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									    IRE 2013: Building Sustainable Internet Retail Enterprise
    Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2013

    Venue: Epicentre, Apparel House Gurgaon
    Highlights: 4th Edition, 40+ Expert Speakers, 40+ Exhibitors, 1000+ projected participants

    IRE 2013 conference is a collection of insights, perspectives, analysis and key aspects around current needs of
    Indian Internet Retail. The conference is structured on different theme based sessions, with each session bringing
    forward 3-4 thought leaders from various functions of Industry.

    Internet Retail in India is presently sailing through an interesting turn. As the consumer demand is growing rapidly,
    traditional retail is taking its time to respond to this new retail channel. Hence we have seen in past few years that
    this growing Online Retail opportunity is extensively capitalized by young entrepreneurs with less retail and more
    technology / internet / marketing background. As a result, many of such 'ecommerce' setups are coming up to
    satisfy a retail consumer with the increase in demand and online adoption among Indian Consumers.

    IRE 2013 conference focuses on assessing present state of etailing in India and enticing a discussion on topics that
    are most important in present times.

    Broadly, sessions of IRE 2013 would span across following theme and ideas

   Understanding Present state of Internet Retail in India
   Analyzing past few years of growth, its benefits and consequences
   Gaining perspective from visionaries over how Indian eRetail would shape up over a period of few years
   Analyzing category wise Internet Retail trends, potential, shift and opportunity
   Comparing various channel of traditional, modern and Internet Retailing. Analyzing their future potential,
    viability and challenges
   Discussion on some important topics like

   Viability of Cash on delivery, is it really needed, how should it be managed
   High Customer Acquisition Cost
   E-commerce business models, drop shipping / stocking
   Understanding various components required to build a scalable Internet Retail Business
   Identifying Internet Retail Ecosystem, products and services needed to support this Industry

   Taking deeper look at certain important requisites for building sustained long term growth
   Marketing / Branding Internet Retail Businesses
   Technology for Ecommerce
   User Experience
   Organizational Structure
   Contact Center
   Cloud / Infrastructure

   Analytics for Online Retail
   Identifying Key priorities of Internet Retail Leaders for Year 2013-14 in building their growth

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