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									                            Why people Should go for investment in Mexico

Mexico is very a very attractive place for international investors to invest in real estate. Preference for
investors is Guanajuato, but why??

Investors can be assured Guanajuato is ranked in the top three places to invest in Mexico.
Located in the center of the country, mountains and desert abound. Agricultural land, plentiful
Pepper trees, Mesquite trees, huisache and the grand maguey cactus abound. Some Cactus
has grown larger than life almost like a science fiction movie. Shade of green and embossed
leaves are miracle of nature in many ways. “Pulque” cocktail, a traditional Mexican drink mad by
cutting and opening the center of the cactus at A Certain maturity and collect the milk Once a
day. Allow to ferment yielding a slightly pungent unusual drink that some say can be
hallucinogenic. A toast to real estate for sale in Mexico!

The variety of topography, the location to the town of choice, the use of the land or home, the
vision, the resale objectives, all considerations when looking at Guanajuato real estate. The
options are plentiful. Do you want to work here and develop an income stream? Will it be brick
and mortar business or an online presence? Do you need foot traffic? In this economic age of
uncertainty, I suggest looking at all the parameters for investment in Mexico. Opportunities are
viable and sanctions and rules are fewer here and in many ways can be a much more attractive
than other more industrialized countries. Mexico invites investment and makes it easy and much
less costly to do business than our neighbors to the north.

Many beautiful towns exist in Guanajuato to support an international investment. San Miguel is
consistently in the top ten places to retire and live in the world. Mineral de Pozos, in close
proximity to San Miguel, allows a quieter, more outback approach than San Miguel. Guanajuato
City is attractive for the university crowd including writers, artists, and architects. These are
close to me and known to me so obviously, I can recommend them. They also tend to represent
the triangle for the international investor who currently own in Guanajuato, Mexico. Great places
to escape to for a day or a weekend and add to the experience. In between the cities, the land
for sale in Mexico can be tantalizing for the adventure. The mountains outside Guanajuato City
will take away your breath! the desert terrain outside San Miguel on the way to Guanajuato City
is untouched and magnificent. The grand ruins high above Mineral de Pozos on a dirt road
connected to a major thorough fare. It is diverse but it is indigenous and related. It is Central
Mexico at its' finest.

Inside and outside of town or both, an architect and artist exist in everyone when they come
here. The relaxed lifestyle and sunshine bring creativity to the front. If you want to be in town,
choose for your lifestyle and investment objectives. Out of town is great for farming, tranquility,
and horses. It is horse country here and a popular pastime for many. Great trails to explore the
outback are plentiful. Mexico Real estate can be daunting but keep it simple. Stay where the
action is, the action is there for a reason. If internationals are setting up camp, so to speak, it will
only increase as the boomers continue to retire and look for safe places to live, reduce
expenses and enjoy the warmer climate.

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