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					                                               CYPRESS, CA 90630
                                              714-315-5946 MOBILE

                                            J EN N IF ER          N G O


      Demonstrated effective written and oral communication skills across all functional areas. Possessed strong
       people skills. Worked directly with P-Level, C-Level, VP-Level, D-Level, and M-Level Managers.

      7 years in the Analyst role of supporting IT, the Business Community, and End Users: 1year as Business System
       Analyst; 4 years as Business Consultant for ESP, Mitek, and Pyxis Corporations. Worked directly with internal,
       external, and 3rd party clients to gather business requirements, functional and non-functional requirements, and
       Report requirements. Worked directly with Waterfall SDLC; have strong understanding of Agile SCRUM
       methodology. Applied UML tool for the As Is and the To Be Process Mapping and for Logical Data Modeling.
       Created Use Case Diagrams. Designed/Programmed with Crystal Report 2000, 2005, 2008 Designer using SQL;
       worked on ORACLE and MS SQL platforms; worked with EDW and bug engine JIRA to track and generate ad
       hoc reports; 2 years as Data Analyst for Commercial MD-11 Avionics Flight Simulation program. Worked with
       MS Office Suite: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, LiveMeeting, Visio, and PM.


1/2012 - 11/2012                                                                                Irvine, CA
Business Systems Analyst

      Project Lead: Researched, Gathered, Organized, and Evaluated the existing business process documentations of
       the 11 Enterprise Real Estate Auction Business Operations. Performed correlative analyses. Identified gaps and
       inefficiencies. Developed versatile solution matrices for individual business unit application and/or multi
       business application across all 11 business verticals.

      Worked directly with the Auction Finance Sponsors. Gathered business requirements. Initiated project with
       Project Sponsors Interview. Created the High Level Use Case Diagram. Use Visio 2010 to document BPM and
       BPD using UML format.

      Conducted phone meetings with the Residential Notes Sponsors. Analyzed current existing documents and
       initiated the Shadowing of business processes with the out-of-state business community.

      Worked in a fast paced Dot Com environment. Self driven with strong work ethic.

      An individual contributor and a dedicated team player. Consistently took on and complete tasks outside the
       scope of a BSA: as a Developer, as a QA tester, and as a PMO Enterprise Reporter.

      Enterprise Strategic Management: Proposed to EVPs to have both Top Down and Bottom Up approach to keep
       the entire business unit in the loop of current project prioritization. Result: 2:3 EVPs responded and
       immediately implemented the transparency culture strategy to facilitate, not only the business unit itself, but the
       Enterprise Transparency Approach to facilitate the Steering Committee reaching a consensus on project
       prioritizations with available resources and constraints.

      Report Process Improvement: Performed the Enterprise Reporting Role of the PMO. Improved Stakeholders
       Project Report Process for 7 business verticals: Reduced 100% of human error. Secured data accuracy and
       report aesthetics with needed visuals for end users. Simplified and provided succinct data results for timely
       strategic management decisions by Presidents, C-level, V-level, and D-level management.

      System Analysis:     Performed Gap Analysis, Regression Test, Smoke Test, Root Cause, and Correlative

      HR Automated Employee Performance Review project: Created the As Is Process Mapping from the BRD.

      Accounting Project: Took on a developer’s task. Completed the design and SQL coding of the 1099R
       Broker/Agent 2011 Income Tax Compensation Report. Project was completed within 1 week. The result:
        accounting supervisor was able to generate Broker/Agent auction compensation reports and sent them out in a
        timely manner for them to meet the tax filing deadline.

       Served as BSA Point of Contact for the Commercial and Notes, Short Sale, Accounting & Finance, HR,
        Residential Notes, and the Auction Finance business units.

       Project Manager: Created, designed, developed, and implemented the UAT Scenario template for the 7 business
        lines of the new Website project at Motivated BA team to take ownership of assigned business
        verticals. Obtained business approval in a timely manner for the projected launch of the new Website.

       Adapted quickly to the changing need of the department. Took on outside of BSA scope tasks: QA testing role
        for back end and front end of Website 2 initiative. Worked closely with the PHP developers to
        resolve bug issues. Generated, monitored, and closed bug tickets in JIRA engine. Extracted and generated daily
        bug status report for IT Architecture Manager and his QA Leads.

       Worked with Waterfall methodology Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). While preparing for the
        review and launch of new website, Agile methodology (RUP, SCRUM) was to be employed with Waterfall
        methodology to resolve major system design issues. After careful analysis, IT Managers decided against
        website 2 which resulted in department reorganization. Therefore, the opportunity to work directly with the
        Agile SCRUM methodology was not realized.

6/2009 - 8/2011 Engineering Solution Provider                                                           San Diego, CA

Business Report Analyst/Consultant

       Worked closely with Marketing, SAAS vendors, 3rd party HMO clients, and Software Team to gather Business
        Reports Requirements. Created Report Use Cases. Used UML for Logical Data Modeling. Monitored and
        tracked SDLC using MS PM.
       Performed QA and UAT testing.

       Created, designed, and implemented the Web Based reports in the Report Generator Module for Peladon’s
        DocXP massive form processing flagship product, using the enterprise Crystal Report 2008. Allowed users to
        do ad-hoc online reporting with dynamic data updates from off- site Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

2/2005 – 12/2008 World Financial Group                                                          Fountain Valley, CA
Financial Analyst/Advisor

       Appointed with major financial product providers. Followed protocols and procedures. Met with potential
        clients. Collect pertinent asset/liability data, to include long and short term investment goals.
       Performed financial analyses using MS Office Suite: Excel and MS Word 2003. Compiled and provided clients
        with a written report of financial calculations and proposal. Recruited and trained associates both in office and
        in the field. Case management: perform annual review with existing clients.

4/2001 – 8/2004 Mary Kay Corporation                                                                     Cypress, CA
Senior Independent Consultant/Sales

       Recruited, trained, and managed a home based business, using MS Office suite: Excel, Word, and Access.
       Generated monthly financial P & L statement, sale reports, sale receipts, and prepare Business Income Tax.

6/1998 - 10/2000 Mitek Systems, Inc.                                                                   San Diego, CA
Business Report Analyst/Consultant

       Worked closely with Doctus Marketing team, Commercial Bank clients, and IT team to define and document
        Report Requirements. Created Use Cases. Used UML for Logical Data Modeling. Monitored and tracked
        SDLC using MS PM.
        Performed QA and UAT testing. Created, designed, and implemented the report feature in the Report Generator
        Module for Mitek System’s Doctus Form Processing Engine using Crystal Reports v 8 and v 8.5.
       Implemented RPT file reports to include: Labor Saving report, Field Corrections report, System Administration
        report, Batch and Document History reports, System Flow report, and System Snapshot report.
9/1996 – 11/1997 Pyxis Corporation                                                                      San Diego, CA
Business Report Analyst/Consultant

       Worked closely with the Marketing team, Health Clinics and Hospitals clients, and IT team to define and
        document Report Requirements. Created Report Use Cases. Used UML for Logical Data Modeling. Monitored
        and tracked SDLC using MS PM.
       Worked closely with IT team to evaluate existing Schema to convert/modify data from in house Sybase to
        ORACLE using SQL. Create Views. Employed Crystal Report Analytical Tool for the Design and query of
        reports for the proprietary product MDS (Medical Dispensing System. Populated and tested queries.
       Implemented reports to include: In-Patient Report, Insurance Coverage Report, Medical Supply Inventory
        Report with Triggers for IM, Revenue and Cost Report, and Operator functional Report.

1/1993 – 3/1996 Equity Asset Management                                                               Fort Worth, TX
Consultant: Security Investment Analyst/Manager

       Responsible for Wafer (chip), Information Technology, and Telecommunication Technology equity market
       Evaluated corporate prospectuses. Analyzed statistical charts. Performed statistical analyses for entry and exit
        strategies using Accumulation and Distribution volume, Stochastic, Linear Regression, and IMF (International
        Monetary Fund Policies). Acquired, maintained, and liquidated equities in all markets: DOW 30, NASDAQ,
        and OTC.

8/1990 – 6/1992 McDonnell Douglas Corp. (Boeing Corp.)                                                Long Beach, CA
Data Services Analyst

       Performed Operation’s functional analyses. Served as staff to the BUM and his 4 Supervisors for the MD-11
        Avionics Business Unit.
       Liaison between 5 people Management Team, 5 Lead engineers, and 32 engineers of various disciplines.
       Collected raw data from Avionics Simulation test benches: Hydraulic, Environmental, Electrical, Auto Pilot,
        Fluid. Gathered and compiled weekly status reports from 5 lead engineers.
       Designed, tracked, extracted, and monitored department’s program milestones on VAX Server. Created reports
        on IBM Mainframe using VAX and PCs. Maintained Avionic’s BOM on ORACLE.

9/1989 - 7/1990 Xerox Corporation                                                                        Compton, CA
Administrative Assistant/Purchasing

       Managed more than a half million dollars of purchasing and inventory management of warehouse packaging
        materials. Report to Regional Manager and Warehouse Supervisor. Liaison between Management,
        Procurement, and warehouse supervisor for inventory control. Saved Xerox 6% through process improvement.

7/1985 – 10/1988 J.C. Systems                                                                            San Diego, CA
Engineering Technician

       Troubled shoot and repaired of digital/analog circuitry.
       Performed preliminary and final checkouts of Environmental Control Systems with IEEE Interface. Wrote and
        documented testing procedures.
       Worked closely with design engineers to build and test prototypes. Collaborated with QA personnel to resolve
        component assembly issues.


       May, 1994 LeTourneau University                                                                  Longview, TX
       B.S. Business Administration
       Graduated with GPA of 3.98 out of 4.0 of study major
       August, 1985 Control Data Institute                                                               San Diego, CA
       Certificated--540 hours of training in Microcomputer                                              San Diego, CA
       Certificated--24 hours of Crystal Report Design/SQL V. 8.5
       Bilingual: Fluent read/write Vietnamese, conversational Spanish, French, Italian.
       11/1/12 Visio 2010 2 hour course                                                                    Irvine, CA
       Certificated: 2011 BSA/BA Boot Camp with ASPE online course                                        Cypress, CA
       Completed 2 hours of Visio 2010 Corporate Training                                                  Irvine, CA

Description: Jennifer Ngo is a Business Systems Analyst who has demonstrated effective written and oral communication skills across all functional areas.