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									New Empower Network Website
by Jean-Francois Gemme | on January 24, 2013
                     New Empower Network Website
If you’re looking for the New Empower Network Website… You’ve come to the right place!

I love the new design of the different pages and also the high quality of the new videos that have been inserted!

The first page above is our new “homepage”…

The one below is the first page in the “Products” section. That page cover our Viral Blogging System!
Then here is the New Empower Network Website Page about our Inner Circle Mastermind…
The Awesome Costa Rica Intensive!
Get Your Own New Empower Network Website and also the $15K Formula… THE most Badass thing I’ve
ever seen!!!
The Masters Course! (I was there….

New Empower Network Website
Now that we’ve been throught all porducts… Here’s the Opportunity Page!
On the New Empower Network Website we now have Badass Company page…

Of course the Member Login page enhanced with a great video from the Daves…
And finally the Company Main Blog page!

Hope you liked this guided tour of our New Company Website? Now time for YOUR Daily Assignments

Thursday Daily Assignments

#1 Now!!! you NEED to take actions…

   1. Click here right now!
   2. Put your best email!
   3. Click to confirm and watch the video!

#2 Activate your payment system in your backoffice…

#3 Write at least 1 blog post per day and syndicate each blog post…

#4 Market daily following the directions in the third core commitment…

#5 Perform a new member coaching each time someone join your team…

#6 Listen to the replay of our Extreme Team Live weekly training from yesterday… This Live training take
place every Wednesday at 9pm EST
      Click HERE for the replay!

#7 Listen Daily to an Empower audio for at least 1 hour…

#8 Read Daily an Empower book for at least 30 minutes…

#9 Set your Intention and plan on attending the Events

#10 Perform your Daily DISCO

#11 Check out that other post about how to perform your Daily DISCO thru your Daily Method of Operation

#12 Check out also that other post about how to Visualize Your Intention

To learn more about the New Empower Network Website: Click here


New Empower Network Website

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