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Review key features and specifications of the Flexishot - Wellbore


									The unique low cost Peewee wellbore electronic survey system, which now offers
user programmable multi - service functionality in a single module including:

         Single shot survey or drift only measurement
         Multishot survey or drift only measurement
         Actual Borehole Temperature as well as probe temperature

FLEXI-SHOT ™is a unique high accuracy electronic surveying instrument designed
to meet three major demands of wellbore data acquisition. The system is modular in
design and can be used in either Single-Shot or Multishot Mode with any conventional
type of non-magnetic running gear (including PeeWee) for the purpose of taking
surveys or making orientations. The user can select to use either the onboard Monel
and motion Sensor mode or Timer for surveys

FLEXI-SHOT ™ Singleshot Benefits :

         No need for photographic film - eliminating operator error
         High Accuracy due to solid state sensor digital technology
         Reduced misruns due to advanced inbuilt monel and motion sensor.
         Ease of use, can be used with or without a computer.
         Small Size - 1 3/4 “ OD with thermal shield
         $$$ Savings – low cost rental and reduced rig time

FLEXI-SHOT ™ instruments provide direct LCD readout of the survey data, system
status and quality checking parameters.

      Inc.    Inclination in degrees (hole angle, in mining or oilfield convention).
      Azi.    Azimuth (hole direction in degrees magnetic).
      GTF.    Gravity Tool Face (Roll angle relative to high-side of the hole).
      MTF.    Magnetic Tool Face (Steering angle relative to Magnetic North).
      Gtot.   Gravity total (total G acting on the probe during survey).

                                         VES INTERNATIONAL
                       Tel: (44) 01684 438089 EM :
      Btot. Magnetic Flux total (total B on probe during survey, identifies anomalies)
      Mag Dip. Magnetic Dip Angle (Dip can also be used to identify magnetic
      BatV. Voltage at the probe as provided by the battery pack.
      Temp. Temperature of the tool, (used by software to calculate survey results).
      Borehole Temp. Borehole temperature outside the instrument thermal shield.

There is no need for complicated instruction manuals, although a helpful users guide
is provided. Simply select functions using the ‘'Green' and 'Red' buttons on the LCD.

FLEXI-SHOT ™ surveys, provide the most comprehensive data set known to the
industry. These results meet with the requirements and demands of high accuracy
wellbore position measurement to meet current industry demands.

Data can be transferred to the Flexishot Survey software by users to obtain hard copy
printouts. The data can also be transferred to the Drillog™ software package to View
and Plot the wellbore surveys in Plan, Section and 3D.

FLEXI-SHOT ™ brings to the industry, unrivaled functionality and technical
specification. Utilizing industry proven tri-axial magnetic and gravitational sensors, it
surpasses any other similar commercially available instruments. Obtain and record
more than 13 survey parameters, 3 system status checks and various job details with
each survey taken.

Instrument Measurement                     Range           Typical Accuracy
Azimuth (Azi)                              0-360º          ±1.0º (Inc>20º, Mag Dip <70º)
Inclination (Inc)               0-180º (or +/-90º)         ±0.1º
Gravity Tool Face (GTF)                    0-360º          ±0.1º
Magnetic Tool Face (MTF)                   0-360º          ±0.5º (Inc>20º, Mag Dip <70º)
Magnetic Field (Btot)                0-95,000nT            ±50nT
Temperature (LCD module)           14ºF to 190ºF           ±1ºF
Temperature (with H/S)             14ºF to 400ºF           6-8 hrs
Memory Capacity                    3000 surveys            Survey or Drift mode

Environmental                      Range/Value             Comment
Shock                       1000g, 1/2 sine 1ms
Vibration                      20g rms 5-500Hz
Pressure Rating                       20000 psi            Standard 1.75”OD

Dimensions                                    Value        Comment
Pressure Case                              1.75”OD         With Thermal Shield
Pressure Case                              89” long        With ‘AAA’ Battery Pack
Weight                                      1 ¾ Ibs        With ‘AAA’ Battery Pack

                                      VES INTERNATIONAL
                    Tel: (44) 01684 438089 EM :

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