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									In This Issue: APPLE FEST 2012, PAGES 8-9; GOOD EATS AT MMC, PAGE 10

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 Get Your Griffin On!

All photos courtesy of Reimy Gonzalez

Game on, Griffins! Check out Pages 6 and 7 for Taylor Morgan’s inside scoop on this year’s Griffin Games and what it truly
means to be Marymount Manhattan College’s favorite mythical creature!

PAGE 2                                                          THE MONITOR                                                    SEPTEMBER 2012

           The Monitor Staff
               EDITOR IN CHIEF
                                                                        Letter from the Editor
                Lindsey Sullivan                          	      I	cannot	believe	we	are	already	entering	the	third	week	of	classes	at	our	cozy	college	of	the	
                                                        liberal arts in the Big Apple! My Griffin Guide is already full of chicken scratched and starred dates
                                                        and	times.	While	in	the	Commons	and	the	Nugent	Lounge,	I	have	already	heard	various	snippets	of	
                                                        students	exclaiming	about	how	much	reading	they	have	to	do	within	24	hours	or	how	little	sleep	they	
                Erin Shanley
                                                        were	able	to	get	within	the	past	2	days.	
                                                        	        To	be	sure,	assimilating	to	a	new	schedule	can	be	terrifying,	and	thinking	about	all	the	tasks	
                                                        one	has	to	perform	in	a	matter	of	days	can	be	mind	numbing.	Nevertheless,	I	encourage	the	MMC	
             Sarina Bloodgood                           community	in	its	entirety	to	remember	the	importance	of	taking	care	of	the	self.
                                                        	        Take	a	night	for	yourself	to	eat	Ben	and	Jerry’s	and	watch	Jenna	Marbles.	Go	see	that	
                ONLINE EDITOR                           Broadway	show	you’re	been	saving	up	for.	Go	for	a	run	on	the	High	Line.	Remind	yourself	of	who	
                 Taylor Morgan                          you	are	and	what	you	love.	If	you	wake	up	knowing	you	are	literally	going	to	be	at	school	for	12	
                                                        hours,	wear	your	favorite	shirt	or	hat.	The	smallest	gestures	can	provoke	the	most	effective	attitude	
            PRODUCTION EDITOR                           changes.
               K. Chaney Long                           	        Of	course,	one	has	to	remember	why	we	are	attending	Marymount	Manhattan	College.	
                                                        We are here first and foremost to receive an education at the collegiate level. Discipline yourself.
                 NEWS EDITOR                            This	does	not	mean	turning	one’s	self	into	a	work	horse	on	auto-pilot.	This	can	mean	reading	5	
                   Molly Ward                           pages	per	night	before	your	next	class	as	opposed	to	saving	it	all	for	the	night	before	or	morning	of.	
                                                        Practice	that	song	or	routine	for	15	minutes	out	of	your	day.	Respect	your	friend’s	inability	to	hang	
              FEATURES EDITOR                           out	during	a	stressful	week.	The	littlest	changes	can	provoke	the	most	effective	results.	
                Juliann Lajeskie                        	        There	has	to	be	a	perfect	balance	of	the	two:	self	love	and	self	discipline.	I’m	not	sure	if	I	
                                                        myself	have	found	that	balance,	but	giving	one’s	self	time	is	the	one	of	the	best	gifts	one	can	give.	
                 COPY EDITOR                            	        Celebrate	being	a	student	or	member	of	this	community.	We	all	did	an	excellent	job	of	that	
                 Chelsea Gentile                        this	past	Wednesday.	Apple	Fest	2012	was	alive	and	well	with	joy	and	school	pride.	Read	Herbert	
                                                        Duran’s story about the event on Page 9 and be sure not to miss Savannah Devore’s photos on Page
               PHOTO MANAGER                            8!
                 Reimy Gonzalez                         	        I	actually	still	haven’t	taken	off	my	wristband	from	the	event.	Though	Apple	Fest	is	over,	
                                                        the	sense	of	unity	and	MMC	pride	is	something	I	myself	want	to	be	reminded	of	for	as	long	as	pos-
              Kelsey O’Brien                                                                                        Lindsey Sullivan

               Herbert Duran
              Nadia Shammas
                                                                           Where in the World?
               Alexis van Dijk

               Chris Calfa
                Joe Liner

                STAFF ADVISOR
                  Melissa Benca

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SEPTEMBER 2012                                                        STUDENT LIFE                                                                                PAGE 3

Fashion’s One Night                                                 International Day of Peace
                                                        By Alexis van Dijk
      Stands                                            Staff Writer

By Chris Calfa                                                   You	 are	 talented.	 	 Really.	 	 You	 have	 the	
Guest Writer                                            power	 to	 contribute	 to	 movements	 in	 your	 own	
	       I	 was	 originally	 asked	 to	 write	 about	    special	way	—as	a	dancer,	an	athlete,	an	actor,	or	
top	 10	 “must	 haves”	 in	 the	 closet	 for	 Fall	     a	scientist.
2012.	 I,	 being	 the	 stubborn	 bitch	 that	 I	 am,	   	        Or	maybe	you’re	a	writer,	a	musician,	an	
complained	and	stated	that	half	of	the	things	          entrepreneur,	 a	 good	 listener,	 a	 great	 friend,	 or	 a	
meant	 to	 be	 big	 in	 fashion,	 much	 like	 the	      compassionate	 volunteer.	 You	 are	 admired	 for	
Segway,	 non-Apple	 mp3	 players,	 and	 Mariah	
                                                        your	 talents	 no	 matter	 what	 they	 are;	 they	 draw	
Carey’s	career/personality,	do	not	take	off.		
                                                        attention to you. So what if that attention was used
        For	example,	last	year,	the	big	trend	of	
Fall	2012	was	supposed	to	be	“colored	denim”	           to	promote	a	greater	good,	like	peace?
(If	 anyone	 can	 recall	 this,	 you	 get	 a	 Friend	           On Friday September 21st, people from
Request).	I’m	the	last	person	to	be	asked	for	          around	 the	 world	 will	 be	 participating	 in	 the	
fashion	advice.	                                        International Day of Peace. On that day, peace is
        I	 know	 I	 highly	 resemble	 George	           celebrated	in	hundreds	of	creative	and	entertaining	
Clooney	 and	 Channing	 Tatum,	 get	 it	 all	 the	
                                                        ways.		Many	people,	however,	are	unaware	of	what	
time…	but	I	have	the	fashion	sense	of	Barney	
                                                        this	day	truly	means.
Stinson’s	 nerdy	 cousin	 from	 the	 state	 of	
Washington.	 I	 also	 cannot	 keep	 up	 with	 the	      	         This	 day	 is	 much	 more	 than	 a	 hippie	
times	 and	 what	 these	 crazy	 kids	 are	 doing	       gathering	or	an	excuse	to	listen	to	jam	bands	and	
these	days.	I	haven’t	even	seen	Ted	yet.		              wear rainbow colors. The International Day of
        Instead,	 I	 thought	 that	 it	 would	 be	
                                                        Peace	is	a	program	crafted	by	the	United	Nations:	
better	to	look	back	on	all	the	horrendous	trends	
                                                        “The	 Culture	 of	 Peace	 Initiative”	 (CIP).	 	 The	
that	 have been	popular;	those	“staple	pieces”	
that	we	still	question	as	to	why	anybody	ever	          UN	strives	to	promote	peace	for	the	greater	good	
thought	 they	 were	 socially	 acceptable	 to	          because	 it	 can	 touch	 on	 very	 important	 issues,	
wear.	                                                  such	as	the	end	of	armed	wars.		According	to	the	
                                                        UN,	 “Peace	 [also]	 enables	 development,	 which	
The Top 10 Trends I Believe Should                      is	 critical	 in	 providing	 opportunities	 for	 young	
Never Have Happened                                     people,	particularly	those	in	emerging	countries.”	
10. Hipster Glasses                                     	        Various	events	will	take	place	across	New	
I	don’t	care	how	ironic	it	is	or	how	nerdy	you	         York	City,	such	as	Free	Yoga	(Global	Mala	Yoga	
look.                                                   for	Peace),	all	day	celebrations	of	art	performances	                Photo courtesy of
	9. Bell Bottom Pants                                   in	music	and	dance	in	Central	Park,	and	free	hugs	
They’re	only	good	for	hiding	your	kankles.              for peace. Peace Day will also host a minute of                are	 anything	 but	 short	 of	 talent.	 	 If	 you	 believe	
	8. Crocs                                               silence,	 held	 at	 noon	 in	 each	 of	 the	 time	 zones	      in peace, be sure to spread the word. Share the
	….Whoopi…                                              around	the	globe.		Many	more	events	can	be	found	              date	 with	 a	 friend,	 write	 it	 on	 a	 board	 in	 your	
	7. G-String with Low rise Jeans                        online	at	                                     classroom,	 update	 your	 Facebook	 status,	 or	 go	
I’m	 sorry,	 are	 you	 Britney	 Spears?	 Oh	 no?	                                                                      big:	log-on	to	and	create	an	event	
Didn’t	think	so.                                                  Aside from these specific events, peace
                                                                                                                       in	your	community	(or	at	school)	that	will	inspire	
	6. Silly Bandz                                         organizations	urge	the	public	to	celebrate	peace	in	a	
                                                                                                                       peace.	 is	 also	 a	 great	 place	 to	
That	was	a	good	summer…                                 personalized	way.		This	can	be	as	simple	as	forgiving	
	5. Turtle Neck Sweaters                                                                                               start.		Natalie	Tuero,	a	junior	at	MMC,	explains	the	
                                                        a	friend,	holding	the	door	for	a	stranger,	smiling,	
Jinkies,	where’s	Scooby?                                                                                               nature	of	peace	well,	“It	starts	with	ONE	person,	
                                                        writing	a	letter	to	thank	our	troops,	making	peace	
 4. Newsboy Caps                                                                                                       then	little	by	little	you	can	see	a	change.”
                                                        with	yourself	for	a	day,	or	utilizing	your	individual	
They	won’t	seize	the	day.                                                                                              	        If	 it	 feels	 as	 though	 there	 is	 not	 enough	
                                                        talents	 to	 create	 a	 masterpiece.	
 3. Fur Hats
                                                        is a non-profit organization whose mission is to,              time	for	events	to	be	organized	on	such	short	notice	
No	comment.
                                                        “Inspire	everyone	to	use	his/her	talent	and	energy	            before Peace Day and that it is too late to create
 2. Abercrombie & Fitch
If	 you’re	 not	 under	 the	 age	 of	 12,	 you	 have	   for	 building	 peace	 and	 togetherness.	 This	 will	          your	 own	 “Masterpeace,”	 remember	 that	 Peace	
no	excuse.                                              lead	to	a	more	sustainable	world	with	less	armed	              Day is an annual event, and more importantly, it is
1.Grills                                                conflict.”                                                     here	to	remind	you	that	world	peace	should	be	the	
If	you	ever	thought	this	was	cool,	you	should	                                                                         norm.
                                                        	        Marymount	 Manhattan	 College	 students	
go	see	Dr.	Grayson	on	the	8th	Floor.
PAGE 4                                                                       STUDENT LIFE                                                        SEPTEMBER 2012

                                Fall Street Fair Guide 2012
By Sarina Bloodgood	                                                  GreenFlea	 Market,	 on	 the	 other	 hand,	 has	    new	 harvest	 and	 Halloween	 than	 by	 picking	 up	 a	
                                                                              all	your	vintage	wants	and	desires.	       pumpkin	at	your	local	farmers	market!
                                                                              Located	 on	 Columbus	 Avenue	                      Feeling	more	artsy?	Check	out	something	
                                                                              between	 West	 76th	 and	 77th,	 this	     called Art in Odd Places the first week of October.
                                                                               flea market offers everything from        All along 14th Street, artists create performance art
                                                                               antiques	 to	 one-of-a-kind	 jewelry	     in	public	places.	Although	it	may	seem	a	little	out	
                                                                                and	household	items.	Both	indoor	        of sorts to exit the subway only to find a random
                                                                                and outdoor fleas take place every       man	knitted	from	head-to-toe	in	yarn,	this	fun	street	
                                                                                 Saturday and Sunday year round.         art	affair	is	surely	one	not	to	miss.
                                                                                 This flea market also offers a                   Like art, but in the musical or film sense?
                                                                                 wide	variety	of	gourmet	food	as	        CMJ	Music	Marathon	is	your	go-to	spot	this	fall.	
                                                                                  well	 as	 GreenMarket	 across	 the	    From	 October	 16th	 to	 the	 20th,	 CMJ	 hosts	 over	
                                                                                  street,	which	has	locally-grown,	      1,300	 music	 performances	 throughout	 the	 city.	 If	
                                                                                  fresh food for sale. These fleas       you	buy	a	pass,	you	have	access	to	panels,	seminars,	
                                                                                   are	 your	 go-to	 for	 bargains.	     special	 events,	 parties,	 mixers,	 and	 events.	 CMJ	
                                                                                   Besides,	 who	 can	 deny	 cheap	      will	be	headquartered	at	NYU’s	Greenwich	Village	
                                                                                    buys	and	great	food?	         	      campus	this	year,	which	is	only	a	few	blocks	away	
                                                                                    Speaking of food, who doesn’t        from	 some	 of	 New	 York	 City’s	 greatest	 nightlife	
                                                                                    love	 farmers	 markets?	 Year	       hot	spots.	This	music	marathon	is	sure	to	keep	you	
                                                                                    round, areas like Union Square,      pumped up for five days of fun!
                                                               South Village, and Hester Square host farmers                      Want	 to	 just	 relax	 and	 take	 it	 easy	 this	
           New York City is specifically known for             markets	to	promote	locally	grown	fresh	produce.	In	       fall?	Autumn	 is	 in	 the	 air;	 why	 not	 enjoy	 a	 street	
its	unique	festivities.	While	summer	is	the	hype	of	
the	festival	season,	fall	offers	some	equally	good	
opportunities	to	get	your	chow	and	fun	on.	From	
flea markets to food festivals, there is plenty of
street	 fair	 fun	 to	 experience	 this	 fall	 in	 the	 Big	
           Looking	 to	 shop	 until	 you	 drop?	 The	
Brooklyn	Flea	or	GreenFlea	Market	are	your	go-
to!	 Brooklyn	 Flea,	 located	 in	 both	 Fort	 Greene	
and	 Williamsburg,	 offers	 copious	 amounts	 of	
goodies	 from	 clothing	 to	 artwork	 to	 jewelry.	
You’re bound to find a diamond in the rough at
this	 little	 gem.	 There	 are	 plenty	 of	 vendors	 to	
check	 out,	 and	 the	 waterfront	 view	 isn’t	 so	 bad	
either. This festival operates every Saturday and              the	fall,	these	markets	can	offer	fall	vegetables	like	   fair!	On	November	14th	and	15th,	autumn	themed	
Sunday until November 18th.                                    squash	and	pumpkins.	No	better	way	to	celebrate	a	        fairs are held on Times Square and Sixth Avenue
                                                                                                                         between 34th & 42nd Street to get you ready for the
                                                                                                                         upcoming	 holiday	 season.	 Food,	 fun,	 and	 games	
                                                                                                                         bring	social	merriment	and	entertainment	to	these	
                                                                                                                         two	events.	Make	sure	to	wear	your	fall	colors	and	
                                                                                                                         get	ready	to	delve	into	pumpkin	dishes	as	well	as	
                                                                                                                         stock-up	on	fall	decorations	for	your	apartment!
                                                                                                                                  Although	summer	has	come	and	gone,	that	
                                                                                                                         doesn’t	 mean	 you	 can’t	 enjoy	 the	 last	 remaining	
                                                                                                                         months of nice weather. Suit up in your scarves
                                                                                                                         and	boots,	and	venture	out	into	what	the	city	has	to	
                                                                                                                         offer.	Whether	it’s	food,	art,	music,	or	just	enjoying	
                                                                                                                         a	 social	 atmosphere,	 street	 festivals	 are	 the	 best	
                                                                                                                         option	for	city	fun	this	fall!	

                                                                                                                                             Photos courtesy of Lindsey Sullivan
SEPTEMBER 2012                                                              STUDENT LIFE                                                                            PAGE 5

                          Joe Liner Takes the “Fun Pledge”
By Joe Liner                                               of mummies and marble.                                  for $7. If you’re already skeptical of how that
Guest Writer                                                        With that in mind, I have decided that         turned out, don’t be.
          As a senior slated for graduation this           this will be, for me, a year of new experiences,                 The portion sizes were great, and the
upcoming spring, I often worry if I will be able           and I am starting with leisure activities. A quick      quality of the meal was worth far more than the
to live in this city without housing assistance            scan of the Internet will reveal I am definitely        actual cost paid. I am compelled to replicate this
or the support of my parents. I have concluded             not the first one to come up with this plan.            mind-blowing food deal again and again.
that the bottom line is simply this: If I can’t find                Now comes the hard part: sorting through                At first, this goal of mine may not seem
gainful, full-time employment after I graduate, I          the seemingly endless options for things that are       to be particularly remarkable, but one must keep
will leave New York.                                       a.) enjoyable, b.) affordable, and c.) things to        in mind that for much of my life, I have been so
          It’s funny how endings - or the threat           which I can drag at least one friend along with         ridiculously lazy that it boggles the mind. While
of them - tend to inspire a panicked sense of              me since I’m not fond of solo activities (That’s        I don’t believe that life is as short as some people
shortcoming in many people, myself included.               next year’s goal).                                      like to say it is, at the same time, I don’t want the
With the prospect of leaving sitting so heavily                     My target is at least one exciting new         memories I had of when I was young to read like
on the horizon, I can’t help but think that in             activity per week. I already see myself focusing        some horrible book entitled My Netflix Account
the years since I came here for college, I have            on culinary activities, for several reasons: first,     and Me: An Anthology of Wasted Youth.
not fully explored the rich, exciting options for          part of being an adult is admitting that I have a                It is the little things that can make an
entertainment or experience New York City has              less than satisfactory diet, and changing that.         average day seem special, and that’s all I am
to offer.                                                           Second, I’d like to not subsist wholly off     really hoping to get out of this experiment; an
          Before recently, something within me             of my meal plan, particularly on weekends and           escape from the mundane, at little financial cost
was simply too lazy or apathetic to even begin             days that I don’t have class; I don’t think I can       to myself. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?
seeking out exciting activities that my friends            bear the judging eyes of the delivery man after                  Aiming for less than total perfection in
and I could do on the cheap. If it involved a train        ordering from Midnight Express more than three          the things one does is a great way to feel good
or bus ride longer than twenty minutes, it was             nights in a row!                                        about one’s self. As far as my confidence is
out of the question. There are only so many times                   Third, I refuse to believe that eating out     concerned, I’m already halfway there! Phew!
one can go to the Met before they’ve had their fill        has to be expensive. This past week, I found a          That was easy! Now, let’s get started!
                                                           nice, sit-down Malaysian restaurant with entrees

                              1760: A Home Away from Home
By Erin Shanley                                            The	building	also	has	a	large	laundry	room	with	        1760	 resident,	 says	 that	 what	 his	 room	 lacks	 in	
Print Managing Editor	                                     an extensive amount of machines, a fitness center,      size	is	made	up	for	in	other	areas,	“My	bedroom	
         Studying meets comfort this year for              which	 is	 included	 in	 the	 housing	 deposit,	 and	   is	really	small,	but	there	are	a	few	upsides.	I	have	
Marymount	 Manhattan	 College	 students	 living	           study	rooms	for	students	to	do	homework	in.		A	         a	really	big	shower,	so	there	is	a	balance.”	
at 1760, the new dorm on 97th Street and                   game	room	with	a	pool	and	hockey	table	is	also	         	        Although	 some	 of	 the	 rooms	 may	 be	
Third	Avenue.	 	Although	 school	 has	 only	 been	         available	for	students	to	meet	up	in	with	friends	      small,	 students	 feel	 that	 they	 have	 an	 adequate	
in	 session	 for	 a	 couple	 of	 weeks,	 1760	 already	    or just relax in front of a flat screen TV.             amount	of	space	to	store	their	belongings.	Morel	
makes	 students	 feel	 at	 home.	 From	 the	 hotel-        	        Jailenn	 	 Morel,	 a	 sophomore	 at	 MMC	      says	she	“Love[s]	all	the	storage	space	for	all	of	
like	 amenities	 to	 the	 community	 areas,	 the	          and	 current	 resident	 of	 1760,	 loves	 what	 the	    [her]	stuff.”
convenience	 that	 these	 dorms	 offer	 makes	 the	        new	building	has	to	offer,	“We	have	really	great	       	        Overall,	 most	 students	 seem	 to	 be	
process	of	settling	back	into	school	much	easier.          amenities	this	year.”                                   enjoying	the	new	building.	“I	really	like	it,”	says	
	        The	 rooms	 in	 MMC’s	 newly	 acquired	           	        The	best	part	of	1760	is	the	warm	sense	       D’Agostino. “It’s super nice. Well, at least my
dorm	building	fall	nothing	short	of	high	quality	          of	community.	The	building	offers	many	common	          room	is.”
living.	In	addition	to	the	standard	bed,	desk,	and	        areas	where	students	can	socialize,	and	since	the	
wardrobe	that	one	would	expect,	each	room	also	            building	is	not	exclusively	owned	by	MMC,	its	
includes	 a	 full	 refrigerator,	 a	 microwave,	 and	 a	   students	 have	 the	 opportunity	 to	 interact	 with	
flat screen cable TV with a built-in DVD player.           students	from	other	schools	in	the	area,	including	
	        Each	 room	 is	 equipped	 with	 a	 personal	      Hunter,	LIM,	and	Baruch.
bathroom	for	roommates	to	share,	as	opposed	to	            	        One	 concern	 that	 students	 have	 raised,	
traditional	community	bathrooms	that	often	serve	          however,	 is	 the	 size	 of	 the	 bedrooms.	 The	
an entire floor.                                           bedrooms	 come	 in	 a	 variety	 of	 sizes,	 ranging	
	        With	 six	 elevators,	 there	 is	 hardly	 ever	   from	comfortably	spacious	to	slightly	cramped.	
an exasperating wait to travel to different floors.                 Tad D’Agostino, another sophomore and
                                                                                                                   Photo courtesy of
PAGE 6                                                                  GET YOUR GRIFFIN ON!                                                    SEPTEMBER 2012

By Taylor Morgan                                                          “I	think	the	whole	idea	of	the	Games	is	to	         attendance	 will	 be	 a	 great	 tool	 for	 clubs	 and	
Online Editor                                                                               encourage	collaboration	and	      organizations	 to	 promote	 themselves,	 get	 new	
	         To	        state	                                                                 healthy	 competition	 and	 to	    student	 involvement,	 and	 generate	 excitement	
the	 obvious,	 the	                                                                         promote	school	spirit	among	      around	school.”
school	 year	 has	                                                                         incoming	students.	Thus	far,	               In	 total,	 there	 are	 33	 Learning	 and	
begun.	 	 Thankfully,	                                                                     there	has	been	a	positive	buzz	    Transfer	Communities	on	campus.		MMC’s	new	
that	 moment	 of	                                                                         among	 the	 incoming	 class,”	      and	improved	Blackboard	tracks	scores	to	make	
being	 in	 the	 wrong	                                                                    said Michael Salmon, Dean           students	aware	of	the	competition’s	progression	
classroom	 during	                                                                        of	Academic	Advisement	and	         –	and	their	competitors.	
the first or second                                                                       Student Retention. “Some                     Prizes	 per	 individual	 include	 a	 Kindle	
day	 of	 classes	 is	                                                                    activities	 involve	 wearing	        Fire,	 dining	 card	 vouchers,	 and	 movie	 tickets.	   	
over. On the flip                                                                        school	 apparel	 to	 class.	 That	   Prizes	 per	 group	 include	 lunch	 with	 President	
side,	this	means	the	                                                                    should	 help	 to	 promote	 a	        Shaver and priority registration come spring.
syllabus	 days	 of	                                                                      good	 feeling	 for	 the	 College	    Individual certificates to students from
introductions	 have	                                                                    among	 students.	 In	 addition,	      winning	 Learning	 	 Communities	 or	 Transfer	
also	 come	 and	                                                                        the	 winners	 will	 have	 their	      Communities	 will	 be	 awarded	 during	 the	
gone.		                                                                                names	placed	on	a	plaque	–	so	         Homecoming Flag Football Game on Saturday,
          Just	 when	                                                                  we	 could	 be	 starting	 a	 new	       October	20th.	This	event	will	be	referred	to	as	
students       finally                                                                 tradition with Griffin Games.”         “the	Closing	Ceremonies.”		
start	 to	 recover	                                                                   	       Ways	 to	 receive	 points	               Most	 importantly,	 the	 winners	 of	 the	
from	 last	 year’s	                                                                   include	the	following:	signing-         Griffin Games will represent the life and heart
h o m e w o r k	                                                                     up	for	an	individual	membership	         of	the	MMC	community;	they	will	represent	the	
wounds,	 planners	                                                                   in	 an	 existing	 student	 club;	        very best of what a Griffin is and should be.
are	       suddenly	                                                                 attending	 a	 meeting	 of	 such	 a	      	        “Marymount	           students	      embrace	
bombarded	 with	                                                                     club	 or	 student	 organization;	        diversity,	take	initiative	to	promote	acceptance,	
chicken	 scratch	 about	                                                             wearing	 MMC	 apparel	 to	 your	         and	have	a	very	high	sense	and	appreciation	of	
papers	and	exams	on	the	horizon.		Bank	accounts	                LC	or	TC	class	session;	attending	an	MMC	event	in	            the	 multitude	 of	 personalities	 the	 school	 and	
aren’t looking so hot thanks to Shakespeare &                   the	Theresa	Lang	Theatre;	meeting	and	introducing	            city	around	them	has	to	offer,”	said	junior	and	
Company,	and	everyone	is	nervously	awaiting	that	               yourself	 to	 your	 assigned	 faculty	 advisor	 during	       Peer Leader Sarah Peterson. “A Griffin isn’t the	delivery.		                                          his/her office hours; submitting an 80-                                      student	who	wins	the	most	points	
          But	 for	 the	 Class	 of	 2016,	 as	 well	 as	 for	   100-word	 summary	                                                            by	attending	a	plethora	of	Theresa	
a	number	of	new	transfer	students,	it’s	much	less	              on	 This is Your                                                              Lang	 Theatre	 events,	 or	 wears	
bland. This is the era of the 2012 Griffin Games.               Brain on Music 9;	                                                            their	 MMC	 apparel	 to	 Learning	
	         Learning	 Communities	 have	 long	 been	 a	           visiting	the	Museum	                                                          Community	         class	      weekly.	
part	 of	 the	 curriculum	 at	 Marymount	 Manhattan	            of	 Natural	 History	                                                          A Griffin is the student who
College.	 Along	 the	 way,	 different	 aspects	 of	             or	 the	 Metropolitan	                                                         recognizes	 the	 reasoning	 behind	
the	 LCs	 were	 tweaked	 within	 the	 program.	 Peer	           Museum	 of	 Art	                                                               the	 Games	 and	 understands	
Leaders gave advice to Dean Salmon, Ben Selznik,                with a group of five                                                           the	 necessity	 to	 build	 a	 strong	
and Suzanne Sorrentino and in time and with                     or	 more	 LC	 or	 TC	                                                           harmony	among	the	school.”	
creativity, the Griffin Games came to life.                     classmates;	 walking	                                                             Game on, new Griffins! And to
          While	freshmen	have	always	been	required	             across	 the	 Brooklyn	                                                          the returning students, definitely
to	 participate,	 the	 Games	 used	 to	 be	 optional	 for	      Bridge	 with	 a	 group	                                                          take	 a	 chance	 to	 get	 in	 on	 the	
transfer	students.	Now,	both	freshmen	and	transfers	            of five or more LC                                                               positive	 vibes	 these	 Games	
have	 the	 opportunity	 to	 partake	 in	 these	 events.	        or	TC	 classmates	 and	                                                          promote.	 	 Involving	 one’s	 self	
The	overall	purpose	of	Learning	Communities	and	                taking	a	group	picture	                                                           around	 campus,	 creating	 a	
Transfer	Communities	is,	and	has	always	been,	to	               on	 the	 Brooklyn	 side	                                                          community	 amongst	 friends,	
create	 a	 sense	 of	 community	 amongst	 students,	            of	 the	 bridge.	 The	 list	                                                      and	 taking	 advantage	 of	 all	
develop	 a	 familiarity	 with	 both	 school	 resources	         goes	on.                                                                           New	 York	 City	 has	 to	 offer	
and	faculty,	and	help	navigate	the	big	bad	city.	               	         “I	 think	 it	                                                           are	all	great	ways	to	celebrate	
          The	Games	began	during	Orientation	Week	              is	 a	 great	 way	 to	 get	                                                        being a Griffin.
and	will	continue	throughout	the	next	six	weeks	of	             members	 of	 the	 LC	                                                              	       “A Griffin is not just a
school.		A	bow	and	arrow	is	not	necessary	for	this	             involved	 on	 campus,”	                                               combination	between	an	insightful	eagle	
one,	 and	 there	 is	 no	 such	 thing	 as	 every	 man	 for	     said	 senior	 and	 Peer	 Leader	 Matt	 Corridoni.	            and	a	strong	lion,”	said	junior	and	Peer	Leader	
themselves.	On	the	contrary,	teamwork	is	required	              “Also,	it	is	a	great	way	to	promote	events	around	            Reimy	Gonzalez.	“It	represents	the	uniqueness	
for	success	in	these	Games.                                     campus.	 In	 the	 future,	 I	 think	 offering	 points	 for	   of	self.”		
SEPTEMBER 2012                          GET YOUR GRIFFIN ON!   PAGE 7

All photos courtesy of Reimy Gonzalez
PAGE 8                                                            APPLE FEST 2012    SEPTEMBER 2012

             Welcome to the Concrete Jungle!

All photos courtesy of Savannah Devore. Check our for more pics!
SEPTEMBER 2012                                                      APPLE FEST 2012                                                                            PAGE 9

                                 United by the Big Apple
By Herbert Duran                                                                             permits	and	parking	       with a life-size griffin, while you’re waiting for
Staff Writer                                                                                 signs	 was	 very	          your	 funnel	 cake	 to	 be	 ready	 on	 a	 Wednesday	
        The	      light	                                                                     important	 to	 Apple	      afternoon?”
autumnal	 breeze	 and	                                                                       Fest’s	 existence,	                  This	year’s	Apple	Fest	felt	fresh,	shiny,	
warm	 sun	 set	 the	                                                                         Wallen	 was	 more	         and	crisp	for	new	students,	but	returning	students	
tone	 for	 Marymount	                                                                        concerned	about	the	       had	a	“more	of	the	same”	feeling.	
Manhattan	 College’s	                                                                        outcome,	“start[ing]	                This	 year	 marked	 a	 fourth	 Apple	 Fest	
Apple	 Fest	 2012.	                                                                          the	 year	 off	 with	 a	   for	 senior	 Raghib	 Allie	 Brennan.	 “If	 you’re	 a	
71st Street between                                                                          bang,”	 and	 getting	      people person, go. If not, I’ll meet you at Dallas
2nd	and	3rd	Avenues	                                                                         everyone	 excited	         BBQ.”	
was	blocked	off,	and	                                                                        for	 the	 school	 year	              Senior Patty Diez signed up for three
an	onslaught	of	tables	                                                                      to	attend.		               clubs	at	Apple	Fest,	but	also	thought	“the	clubs	
decorated	 the	 streets	                                                                               “It’s	      a	   got	overshadowed	by	the	free	food,	candy	apples,	
as	 MMC’s	 campus	                                                                           great	 way	 to	 unify	     and	rides.”	
clubs	and	activity	groups	promoted	their	goals	for	       the	 school	 in	 the	 beginning	 of	 a	 new	 year,”	 said	              Technology	 was	 also	 at	 the	 forefront	
this	school	year	and	did	their	best	to	try	and	gain	      Wallen.                                                       of	 this	 year’s	 Apple	 Fest.	 Austin	 Nelson,	 the	
new	members.	                                                      CAB	President	Hannah	Hashmi	loved	the	               newly	appointed	head	of	social	media	at	MMC,	
         A	giant	blow-up	slide	peered	over	the	free	      club	involvement	this	year	and	was	in	awe	of	the	             revealed	 his	 involvement	 in	 MMC’s	 Internet	
candy	apples	and	sand	art	booths,	whilst	students	        “three	 performances	 from	 two	 dance	 clubs	[the	           presence.	 He	 runs	 the	 college’s	 Twitter	 (@
and	faculty	alike	basked	in	a	much-needed	break	          Monkey Masters Crew and Soldiers of
from	academic	concentration.	                             Hip Hop] and a flash mob by the cast
        SGA President Matt Corridoni, MMC                 of	All Shook Up!”	
Event Coordinator Diana Zambrotta, CAB Vice                        CAB Treasurer Sofija Gligorov
President	Megan	Mirsch,	and	CAB’s	Events	Chair	           adored	the	“atmosphere”	during	Apple	
Erica	 Wallen	 spearheaded	 the	 organization	 and	       Fest,	 which	 she	 hopes	 “will	 always	
execution	of	Apple	Fest.	                                 remain	 full	 of	 laughter,	 chatter,	 and	
        Corridoni	 was	 responsible	 for	 reaching	       excited	 freshmen	 accompanied	 with	
out	to	clubs	and	asking	them	what	activities	they	        good	weather.”
would	like	to	do.	                                                 Apple Fest is the first
        “After activities and raffles were finalized,     opportunity	 where	 the	 entire	 student	
I	was	responsible	for	purchasing	the	supplies	clubs	      body is united on the same street. Since
needed and working with Diana Zambrotta to                it’s not class, major, or club specific,
schedule specific events and performances,” said          Apple	 Fest	 forces	 “elbow-to-elbow”	
Corridoni.		                                              proximity	communication.	
                                                                                Transfer student Jamie Deuell           NYCMARYMOUNT),	 Facebook	 (Facebook.
                                                                      thought	 that	 Apple	 Fest	 was	 “fun	 and	       Com/MarymountManhattan),	 and	 YouTube	
                                                                      everyone	 seemed	 happy,”	 and	 he	 also	         (	pages.	
                                                                      said	 it	 made	 him	 feel	 “one	 with	 the	                Nelson	 also	 noted	 the	 success	 of	 the	
                                                                      school.”	                                         hash	 tags,	 #MMC2016	 and	 #MMCAppleFest,	
                                                                                Sophomore Johnny Reinhart               which	 “[left]	 a	 big	 mark	 on	 both	 Instagram	 &	
                                                                      exclaimed,	“I	love	Apple	Fest!,”	citing	          Twitter	and	allow[ed]	us	to	showcase	how	much	
                                                                      “free	food”	and	“hanging	out	with	best	           students	do	enjoy	being	at	MMC.”	
                                                                      friends”	 as	 the	 two	 main	 reasons	 for	                Nelson	 also	 shared	 the	 use	 of	 a	 new	
                                                                      his	 declaration.	 	 Reinhart	 called	Apple	      social media outlet called Storify, “which allows
                                                                      Fest	 “rad	 because	 the	 whole	 MMC	             us	to	create	a	‘story’	from	events	and	post	them	
                                                                      community	 comes	 together	 and	 has	 a	          on	 our	 pages	 [].”	 Like	 any	
                                                                      fun	 time	 before	 we	 get	 too	 deep	 into	      Communication	 Arts	 student	 could	 tell	 you,	
                                                                      classes.”                                         Nelson	believes	that,	”social	media	is	a	new	way	
         Wallen	 was	 responsible	 for	 more	 behind	              Junior	 Jessica	 Kent	 raved	 about	 the	            to	connect.”
the	 scenes	aspects	 of	the	event,	such	as,	“getting	     spontaneity	of	the	event.                                              Whether	 you	 went,	 tweeted	 about	 it	 or	
the	 sound	 permit	 and	 no	 parking	 signs	 from	 the	            	 “Apple	 Fest	 is	 such	 a	 clear	 example	 of	     hated	 it,	 Apple	 Fest	 serves	 as	 one	 of	 the	 few	
precinct.”	                                               what	 makes	 Marymount	 such	 a	 special	 school.	            moments	during	the	school	year	that	allows	the	
         While	 attaining	 frivolous	 things	 like	       I	 mean,	 where	 else	 can	 you	 have	 a	 dance	 party	       entire	student	body	to	come	together	as	one.	
PAGE 10                                                                               MMC NEWS                                                             SEPTEMBER 2012

Election 2012: SGA Promotes the Vote
By Kelsey O’Brien                              will	be	in	the	Commons	from	12	p.m.	                  and Citizenship Day.                          the	 issues	 and	 to	 learn	 more	 about	
Promotional Manager                            to	4	p.m.                                                      On Thursday, September               the	 major	 and	 minor	 parties.	Voting	
	         2012	is	a	big	year.	                          There	will	also	be	two	special	              20th, at 7 p.m., SGA will be hosting          helps	people	become	more	politically	
	         Aside	 from	 the	 impending	         events	during	this	time.	On	Monday,	                  an	 alumni	 guest	 speaker	 in	 Regina	       minded;	 in	 other	 words,	 and	 a	
Mayan	 Apocalypse	 scheduled	 for	             September 17th at 5:30 p.m. in the                    Peruggi. Dotty Lynch was an election          politically	minded	community	is	less	
the end of the year, the United States         Commons, SGA is teaming up with                       news reporter for CBS for over 20             likely	to	devolve	into	an	‘idiocracy’	
of	 America	 is	 faced	 with	 a	 rather	       the Political Science Department for                  years.	                                       than	an	apathetic	one.”
pressing	 decision:	 to	 re-elect	 our	        a film screening of Idiocracy.                                 “Dotty will be presenting                     It	 is	 also	 important	 for	
current	 Commander-in-Chief	 or	 to	                    According	 to	 Political	                    research	she	is	doing	for	a	new	book	         students	 to	 keep	 up-to-date	 on	
elect	a	new	leader.                            Science Professor Kenton Worcester,                   on	press	coverage	in	the	2012	election	       the	 issues	 that	 effect	 them	 most.	
          However,	 in	 order	 to	 be	 a	      Idiocracy is “a 2006 science fiction                  cycle,” explained SGA President               Corridoni	 suggests	 focusing	 on	
part	 of	 this	 decision,	 the	 community	     comedy	 starring	 Luke	 Wilson	 and	                  Matthew	Corridoni.                            the	 cost	 of	 education—especially	
at	 Marymount	 Manhattan	 College	             Maya	 Rudolph	 that	 was	 written	                             Both	      Worcester	       and	     because	 the	 candidates	 have	 very	
needs to register to vote. Student             and	 directed	 by	 Mike	 Judge.	 Luke	                Corridoni	 agree	 that	 it	 is	 important	    different	views	on	the	subject.
Government Association (SGA)                   Wilson	 plays	 a	 befuddled	 modern-                  for	students	to	vote	in	the	upcoming	                  “Students should decide
is	 gearing	 up	 for	 a	 week	 of	 events	     day	 American	 who	 wakes	 up	 500	                   election.                                     for	 themselves	 which	 issues	 matter	
promoting	voter	registration.                  years	in	the	future	and	discovers	that	                        “As	 the	 generation	 who	           most,	 and	 whether	 there	 are	 issues	
          The week of September                he’s	the	smartest	man	on	Earth...The	                 will	 be	 inheriting	 the	 problems	 of	      that	aren’t	being	talked	about	that	are	
17th, SGA will have tables set up              comedy	lies	not	so	much	in	Wilson’s	                  tomorrow,	 we	 should	 care	 deeply	          just	as	important	as	the	issues	listed,”	
throughout	the	school	asking	students	         performance	as	in	Judge’s	portrait	of	                about	the	leaders	who	make	decisions	         said	Professor	Worcester.	
to	register	as	a	new	voter	and	change	         a	thoroughly	brainwashed	and	brain-                   today,“	said	Corridoni.                                Keep	an	open	eye	out	for	the	
their registry to a New York State one.        dead	 society	 that	 can’t	 address	 its	                      Professor	 Worcester	 echoes	        table.	If	anyone	is	unable	to	register	
On	Monday	through	Wednesday,	they	             most	basic	problems.”                                 a	similar	tone:	“The	act	of	registering	      during	time,	he	or	she	can	check	his	
will	 be	 stationed	 in	 Peet’s	 from	 12	              This	 event	 will	 be	 followed	             and	voting	is	valuable	in	part	because	       or	her	MMC	e-mail	regarding	how	to	
p.m.	to	4	p.m.	On	Thursday,	the	table	         by	 a	 discussion	 on	 the	 Constitution	             it	 encourages	 people	 to	 think	 about	     do	so.

                          Bon Appétit: Good Eats at MMC
By Nadia Shammas                                                            Ve g e t a b l e	                While	 this	 and	 others	 like	   minimum	of	a	$10	order.	
Staff Writer                                                                 S o u p ,             it	 are	 good	 deals,	 with	 prices	 on	              The	service	staff	is	reportedly	
	        As	college	students,	there	is	                                      are	       now	       the	 pizzeria	 styled	 combos,	 such	       a	mixed	bunch	in	terms	of	friendliness,	
an	 issue	 that	 weighs	 heavily	 on	 our	                                   available	for	        as	two	slices	and	a	soda	for	$6.50,	        but	 service	 is	 consistently	 fast	 and	
minds,	 stomachs,	 and	 wallets:	 Food.	                                      p u r c h a s e .	   and	 slightly	 higher	 than	 average	       easy.	The	Achilles	 heel	 of	 this	 newly	
We	 generally	 focus	 on	 where	 to	 get	                                     T       h      e	    prices	 on	 snacks	 and	 bottled	           beloved	 establishment	 is	 how	 pricey	
it,	where	it’s	cheap,	and	occasionally,	                                      Commons	             drinks,	prudence	is	suggested	as	to	        it is. Student and 1760 resident Harris
where	 it’s	 good.	 The	 ever	 evolving	                                       k i t c h e n	      not	overdraw	on	one’s	meal	plan	or	         Davon remarked that if not careful,
meal	plan,	as	well	as	our	continuously	                                         has	 also	         bank	account.                               one	 could	 easily	 spend	 $100	 a	 week	
expanding	 college	 menu,	 gives	                                               expanded	                    This can be difficult with        due	to	overuse	of	Midnight	Express’s	
Marymount	 Manhattan	 College	                              its	 menu,	 which	 now	                the	recent	addition	of	the	Midnight	        services.	
students	 a	 good	 foothold	 to	 survive	      includes	cinnamon	sticks	and	newly	                 Express,	an	Americana	style	diner	                    The	 	 College	 continues	 to	
during	long	breaks	between	classes.            designed	garlic	cheesy	sticks.	                     that	is	open	24	hours	every	day,	to	        expand	 the	 choices	 and	 the	 deals	
         When	 strapped	 for	 time,	 we	                 The	 Commons	 also	 now	                  the	MMC	Meal	Plan.	                         available	to	students.	However,	while	
find our savior in the conveniently            features a fine assortment of Seattle’s                       Sophomore and 1760                location	 and	 fast	 service	 might	 be	
located	Commons	Café	and	at	Peet’s	            Best Coffee, in flavors such as Classic,            resident	Leisa	Loan	recommended	            hospitable	 to	 our	 hectic	 New	 York	
Coffee.	A	recent	addition	to	the	Peet’s	       Hazelnut,	and	French	Vanilla,	as	well	              “the	most	awesome	chocolate	chip	           City	lives,	the	choices	given	might	not	
menu	includes	Hale	and	Hearty	soups,	          as	 iced	 tea	 and	 iced	 coffee.	 Various	         waffles,” while fellow sophomore            always	 be	 hospitable	 to	 our	 budgets.	
priced	 at	 $5	 dollars	 for	 a	 container.	   back-to-school	 combos	 are	 being	                 and	 friend	 Kyla	 Bowe	 recounted	         Yet,	with	vigilant	rationing,	a	student	
Hale	 and	 Hearty’s	 famous	 favorites,	       offered,	 such	 as	 a	 burger,	 soda,	 and	         the	penne	a	la	vodka.	The	Midnight	         could	enjoy	the	constantly	developing	
such as Chicken Noodle Soup,                   fries	 for	 $5	 (plus	 tax	 for	 those	 who	        Express	 has	 both	 a	 sit-in	 dining	      myriad	 of	 options	 without	 breaking	
Tomato Basil Soup with Rice, and Ten           pay	with	cash.)	                                    area	 and	 offers	 delivery	 with	 a	       the	bank.
                                                                                                                                                            Photo courtesy of Nadia Shammas
SEPTEMBER 2012                                                                 MMC NEWS                                                                                      PAGE 11

A New Routine: Martha Graham Dance Center
By Lindsey Sullivan                          before	the	start	of	the	semester.”	         while	 classes	 are	 in	 session,	 and	 the	   12:50	p.m.,	and	that	class	is	located	
Editor-in-Chief                                       As	a	result	of	the	new	space,	     institution	 of	 this	 new	 building	 into	    on the seventh floor in the Main
          Do not let their sleek buns        the Dance Department was also able          the Dance Department’s “repertoire”            Building.	 To	 get	 to	 my	 1:00	 p.m.	
and	seemingly	effortless	leaps	in	the	       to	 add	 six	 sections	 of	 classes	 and	   is	sure	to	challenge	dancers	further.          class	at	the	Graham	Building,	I	have	
Black	and	White	Hallway	fool	you.	           additional	rehearsal	spots.                          “It’s	nice	having	more	space	to	      to	get	down	to	the	Front	Lobby.	That	
Marymount	 Manhattan	 College’s	                        “The Dance Department            work	with,”	said	Reid.	“Also,	because	         takes about five minutes, depending
dancers	 work	 it,	 and	 this	 semester,	    would	 have	 been	 completely	              there	 are	now	two	 buildings	 worth	 of	      on the elevator traffic,” explained
Ballet	 and	 Modern	 classes	 in	 the	       maxed	 out	 to	 capacity	 without	          room,	classes	are	smaller	than	                  Scott. “It’s about an eight minute
Great	 Hall	 are	 not	 going	 to	 be	 the	   the	 incorporation	 of	 the	 new	                                                            walk	to	the	new	building,	and	that	
only	 places	 where	 these	 students	
                                                                                                                                          doesn’t	even	take	into	account	the	
will	sweat.
                                                                                                                                           time	 it	 takes	 to	 change	 back	 into	
          MMC’s             Dance
                                                                                                                                           my	 dance	 shoes	 after	 I’m	 done	
Department has incorporated
the	 Martha	 Graham	 Center	
                                                                                                                                                      Getting	 to	 classes	 ten	
of Contemporary Dance into
                                                                                                                                             minutes	apart	from	each	other	is	
their	 students’	 “routines.”	
                                                                                                                                             hectic	enough	at	MMC;	traveling	
Located at 63rd Street between
                                                                                                                                             the	 eight	 blocks	 from	 the	
1st	 and	 2nd	 Avenues,	 the	
                                                                                                                                              College	to	the	Graham	Building	
Graham	 building	 is	 currently	
                                                                                                                                              has students like Scott feeling
serving	 as	 an	 extra	 space	 for	
                                                                                                                                              “stressed”	and	“rushed.”
MMC	dancers	to	attend	classes,	
                                                                                                                                                         MMC’s	 dancers	 are	
live	 their	 passions,	 and	 build	
                                                                                                                                               sure	 to	 take	 advantage	 of	 the	
their	craft.	
                                                                                                                                               new	 Graham	 Building,	 but	
          In	 	 	 addition,	 the	
                                                                                                                                               perhaps	 they	 should	 also	
incorporation	 of	 the	 building	
                                                                                                                                                take	 note	 of	 situations	 like	
was necessary because the Dance
                                                                                                                                                Scott’s. For instance, many
Department has significantly
                                                                                                                                                 dancers have reported to find
expanded	 with	 such	 a	 large	
                                                                                                                                                 it	 helpful	 to	 pack	 a	 snack	 or	
incoming	class	this	fall.		
                                                                                                                                        two	 with	 them	 in	 case	 they	 have	 to	
          “Once	all	the	deposits	were	                                                         they	 would	 be	 with	 everyone	         head	between	buildings	during	lunch	
in	 for	 the	 incoming	 2012	 class,	 it	             building,”	 said	 sophomore	       cramped	in	the	Great	Hall.	This	means	         hours.
became apparent that the Dance               and Dance major Cindy Reid. “The            there	 are	 more	 opportunities	 for	                    The	 long	 walk	 aside,	 one	
and Theatre Departments could no             Graham	 Building	 gives	 students	 the	     individual	 attention	 and	 for	 rehearsal	    cannot	 deny	 the	 advantages	 of	 the	
longer	continue	to	house	the	student	        attention	they	deserve.”                    space, which will definitely be a huge         Graham	 Building,	 many	 of	 which	
body	 in	 the	 space	 currently	 used.	               Since the site is literally        plus during DAW [Dancers at Work]              extend	beyond	an	increase	of	space.
More	 space	 would	 be	 needed,”	            separate	 from	 the	 College,	 MMC	         and	Mainstage.”	                                         “What	 is	 so	 great	 about	
said Dance Administrator Kelly               dancers	 feel	 that	 the	 the	 Graham	               To	 be	 sure,	 the	 increased	        the	 new	 studios	 is	 the	 history	
McCormack.                                   Building	allows	them	the	opportunity	       amount	 of	 dance	 space	 is	 going	 to	       that	 precedes	 us	 there,”	 said	
          According	 to	 McCormack,	         to	truly	focus	on	their	major.              be	 advantageous	 to	 the	 department;	        McCormack.	 “The	 Martha	 Graham	
Katie	 Langan,	 the	 Chair	 of	 the	                  “The	facilities	are	very	nice,”	   nevertheless,	 some	 MMC	 dancers	 are	        Center of Contemporary Dance is
Dance Department, brought the                continued Reid. “It’s definitely a          unhappy	 with	 the	 distance	 between	         not	the	original	place	where	Martha	
Graham	space	to	the	administration’s	        much	 more	 quiet	 environment.	 It’s	      the	Great	Hall	at	71st	and	the	Graham	         made	 her	 famous	 works,	 but	 there	
attention	 when	 trying	 to	 solve	 the	     not	that	we	mind	being	at	the	College	      Building	at	63rd.	                             is definitely some rich history left
space	problem.	                              with	 other	 students,	 but	 the	 Graham	            “The	Graham	Building	is	nice	         behind by the company. The Dance
          “It	 was	 a	 summer	 long	         Building definitely provides a more         once	you	get	there,”	voiced	freshman	          and	Theatre	students	will	still	share	
project of negotiations and finally,         focused	 environment	 for	 us.	 We	         and Dance major Jordaan Scott. “It’s           the	space	with	Graham	II,	the	second	
a	sprucing	up	of	the	space	to	make	          don’t	 hear	 the	 elevators	 dinging	 or	   getting	there	that’s	the	problem.”	            company.	It	will	be	a	great	learning	
it	 ‘Marymount’	 ready,”	 continued	         the	constant	chatter	in	the	Black	and	               According to Scott, it takes          experience	 for	 the	 students	 to	 see	
McCormack.	“In	terms	of	being	able	          White	[hallway].”                           about	ten	minutes	to	get	from	MMC	to	          professionals	 working	 in	 the	 same	
to	 occupy	 the	 space,	 Marymount	                   MMC	 dancers	 work	 their	         the	Graham	Building.	                          space.”
moved	 in	 just	 a	 little	 over	 a	 week	   minds,	 spirits,	 and bodies	 each	 day	             “I	 have	 a	 class	 that	 ends	 at	   Photo courtesy of Lindsey Sullivan
PAGE 12                                                            THE BEAT                                               SEPTEMBER 2012

    President’s Welcome
					Matthew Corridoni, SGA President
   	       It	is	hard	to	believe	that	summer	has	come	to	a	close,	and	we	are	back	at	school.	Apple	Fest	has	made	the	beginning	of	the	school	year	
   “official,” and if the energy of Wednesday’s festivities is a precursor to the rest of the year, I believe we are going to have a great one.
           To those of you returning, I offer a warm welcome back to our academic routine. Though some aspects may reflect years past, it is important
   to	remember	that	each	year	brings	new	and	unique	opportunities.	To	those	of	you	joining	the	MMC	community,	I	offer	you	a	warm	welcome	to	a	
   wonderful	and	vibrant	academic	institution.	
	 			      As president of the Student Government Association, I want all of you to know that the door of the Student Organization Suite is always
   open. SGA’s purpose is to serve you,	and	I	am	committed	to	making	sure	we	live	up	to	our	obligation	of	student	representation	and	service	during	
   the	2012-2013	academic	year.	I	hope	that	all	of	you	will	have	the	opportunity	to	join	us	at	one	of	our	open	meetings,	which	take	place	at	1:00	
		p.m.	on	Monday’s	in	Main	700.	I	also	hope	to	see	all	of	around	campus	at	events	sponsored	by	us,	or	by	one	of	the	other	fantastic	Marymount	
   	       	I	am	excited	to	work	with	all	of	you	over	the	course	of	this	year	and	gain	exposure	to	the	wonderful	qualities	you	possess	and	bring	to	the	
   MMC	community.		

  Upcoming Events

        Voter Registration Drive                             Constitution and                        Dotty Lynch: Media, Politics, and
                                                             Citizenship Day                                       Press
 Where: The Nudge and Com-                                                                           Coverage in the 2012 Presidential
 mons                                            Where: Commons West                                             Election

 When: Monday, September 17th                    When: Monday, September 17th                      Where: Regina Peruggi Room
 - Thursday, September 20th from                 at 5:30 p.m.
 12:00-4:00 p.m.                                                                                   When: Thursday, September 20th at
                                                 Celebrate Constitutionand Citi-                   7:00 p.m.
 SGA will have a table located in                zenship Day with a film screening
 The Nudge from 12:00-4:00 p.m.                  of the movie Idiocracy from the                   Dotty Lynch is an alumnus of Mary-
 Mon-Wed and in the Commons                      creators of The Office. Attending                 mount Manhattan College and cur-
 on Thursday which will have                     this event will earn Griffin Game                 rently an Executive in Residence
 voter registration cards. Anyone                Points, and refreshments will be                  at American University, where she
 wishing to become a new regis-                  provided. A brief discussion of                   founded and teaches in their dual
 tered voter or switch their regis-              Constitution and Citizenship Day                  political communications masters
 tration to New York should stop                 as well as themes in the movie will               program. Lynch spent over 20 years
 by the table. We will also have                 be provided by Social Science Fac-                serving as an editor at the election
 information about voting absen-                 ulty. Co-sponsored by SGA & The                   desk at CBS News in addition to
 tee.                                            Division of Social Sciences                       working as an independent political
                                                                                                   consultant and pollster. Lynch will
 Contact: Matt Corridoni                         Contact: Matt Corridoni                           be presenting a lecture based on re-
 (                            (                              search she is doing for a new book
                                                                                                   about press coverage in the 2012
                                                                                                   election cycle. Attending this event
                                                                                                   will earn Griffin Game Points.

*Disclaimer: This is an SGA publication and is in no way related to the work done by The Monitor. Any questions or concerns please contact SGA at

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