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									                                                                                                FALL 2012
P.O. Box 4 Ft Washington, PA 19034                          814-280-8571

        WE’VE HAD ENOUGH! Over the past year and a half there has been
        an all-out war waged on women in Pennsylvania and throughout the
        US. This War on Women’s Rights must stop NOW!’ These acts of war
        include attempts to reduce and, in some instances, eliminate all
        domestic violence and sexual assault programs, education funding,
        abortion and contraceptive services, and privatize Social Security and
        Medicare. In addition, women’s economic security is essential to our
        family security. Cutting programs such as food stamps, General
        Assistance, public education from kindergarten through college, and
        reducing or eliminating access to health care threatens this security
        and is part of this War on Women. Our country and state have been
        taken over by extremist right-wing forces who seek to end Women’s
        Rights and Worker’s Rights as we know it. We have power though,
        this Tuesday, November 6th we must turn out to vote. Women’s voices must be heard in order to stop
        this war which has been waged against us. In 2008 women, along with the young, low income and
        voters of color surged in an historic turnout which elected our President. We must not remain
        complacent; we must turnout in the same force as we did 4 years ago. We must encourage our friends,
        neighbors, children, family, spouses to join us in taking back our rights to plan families, have access to
        affordable healthcare, good-paying jobs, a strong social-safety net and quality education in our
        neighborhoods. Please remember ON NOVEMBER 6TH GET OUT AND VOTE!

        Julia A. Ramsey
        President, PA NOW
YES, I want to help turn the tide toward a better future for our daughters and granddaughters. I want to ensure safe legal
abortions, birth control, pay equity, lesbian rights, freedom from violence and for all we have fought so long to gain.

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                                   PA LEGISLATION ALERT!!! 2012

PA NOW has been monitoring several pieces of legislation in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Any pending bill can be
passed by October 17, 2012 or can be reintroduced in January, 2013. Some of these bills are good for women and children and
some reverse our steps toward protection and equality. Contact your State Senator and/or Representative regarding these
bills. Visit for more detail.

Voter ID was NOT required to vote in the November 6, 2012 General election. Voter ID is law in 2013.
ACTION: Call to REPEAL this law. Constitutional Challenge in December 2012. Current Courts have not reversed this law.

SB354 – Now Act 38 of 2012 was signed into law May 8, 2012. This law orders the PA State not to comply with the “Real ID Act” of 2005.
This law was passed but not funded. Note: There is a national ID movement which PA NOW will keep you informed through our website

Mandates posting of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline in key locations across PA for victim aid and support, tip
reporting and law enforcement information access and training.
ACTION: Call to SUPPORT this law. October 17 passed House and Senate. Signed by Governor on October 25, 2012.

The Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers Law requires abortion clinics to comply with strict ambulatory surgical facilities regulations
unlike other out-patient clinics forcing clinic closings with highest impact on poor and rural woman. One clinic has shut down in
Pennsylvania. One clinic remains open that was challenged. There are 22 clinics in PA who have moved into a contract relationship with
local hospitals.
ACTION: PA NOW opposes this law and recommends REPEAL of this law.

SB 3 - Bans private insurers in Pennsylvania’s State Exchange created under ACA law from covering even medically necessary abortion
procedures. .
SB 10 - Amends the PA CONSTITUTION to ban enforcement of the insurance mandate under the Affordable Care Act.
ACTION: Call to OPPOSE both laws.

“TANIF” – Look for a bill similar to what has been introduced nationally and in states to defund Planned Parenthood. PA NOW
opposes any defunding of women’s health clinics and any clinics and services provided through Planned Parenthood.

Passed out of the Senate May 2, 2011 and referred to the House Judiciary Committee headed by Senator Stewart Greenleaf. Still stalled in
committee.       ACTION: Call to SUPPORT. Ask your Senator to reintroduce this bill next year.

SB449 – now Act 126 – Signed into law July 5, 2012. Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Act went into effect end of December 2012. Provides
for three hours of training on child abuse in public, private and charter schools. Local women’s organizations to provide the training. The
law is defined as a Public Health Issue. PA NOW supports this legislation.

SB817 – Act 56 – Prohibits the shackling of women prisoners when they are in labor and birthing and prohibits restraints of juveniles in
court. Signed into law May 9, 2012. PA NOW supports this legislation.

Act 815 – “Sexting”. Clarifies difference between child abuse and minors who take nude pictures. Sending and/or distributing such
pictures are a violation of the law.
HB 738/ HB 857/HB 858
Rep. Daryl Metcalfe introduced bills fighting immigration: “National Security Begins at Home” (Commonwealth Citizenship Act). HB 738 is
a version of the Arizona Immigration Law. It denies any public benefits to undocumented immigrants, levies fines, penalizes private
employers, allows police to seize vehicles transporting undocumented workers and makes it a crime to be undocumented. HB 857 is anti-
DREAM ACT legislation. It denies citizenship to children born in the US of immigrant parents. HB 858 mandates PA employers to enroll in
the federal E-verify program to confirm Social Security number, citizenship and address making no exceptions for victims fleeing domestic
ACTION: Call to Oppose all 3 bills.
HB 41 AND SB 9
Both bills require ID for “lawful presence” in the US before receiving any public benefits through Federal, State or Local Agencies: i.e., food
banks, services to Women, Infants & Children ( WIC), and other unspecified services that could include health care, schools, police and fire,
etc. Both bills require registration with Homeland Security’s flawed “Systematic Alien Verification of Entitlement”database. Passed by
Senate with Amendments. Waiting for House vote.
ACTION: Call your State Rep to vote “NO” on SB 9 Concurrence. Oppose both bills

This bill removes funds for public education from struggling school districts by creating a voucher program to send taxpayer monies to
private & parochial schools with little or no oversight as to the education provided in these schools. This bill will probably be introduced
again in 2013.
ACTION: Call to Oppose SB1 which is a Voucher program.
                                 PA NOW PAC ENDORSES
NATIONAL NOW PAC ENDORSED:                Barack OBAMA and Joe BIDEN
                                          Congressional Candidates

            Bob Brady, 1st – Chaka Fattah, 2nd - Charles Dumas – 5th – Manan Trivedi 6th

                Kathryn Boockvar – 8th – Allyson Schwartz 13th – Aryanna Strader 16th

                        PA NOW PAC ENDORSED:                  PA State Wide Candidates

                                     Kathleen Kane, Attorney General

                                   Eugene DePasquale, Auditor General

                                 Patricia Worrell, State Senate 9th District

                                   Rob Teplitz, State Senate 15th District

                                           PA State Representatives

        Ed Gainey 24th – Steve Santarsiero 31st – Sarah Speed 47th – Christopher Dietz 104th

                  Kelly McEntee 105th – Mike Schlossberg – 132nd – Tina Davis 141st

                   Mary Jo Daley 148th – Kelly Devine 150th – Will Sylianteng 151st

                                Ronald Kolla 152nd – Steve McCarter 154th

                       PA NOW PAC Supports: Luana Cleveland- PA Senate 23rd

                               VOTE NOVEMBER 6, 2012

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