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					                          HOW TO IDENTIFY MARKETS
Right now, we are going to delve into a more important topic since I believe you now
understand what a market is. Apart from knowing what a market is, he would now look
into how to identify different markets and better still, how to get in touch with the
markets because it is useless if you identify a market but you can’t reach out to them
with your sales message.

Let me quickly explain what I meant in the last paragraph.
Let’s say you have been able to identify a market of pregnant women for example you
will still need to have a sure means to reach them with the product you have and you
know they will buy.

In today’s world, there are different ways to reach your customers with your sales

These are some of them:
a) Through Newspapers and Magazines
b) Through SMS
c) Through E-mail
d) Through their Contact Address
e) Through Radio and Television.

5 Major Ways To Identify Profitable Markets.
Let me list the 5 major ways by which you can identify profitable markets. They are
more than 5 and you will learn the rest as time goes on.

As a matter of fact, it is going to get to a stage where identifying profitable markets
comes to you naturally. Everywhere you go, you will easily identify markets that you
can profit from.

But since you are a student right now, let’s quickly delve into the basics:
1) Use Classified Adverts.
2) Listen to the News on Radio and Television.
3) Go through the Newspaper and Magazines.
4) Observation Around you.
5) Internet (Forum) – Facebook, Myspace e.t.c.

What are classified Adverts?
Classified Adverts are those boxed adverts of different sizes that you see in dailies and

Even though, they are small, you effectively use them to discover profitable markets
that you can reap huge profits from What do I mean?
There are 2 specific ways to do this and how they are:
a) Observe other classified adverts.
b) Test your ideas.

How to Identify Profitable Markets by Observing Other Classified Adverts.
You can know what some people are already profiting from by simply observing the
adverts that are been repeated from time to time.

For example, if you discover that adverts on importation business keep repeating over
and over various people, that should tell you something: the only reason why those
people would continue to spend money to run those adverts if they are making money
from them simple!

So, what do you do? You have just discovered a market. Just look for what the market
is hungry for and sell it to them.

Let me give you a LIVE example.
If you go through the dailies, you will see adverts from different people on “Luring
Premature Ejaculation”. Those adverts have been repeated even when the concord
Newspaper was still existing and they are not big adverts.

They are usually small adverts.
What does that tell you? It tells you that there is a group (Market) of men who are
suffering from premature ejaculation (Problem) and they want a solution to it.
Okay, to make it more illustrative, let me show you another example.

If you read papers that are mostly read by ladies and women, you will discover that
there are known adverts on (Boobs Enlargement) and (Tummy Flattening).
And these adverts keep repeating in these papers what does that tell you?
It tells you that there is a group of ladies who are tired of their small breasts probably
because of peer pressure or some false beliefs and they are eagerly looking for a
solution on how they can increase their breasts.

The other groups are ladies who want to remain sexy and fit and as a result, they want
to remove all the loose skin on their tummy.
If you watch “Dr 90210” on E-channel, you will discover that the man makes his money
from this hungry market.

Can you now see why I said “They Study of Markets is Very Important”? And I hope
that by now, you understand how you can identify profitable markets simply by
observing the adverts been run by other people.

I could remember sometimes around 2006, I just discovered that a lot of adverts on
Forex was been circulated almost everywhere. I didn’t understand the concept of
identifying profitable markets by then and I missed out while that information was still
hot and a lot of people were raising about it.

Start doing something about this right away. When you read newspapers and
magazines don’t just read the editorial contents alone.

Take time to read the adverts as well and start to read a lot of newspapers and
magazines. It is going to open your eyes to the world of different profitable markets
that some smart people are silently making money from.

With that been said, let me switch over to the second way by which you can identify a
profitable market using classified adverts How To Identify Profitable Markets By
Using Classified Adverts To Test

I hope you know that a lot of people read various newspapers and magazines and
because of this, you can use this medium to look for markets that you do not know if
they exist or not.

This is what I mean.
Let’s say you discovered from some of your friends who are ladies that they are looking
for a way to stop hair loss.
You got that idea but you want to know if there are lots of people who are in need of
that same problem, you can use a classified advert to test.

NOTE: - Here, you are using the classified advert to gauge interest. You just want to
know if this is a profitable market, you just want to know if this is a profitable market.
You don’t need to have any product on ground by now because you don’t know if there
is a huge number of people who are willing to spend money to get the solution to this
problem (Hair Loss)

Okay, this is how to go about it.
If you want to TEST if there is a market of those who want to stop/cure hair loss for
example, that means you need to look for a publication to place your TEST advert.
A good example is ENCOMIUM. What you will now do is to get a copy of the magazine
and then contact their adverts department (You will definitely get their telephone
numbers from the paper).

So, let’s say you called then and asked for how much they charge for their 2 inches by
1 column advert and they say it cost N7,000 only.

What you will now do is to design a simple classified advert in form of a question to
place in that paper.
The advert must be able to quickly capture the attention of people who are eager to
treat their hair loss at one glance.
The advert would be something as simple as this.

                                 Are You Suffering
                                 From HAIR LOSS?
                                   Get the Number One Solution Today.
                                    For FULL Details, Send your Phone
                                   no and email Address to 0703xxxxxxx

You will now proceed to pay them to ensure that your advert is published.
Once it is published, it is time for you to measure the responses. If the responses are
great, that means you have got a HOT market there.

But if you have slow responses of one person today, 3 tomorrow, e.t.c. then it means
you don’t have a massive market.

There was a time I tried out a particular market by placing an advert in the Nation
Newspaper. The advert costs N8,000 only as at that time but on the day it was
published, I got over 800 responses that same day.

That is what I am talking about. Mind you, you should only use this method for topics
that you are not sure about and you went to test how HOT the market is before
spending more money or time.

3 Ways To Construct Your Test
Questions When Using This Method

As you can see, the sample classified advert, put up there says
“Are you suffering from HAIR LOSS?
You can also use that one in so many other places simply by
tweaking it. You will now have something like –
“Are You Suffering From Body Odour”
“Are You Tired of Renting a House”
“Are you Tired of Your Boss”
“Are you a Struggling Doctor”
This is the first format you can use.
In the second format, you will also be asking a question but it
would look like this:
e.g. “Are you interested in starting a Bakery?
“Are You Interested in Learning How to play A guitar?
“Are You Interested in Importing Goods From Dubai?
This second method is focused mainly on people who might be
interested in something.
Thirdly, you can use this format:
Would You Like To Know How You
Can Determine The Sex of Your Baby?
Would You Like To Know How To
Master A Guitar In 7 Days?
Would You Like To Discover How
You Can Buy A New Laptop With
N50,000 Or Less?
Anytime, you are placing your advert, make sure the headline is
very catchy. I mean it must be very BOLD and BIG.
Since you are just trying to generate how many people are
interested in your topic, simply tell them to send their contact details
(Name, Email and Address) to (Your Phone Number).
Next, move all the details to an organized sheet of paper and
store them there.
That is your first list of people who are a part of the market
you are trying.
Secondly, I would be showing you how to identify profitable
markets using the Radio or the television.
To start with, if you would look at all the programs been aired
on the radio or TV, they fall into any of the categories below:
(a) News
(b) Advertisements
(c) Interviews
(d) Entertainment
There is actually little that can be gotten from the area of
entertainment which consists of movies, music, sports e.t.c. the same
thing applies to the kind of advertisements which are been aired on
radio and TV.
They are usually adverts by big companies and it is mostly
about their branding or advertisement of their products.
With those 2 eliminated, let’s now look closely at News and
The news, you would have to train your ears to look for
something in the News. What is that thing? You should train your
ears to be able to listen to problems/challenges that people are
Now, when you are listening, you should also be able to
separate unprofitable markets from the ones that will be profitable.
Okay, how do you identify a market that is profitable from the
Do you know that sometimes around November in 2009, the
government said all Okada riders should be using an helmet starting
from January 2010? Now, what’s that?
A profitable Market considering the huge number of Okada
riders in Nigeria.
Now don’t worry, I would tell you how to profit from these
various markets under the section on “Creating Killer Offers”
Also, let me show you an example of a news that us
unprofitable. I heard a news of how a rain made some people
homeless in a big village in one of the Eastern States.
Even if you have a solution for those people’s problems, you
can’t profit from it because they are poor people.
You should understand this.
A better way to get a good knowledge of a profitable market
from the news is when people start to respond to what is been said
on the news to respond to what is been said on the news. That is
why you should listen very well.
Somebody once said that the reason why God gave us two 2
ears and one mouth is so that we can listen more and talk less and I
believe that.
Funny enough, the release is the case, a lot of people waste
away their time talking and talking without doing any form of
reasonable listening and that is why they lose out on great deals.
Let me talk on the second part of identifying profitable markets
which is from interviews.
By interviews here, I am referring to different programmes that
is been aired on radio and TV where more than 2 parties are
And the interviews I am talking about are not the type of
interviews that are politics oriented where everything they talk about
is the government.
I want you to start listening deeply to issues that have to do
with business, financing education and discussion about normal
Then listen to the contributions been made by people who are
calling in.
Most of the times, you will discover that there would be a topic
that most people would keep hammering on. Repeating it over and
over again. That is what we are looking for.
But generally, unless you are experienced, you might not be
able to easily identify profitable ready to be exploited markets from
both news and interviews but as time goes on, you will discover that
it comes to you easily.
And by the way, you only need 1 or 2 profitable markets at a
time to work on and cash from.
Personally, I do not get the markets I target from News and
Interview because there are better means of doing it. One is the
classified advert method that I just explained in the previous section This is getting me
bored, it’s move on to the next method of
locating Profitable Markets.
As far as I am concerned, I think the but offline medium to
locate profitable markets easily is through the additional publications
namely the newspapers and magazines.
By the way, I talked about classified adverts before which can
be found in these publications. But here, we would have to talk about
the editorial contents in news papers and magazines.
The ones we need here are:
(1) The Editor’s Comments
(2) Specialized Sections
(3) News.
In every newspaper or magazine, there is always a section that
is dedicated to the editor to write his view point. If you have been
studying this section very well (Well, I didn’t observe it until I started
looking for markets), you will discover that these edition would
always pick on an topic that is presently hot and talk about it. It only
depends on what the main theme of the publication is.
For instance, if the publication is on the Stock Market, then
usually the editor would talk about the latest race in that industry.
I hope you got what I am saying here? I am not saying all
Editorial viewpoints always point to a profitable market of some kind
No! it doesn’t happen all the time. As a result of fact, they
might be repeating the same thing for over and over again for 2
The solution once again is for you to observe and listen
Let’s talk about specialized sections.
Specialized sections are the various sections of newspapers or
magazines that are devoted to specific topics and is been handled by
For instance, if you go through The Punch Newspaper, you will
discover that Page 4 is always dedicated to something on business
from Monday – Friday as at the time of writing this.
Also, there is also a section titled “Billionaire’s Capsule” as well.
There are sections on sex, dating, fashion, e.t.c.
Your job is to now listen to the responses of people to the
writing on that section.
This is what I mean.
Let’s say the writer handling a particular section wrote an
interesting article on “How to Enjoy Your Marriage”.
After that article, he now calls for feedbacks from readers.
Therefore by the next publication, you will see different types of
responses from people.
The responses they will usually send will be related to the main
article and will usually send will be related to the main article and will
usually be in form of problems and questions that need answers.
I can remember that in one article, the writer talked about 5
reasons why people don’t enjoy their marriages and by the time I
read the replies that came in from people, about 50% of people
complained about the insincerity of their spouse and what they can
do about it.
That is an example of a market telling you that they want
Some other ladies too complained about their spouse’s passion
for a male child.
From those 2 examples, I can easily tell you that there are 2
(1) A market of people who want their spouse/partner to be
Faithful to them.
(2) A market of ladies who want male children because of
pressure from their spouse and families.
It is all about listening once again and observing just pick up
the newspapers and magazines that are close to you right now and
start to flip through them.
As you go through them, observe what people are writing
about and the responses that people are giving.
At times, if you are someone with powerful insight, you don’t
even need people’s responses before you are able to come out with
something profitable.
Let me give a LIVE example.
About 2 weeks ago, My colleague was reading a particular
publication on business and he saw something that caught his
attention. He read an article on how you can use an ordinary phone
to get information from the internet.
Instantly, he quickly drew up an advert for it that said
something like this:
“Would You like to Turn
Your Phone into a Blackberry
That Can Chat, Receive Email,
Face book Alerts e.t.c.”
When the advert got out, responses started to come in from
people which means they were saying “We Want it, give it to us”
We made about N75k from that information alone.
I believe you know by now that this course is not a course that
is solely dedicated to internet marketing.
This course is meant to show you how you can easily use your
knowledge of creating killer offers for profitable markets to make
I am saying this to let you know that once you get a hold of
how the total combinations of this system works, you can also use it
to make money from the people near you.
And that reminds me: I once authored a report titled “3 Ways
To Make Money From People Around You” and what helped me to
write it is the knowledge I have about markets.
If you can go back a little bit, you will remember that I talked
about how my parents went into a business that had a poor market
and It failed woefully. It is a good example of what will happen when
you refuse to observe what is happening around you.
What happened in their case was that they set up a
computer/photocopy business in an environment a huge number of
students and potential customers are absent.
Let me share another LIVE story with you: a colleague of mine
was on a visit to a friend’s office and on getting there, he saw the
guy using a device that helps you to lighter up the keyboard of your
laptop when you are using it in a dark.
He bought a copy for himself and took 10 copies back to his
office, the ten copies were sold within ten minutes of getting back to
his office.
So many things are changing everyday and we need a lot of
things to meet up with them.
At times, I like to just walk up to a fast food restaurant or even
a beer palour and spend some time there. I don’t drink but I go there
to listen to what people are saying.
In the past few years, some things have changed. For instance,
the Nigerian Maize industry has gone to a new height. And that has
led to so many other markets that some smart folks are eating from.
I have a friend who is now into production even though he
started few years back. He just observed that the Nigerian Music
industry was changing and he quickly positioned himself.
Right now, there is a craze about football everywhere you go.
You’ll see people labeling themselves as Arsenal fans, Chelsea Fans,
Man United Fans, e.t.c.
Don’t be fooled. There are markets.
So how do you identify the profitable markets around you? The
answer is in one word. O – B – S – E – R – V – E -.
- What are people around you spending their money on
without struggle?
- What are the problem people are facing that they would like
to solve?
- What are the interests of people around you that thy are
willing to spend money on?
If you can give answers to these questions, you will be
surprised at the number of markets that surround you.
Let me explain this better.
What Are People Around You Spending Their Money On
Without Struggle?
I know people spend money on normal things like food and
clothing but you need to look deeper.
What are people buying right now?
As at the time I am writing this, people are changing their
phones to blackberry phones. So do you know what one smart guy
did? He went online and he ordered for 10, 000 blackberry phones.
He therefore got it at a very cheap cost and when the phones
arrived, he launched into step two of this system which is that he
created a killer offer for the profitable market (killing Crowd) that was
already on round.
Should I tell you something else?
I believe you know that up till now (as at the time of writing
this) there are a lot of Nigerians who are looking for good but cheap
laptop computers.
Another man with a good knowledge of markets discovered this
and he quickly found a way of importing cheap laptops from the
internet. When they arrived, he sold them at N40, 000 per piece.
Can you beat that?
Just think markets - - - markets - - - markets.
When you just sit down and observe what people are spending
their money on freely, that tells you what people like to buy.
And here is a warning:
Never in your life should you ever assume that something
would sell.
The only reason why you should conclude that something
would sell are the thing I am showing you in this course.
Now, that is a more than a warning. It is more of telling you to
avoid a death – trap.
Don’t ever go into a business first before looking for customers.
In all seriousness.
Don’t do it.
That single advice would put you ahead 87% of other startup
Okay, let me discuss the next one.
WHAT Problems Are
The People Around You
Facing That They Would
Like To Solve.
It has always been said that money comes as a result of creating
solutions to problems. There is a little adjustment to that anyway
because not all problems lead to money.
By the way, this is one of the surest ways to quickly start a
business up and running and start profiting from it sharp - - - - -
As usual, here are some Real Life examples: by the way, do you
know that as at the time most of these real life examples were
happening, I had absolutely no knowledge of markets.
It was only when I began to study markets that I now look back
to them.
By the way, do you remember when GSM phones first came into
the market? A lot of problems came along with it as well and it was the
smart guy, who made the money.
For instance, when the phones came, people need a way out to
charge their batteries. Some smart guys quickly sorted that out and
made money by charging phones for people.
Later on those phones started to get faulty. Trust some smart
people, somehow, they quickly managed to learn how to repair phones
and made big money out of it.
I believe you are getting this.
Here is another one.
When I was on campus, the electricity was bad. Very bad. So a
friend of mine who happened to be an engineering student came up
with something:
He created a system whereby he would supply power to about
40 rooms from his own generator from the hour of 6pm – 12am
All he told them to pay is N20 per day for each room which they
gladly did.
Now, think about it. How much is that. That is N800 for him
every day just for putting on the generator that he initially bought for
his own use.
He was able to do that because he saw a NEED and he filled it.
You too can do that.
Just turn yourself into a “Problem Finder”. Look for problems
around you that they seriously want to get out of?
If you leave in an environment where people are having
problems with disposing their wastes, do a little observation and
survey to know how much they are willing to pay, create a system and
help them out. They will be putting money in your hand and thanking
you at the same time.
But the question is “WOULD YOU DO IT?”
Anyway, you can just take the statement below and put it in
large letters where you can see it often. The statement is:
“Problems Are Money!
What Are The Problems
Around Me That Can Make Me
Money Today?”

Think about that.
Open your eyes and give it a deep thought.
Let’s move on.
What Are The Interests Of People Around You
That They Are Willing To Pay Money For
Not only problems are money. People’s passion and interests
are also money as well.
People love to enjoy themselves even when they are paying for
it like crazy.
As I am writing this, I am looking at an advert been shown on
the TV about a comedy show that is coming up. The gate fee is N5,
000 and there are 3, 000 seats.
Now would those seats be filled up? I bet you that they would.
When I was in school, some very smart guys (this was in 2004)
observed and the discovered that a lot of guys were passionate about
watching football. So they quickly borrowed some money (Notice the
word borrow) and they set up a rugged wooden building with a
single television set.
Did it worked?
Why would it fail? People were already hungry for it. This
wasn’t a problem. It was peoples passion and interests.
As a matter of fact, the guys had to pull down the place 2
weeks later and expand it. They even had to buy another television
set as well. Why? They were able to locate a hungry market.

Later on, these same set of innovative guys discovered another
market right there on campus. They discovered a market of ladies
who were longing to watch all the various shows and movies been
shown on African Magic.
So they quickly edited their timetable, Guys who wanted to
watch football would come earlier and the ladies would spend the
rest of the day enjoying themselves.
Funny enough, once they started, they were surprised that a
lot of guys showed up as well. Guys who came to the show because
of their girlfriends and guys who just wanted to watch the shows as
Did you get this? by the way, not all passion and interests
would produce money. You need to know that.
Apart from that, it depends, majorly on the environment.
People would vote their money their money for survival then paying
for passion/interests. What I mean is that if somebody is hungry and
you now gave him money to watch football. He would spend the
money on food unless he is one of these die – hard football fans and
there are many of them out there.
I once heard that complete sports outsells the Punch
Newspaper. I don’t know how true that is but I guess so because I
have observed how people are buying it everywhere I go.
And why do these people buy complete sports like that?
Because they are PASSIONATE about sports? Funny enough,
most of the people who buy it do so because of football.
Okay, let’s do something to examine if you truly understand
everything I have been saying here.

Pick up a sheet of paper and a pen and answer the question
(1) Look Around You And Write Down 10 Things That People In
your Environment Are Spending Their Money On Without
Any Struggle
(2) Look Around You And Write Down 10 Problems That People
In Your Environment Would Willingly Pay For If They Found
A Solution To It
(3) Look Around You And Write down 5 Passions Or Interests Of
People That They Are Willing To Spend Money On.

I wasn’t willing to add this part at first because I want you to
know that I am not just somebody who knows about Online
Marketing Alone.
I had to change that anyway because the internet has come to
stay as a part of our lives and it is wisdom to live with that truth.
With that been said, let’s start the talk about how you can
identify profitable markets online.
There are over 50 ways to identify profitable markets online but
I wont go into all of them because this is not an internet marketing
course. I would only talk about 2 simple and very powerful ways to
identify markets using the internet.
Actually, both of them are even similar to one another.
The 2 means I am talking about are!
(1) Forums
(2) Social Communities
Let’s look into them one after another.
To start with, what are Online Forums?
Online forums are websites where people come to discuss
related topics. For instance, there are forums that are specifically for students. There
are forums for internet marketers. There are forums
where people discuss health issues e.t.c.
Now, here is the deal:
Because people are able to come together to ask questions and
even reply others, it gives you an open ground to know the things
that people are suffering from, passionate about and are willing to
pay for.
Once again, the word here is OBSERVE.
Let me explain: there is a forum here in Nigeria with the
highest number of members. This forum is called and
it different categories on it. There are categories that are meant for
jobless people, categories where people can discuss romance,
business, real estates, e.t.c.
Let’s say you want to discover a profitable market from the
Romance Section for example, here is what you will do.
You will go to the Romance Category and look out for the
various topics that catches your attention in the forum. Not only that,
you will also observe how many people on the forum have viewed
that topic.
You will be able to quickly know how hot a profitable market is
by the number of views and what people are saying.
Let me tell you something about VIEWS when it comes to
online forums.
When you see a topic from somebody who is having a pain and
wants a solution to it, (e.g. Fibroid) that person would come to the
forum and post something like “Help! How do I cure fibroid?”
Now, that is a post from just a single person. But before you
know it, that post will have over 3,000 news. Why?
This is simply because there are 3 types of people who would
view that type of post. They are:
(1) People who have Fibroid Problems or who have
somebody with fibroid Problems -75%.
(2) People who want to comment and give their opinon
(Either Genuine or False on how fibroid can be
treated) – 22%
(3) A Marketer (like me) who is just researching and
looking for a profitable market – 3%.
Can you see that?
75% of the people that came to view that post did so because
the word “Fibroid” attracted them because they have something to
do with it.
That instantly tells you that there are so many people who are
interested in getting a reliable solution to the problem that was
So, if you now go to other forums, that have to do with
(Health), you will definitely see that so many other people are also
interested in the answers.
Now, that is a market for to profit from.
In short, the easiest ways to locate profitable markets in online
forums is by watching out for 2 things. They are:
(1) Questions – That starts with words like how, what
who, help, I need, which, e.t.c.
(2) VIEWS – Any question that has to do with a
problem that someone is facing with lots of views is
a potential market to look into.

Now, not all questions reveal markets. I hope you know that.
For instance, there is a difference between someone who says “how
do you think the 2011 elections would look like” and somebody who
says “How can I open a U.S. Bank Account?
The first question does not relate with a problem or challenge
that somebody wants to solve while the second one does? So, if you
get to a forum and a question like the 1st one has 5000 views while
the 2nd one has 1500 views, don’t be mistaken to think that there is
group of people” who would like to know how the 2011 elections
would look like.
Another thing you should know when planning to use online
forums to discover profitable markets is the fact that you must know
the area of life that you want to target.
What I mean is that Online Forums are usually categorized
either topically, gender, nationality e.t.c.
That is why you can see forums that are specifically for dating.
Some are specifically for guys, some are for ladies, some are for
doctors alone e.t.c.
And locating the type of forums you want is quite easy. Just go
to and enter something like (Doctors + Forums) if you
are looking for a forum where doctors have their discussions.
Oh! Lest I forget, I haven’t given any real life case scenario.
Let me do that now!
One of my friends was looking for a market online at a time.
(Using nairaland specifically) and he came across a market of people
who were looking for genuine information on schooling abroad at
cheaper costs.
As soon as he noticed that he quickly found a way to collect
their contact details. He now went on a search to look for what they
were looking for.
When he got it, he contacted them that he had the information
they were looking for and they quickly noted for it when 20 of them
paid N5000 for it that same day.
That is a taste of what you can get when you carefully target
the right market.
I am so enthuastic about this because I know that once you get
this right, it will cause a total change in your business if you are
already doing one. It will also help you to see what is faulty about
the way so many people do business.
Let’s now talk about something else, let’s talk about how to use
social communities.
Let me start this topic by letting you know that anywhere a
group of people come together and TALK, there are lots of profitable
markets to be gotten from their discussions.
“Social communities” are online websites where people discuss
as well.
Right now, people are crazy about facebook now and if you go
there to observe what is been talked about, you will discover
profitable markets.
I have never used this system before but I know it will work
since forums work.

Apart from facebook, my space is also there and so many
It starts with you adding friends, joining a group and then
listening to what they are saying and observing what is going on in
that community.
I am about to get to the end of this part of the course but
before I do so, I would like to share a real life story that I just
remembered with you.
How Mr. Lateef uncovered a Profitable Market from a
Dog Magazine and Generated Over $10,000 from it.
One of my Internet Marketing colleagues (Lateef Olajide by
name) shared a story wit us some few years back.
He was reading a magazine and he read a story of how a dog
bite a young girl in Chicago and she died (Now, start to remind
yourself of what I told you about identify profitable markets from the
editorial content in newspapers and magazines) he went online to do
some research and he discovered that there was so much talk about
it in Dog Online Forums.
So, he quickly consulted some Dog experts (One of them was
Judge Bush’s Dog Advisor) these experts helped him to create an
ebook on how to stop dog bite.
He launched that book online and the rest is history. A lot of
copies was sold and it continues to sell till this day.
I was reading a post on Dan Kennedy’s blog this morning when
he was talking about the fact that “Markets Are Everywhere”
He talked about markets of Baseballs, Footballs, Basketballs.
Talk about it.

I mean if some group of people are die – hand fans of
basketball, what can you sell to them?
You can sell them basketball cards, jerseys, caps, wallpapers of
basket ballers - - - - just name it.
Friend your time of financial independence is almost here. Just
crack the “markets” code and you are there.
When you see or hear the word “marketing”, this is where it
starts from.
Once there is a mistake in selecting the market, that is the end.
By the way, this material is not something you glance through
and leave it at that.
If you do that, it simply means one thing.
You Are Not Passionate About Been Financially
I didn’t learn all these things in a single day. It took me some
time to learn them and I hope you would appreciate the way by
which I have been able to compile them in one piece as I have done
I happen to major in the business of selling information but
what I have presented here can be applied to any type of business
done either online or offline.
Once again - - - - - the key is “THINK MARKETS”.
Before you start that business, Are these people who will buy
from you that you can reach?

Before you write that book, are you sure that there is a set of
people who will vote with their wallets to read what you have
Do the “market” research first and you wont be disappointed by
the time you start your money making machine with other things in

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