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Table of Contents

Philosophy of Education/Mission…………………………. 4

Accreditation………………………………………………... 4

Faculty………………………………………………………. 4

Programs……………………………………………………. 6

  Adult Nine Month Programs…………………………… 6

  Twelve Month Programs……………………………….. 8

  Counseling………………………………………………. 9

Vocational Resource Counselor………………………….. 9             A GOOD EDUCATION IS THE
General Information………………………………………... 10               DOORWAY TO OPPORTUNITY;
  Insurance/Liability Limits………………………………. 10

  Parking…………………………………………………… 10

  School Closing Due to Weather………………………. 10           A POSITIVE ATTITUDE IS THE
  Students with Disabilities………………………………. 10             STAIRWAY TO SUCCESS.
Admission…………………………………………………...                   11

  Admission Policy……………………………………….. 11

  Procedures for Enrollment…………………………….. 11

Standards and Regulations……………………………….. 12

  Adult Attendance……………………………………….. 12

  Academic Policy………………………………………... 12

  Performance Policy…………………………………….. 12

  Leave of Absence………………………………………. 12

Notice of Non-Discrimination……………………………… 13

Dissemination of Student Consumer Information………. 14

                           2                                       39
                                                                   Table of Contents (continued)

           NEVADA REGIONAL TECHNICAL CENTER                        Financial Aid Programs Available………………………… 14

                                                                   General Student Eligibility Requirements……………….         15
                                                                   Rights/Responsibilities of Students Receiving Aid……..   16
                                                                   Procedures for Financial Aid……………………………...              17
  YEAR     ENROLL    DROP     GRAD      %GRAD    %PN      %
                                                 EM-      OTHER       Pell Grant………………………………………………... 17
                                                 PLOYED   EM-
                                                                      Policy on Verification…………………………………… 19
  01-02    63        11       52        82       100      89                                                               21
                                                                      Stafford Loans…………………………………………..
  02-03    58        13       45        77       100      88       Withdrawals/Refund Policy………………………………..                 22

  03-04    53        14       39        68       100      94       Title IV Refunds…………………………………………….                      24

  04-05    39        14       25        64       100      100      Appeals Procedure………………………………………...                     24

  05-06    45        17       28        62       88       93       Administration of Financial Aid……………………………. 25

                                                                   Campus Security Act Policies/Procedures……………...         28
* follow-up will not begin until November of this year.
                                                                   Drug/Alcohol Policy………………………………………... 31

                                                                   Sexual Assault Prevention Program……………………..             32

                                                                   Students’ Rights Under FERPA…………………………... 34

                                                                   Crime Statistics……………………………………………... 35

                                                                   Graduation/Employment Rates…………………………… 38

                                   38                                                            3
                 INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION                                    ARRESTS In addition to the above crimes, the following number
                                                                              of arrests made during the year for these specific violation.
                    PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION
Nevada Regional Technical Center’s responsibility is to provide the
highest quality of learning opportunities for all members of the com-
munity.                                                                          ARRESTS – ON CAMPUS            2003    2004     2005     2006

Technical education is an essential component of the continuous edu-             Liquor Law Violations          0       0        0        0
cational process, as well as, a body of knowledge which involves inte-
grated relationships between academic education, technical training,             Drug Law Violations            0       0        0        1
and career opportunities. Technical education benefits society by
contributing to the productivity of its citizens, its economic strength,         Illegal Weapons Possessions    0       0        1        0
and its quality of life.

The Center believes that all students should be made aware of the
career opportunities available to them in the world of work. All stu-
dents attending the Center should acquire the basic skills and voca-
tional skills needed for them to continue their education or enter the
world of work.

The mission of Nevada Regional Technical Center is to provide an
environment of learning where high-quality career and technical edu-
cation empowers each student to be a productive and responsible                   1.    Institutions must provide an annual security report to
citizen in our changing global society.                                                 current, prospective students and staff.
                                                                                  2.    Institutions must give students and employees informa-
NRTC is accredited by the Missouri State Board of Education and                         tion on campus security by mail or in a hand-out.
North Central Association and is part of the School District of Nevada
R-5. The School of Practical Nursing is accredited by the Missouri
State Board of Nursing. As an accredited institution, NRTC is eligible            3.    Beginning August 1, 1992, institutions must collect sta-
to participate in various governmental programs, including the Voca-                    tistics related to forcible and non-forcible sex offenses
tional Rehabilitation Program, Federal Title IV Pell Grants and the                     on campus. This data must be collected each calendar
Stafford Student Loan Program. Students may review copies of ac-                        year.
creditation, licensure or approval by contacting the Director of the
Technical Center at the Main office at 900 West Ashland Street.
                                                                                  4.    The annual security report must describe campus sex-
                               FACULTY                                                  ual assault programs created to prevent sex offenses
All members are certified by the State Department of Elementary and
                                                                                        and procedures that must be followed when a sex of-
Secondary Education. They are committed to the district’s philosophy                    fense occurs.
that the single unifying purpose of all personnel of the school district is
to assist each student in his or her development. Each instructor,                5.    The April 29, 1994 Federal Register gives a complete
experienced in their vocation, is expected to establish attainable goals                description of the crimes that fall into these categories.
for each student so that he or she may know some degree of success.
Vocational curriculum is based upon state and local validated compe-
tencies for each occupation.

                                    4                                                                          37
                                                                      Mr. Jim Chandler, Director                   Ed S Education
Hate Crimes are described as ones that manifest evidence of           Mrs. Tammy Hendren, Counselor                MS Counseling
prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity,
as prescribed by the Hate Crimes Statistics Act (28U.S.C.534)         Mrs. Clarisse Hall, Vocational Resource      MS Special Education
In addition to the above crimes, the following number of arrests      Mrs. Janis Collins, Adult/Community Ed       Ed Sp Comm College
made during 2001-2002 for these specific violations.
                                                                      Mrs. Stephanie Beckett, Graphic Design       MS Business Education

                                                                      Mrs. Susan Burns                             MS Voc Admin

                                                                      Mr. Lyle Catron, ACE                         BS Education

                                                                      Mrs. Martha Cubbage, Marketing/              BS Education
   HATE OFFENSE               2003      2004   2005       2006
                                                                      Mrs. Linda Douglas, Director/Instructor      BSN
   Murder/Non-negligent        0         0      0           0         LPN
   Manslaughter                                                       Mr. Brian Gast, Agriculture                  BS Agriculture

   Aggravated Assault          0         0      0           0         Mr. Warren Langford, Manufacturing           BS

   All forcible sex of-        0         0      0           0         Mr. David Longabardi, CAD                    AAS
   fenses, including forci-
   ble rape                                                           Mrs. Louise Lunkenheimer, Culinary Arts      BS Hospitality and Tourism

                                                                      Mrs. Jill Maxfield, Childcare Provider       BS Early Childhood Ed
   Forcible Rape               0         0      0           0
                                                                      Mr. Adam Nunn, Automotive Technology         BS Technology
   Arson                       0         0      0           0         Mrs. Joanna Perkins, Instructor LPN          BSN

   Negligent Manslaughter      0         0      0           0         Mr. Kevin Peterman, Construction Tech.

   Simple Assault              0         0      0           0         Ms. Patti Pickett, Instructor LPN            BSN
                                                                      Mrs. Marybelle Rice, Business                MS Computers

                                                                      Mr. Greg Tabor, Computer Networking          BS Computers
                                                                      Mrs. Beth Waldrup, ABT                       AA Education

                                                                      Mr. Darren Wiley, Agriculture                BS Ag, MS Education
                                                                      Mrs. Mary Ann Wilson, Health Sciences        BSN
                                                                      Mrs. Janet Mather, Administrative Assistant, Ashland Campus

                                                                      Mrs. Jill Cash, Administrative Assistant, Ashland Campus

                                                                      Mrs. Jane Westerhold, Administrative Assistant, North Campus
                                                                      Mr. Bill Pritchett, Custodian, Ashland Campus
                                                                      Mr. Larry Crews, Custodian, North Campus

                                                                      Mr. Dan Carpenter, Custodian
                                   36                                                                          5
                                                                          CRIME STATISTICS
                                                                          The following criminal offenses were reported to Nevada Re-
                                                                          gional Technical Center or the Nevada Police as having oc-
                ADULT CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS                                curred on campus:
                   NINE MONTH PROGRAMS

Automotive Technology                 Marketing

Adult Business Technology             Health Sciences                     OFFENSE                            2003   2004   2005   2006

Manufacturing Technology              Construction Technology             Murder and Non-negligent            0      0      0      0
Computer Network Technology           Computer Aided Design
                                                                          Forcible sex offenses (including    0      0      0      0
                                                                          forcible rape)
Culinary Arts                         Child Care Provider
                                                                          Non-forcible sex offenses           0      0      0      1
                                                                          Robbery                             0      0      0      0

Note: Adult Business Technology is 600 clock hours. All other             Aggravated assault                  0      0      1      0
nine-month programs are 1050 clock hours. Clock Hour – equiva-
                                                                          Burglary                            0      1      1      0
lent of a 50 to 60 minute class, lecture, or recitation; and/or a 50 to
60 minute faculty supervised laboratory, shop training or intern-         Motor Vehicle Theft                 0      0      0      0
                                                                          Arson                               0      0      0      0

                                                                          Negligent Manslaughter              0      0      0      0
Trade and Technical Program Schedule
Students enrolled full-time in nine month Programs
(1050 clock hours).

Morning session             9:00 a.m. – 11:40 a.m.

Afternoon session           12:10 p.m. – 2:51 p.m.

Adults attending full time attend the a.m. and p.m. sessions.
Attendance at only one session constitutes a half-time student.
Each session contains a 15 minute break.

Adult Business Technology is a nine-month, 600 clock hour pro-
gram, from 8:00 a.m. - 2:15 p.m., Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and

                                  6                                                                          35
SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Inappropriate behavior which portrays
sex or sexual conduct in a manner offensive to community stan-
dards, including words, spoken or written, touching, or other physi-                         COSTS OF ATTENDING
cal contact of a sexual nature. First Offense, removal from class
for three days; Second Offense, removal from the program.
                                                                        Tuition is determined annually by the Nevada R-5 Board of Educa-
           DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS IN CASES OF AN                          tion. Every effort is made to keep tuition to a minimum. Tuition for
                  ALLEGED SEX OFFENSE                                   high school students is paid by their home district. Adult students
                                                                        are responsible for their tuition; however, financial aid programs
IF THE SEXUAL HARRASSMENT/ASSAULT IS HANDLED IN-                        are available to students who qualify. Current tuition cost may be
SCHOOL:                                                                 obtained from the Technical Center Office.
During a disciplinary proceedings, the accused and accuser have
the right to have an attorney and/or other interested parties pre-
sent.                                                                   Tuition is payable the first day of class unless proof of acceptance
                                                                        for financial aid is on file before classes begin.
The administrative personnel will provide verbal and/or written no-     The cost of a complete, nine-month course is as follows:
tice of the findings of the disciplinary proceedings to the perpetra-
tor and the victim.                                                        $10.00 non-refundable registration fee
The school will make every effort to change the victim's academic
situation if requested.                                                    9 months, full day                         $2,800.00
                                                                           9 months, half day                         $1,400.00
Sanctions the school may impose are in accordance with the Safe
Schools Act. Adult students will be dismissed from the program             9 months, 3 days/week                      $1,400.00
following a final determination of a school disciplinary proceeding
regarding rape, acquaintance rape, or other forcible or non-forcible
sex offenses.                                                           INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS, MISC. EXPENSES
                                                                        Instructional materials, consumable supplies used in the shop or
                                                                        lab, tools necessary for training and one pair of safety glasses
The student has the right to appeals procedure.                         (where applicable) are included in the tuition for all nine-month
                                                                        programs. Practical Nursing and Adult Business Technology stu-
STUDENT’S RIGHTS UNDER FERPA                                            dents must purchase textbooks, supplies, and uniforms (Nursing
                                                                        only) at an additional cost.
     1.   The student may inspect and review his educational re-
          cords.                                                        All tuition and fees must be paid in advance. All books, tools, etc.
                                                                        are at additional cost.
     2.   Only the student may authorize any change to the edu-
          cational records.
     3.   To inspect the educational records see the Director of
          Nursing, the Financial Aid Administrator, or the Coun-
     4.   The NRTC Director and/or Counselor maintain direct
          control over all records.

                                 34                                                                       7
                  TWELVE MONTH PROGRAMS                                       assist you in dealing with the emotional turmoil you will be
                                                                              experiencing following this traumatic event. Your school guid-
                                                                              ance counselor or school social worker will have resources for
PRACTICAL NURSING (1,500 Clock Hours)                                         you.
Students enrolled in the program attend one calendar year. The
                                                                         5.   The school will change a victim's academic situations after the
length of the school day shall not exceed nine (9) hours. Class is
                                                                              alleged sex offense if possible, if requested by the student.
held Monday through Thursday.
                                                                         6.   The school counselor is available for brief crisis intervention/
The introductory period is sixteen (16) weeks. The weekly sched-              loss counseling and/or refer you to an outside counselor (paid
ule of theory and laboratory training during this time will be thirty-        at your expense).
four (34) hours per week.
                                                                         Steps for the Professional
The clinical period covers a period of thirty-two (32) weeks during
                                                                         If a student reports to you an incident of sexual assault, you
which time the total practice and instruction shall not exceed forty
                                                                         should do the following:
(40) hours a week.
                                                                         1.   Listen empathetically and be supportive. If you are a teacher,
                                                                              let the student know that you are required to report this infor-
COSTS OF ATTENDING                                                            mation to the school guidance counselor and/or school social
The cost of a complete, twelve-month course is $7050.00/                      worker.
$7350.00 for in/out of state.
                                                                         2.   As the counselor or social worker, if the child is a minor, we
                                                                              (school staff) are required by law to report the incident to the
This includes tuition, textbooks, insurance, incidental fees, and
                                                                              parent and legal authorities. If the student is a legal adult,
graduation fees. Uniforms (at least one dress uniform required)
                                                                              they are covered under confidentiality clause. You must
are bought separately.
                                                                              make this known to the student.
Tuition is due the first week of PN classes. Tuition is currently        3.   Encourage the student and parent to seek medical attention,
$5,500.00/$5,800.00 for in/out of state.                                      no matter the length of time from the time of the incident. The
                                                                              student will need to be evaluated for sexually transmitted dis-
All costs are subject to change by the Nevada R-5 School Board.               ease, pregnancy, internal and external injuries and/or medical
                                                                         4.   Encourage the student and parent to seek professional coun-
                                                                              seling. Refer to mental health provider list.
All programs are competency based. Programs contain certain
skills to be learned called competencies. Competencies are sup-          5.   Offer yourself as a resource while the student attends school.
ported by a series of lessons or tasks. When a student has                    As a counselor you may provide crisis intervention, brief grief/
learned a specific series of tasks they achieve a competency.                 loss counseling, as well as, serve as a supportive entity in
                                                                              their life.
                                                                         6.   Pastoral counselors and Professional counselors, if and when
                                                                              they deem it appropriate, are encouraged to inform their cli-
                                                                              ents of any procedures to report crimes on a voluntary, confi-
                                                                              dential basis for inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime

                                   8                                                                       33
Policy for Students and Employees
The policy set for students as well as employees reads; I (student/                             STUDENT SERVICES
employee) will not engage in the unlawful manufacture, distribu-
tion, dispensation, possession or use of a controlling substance.
Students/Employees who violate this policy will be terminated.            COUNSELING
Anyone who is convicted of violating any criminal drug statute            Student services offers a variety of counseling and student devel-
must notify the School's Director within five (5) days of the convic-     opment services to adult students. The primary interest of the de-
tion.                                                                     partment is to facilitate the growth and development of each stu-
                                                                          dent. Assistance is available from 7:30 to 4:00 p.m. Monday
SEXUAL ASSAULT PREVENTION PROGRAMS                                        through Friday.
Sexual Harassment and Assault programs are presented by the
New Traditions Counselor each year to all adults. Other programs                  •   Individual Counseling to help students with personal,
as deemed necessary are conducted by individual instructors.                          educational or vocational concerns.
                                                                                  •   Career Counseling to assist students in acquiring ca-
                                                                                      reer related work experiences; developing personal
           What To Do If You Are Sexually Assaulted
                                                                                      strategies that ensure successful employment upon
1.   Get to a safe location                                                           course completion; placing students in an interview
                                                                                      environment that will lead to future employment.
     Go to your home, a friend’s house or a place where you can
     receive emotional support. Or call a rape-crisis line. Lafay-
     ette House 1-800-416-1772 or National Rape Hotline 1-                FINANCIAL AID
     800-656-4673.                                                        Financial Aid Assistance is available to help students apply for the
                                                                          Pell Grant Program and Federal Stafford Load Program. The fi-
2.   Go to a hospital                                                     nancial aid administrator provides assistance to students from the
     See a doctor immediately for treatment of any injuries and for       date of enrollment through program completion.
     other tests, which can provide important medical evidence.
     DO NOT bathe, shower, douche, or change clothes before               NEW TRADITIONS
     you go.                                                              New Traditions is a statewide network of resource centers and
3.   Report the sexual assault. If you are a legal adult, the deci-       resource personnel. The goal of New Traditions is to help mem-
     sion to report the assault is yours. If you are a minor, it is re-   bers of special populations enroll enter, and complete vocational
     quired by law for an adult to report the assault. Remember,          programs.
     that reporting a sexual assault is an important part of ending
     violence. However, you need to feel comfortable with your            VOCATIONAL RESOURCE EDUCATOR
     decision. The crime should be reported to Law Enforcement            A Vocational Resource Educator is available to assist students
     immediately. If you are uncomfortable reporting the crime            who have mobility, visual, hearing or learning impairment. Ser-
     yourself, the school personnel are willing to assist you. Refer      vices available include adaptive testing arrangement, note-taking
     to the list of persons in the Crime Reporting section of this        accommodations and assistance with classroom modifications.
     handbook.                                                            Handicapped parking spaces are available.
4.   Seek counseling                                                      For additional information on Student Services contact:

     Whether or not you report the rape, or whether the rape re-                  Nevada Regional Technical Center
     sults in legal action, you should consult a trained counselor.               Counselor
     There are many professionals and support groups that may                     900 W. Ashland
                                                                                  Nevada, MO 64772
                                                                                  (417) 448-2090

                                  32                                                                       9
                    GENERAL INFORMATION                                 DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICY
                                                                        This policy applies to any student who is in attendance at school
                                                                        or at a school sponsored activity or whose conduct at any time or
INSURANCE                                                               in any place interferes with or obstructs the mission or operation
Working with tools, equipment, and sharp or heavy objects is dan-       of the school district or the safety or welfare of students or em-
gerous. However, Missouri State law does not permit a school            ployees.
district to carry insurance on students. If you want insurance to
pay medical bills in case of injury, you must provide your              Prohibited Activities
own.                                                                    It shall be against school policy for a student to:
                                                                           1.   Sell, supply, or give, or attempt to see, supply, or give to
LIMITS OF LIABILITY                                                             any person any of the substances listed in this policy or
Nevada Regional Technical Center does not assume liability for                  what the student represents or believes to be any of the
items brought into the school to be worked on, modified, altered,               substances listed in this policy.
or maintained. Items lost, stolen or damaged will not be replaced          2.   Possess, procure, or purchase, or to attempt to possess,
or repaired by the school.                                                      procure, or purchase, to be under the influence, or to use
                                                                                or consume or attempt to use or consume, the substances
PARKING                                                                         in this policy.
Adult students may park in the NRTC Parking lots west of the            Prohibited Substances and Penalties
buildings. Students are not to park in the front center drives for      Any student engaging in the prohibited activities listed above with
any reason.                                                             respect to the following prohibited substances shall be subject a
                                                                        student, parent or guardian conference and to short and/or long
SCHOOL CLOSING DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER                                 term suspension.
Severe storms or road conditions which create safety hazards may           1.   Alcohol or any alcoholic beverage.
make it necessary to cancel classes and other scheduled school
activities. Adult classes will not be held when the Nevada R-5 Dis-        2.   Any controlled substance or dangerous drug as defined by
trict cancels school. Notification is by local radio and TV stations.              Section 8112, Schedule I-V, of Title 21, United States
Cancellation is usually made by 6:30 a.m.                                          Code, Section 801, at seq., including but not limited to
                                                                                   marijuana, any narcotic drug, any hallucinogen, and
                                                                                   stimulant or any depressant.
Any student with disabilities requiring specific information regard-       3.   Any abusable glue or aerosol paints, or any other chemi-
ing services should call Clarisse Teepe, Vocational Resource Edu-                  cal substance, including but not limited to, lighter fluid
cator, 448-2020, between 7:45 a.m. and 3:15 p.m., Monday                           and reproduction fluid for inhalation.
through Friday. Facilities are accessible to persons with mobility
                                                                           4.   Any prescription or non-prescription drug, medicine, vita-
                                                                                   min or other chemical including but not limited to aspi-
                                                                                   rin, other pain relievers, stimulants, diet pills, multiple
                                                                                   or other types of vitamins, pep pills, "no-doze" pills,
                                                                                   cough medicines, and syrups, cold medicines, laxa-
                                                                                   tives, stomach or digestive remedies, depressants
                                                                                   and sleeping pills not taken in accordance with the
                                                                                   authorized use.
                                                                           5.   Any item represented by a student as a prohibited item.

                                 10                                                                       31
11. School Safety Orientation - The Nevada Regional Technical                                    ADMISSION
   Center follows the guidelines of the State Safe Schools Act.
   Safety and security are of utmost importance to our students       ADMISSION POLICY
                                                                      To be admitted to Nevada Regional Technical Center, a person
   and faculty.
                                                                      must have a high school diploma from an accredited high school,
   A.   Buildings and Classrooms not in use are to remain locked      or be at least 17 years of age and have a High School Equivalency
        at all times.                                                 Certificate issued by the Department of Elementary and Secon-
   B.   Building entrances that can not be monitored by personnel     dary Education or be enrolled concurrently in a GED program.
        remain locked from outside entry but allow exit from the      See #5 under enrollment below.
        buildings.                                                    The school admits handicapped individuals whose handicaps:

   C.   All persons not attending NRTC are required to sign in at         1.    do not create during their training, a safety hazard to
        the building office and wear a visitors pass                            themselves or their classmates, and

   D.   All NRTC employees and faculty are required to wear ID            2.    who possess the ability to benefit from the training of-
        Badges at all times.                                                    fered through the shop and classroom performance and
                                                                                have reasonable employment potential following
   E.   Students are reminded to keep their cars locked at all                  graduation.
        times and not leave valuable articles visible in the car.
                                                                      PROCEDURES FOR ENROLLMENT
   F.   Crisis Plans may be examined in the Central Office.
        These plans have made an effort to prepare for as many            1.    Students are encouraged to visit the school and discuss
        emergency situations as possible and all school employ-                 the program content with instructors.
        ees are aware of their roll in an emergency.                      2.    An enrollment application must be submitted to the
   G.   Hallways are monitored by cameras 24/7.                                 school with a $10.00 nonrefundable registration fee.
                                                                                Note: Application form, fee and procedures for admis-
   H.   All offices and classrooms have emergency procedures
                                                                                sion vary between departments. Adults should specify
        posted and evacuation routes for Fire, Tornado, Earth-
                                                                                an area of interest or program when requesting an appli-
        quake. Safety drills are held to assure that students know
        procedures in the event of an emergency. Lock down pro-
        cedures have been established should an incident occur            3.    Copy of high school transcript or G.E.D. certificate must
        requiring protection of our students.                                   be forwarded to school.
   I.   All buildings have weather monitors, public address sys-          4.    Applicants for Practical Nursing must submit application
        tems and a series of alarm bells for notification of emer-              packet before March 31 of the August enrollment date.
12. Crime prevention is everyone’s job. We encourage students             5.    Adult students enrolling in NRTC without a High School
   to report anything that they don't feel is quite right. We would             Diploma or GED must pass the TABE Test on the level
   much rather be checking on incidents that are totally innocent               prescribed by the Federal Title IV Program in order to
   than to be unaware of any criminal action. Students are the                  show Ability to Benefit (ATB) from the proposed educa-
   eyes of the campus.                                                          tion.

13. The School Resource Officer is a fully commissioned police        ACCEPTANCE OF ADMISSION
   officer for the City of Nevada, and is considered as part of the   All nine month programs admit adult students on a space-available
   administrative staff of the Nevada R-5 School District. He is on   basis. Practical Nursing accepts students according to the criteria
   duty whenever the R-5 District is in session                       set forth in the application packet for that program. Once the ad-
                                                                      missions decision is made, applicants are notified in writing as to
                                                                      the status of their application.

                                 30                                                                    11
                  STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS                             5.    Each employee must sign a drug-free workplace statement,
                                                                              upon hire.
                                                                        6.    The policy set for students as well as employees reads; I,
         ADULT STUDENTS IN SECONDARY PROGRAMS                                 (student/employee) will not engage in the unlawful manufac-
    1.   Students are allowed to be absent five days in a nine-               ture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a con-
         week quarter.                                                        trolling substance. Students/Employees who violate this pol-
                                                                              icy will be terminated. Anyone who is convicted of violating
    2.   Students who miss more than five days in one quarter are             any criminal drug statute must notify the School’s Director
         counseled by the Financial Aid Director/Counselor about              within five (5) days of the conviction.
         their attendance and placed on attendance probation.
                                                                        7.    During the evening hours, if the Main Office is closed and the
    3.   If a student misses more than five days in two consecutive           student needs help, the student may call “911” toll free from
         quarters, the student will be terminated.                            the public telephones. In addition, many program areas have
                                                                              telephones that can be used on an emergency basis.
    4.   A grievance may be filed with the faculty committee for
         review of cases involving extenuating circumstances.           8.    Students are encouraged to submit suggestions on ways to
                                                                              improve the security at Nevada Regional Technical Center
PRACTICAL NURSING – requirements from PN student Hand-                        through putting comments in a suggestion box located in the
book:                                                                         Main Office.
    1.   Excused up to a total of five days.                            9.    Information on crime statistics can be obtained from the Di-
    2.   Any additional absences (over five days) and all unex-               rector of Nevada Regional Technical Center.
         cused absences will be made up after graduation on a           10.   The Nevada R-5 District is required to conform to all regula-
         ratio of 1/1 in the Nevada Regional Medical Center.                  tions of the "Safe Schools Act" of the State of Missouri. All
    3.   A student having an accumulation of ten days of absence              incidents are reported to the School Resource officer and
         will be terminated. A grievance may be filed with the fac-           appropriate action taken. The School Resource officer is re-
         ulty committee for review of cases involving absences for            sponsible for compiling and maintaining all statistics relating
         personal illness or death of an immediate family member              to any violation of the Safe Schools Act. These reports are
         will be extenuating circumstances.                                   compiled by Academic Year and Calendar Year basis. Re-
                                                                              ports are available for viewing of non-confidential information
PERFORMANCE POLICY - for adult students in secondary pro-                     at the R-5 District Central Office located at 800 W. Hickory,
grams. Adult students in secondary programs are expected to                   Nevada, MO 64772.
perform at a higher level than secondary students. Secondary
                                                                              A.   Persons affected will receive timely reports on a need to
students need to complete seventy percent of the competencies
related to their specific program of study to receive a certification              know basis according to FERPA regulations.
of completion. Adult students in secondary programs will be ex-               B.   The FAO will obtain the information from the Assistant
pected to complete eighty percent of the competencies related to                   Superintendent or School Resource Officer for publica-
their specific program to receive a certification of completion.                   tion in the pre-entry handout, Adult Handbook and DE
LEAVE OF ABESENCE POLICY                                                           web site.
A student may request a leave of absence from school for a period             C.   Victims or witnesses may report any crimes on a volun-
not to exceed sixty (60) days in a case of emergency. All prepaid                  tary, confidential basis for inclusion in the annual disclo-
tuition will be retained by the school if a leave of absence exceeds               sure of crime statistics. They should report them to The
sixty (60) days a tuition refund, if applicable, will be made by                   School Resource Officer at 417-448-2020, ext 5010.
NRTC to the student. In order to avoid being dropped from school
and receiving a failing grade, the student must request, in writing,
a leave of absence when he/she becomes aware of a situation
involving the following:
                                  12                                                                        29
The Financial Aid Secretary (FAS)                                               1.    An ordinary leave of absence is granted for either mili-
         The Financial Aid Secretary is responsible for maintaining                   tary or mandatory civic duties.
and reconciling student and school records as documentation of
awards and data compilation for reports.                                        2.    A medical leave of absence is granted for a medical
         The FAS is responsible for maintaining the students NRTC                     leave reasons. All requests for a medical leave must be
financial aid spreadsheet.                                                            accompanied by a written recommendation or release
         The FAS communicates with the Student Aid Administrators                     from the student’s personal physician.
(SAA) as needed.                                                                3.    A personal leave of absence is granted provided a writ-
         The FAS rechecks all forms for completion and conflicting                    ten request is made by the student prior to the leave be-
         data.                                                                        ing granted. All requests must be pre-approved by the
The District Treasurer
         The District Treasurer will monitor the Title IV account and       If a student is on a leave of absence, the leave period will not
alert the Financial Aid Administrator when funds arrive for disburse-       count towards the student’s total hours in the course. The pro-
ment                                                                        gram task list may be incomplete. Students on leave of absence
         The District Treasurer will issue checks for personal educa-       may come back and enroll in the course the following year to finish
tional expenses, when notified by the Financial Aid Administrator.          the course work they desire at no additional cost provided tuition
                      CAMPUS SECURITY ACT                                   has been paid and no refund has been made. No more than one
                    POLICIES AND PROCEDURES                                 leave of absence can be requested in a twelve month period. Stu-
                                                                            dents returning to school must complete their training within eight-
1.   All crimes should be reported immediately to the Main Office, the      een calendar months from the first date of attendance.
     instructor, program administrator, NRTC Director (417-448-
     2090), or the School Resource Officer( 417-448-2020) who will
     then contact the Local Law Enforcement. Numbers to call in                            NOTICE OF NON-DISCRIMINATION
     case of an emergency or to report a crime are:
         NRTC Director 417-448-2090                                         The Nevada R-5 School District does not discriminate on the basis
         North Campus Administrator 417-448-2016                            of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, or handicap in
         Their Instructor who will then report to the Director              admission or success to, or treatment or employment in, its pro-
         Nevada Police Department's Toll Free Crime Information &           grams and activities. Any person having inquires concerning the
         Drug Activity Tip Line 1-800-TIP-US-OFF extension 667.             Nevada R-5 School District compliance with the regulation imple-
         Call 911                                                           menting Title V, Title IX, or Section 504 is directed to contact: Su-
                                                                            perintendent of Schools 800 W. Hickory, 417-448-2000. Any per-
2.   If the student wishes, the school counselor, program administra-
                                                                            son may also contact the Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights, U.S.
     tor, or director will assist the student in making the crime /sexual
                                                                            Department of Education, regarding the institution’s compliance
     offense report to Law enforcement.
                                                                            with the regulations implementing Title V, Title IX, or Section 504.
3.   Upon enrollment, students are required to go through what we
     call orientation. At this time, students are informed about school
                                                                                      For further information, contact:
     security procedures and practices and we encourage students to
                                                                                      Director, Mr. Jim Chandler
     be responsible for their own security and the security of others.
                                                                                      Nevada Regional Technical Center
4.   Workshops are presented to inform students and employees                         900 West Ashland
     about the prevention of crime. The Director of the Technical                     Nevada, MO 64772
     School will be responsible for crime-prevention information.                     (417) 448-2090

                                   28                                                                        13
 DISSEMINATION OF STUDENT CONSUMER INFORMATION                                    The Director is responsible for maintaining good communi-
                                                                          cation and cooperation between staff members, various local of-
Brochures concerning financial assistance programs are available          fices and the Arizona Fiscal office.
to all who request information about Financial Aid. Brochures can                 The Director is responsible for providing adequate checks
be found in the Main Office/Counseling Office at the Nevada Re-           and balances for internal system of controls and divide functions of
gional Technical Center or Financial Aid Office at the North Cam-         authorizing payments and disbursing funds.
pus.                                                                              The Director is responsible for providing a system that
                                                                          ensures accuracy and consistency of information among all of-
Information about financial assistance programs is disseminated           fices.
through group presentations and printed literature given to indi-                 The Director is responsible for the Title IV provision of bi-
viduals. It can also be obtained from the Financial Aid Office at         ennial audits and staff cooperation in program reviews and audits.
the North Campus. Pertinent bulletins will be posted on the Finan-
cial Aid Bulletin Board.                                                  The Financial Aid Administrator (FAA)
                           FINANCIAL AID                                           The Financial Aid Administrator (FAA) is the award officer
                                                                          and as such is responsible for advising and counseling students
           FINANCIAL AID PROGRAMS AVAILABLE AT                            and parents. These activities include: assistance with applications
            NEVADA REGIONAL TECHNICAL CENTER                              and items necessary for verification, providing recommendation
                                                                          budget and debt management including entrance and exit inter-
    1.     Federal Title IV Programs                                      views for Stafford Loans, satisfactory progress counseling, and
           A.    PELL Grant                                               referrals to other services when appropriate.
                                                                                   The FAA is responsible for maintaining a current Policy
           B.    Stafford Loan                                            and Procedures Manual. This manual must include student con-
    2.     Vocational Rehabilitation Program                              sumer information, verification procedures, satisfactory academic
                                                                          progress policies, institutional refund/repayment policies, Title IV
    3.     Veterans Education Assistance (GI Bill)                        refund policy, Title IV repayment attribution policy, and loan disclo-
    4.     A+ Schools                                                     sure statements.

                                                                          The FAA receives and checks required verification and other com-
                                                                          pliance forms.
        PRINCIPLES OF STUDENT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE                        The FAA is responsible for maintaining the student’s NRTC finan-
Nevada Regional Technical Center, in accordance with its educa-           cial aid file.
tional philosophy, accepts financial aid applications and makes           The FAA coordinates Title IV operations with the NRTC Director,
decisions relating to those applications without regard to race, na-      the Coordinator of Practical Nursing.
tional origins, sex, religion, age, political preference or disability.   The FAA coordinates activities with the Student Aid Administra-
   1.     The basic purpose of student financial assistance pro-          The FAA forwards Student Aid Reports (SAR) with supporting file
          grams at Nevada Regional Technical Center is to provide         documentation to SAA.
          financial assistance so that a student is not denied an edu-              The FAA forwards Stafford applications to the appropriate
          cation because of insufficient funding.                         lending institutions
   2.     The students and their individual families should be pri-
          marily responsible for financing their education.
   3.     When funds are limited, students with the most need are
          given priority.
   4.     Student financial aid records will be kept confidential and
          only authorized persons will have access to them.
                                   14                                                                       27
                                                                          Before receiving any financial assistance, a student must meet the
THE STUDENT AID ADMINISTRATORS, INC. (SAA—Box 6008,                       general eligibility requirements listed in this section, as well as those
Carefree, AZ 85377, 480-575-1724) is the fiscal office for Nevada         requirements which are unique to each program. Requirements
Regional Technical Federal Title IV Financial Aid:                        unique to each program are listed in the specific program subsections
         The Student Aid Administrators, Inc. is responsible for Ti-      found in the Nevada Regional Technical Center catalog.
tle IV fund management and as such maintains records according
to federal and general accepted accounting principles.                    In order to comply with the general eligibility provisions, a student
         The SAA receive the SAR, applications and documenta-             must:
tion from NRTC and creates a file.                                        1.    Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible program,
         The SAR is then processed and documentation is re-                     studying a degree or certificate at an eligible institution of higher
viewed by SAA. Items reviewed include: start date, mid-point                    education;
date, course, cost of course, clock hours in the program and verifi-
cation and financial aid transcripts if applicable.                       2.    Be a citizen, national or permanent resident of the United States, a
                                                                                permanent resident of the Northern Mariana Islands, or the Trust
         If a student file does not meet federal requirements it is
                                                                                Territory of the Pacific Islands, or other eligible non-citizen.
put into an incomplete file and SAA notifies FAO of its deficiencies.
         SAA enters student data into the computer system. The            3.    Must carry as normal, at least half-time workload for the course of
grant is calculated by the system and applicable payment dates                  study being pursued.
are input.
                                                                          4.    Be maintaining satisfactory progress in the course of study being
         Nevada Regional Technical Center is notified of the pay-               pursued, according to the standards and practices of the institution;
         The SAA draws down and returns Title IV funds for Ne-            5.    Not be in default on any Title IV Loan (NDSL or GSL/FISL) or owe
                                                                                a repayment on any Title IV Grant (PELL, WEOG or SSIG) re-
vada Regional Technical Center or individual NRTC Students.
                                                                                ceived for attendance at the institution they plan to attend; and
         The SAA records checks in journal, reconciles bank state-
ments monthly, files quarterly federal cash transaction reports, and      6.    File with the post-secondary institution they plan to attend (or in the
submits payment documents and Nevada Regional Technical                         case of a loan or loan guaranteed with the lender), a statement of
Center institutional payment summary reports to Department of                   educational purpose (which need not be notarized) stating that all
                                                                                funds received through Title IV programs will be used solely for
Education as required.
                                                                                educational or educationally related purposes.
Director of Nevada Regional Technical Center                              All students who do not have a GED or high school diploma must es-
        The Director of Nevada Regional Technical Center is re-           tablish their ability to benefit BEFORE receiving financial aid. Ability
sponsible for maintaining eligibility, certification, and participation   to benefit will be established by the Test of Adult Basic Education
agreements with the Federal Department of Education, and Mis-             (TABE) Level A, Form 9. The test will be administered by the Director
souri State Board of Education. In addition, he/she represents            of Adult Basic Education or Vocational Counselor. The TABE test will
NRTC with the State Board of Nursing and the National League of           be given on Fridays by arrangement with the Director of Adult Basic
Nursing in matters of accreditation.                                      Education or Vocational Counselor and the student. Students must
                                                                          score above the 16th percentile in all sub-test areas.
        The Director provides leadership for the educational mis-
sion and long term goals of the school and its programs.                  GED CERTIFICATE
        The Director is responsible for employing an adequate
number of qualified staff.                                                It is suggested to all students, who are admitted to Nevada Regional
                                                                          Technical Center through the Ability to Benefit, should enroll in the
                                                                          Adult Basic Education Class to gain the skills needed to take the GED
                                                                          test. The ABE classes are held every Monday through Friday at the
                                                                          Adult Education Literacy (AEL) classroom in the Bowman Building.
                                                                          Individuals can stop by or call the classroom at 448-2016 for hours.
                                                                          There is no charge for the class.

                                  26                                                                           15
RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF STUDENTS RECEIVING                           all written reports pertaining to the grievance and conferences
                 FINANCIAL AID                                              by at least one school board member with person filing the
                                                                            grievance, any person to whom the grievance is directed, the
Nevada Regional Technical Center has established qualitative and
                                                                            Regional Technical Center Director, and the Superintendent
quantitative measures for evaluating the efforts of financial aid
                                                                            of the Nevada R-5 Public Schools. A public hearing before
recipients to achieve an educational goal, or certificate. An as-
                                                                            the Board of Education may be requested by the person filing
sessment of these efforts will occur prior to financial aid disburse-
                                                                            the grievance or the school board, in which event the school
                                                                            board will not make an independent investigation, but will ren-
   1.   STANDARDS OF SATISFACTORY PROGRESS – A stu-                         der its decision based on the evidence presented at the public
        dent is required to maintain a minimum grade point aver-            hearing. The decision of the Board of Education shall be fi-
        age of 2.0 (C) in major area and in related course training         nal.
        and have a 90% attendance record. Anyone not meeting
                                                                                        ADMINISTRATION OF FINANCIAL AID
        these standards will be placed on probation. If a student
        is on probation at the mid-point of their academic year
                                                                        Mr. Craig Noah         Superintendent, Nevada R-5 Schools
        (525 hours) he/she will NOT be eligible to receive Title IV
        financial aid.                                                  Mr. Jim Chandler       Director, Nevada Regional Technical Center
Students funded by an outside agency will adhere to the stan-           Janis Collins          Financial Aid Administrator
dards set forth by that agency.
                                                                        Jane Westerhold        Financial Aid Secretary
   2.   A student must have an overall grade of C at the mid-point
        of the course, and must have completed at least 525             Rhonda Rowland         District Treasurer
        hours of instruction (450 hours for the PN program) to          Nita Silverstein       Student Aid Administrators, Inc.
        qualify for the second disbursement of financial aid                                   Box 6008, Carefree, AZ 85377
                                                                        Student Aid Administrators, Inc. is under contract to provide NRTC
   3.   A student who becomes ineligible for financial aid awards       the fiscal office services including:
        may request a hearing with the Director, Adult Coordina-
        tor, Fiscal Officer, Counselor, and Instructor to appeal the       1.   Prepare Federal reports
        non-satisfactory progress status. If the outcome of the            2.   Submit required Department of Education reports in com-
        hearing finds in favor of the student, financial aid will be            pliance with directives.
        awarded when the required number of hours have been
        met.                                                               3.   Communication with Department of Education as required
                                                                                or requested
   4.   A student who fails to meet the standards for financial aid
        eligibility may continue to enroll at his/her own expense.         4.   Assist in keeping current with Department of Education
        At such time when a student re-establishes eligibility, fi-             changes in regulations as to policy and procedure.
        nancial aid can be disbursed for the remaining number of           5.   Provide accounting services
                                                                           6.   Write Pell Checks to NRTC or students
   5.   A student receiving financial aid must enroll in a course
        that will fulfill his/her educational goals. This course           7.   Maintain the official student file
        should follow published certificate requirements.                  8.   Provide miscellaneous clerical and management activities.
                                                                        The Director of The Nevada Regional Technical Center, the NRTC
                                                                        Financial Aid Administrator and Director of NRTC Practical Nurs-
                                                                        ing meet at least 2 times a year to coordinate consumer informa-
                                                                        tion materials, improve procedures to more efficiently assist stu-
                                                                        dent financial aid, and to eliminate potential problems to the sys-
                                 16                                                                        25
                        TITLE IV REFUNDS                                   6.   MAXIMUM TIME FRAME TO COMPLETE TRAINING – A
                                                                                full-time student has nine months to complete their chosen
In addition to the Institutional Refund Policy, there will be a pro-            course of study provided there has not been a break in en-
rata policy in effect for those students leaving NRTC who have                  rollment. The maximum time limit allowed for a student to
accepted Title IV funds. This is a requirement from the federal                 complete a course of study is eighteen calendar months
government. These funds include Subsidized and Unsubsidized                     from the first date of attendance. Classes can be taken
Stafford Loans that students receive. This policy determines the                September through May only. Students in a two-year program
amount of federal funds that a student is entitled to use by calcula-           must complete FOUR (4) academic semesters. Students in a
tion the number of days attended divided by the number of days of               one-year program must complete two (2) academic semesters.
the semester and multiplying this percentage times the refunds
                                                                           7.   PN STUDENTS – a PN student will adhere to the standards
received. The amount the student is not entitled to keep is then                set forth in the PN program.
returned to the proper program(s). Because of these rules, the
student may be required to immediately repay part of the loans             8.   REINSTATEMENT OF FINANCIAL AID ELIGIBILITY
prior to the 6-month grace period. Refund will be made first to                 Any student terminated from receipt of financial aid for failure
Unsubsidized Loans, then to Subsidized Loans, then to PELL                      to maintain satisfactory academic progress must meet the
Grant.                                                                          above-stated minimum overall grade and cumulative semester
                                                                                requirements before aid can be reinstated. Withdrawal from
If a student withdraws from class and returns the following year,               school has no effect on the student’s satisfactory academic
                                                                                progress upon re-entering. A student whose aid is terminated
Title IV funds can not be used for any period of the class for which
                                                                                in accordance with this policy may appeal the termination. A
the student has already used Title IV monies.
                                                                                student must wait one academic year to re-enroll after being
                                                                                terminated for academic ineligibility.
                     APPEALS PROCEDURE                                                  PROCEDURES FOR FINANCIAL AID
1.    A student who has a grievance, and/or feels dismissal was           PELL GRANT
      unjust, must submit a written statement to the Director within
      ten (10) days of the event giving rise to grievance. The Di-         1.   File the application for Federal Student Aid electronically at
      rector will investigate and render a decision (in writing)      
      within ten (10) days of receipt of the formal, written griev-
      ance.                                                                2.   Six to eight weeks after you send the application in, you will
                                                                                receive your STUDENT AID REPORT (SAR). These papers
2.    If the student still does not feel the action in Step 1 is justi-
                                                                                need to be brought to your Financial Aid Officer.
      fied, an appeal may be made to the Superintendent of the
      Nevada R-5 Public Schools within Five (5) days of receiving          3.   The Financial Aid Officer will go over the SAR with you to ex-
      the previous decision. All written reports shall be forwarded             plain what it means and to have you sign in the correct places.
      for review. The Superintendent will investigate the griev-
                                                                           4.   Fill out the packet of forms that must be completed to comply
      ance and render a written decision within ten (10) days of                with Federal law. The Financial Aid Officer will give you this
      receiving the appeal.                                                     packet of papers and will help you in answering all the ques-
3.    If the student is still not satisfied, an appeal may be made to           tions.
      the Nevada R-5 Board of Education by filing a written notice         5.   You will need to provide copies of all verification information,
      with the Superintendent of the Nevada R-5 Public Schools,                 such as Income Tax forms, Marriage certificate, Birth certificate,
      stating the grounds of the appeal within five (5) of receipt of           etc (verification documents may vary on individual accounts).
      the written decision in Step 2. The School Board will inde-
      pendently investigate the grievance and render a decision
      within thirty (30) days after the notice of appeal is filed.
      Such investigation, as a minimum, shall include a review of

                                  24                                                                        17
  6.    If you have attended any other post-secondary institutions, you       4.   A student who withdraws after the first week but during the
        will need to have a Financial Aid Transcript from them showing             first one-third of a program will be refunded upon application,
        that you did or did not receive any aid from their school. Your            one-half fees except registration, and excludable charges
        Financial Aid Officer will have these forms for you to mail to your        including books, liability Insurance, MOSALPN or other pro-
        former school(s).                                                          fessional organization dues, Uniform and Nurse-Pac ex-
  7.    When all of the above is finished, the entire packet is mailed by          penses and Instructional fees.
        your Financial Aid Officer to STUDENT AID ADMINISTRATION,
                                                                              5.   A student who withdraws after the first one-third of a semes-
        our Third Party Administrator which is an independent organiza-
        tion specializing in Federal Financial Aid. They go through all of         ter is not entitled to any refund.
        the documents and compute the amount of funds you are eligi-          6.   The following excludable charges will be included in the with-
        ble to receive.                                                            drawal calculation.
  8. This information is then sent to the Comptroller of SAA. The                  A.    Books, Liability Insurance, Professional Dues
       comptroller contacts the Federal Government to direct transfer
       funds directly to our bank in Nevada to cover the amount of                 B.    Uniforms, Nurse-Pac
       money the student qualified for. A report showing the names and
       amounts, along with a check, is then forwarded to our Fiscal Offi-          C.    Instructional Fees
                                                                                   D.    Graduation Expenses
  9. The bank will contact us when the money has been received.
       The Fiscal Officer will arrange for the funds to be credited to your
       account. At such time as all debts to NRTC have been satisfied,
       any remaining funds will be paid to you for personal educational
       expenses. After the check is issued by the Fiscal Officer, you will
       come into the office with identification, sign a release and re-
       ceive your check.
Students will receive financial aid award payments according to
the schedule below:
One-half the award is paid each pay period. Payments are ap-
plied directly to the student’s personal account. The balance re-
maining after all institutional expenses are paid, is issued to the
student for personal educational expenses. These checks are
typically ready by February.
Checks are mailed to the Financial Aid Office by the lender after
the certification date. One-half of the loan is dispersed in the first
payment period and the other half in the 2nd payment period. The
balance of monies left after institutional expenses are paid is is-
sued to the student. These checks are typically ready by Febru-

                                    18                                                                        23
         2.   SAA will send the original application and promissory     POLICY ON VERIFICATION FOR ALL TITLE IV FEDERAL
              note to the lending bank. The bank will process the       FINANICAL AID PROGRAMS INCLUDED:
              loan and send the money directly to our school.
                                                                         1. The U.S. Department of Education randomly selects federal fi-
         3.   The Fiscal Officer will have you endorse the check            nancial aid applications for “Verification.” When the Department
              and sign a release. The R-V District will endorse and         of Education selects an application, an asterisk appears on the
              deposit the check and apply those funds to the indi-          applicant’s Student Aid Report (SAR). The asterisk is located to
              vidual student account. When all institutional ex-            the right of the Federal Pell Grant EFC on the SAR.
              penses are met, a check will be issued to the student      2. Nevada Regional Technical Center (NRTC) will verify all students
              for personal educational expenses.                            selected by the Department of Education for verification. NRTC
                                                                            will notify the student of their selection for verification either by
         4.   Before you graduate, or leave our school for some             telephone or in person. NRTC will provide the student a list of
              reason, you will need to complete the GSL EXIT IN-            required verification documents at that time. It is the responsibil-
              TERVIEW form with the Financial Aid Officer. The              ity of the student to submit these completed documents to the
              FAO will counsel you about leaving school, beginning          financial aid office within 30 days. If the documents are not sub-
              work, or making your monthly payments.                        mitted by the 2nd day of the 7th week, the student may be sus-
                                                                            pended. This suspension will continue until the documents are
         5.   After graduation, or when you exit our school for
              some reason, the Financial Aid Officer will complete a
              termination card on you and send to the lending bank.      3. Students will be informed in person and in writing of any
              The lending bank will contact you approximately six           award changes resulting from the verification of data.
              (6) months from that date for you to begin making          4. Corrections to application data outside the allowable toler-
              your monthly payments.                                        ances ranges must be resubmitted to the PELL Grant proc-
                  WITHDRAWAL FROM CLASS                                     essor by the student
                INSTITUTIONAL REFUND POLICY                              5. Students are informed of documentation requirements by:

1.   Students who withdraw from programs must officially withdraw           A. The interview process at the time the student is proc-
     in writing to the Director of Vocational Education or Financial           essed.
     Aid Administrator. Failure to attend class does not constitute
     a withdrawal. Total withdrawal will result in termination of           B. The Documentation checklist given to the students with
     eligibility for financial aid. Refunds will be based on the per-          incomplete files.
     centage of the program completed.                                   6. All applicants for Title IV federal financial assistance must
2.   For the students who begin classes, 100% of the books-and-             provide the following documentation:
     supplies allowances is considered to be expended. Tuition              A. Dependent Students:
     and fees cost will be charged in accordance with institutional            Verification worksheet signed by student and one parent
     refund policy.                                                            Student and parent signed tax returns for the applicable
3.   A student who withdraws during the first week of the course               year
     will be refunded, upon application, all fees except registration       B. Independent Students:
     and testing fees.                                                         Verification worksheet signed by the student
                                                                               Student and spouse’s (if married) signed tax returns for
                                                                               the applicable year
                                                                               Acceptable tax forms are: 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, Telefile
                                                                               return, Federal return recap

                                  22                                                                      19
     C.   Any other documentation deemed necessary by the              STAFFORD LOAN/GUARANTEED STUDENT LOAN
          financial aid office to verify data reported on the appli-
          cation.                                                      1.   Students must apply for the PELL Grant as a prereq-
                                                                            uisite in making application for the Stafford Student
     D.   The school will verify the following items:                       Loan.
          Adjusted gross income
          U.S. taxes paid                                              2.   Stafford Loans are available to full time students
          Family size                                                       based on “unmet need” after income, scholarships,
          Number of family members enrolled in a post-                      assistance from community services and PELL Grant
          secondary education institution                                   awards are applied to the Institutional charges. If
          Any other data elements selected by the school                    there remains an “unmet need” for institutional
                                                                            charges, application may be made for a Stafford
                                                                       3.   Loans are available to full time students based on
                                                                            “unmet need” after income, scholarships, assistance
7.   Federal regulations mandate that student financial aid of-             from community services and PELL Grant awards
     fices must reconcile any discrepancies in data. Even                   are applied to the cost of education, unless the pro-
     though the U.S. Department of Education may not select a               gram a student is enrolled in requires books and sup-
     student’s Student Aid Report (SAR) for verification, the               plies to be purchased in advance or if tuition is not
     student must supply the necessary information.                         covered by other sources of Financial Aid. Therefore
                                                                            after the midpoint date a student who is maintaining
8.   Federal regulations mandate that all data submitted for a              a “2.5/4 or C+ level” grade or better and has at least
     student’s file be accurate and consistent. As an institution           90% attendance, may request a loan application.
     of higher education, NRTC has “full discretion” to verify any          Loans must be repaid. Students are encouraged to
     item(s) and to require reasonable documentation. The                   complete school without borrowing funds, if possible,
     school has “full discretion” to deny awards and/or withhold            since it would be to the students’ advantage not to
     payments until conflicts are resolved to the school’s satis-           have debts following graduation.
     faction. False claims of status, income, independent
     status, citizenship, false ID or forgery, etc, may be reported    4.   Fill out the application and promissory note for a stu-
     to the U.S. Department of Education Office of the Inspector            dent loan (Instructions are provided in the booklet).
     General.                                                          5.   Take the completed form to your Financial Aid Offi-
                                                                            cer (FAO). Complete the Loan Entrance Interview
                                                                            and fill out verification documents. The FAO will
                                                                            check the form for accuracy and mail it for you to
                                                                            Student Aid Administration (SAA).
                                                                       6.   SAA will again check over the application and prom-
                                                                            issory note. SAA will compute the amount of money
                                                                            that you are eligible for by using all of the information
                                                                            provided on the forms you submitted for PELL Grant.
                                                                            1.   SAA will return your copy to the Financial Aid
                                                                                 Officer who will, in turn give it to you. This copy
                                                                                 will show the exact amount you will be borrow-

                                20                                                                    21

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