. Muscle relaxants reduce skeletal muscle tone (tubocurarine, pipekuroniyu)
1. Training of the prostate - These include stretching and relaxation of the lower pelvic joint.
2. BOS (bio. feedback) - This technique teaches you how to control certain reactions, including relaxing
3. Sitz baths - Exposing the crotch of very hot water for 20 minutes or longer, usually relieves relieves
4. Prostate massage - Kegel exercises to increase blood circulation and improve pelvic muscle tone.
5. Frequent ejaculation - Ejaculating two or three times a week, especially needed for patients with
prostatitis, when taking antibiotics.
Surgical procedures
If the patient has a bacterial form of the disease and antibiotics did not improve symptoms, surgery may
be recommended to open the locked channels. It is very important to know that surgery is not for the
treatment of prostatitis. Surgical removal of the prostate (prostatectomy) is only used when re-infection
is rarely used and will be used only as a last resort.
Alternative treatments
The prostate is a "drainage method." This treatment, which was first popular in the Philippines. This is
performed by the principle by inserting a finger into the rectum at regular intervals jam your finger on
the prostate. Possible combination with antibiotics.
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, they may also be effective in the treatment of
prostatitis. They can improve urine flow and reduce swelling and inflammation.
Proper nutrition
1. The patient should have a fresh, unrefined and unprocessed foods, including fresh fruits, vegetables,
whole grains, soy, beans, seeds, nuts, olive oil and cold-water fish
2. Every patient with prostatitis should definitely avoid sugar, dairy products, refined foods, fried foods,
junk foods, and caffeine.
3. Drink 50% of your body weight in ounces of water a day
Nutritional Supplements
Although it is not no proof that they are effective, but some men it will make it easier and some even get
rid of prostatitis.Many natural supplements are designed to provide power.
Some of the most common additions are:
1. Bromelain - Take 400 mg three times a day after meals.
2. Proteolytic enzymes - have anti-inflammatory properties and can increase the effectiveness of
3. Vitamin C - Take 500-1000 mg 3 times a day.
4. Vitamin E - 400 IU Take a day.
5. Flaxseed oil - take 2-4 tablespoons a day. Flaxseed oil is a good choice because of its fibers contain
lignans and vitamins.
6. Probiotics - Supplement with probiotics such as acidophilus, if you take antibiotics, it may be useful for
the intestinal flora
7. Quercetin - natural supplement with strong anti-inflammatory properties.
8. Selenium - an antioxidant may be more effective when taken with vitamin E.
9. Zinc - Take 30 mg a day. Zinc is vital for the health of the prostate gland that secretes and zinc
concentrates. Zinc also prevents infection. It is believed that plays an important role in the growth and
differentiation of cells in the regulation of normal cell death, and in the establishment of immune
Herbal natural supplements
Herbal medicines are very good and effective, and that it is better to them, they usually have no side
effects if used properly and with the proposed dose.
Some herbs can be used to treat prostate and associated urinary tract infections:
1. Bearberry - Acts as a diuretic and antiseptic for the urinary tract system.
2. Echinacea - Used to treat infections because of their antiviral and antibacterial properties.
3. Pollen extract - is an herbal supplement used in Europe for more than three decades for the treatment
of prostatitis.However, keep in mind that pollen is not the same as bee pollen.
4. Pellitory - has anti-inflammatory effects on the urinary tract.
5. Saw palmetto - Provides multiple beneficial effects on the prostate and urinary tract.
Several other herbs that are used:
6. Bearberry (Arctostaphylos UVA URSI): diuretic, urinary antiseptic
7. GoldensealHydrastis (Canada): a diuretic, antiseptic, antimicrobial
8. Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) enhances immune function
9. Corn silk (ZeaMays): diuretic, sedative sedative
There is one thing that every patient with   prostatitis should know. Various herbs and supplements
may interact adversely with drugs used to treat prostatitis. Therefore, you should talk to your doctor
about possible interactions before using any of these herbs.

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