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									Location63: Empowering Businessmen
Many BPO companies find the Philippines a good place to invest. Because of its growing
community of home-based workers, more and more foreign businessmen would want
to hire VA's. Regular employees at the same time are more interested in high-paying
freelance jobs than their regular 8-5 office hours.

Innovation in office spaces is needed for virtual assistants whose needs are becoming
more complex each day. Location63 is built for businessmen who want their virtual
assistants to work comfortably and achieve ultimate success in doing projects for them.
The rise of coworking spaces in Cebu is about to start with Location63 leading it.

How Can Entrepreneurs Benefit from VA's Working in a Shared Office

Having happy employees is one of the secrets of a successful business. Their perspective
on their work and inspiration practically translates the results of your investment.
Therefore, it is necessary to provide them with the right benefits and tools to get the job
done on time.

Letting them work in a co-working environment or a shared office will make them 10x
more productive because:

1. They are provided with the right tools. This is supposed to be a no-brainer tip. Give
your VA's all their needs to work on your tasks and you have all the reason to expect a
great output. Productivity is everything for both employers and online assistants. When
you let them work in a shared office space, they have 100% access to the tools
necessary, making it easier for them to complete your tasks.

2. VA's will have a chance to establish a collaborative community where like-minded
yet unique people work together. Your virtual assistants will be more eager to work if
they are surrounded with people who have the same nature of their jobs. Location63
supports young professionals and businessmen who are open to co work with other

3. Filipinos are sociable by nature. They love to get along with groups, interact with
other people, or discuss random ideas. The typical work of a virtual assistant or a home-
based worker does not really fit to the Filipino lifestyle. Although more and more
Filipino professionals are home-based workers, working alone at home can sometimes
get lonely. This will pull down your VA's energy to do their tasks on time.

What Location63 is All About

Location63 is conceptualized by an entrepreneur for the entrepreneurs. Therefore,
everything that you see there can benefit you and your VA's productivity. Location63 is
poised to give your online personal assistants a chance to maximize his skills for the
benefit of your business.

         What does the facility has to offer?

      A Wi-Fi connection 6x faster than the usual residential internet.
      Double ISP back-up system
      Power generator to ensure work continuity despite occasional power shortage
      Unlimited coffee and water to keep the VA's up
      Community get together, workshops, and seminars

         Who are for Location63?

      Beginning entrepreneurs who are still establishing teams
      VA employers who want to provide the best tools to their virtual assistants
      Traveling entrepreneurs who can't find a decent place to do their work
      Local VA's who rely on Wi-Fi free coffee shops just to do their tasks

Some think that coworking spaces in the Philippines undermine the value of working at
home, but that's basically NOT true because just like working at home, no one will
micromanage you, you can have as much coffee as you want, and you can transfer from
one spot to another and feel at home! Shared office spaces are built to give the VA's
maximum productivity. As long as your VA's know how to follow rules and have a strong
understanding of mutual respect, your business is in good hands.

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