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									Top 10 Google Adsense Earning Websites
Making money with AdSense

Most of us are wondering how much money can be made from Google AdSense. Here is a
selection of websites earning 6 figures checks every month. I would like this to be inspirational -
even though I know it can be kind of depressing for those who struggle to earn a few pennies per
day. But without giving false hope to anyone, I just though this could bring some motivation to
our fellow hubbers. By writing quality content and delivering a consistent work for a few years,
it seems reasonable to achieve a complementary side income to help paying the bills. Hubpages
is a good way to start making money online as you will get used to using Google Analytics, and
learn useful tips from a fantastic community. You can then start to develop your own blog,
website, etc and diversify your portfolio.

Here in the table below, is a summary of an article that I found about the top ten Adsense
earners. I hope we can all learn from them, and try to think about what we can do to improve our
online revenue.

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Top 10 AdSense Earners
Ranking by earnings     Website    AdSense Earnings $Views per month

#1                    Mashable     600,000          25million

#2                    Digital Point 500,000

#3                    Plenty Of Fish400,000

#4                    Digg         250,000          30million
Ranking by earnings     Website     AdSense Earnings $Views per month

#5                    TechCrunch 240,000

#6                    Tweetmeme 225,000

#7                    Perez Hilton 200,000           30million

#8                    Weblogs       190,000          25million

#9                    Shoe Money 140,000

#10                   Click India   85,000           5.5million


We can see that the number of views is not directly correlated to the AdSense revenue. Even
though it helps to have more views, other factors are to be taken into account as well.

- Keywords are the key

The keywords you use will determine the price per click that you will get. See adwords for the
estimated CPC for your keywords.

- Quality of the website

I used to find this quite confusing as you want people to come back to your website, but then
why would people click on any ads if they have all the answers they need within the page. But
first of all, it is hard to completely answer someone's question, even when trying your hardest.
Plus, you gain trust from quality content, so readers are more likely to stay on the page, share it,
and then click on one of your links.

- Targetting the right people

Although most of us like to write how to articles, it does not appear to be the most efficient way
of getting a reasonable CTR (click through rate). If you are looking to grow your revenue from
AdSense, you need to tailor your content towards people who are looking to buy something

- Layout of your article

It has been proven that the first thing a reader looks at is the top right corner of the page. Try to
place your ad there if you can. To do that on Hubpages, you can write around a 100 words in the
first capsule, before adding any photos.
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