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									                                                                                       January 2009
                                                     November 2006Kislev/Tevet 5769
                                                      February 2007

2200 Baltimore Road Rockville, Maryland 20851
2200 Baltimore Road •• Rockville, Maryland 20850                                          Volume 3 • Number 1
                                                                                                                        Volume 1 • Number 1

From the Prayer But Perspective
A Place of President’s Also of Kids’ Play
                                                                                                         Weekly Religious Services
By Jay Goldman                                                                                           Weekly Religious Services
       This new and handsome bulletin format         that we will succeed more than we will           Monday .........6:45 a.m.......... 7:30 p.m.
is a fortuitous metaphor for the many changes        fail. We will since mid-November – one in
Congregation Tikvat Israel has added two new playgrounds witness the vibrant growth of
                                                                                                      Monday ....... 6:45 a.m. ........ 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                      Tuesday ................................. 7:30 p.m.
that of the Israel Congregation will be
front Tikvatshul and the other behind the education wing.
                                                     our community that some don’t expect, but
                                                                                                      Tuesday ................................. 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                      Wednesday ............................ 7:30 p.m.
experiencing this year. Rori Pollak will be activity zones for youngsters during Shabbat,
      They will provide safe and secure fresh-air    that we all want. This has been my philosophy
                                                                                                      Thursday .......6:45 a.m.......... 7:30 p.m.
joining us enrolled in the director of the
for childrenin June as new full-day Broadman-Kaplan Early Childhood Center, for after-
                                                     and approach towards my own career as a          Wednesday ............................ 7:30 p.m.
                             Childhood Center.
Broadman-Kaplan Earlystudents and for the K-6 studentsco-chair of the AEC, and now as
school religious school                              scientist, enrolled at the full-day Hebrew       Friday ............6:45 a.m..........................
                                                                                                      Thursday ...... 6:45 a.m. ........ 7:30 p.m.
Susan Newman has decided to step down
Day Institute.                                       president of the congregation.                   Kabbalat Shabbat................... 6:30 p.m.
         her many years of devoted and
from The eagerly awaited play areas are geared to It is often physical needs ofdon’t fear
                                                           meet the said that people toddlers
                                                                                                      Friday ........... 6:45 a.m. .......................
                                                                                                      Shabbat ........9:30 a.m..........................
outstanding service as our executivestructure is safety-rated for children 2-12 years old and
through pre-teens. The back play                     change; they fear the loss implicit in change.
                                                                                                      Kabbalat Shabbat .................. 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                                      Sunday ...........9 a.m. ............. 7:30 p.m.
and the for children 5-12.
the frontsearch is on for a strong candidate         As the synagogue leadership — comprised of
        will attempt to playground, which
who The enlarged frontfill her shoes. The replaces an aging play area, contains earth-tone
                                                     the executive committee, the board of             Services are 9:30 a.m. Shiva houses
                                                                                                      Shabbat ........also held at.......................
environmental committee, which was started It directors, and me — consider the choices we
colors and is surrounded by a seven-foot fence. is designed to challenge the growing bodies                            as needed.
                                                                                                      Sunday ......... 9:00 a.m. ........ 7:30 p.m.
by Rabbi Gorin and is chaired by congregant          make as balancing lily pads, will be sensitive
of elementary-age children. The site features a rock wall, we lead, I promise wea double-circle
Dan Black, has begunslide.    of increasing
                           the task                  to those concerns. In fact, I am certain that    Mincha .... See calendar
climber and a tunnel                                                                                     Family and Youth Services
                                            use of
the efficiency of our physical plant’s Mineo andwe will only enhance Kitchen,we have that
       A $35,000 donation by Hope                     her husband Jeffrey all that who live in          Services are also held at Shiva houses
                              and his committee
energy. The changes Danhonor of Hope’s late parents Beverly and Marvin Ehrlich, funded
Southern California, in                              makes our community unique and special.                          as ..Jan. 2
                                                                                                      Shabbat is Special needed. ...... 7:15 p.m.
are instituting front playground’s costs.
about half of therun the gamut from the              These very qualities — our warmth, network       Tot Shabbat ...........Jan. 10 ...10:30 a.m.
transparent (changing electricitythe funerals of of support, ideals and spirituality, to name a
       Rabbi Gorin officiated at                      Mineo’s mother and uncle Phil Helman,           Teen Service ..........Jan. 17 Services
                                                                                                       Family and Youth ...10:00 a.m.
to the subtle (changing the type of light a West few — are the ones that make our
and he solicited the donation during bulbs Coast trip in 2008. Helman’s wife Shirley of               Yachad ......................Jan. 17 .........10:00 a.m.
that we use) for now. Perhaps in the future,
Gaithersburg has attended services and events at TI. community so special to all of us, and make
more obvious changes are inplayground’s cost was covered by Rabbi Gorin,president of the
                                                     your acceptance of me as the who provided        Shabbat is Special ... Feb. ...10:15 p.m.
                                                                                                      Kehilat Kids...........Jan. 17 2 .. 7:15 a.m.
       The remainder of the
       And then there is me. After
a bridge loan to the synagogue. two years            congregation such an honor.                      Jr. Congregation ...... Feb. 3 10:30 a.m.
co-chairing the adult educationstructure behind the TI education wing wasto an interesting
       The brightly colored play                           So let’s all look forward constructed to
          with the needs of I am honored to
(AEC) serve Susan Apter, the Broadman-Kaplan ECC children ranging in age fromwith 5
                                                     couple of years, and begin them 2 to a             Candle Lighting ..... 11 a.m.
                                                                                                      Kehilat Kids .......... Feb. 17Times
serve as is designed to congregation for the
years. Itpresident of the challenge growing bodies and develop vivid imaginations.  have
                                                     concerted effort to thank all those who          Tot Shabbat .......... Feb. 17 ..... 11 a.m.
                                                                                                      January 2 ........................ 4:40 p.m.
       two years. I infer that my candidacy
next  Taking recycling to new limits beneath the fully enclosed play structure,volunteer to
                                                     worked hard and continue to TI has used
was acceptable to the congregation at least in
shredded tires    to protect and cushion the children during spills and tumbles. In addition,
                                                     contribute to this very special community.       January 9 ........................ 4:46 p.m.
partECC Parent Committee donated a unique basketball take a moment to thank Phil Katz
the   because of the successful AEC curriculum       Please first ring geared for preschoolers.          Candle Lighting 4:54 p.m.
                                                                                                      January 16 ......................Times
       committee play area in (I use are ( for his past http://www.
our  Photos of thehas created.earlyrefuse available on the ECC website atservice on the
to entertain the “warm body” hypothesis.)            synagogue bulletin, and Andi Kronzek             January 23 ...................... 5:01 p.m.
                                                                                                      February 2 ...................... 5:12 p.m.
That curriculumdirector of the Broadman-Kaplan ECC, says the twoher currentareas will
                       is the product of our         ( for new play service as       January 30 ...................... 5:10 p.m.
       Rori Pollak,                                                                                   February 9 ...................... 5:20 p.m.
                                 creativity. Now
committee’s hard work andthe children using the synagogue. editor. Then, please turn to
be important assets for all                          our bulletin
                                       risk, and if
you can’t have creativity without provide an engaging 3 to read children of Fabel, a quietly
                                                     page arena for about Art all ages,” Pollak       February 16 .................... 5:28 p.m.
       “Both new play structures                                                                                   Mincha
you take some risks, is you as will                  enthusiastic volunteer who represents all that
says. “The outdoor play space just important as the indoor space. One of our program
fail occasionally. children develop take in the potential. The ECC strives to help of Tikvat
                   But if the risks we to their full is the best about the community children         February 23 .................... 5:36 p.m.
goals is to help                                                                                      January 3 ........................ 4:25 p.m.
next two about who they are!”
feel good years are well calculated, I predict       Israel Congregation.
                                                                                                      January 10 ...................... 4:30 p.m.
                                                   ECC Rabin
      TI congregant Elissa Schwartz, a mother of—Ron students, did much of the planning,
research and cost negotiations for the playground toys and fencing. “We owe her our                   January 17 ...................... 4:45 p.m.
gratitude,” says outgoing TI President Ronald Rabin.                                                  January 24 ...................... 4:50 p.m.
      The synagogue is still looking for someone to make a donation for naming rights                 January 31 ...................... 5:00 p.m.
to the rear playground, which cost about $35,000 to construct. Naming rights also are
available for a specific toy or piece of equipment. If interested, contact Michael Grossman,
TI executive director, at 301-762-7338.
Ways to Get Involved                           Minyan Information
Bikur Holim Volunteers                         Please call the minyan captain if you plan       Tikvat Israel Directory
Louise Chatlynne                               to attend morning minyan.
                                                                                                Rabbi • 330-9349               Sunday                                           Howard Gorin
Women’s Jewish Network                         Rob Kline • 838-0123                   
Bobbi Gorban: • 838-4336         Monday
                                                                                                Rabbi Emeritus
Membership Committee                           Sam Gilston • 924-5424
                                                                                                Lewis A. Weintraub
Debby Berlyne • 340-0075                       Thursday
                                               David Gantz • 460-4674                           Cantor
College Outreach                                                                                Rochelle Helzner
Susan Apter                                    Friday                                  • 460-9657                Joelle Black • 770-4773
Elyse Bernstein                                Barry Buchbinder • 424-3813                      Cantor Emeritus • 460-0508                                                               Mark Levi
                                               Decisions about whether to hold evening
Library Phyllis Leise • 588-2089                                                                President
                                               minyan are made by the rabbi and executive
                                                                                                Ronald L. Rabin, M.D.
Attend Minyans                                 director. If minyan is canceled, a message
Len Lipton : • 929-9106   will be put on the synagogue answering
                                               machine. If minyan is not canceled, there        Executive Director
Social Action Committee                        will be no message on the machine. You           Michael Grossman
Robbi and Larry Cohen                          can reach the machine by calling 762-7338,                            and press 8-10.
                                                                                                Office Staff
Kiddush Volunteers                                                                              Peggy Mitchel •
Marsha Lyons:                                                               Debbie Segal •
Shepherd’s Table                               Toiletries Collection                            Michelle Hannon •
Richard Stoll • 946-8435                     Box                                              Religious School
                                                                                                Tamar Weinsweig, Interim Director
Stepping Stones Shelter                        When traveling, please remember to collect       424-4396
Jay Plafker •           the unopened, unused samples you receive
                                                                                                Early Childhood
Reading Mentors                                and bring them to the basket located in the
                                                                                                Rori Pollak, Director
Ellen Eisner: • 598-0635   synagogue MAIN OFFICE. The toiletries
                                               will be distributed to a coalition of homeless
Adult Education Committee                      shelters.
Susan Apter                                                                                     Youth & Family Programming • 460-9657                                                                 Lynn Berk, Director
Betsy Miller                                   Food Addicts in                         • 279-0453             Recovery Anonymous                               Synagogue Office
Rabbi Liason Committee                         Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous, a            Phone • 762-7338
Cliff Fishman                                  12-step program for individuals recovering       Fax • 424-4399 • 871-6162                    from addictive eating, meets every Monday
Mary Wagner                                    from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Tikvat Israel in          Bulletin Editor • 460-4446             room 11. Newcomers are welcome. For              Andi Kronzek
Jonathan Solomon                               more information, please call Susan at  • 929-9545               340-6110.                                        294-2682

Haftorah Reading Assignments                                                                    All phone numbers are in the 301 area
Susan Apter: • 460-9657    Bikur Holim                                      code unless otherwise noted.
Torah Reading Assignments
Sam Freedenberg                                If you know of someone in the congregation • 942-6421                 who is ill, please notify the Rabbi or Bikur
Bereavement Committee                          Holim (Louise Chatlynne at chatlynne@
David Gantz                           310-330-9349) so that visits, • 460-4674               calls and other services can be arranged.

From the Rabbi’s Desk
Rabbi Howard Gorin
This past Yom Kippur morning I spoke               be grateful for, I was also praying            connection to community are
briefly about some gifts that I had received       to be renewed by this challenge                those things that carried me on
during the summer. One of those gifts was          and to rededicate myself to living             eagle’s wings through this passage
a book called Life, Faith and Cancer: Jewish       a full and vibrant life. We don’t              to healing.
Journeys Through Diagnosis, Treatment and          usually take the opportunity to
Recovery. Barbara and Gene Ridberg had             do this kind of deep work until            The result of sharing these meaningful
given me the book; their daughter, Rabbi           we are staring our deepest fears           passages was that Barbara and Gene began
Yael Ridberg, had written the last chapter,        in the face….                              receiving requests for copies of the book.
which recounted her experience with cancer                                                    Not only did they purchase books to be
and the spiritual insights she gained while        Three years later I still mark my          given to those who had spoken with them,
undergoing treatment.                              anniversary of diagnosis by taking         but they also bought extra copies for me
                                                   care of myself in some way – a             to give to members of our community
I shared with the congregation that                massage, an especially deep yoga           who are undergoing treatment for cancer.
morning two of the last paragraphs of Rabbi        practice, a luxurious facial. I            If any member of Tikvat Israel would like
Ridberg’s essay, in no small measure because       make a contribution to a cancer            a copy of this book – for him- or herself or
one of her chemotherapy treatments was on          organization in honor of my                for a member of the family – please contact
Yom Kippur, the very day that she turned           recovery, and I sing the verse from        me directly.
thirty-five.                                       Psalms 118:5: Min hameitzar                                     ***
                                                   karati Yah, anani vamerchav Yah,           As we look to the end of one calendar year
    On Yom Kippur I began my                       “Out of the narrow straits I called        and the beginning of the next, I would
    prayers with the words Chadeish                to You; You answered me with               like to invite the members of Tikvat Israel
    yameinu k’kedem, “Renew our                    expansiveness.” As every day my            to join me in what has become a yearly
    days as in the beginning.” Never               recovery and healing are more and          tradition. I will write my last check in
    before had those words meant so                more secured, I feel blessed by my         2008 and my first check in 2009 to Tikvat
    much to me. I was praying to be                physical and spiritual resilience.         Israel. These charitable donations express
    able to return to myself, to look              God didn’t have anything to do             the centrality of the synagogue in my own
    back on this experience simply as              with my diagnosis, and being a             life – personally as well as professionally –
    a blip on the glorious horizon of              rabbi didn’t save me from this             and my desire to see it achieve the level of
    my life. While the diagnosis of                encounter either. But my faith,            financial stability that it deserves.
    breast cancer wasn’t something to              my spiritual life, and my deep

From the President’s Perspective
On January 4, 2009, Tikvat Israel will         accomplished together, and am very grateful    with Howard have been as impressed with
be inducting its next set of officers and      to all of you who have supported the           his judgment as I have. Howard has been
board members, and the current Board of        synagogue through your dues, donations         the hardest working volunteer by far, and I
Directors will have completed its term. We     and time. While I am tempted to fill the       am grateful for his counsel and friendship.
knew two years ago that this term would        space naming all the volunteers who have            Jesse and Marian Kaiser have served
be one of transition, and that has certainly   worked so hard to achieve our common           this congregation for decades. Sharing the
been the case. We have met challenges          goals, there are three in particular I wish    duties of recording financial secretary, they
with sensitivity and imagination, and          to acknowledge at this time.                   have helped with our financial records and
grasped opportunities as they came our               I have said before that without a good   the difficult task of dues collection. Jesse
way. We have risen to financial challenges,    treasurer, the president can only be talk. I   puts together the Book of Remembrance
implemented organizational changes,            am sure that Tikvat Israel has had many fine   each year and has helped with the directory.
brought in new staff members, improved         treasurers, but I cannot imagine that any      Jesse and Marian have each asked me
the appearance of our front grounds,           were better or worked harder on behalf of      to acknowledge other congregants who
replaced our playgrounds, and instituted       our community than Howard Dickenson.           deserve it, but have never requested any
the lease to HDI. None of these were easy,     Howard’s input and advice have been            recognition for themselves. Although most
and some were quite difficult.                 critical to every important decision made in
     I am proud of what we have                the past two years, and all who have worked                           Continued on page 4

Cantor Rochelle Helzner

K A B B A L AT S H A B B AT W I T H                     NEW TEEN SERVICE! –                              PURIM PUPPET PERFORMANCE
INSTRUMENTS                                             JANUARY 17 AT 10 A.M.                            OPPORTUNITY
The next Kabbalat Shabbat with Instruments              Teens, post Bar/Bat Mitzvah through              Puppeteers and character voices are
will be held on Friday, January 23 at 6:30 p.m.         high school, organize and run this               needed for our Purim Puppet Show
in the Flax Library. Kabbalat Shabbat with              Shabbat morning service with the help            to be performed on Monday evening,
Instruments is an uplifting, traditional                of song leader Amir Fogel and advisor            March 9. Adults and teens are welcome to
Shabbat evening service which includes                  Margie Eiserike. Spirited melodies will be       participate (community service credit will
spirited melodies accompanied by guitar,                used. Future teen services will be held on       be available).  There will be two or three
piano, bass and percussion. Instruments will            February 21, March 21, April 18 and May          rehearsals on the Sundays at 5 p.m. in
be played throughout the service. Sign up for           16. Contact Martie Adelman at 301-871-           advance of the performance. Please contact
the dinner after the service. Mark February             9338 to get involved. Note: this service is      Cantor Helzner if you are interested.
20 on your calendar for the next service.               for teens only.
                                                                                                         PURIM SHPIEL WRITERS UNITE!
CO N G R E G AT I O N A L S H A B B AT                  YACHAD                                           It is time to start composing the Purim
DINNER                                                  Yachad will meet in the SOCIAL HALL              Shpiel. This zany homegrown production
Join us for a delicious Shabbat dinner                  on January 17 at 10:15 a.m. Students in          is presented after the megilah reading
f o l l ow i n g K a b b a l a t Sh a b b a t w i t h   the third through seventh grades, their          on Monday night, March 9.  The first
Instruments on Friday, January 23.  The                 parents and all congregants interested           meeting will be held on Wednesday,
service will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the                 in a learner’s minyan experience are             January 7 after minyan. Just show up and/
dinner at approximately 7:30 p.m.  The                  invited to share in this innovative              or let Cantor Helzner know that you are
cost of the dinner is $18 for adults and                Shabbat morning service.  Facilitated by         interested.  Adults and teens welcome.
$8 for ages 5-18.  E-mail or call the                   Cantor Helzner, this service includes songs,
office to make reservations. The service is             stories, discussions, skits and explanations.    CANTOR’S CONCERT
on the Shabbat right after Martin Luther                Future Yachad services will be held on           The annual Cantor’s Concert will be held
King, Jr. weekend, so we need reservations              February 7 and March 21.                         on Sunday, March 15 at 7:30 p.m.  We
in by January 16. Send a check or ask to                                                                 welcome clarinetist Eyal Bor and the
be billed.                                              JUNIOR CONGREGATION                              Jewish Soul Trio to our stage.  Together
                                                        There will be no Junior Congregation on          with Cantor Helzner, Dr. Bor and his trio
                                                        Saturday, January 3. Junior Congregation is      will perform selections from the world of
                                                        usually held on the first Saturday morning       jazz, theater, Klezmer, Hasidic, Israeli and
                                                        of the month. However on February 7,             liturgical music. Noted for his unique blend
                                                        Yachad will be held so Junior Congregation       of music, warmth, Yiddishkeit and humor,
                                                        will resume on March 7.                          Dr. Bor takes his audiences on a fascinating
                                                                                                         American Jewish musical odyssey.  Mark
                                                                                                         your calendars now!

President’s Perspective, continued                      while celebrating their simcha embodies          the HDI contract, the playgrounds, the
from page 3                                             the merging of comfort and obligation of         landscaping or any particular changes to
                                                        which I spoke on Kol Nidre.                      our organization. I wish for the legacy of all
congregants are unaware, we have depended
                                                             I want to thank all the congregants of      those who served on the Board of Directors
upon Jesse and Marian for many years. It
                                                        Tikvat Israel for giving me the opportunity      during the calendar years 2007-08 instead
has been an honor serving with them both.
                                                        to serve as President of the congregation.       to be that our congregation deserves, and
     While all those who work in our
                                                        I have learned much in the past two years.       indeed must demand of ourselves and of
kitchen deserve our gratitude, I want
                                                        Many of these lessons we have learned            each other, an excellent organization that
to take this opportunity to particularly
                                                        together; some I have learned at your            matches in every way the qualities of our
thank Charlotte Zeidman. Charlotte is an
                                                        expense. In either case, I will be more          wonderful community.
original Beth Tikva member who can, on
                                                        effective in almost every aspect of my life as        B’shalom.
a per capita basis, stand up to McDonalds’
                                                        a consequence of this invaluable experience.          Ronald L. Rabin, M.D.
boast of number of people served. The
                                                             If I may be so bold, I wish to suggest           President, Tikvat Israel Congregation
pride and joy Charlotte derives from
                                                        the legacy of these past two years. It is not         Calendar years 2007, 2008
families who enjoy our Kiddush lunches

Rori Pollak, Director

November was a fun-filled month. On            downloaded from the Broadman-Kaplan                  On January 25, the ECC Parent
November 11, Hebrew Day invited the            Early Childhood Center Web site, www.           Committee will host their annual Family
ECC to participate in their annual career Other applications        Fun Day. This year we are having an
day. The children were invited to visit        will be given priority in the order in which    Afternoon Pajama Party. Fun, laughter,
and explore a police car, fire engine and      they are received. Turn your application in     friends, a movie and snacks — what could
ambulance. Though the latter two had           as soon as possible so you don’t lose your      be better?
emergencies and did not stay long, the         spot!                                                Kol Tuv and stay warm!
children really enjoyed meeting the police          I am pleased to announce that we have
officer, trying on handcuffs and sitting in    again been awarded a grant from Maryland
his police car.                                Arts in Education. In January, February
     The children led our Thanksgiving         and March, InterAct Story Theater will            MARK YOUR CALENDAR:
program this year. Each class sang a song,     come to the ECC and provide a workshop              ECC SILENT AUCTION
dressed up in a seasonal costume and           for the staff. They will model various                 FEBRUARY 29, 2009
created a delightful, mouthwatering treat.     methods for incorporating the arts (singing,
Parents, grandparents and other family         instruments, movement and puppets, etc.)                More information to come
members joined us for the festivities. A       into everyday preschool storytelling.
grand time was had by all!                          Once again this month, I will host
     In December, the ECC began the re-        “Rori’s Coffee Club.” The coffee club is
                                                                                               ECC SPRING YARD SALE
enrollment process for currently-enrolled      an informal meeting time for parents to               SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2009
ECC families. Priority enrollment was          meet, talk and ask questions relating to                 Time: 8am to 1pm
given to current ECC families throughout       parenting or the ECC. Once the dates
December, followed by siblings of              are determined, they will be posted on the
students, synagogue members, and wait-         ECC Web site.
listed applicants. (Waitlist forms can be

Tamar Weinsweig, Interim Director

Chanukah — the most minor holiday of                Lighting the chanukiah (menorah),               Our students are reminded on regular
the Jewish year, and yet so beloved by so      reminds us every night for eight nights         basis, through their studies and special
many; why?                                     that we are indestructible. Many nations,       programs (such as art and music), to
     Many of us treat Chanukah as the          such as the Romans (who destroyed our           light up their Jewish neshama (soul), and
minor holiday that it is by choosing not       temple, exiled us from our land and carried     do mitzvoth. They are reminded of their
to assimilate and fall into the “Christmas     our menorah away) have vanished, and yet,       responsibility to others and themselves.
trap.” That is the essence of Chanukah,        a seven-branched menorah stands before          Preparing for Martin Luther King, Jr.
maintaining our heritage and keeping our       the Knesset in Israel, a sovereign Jewish       Day, we will “celebrate” yet again that
uniqueness as a people and a nation. The       state. One of our religious school goals        commitment of standing together with
ideas of community building, religious         is to constantly remind and rekindle that       those who are in the image of God, and yet
freedom, and human dignity are the             love and commitment for our people and          are treated differently.
celebrated themes of Chanukah. We              heritage.                                            I would like for all our families to
celebrate the strength of the human spirit          Our sixth graders have rekindled their     rekindle their commitment and take part
and the determination of our people            commitment this month by taking part in         in Shabbat services. Being a part of a
throughout the generations to rekindle         the Talit workshop at the studio of Shirley     greater community during services lights up
our commitment to one another — “Kol           Waxman. Shirley explored with them the          one’s soul, and connects one to those who
Israel arevim ze laze, and ze baze” (All of    historical origins, the significance, and the   surround him/her. By coming to services
the people of Israel are responsible for one   laws regarding Talitot. Shirley rekindles       we are reaffirming our commitment to
another).                                      her own commitment to our school by             our God, our faith, our congregation, our
                                               voluntarily taking our children in — Todah      school and ourselves.
                                               Raba, Shirley!

Lynn Berk, Director
CHARLOTTE LOWENFELD                             B ’ N A I M I T Z VA H R E T R E AT •             CONVENTIONAL THANKS
SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS                             FEBRUARY 7-8                                      Thank you to all of the people who
Congratulations to Amalia Cowan and Eric        Our second annual B’nai Mitzvah Retreat           helped to make International USY
Weiss, winners of the Charlotte Lowenfeld       for 5th and 6th graders is open to TI religious   Convention a success by chaperoning,
Scholarship. Established in memory of           school students and to TI kids attending          housing teens, cooking and serving meals,
Charlotte Lowenfeld, a long-time member of      community Jewish day schools. We will             leading study groups and services, and
the TI Youth Committee, by her husband          begin with havdalah on Saturday night and         to those those who saw the kids in the
Mort, the scholarship provides funds for        go straight through until noon on Sunday.         synagogue and just kvelled to see the
USYers to attend regional or international      The program will feature ice breakers             USYers’ spirit and ruach. We could not have
conventions. Both teens attended the            to help the kids get better acquainted,           done it without the support of the devoted
international convention which was              Jewish identity activities, pizza and other       Tikvat Israel members.
recently held in Washington, DC.                snacks, discussion groups, fun-filled free
                                                time with Dance, Dance Revolution &               TIP OFF TIME
FAMILY GAME DAY • SATURDAY,                     Wii, a sleepover, brunch, fun and friends.        The TI Youth and Family Programming
JANUARY 3                                       Parents are invited to join us on Sunday          Department is sponsoring two joint
Join us after Shabbat services and the          morning for brunch and a discussion               basketball teams with our neighbor,
kiddush for a relaxing afternoon. We will       on what bar/bat mitzvah can mean                  Shaare Tefila; one for USYers and one
have a variety of table games available, the    to the family, forming a bar/bat mitzvah          for Kadima. The teams will play on
youth lounge will be open for teens, and        chaverah and a family social actions project.     Sundays in January, February and March
teen babysitters will staff a preschool room         The fee for the overnight is $40             at Richard Montgomery High School.
for the younger ones. If you have a favorite    per family (covers overnight costs for            We invited everyone to come and cheer
game that you would like to bring, you can      child and brunch for the family). Your            our kids on. Contact Lynn for the
drop it off in Lynn Berk’s office ahead of      check is your registration. Make checks           game schedule. Warren Berger, captain
time. Stay around on a winter afternoon,        payable to TI Youth Committee and drop            of our Men’s Club basketball team, is
visit with friends, play with your kids and     them in the Youth Department mailbox in           coaching one of the teams.
just have some old-fashioned fun!               the front office.

YOUTH SHABBAT SERVICES •                        MOVIN’ ON UP                                           MARK YOUR CALENDAR
SATURDAY, JANUARY 10                            Beginning this month, we invite 4-year-olds
Join the youth of Tikvat Israel as they         to attend Bonim activities. Bonim is our            January 3 .......... Family Game Day
take over and lead our Shabbat morning          youth group for children in kindergarten            January 10 . Youth Shabbat Services
services. USY members will act as rabbi         through 2 nd grade. The 4-year-olds in              January 10 .................. Hav-Deli &
and cantor, USYers and Kadimaniks               the congregation and in the ECC should                                        Israel Dancing
will read Torah, members of the Youth           begin receiving flyers and phone calls. For         January 11 ..................Machar Trip
Committee will have aliyot, and children        information on Bonim, contact Lynn Berk             January 24 .........................Kadima
from kindergarten through 6th grade will        at or 301-762-7338,                                 Saturday Night Live
lead songs and prayers. Participants are        ext.128.                                            January 25 ...................Bonim Trip
members of TI Youth groups, students                                                                January 25 .....Rosh Hodesh Group
in our religious school and Jewish day          USY WELCOMES 8TH GRADERS
school students. Every TI child should          Kadima kids in 8th grade can attend Kadima          February 1 ........ Family Game Day
receive a letter inviting them to participate   events or USY events. USY is open to all            February 7 ...B’nai Mitzvah Retreat
and giving them the part for their              students in grades 9 through 12. We invite          February 8 ...............B’nai Mitzvah
age group. If your child does not receive       our 8th graders early to pique their interest           Brunch/Social Actions Program
an invitation to participate, please            so that they want to continue in USY
contact Lynn Berk at         when they enter high school. All 8th graders
                                                should be contacted about USY this month.
                                                For more information, e-mail advisor
                                                Hilary Hirsch at

                             INVITES YOU TO JOIN US FOR

                          YOUTH SHABBAT SERVICES
                         Saturday, January 10th
                               9:30 a.m.

                   Bonim & Machar will participate as a group.
  Kadima & USY members will lead various parts of the service as groups and as individuals.

            If your child would like to participate and has not yet received a part,
                      please contact Lynn Berk (301 762-7338, ext.128)

   The Tikvat Israel Youth Committee & proud parents will sponsor Kiddush after services.

To help sponsor the Kiddush, please send your donation to the Tikvat Israel Youth Committee,
                 c/o Lynn Berk, 2200 Baltimore Road, Rockville, MD 20853

                        We are suggesting a donation of $10 per family.

    Join us after Shabbat Morning Services and Kiddush lunch
                  for a relaxing afternoon of family fun

                                   There will be:
                      ASSORTED TABLE GAMES

              Bring your favorite Shabbat table games to share.
             Just drop them off in Lynn’s office before Shabbat.

                             Snacks will be served.
                  Join us for mincha , maariv & havdalah
               RSVP to Lynn Berk 301-762-7338,ext. 128

ISO Singles                                      Chanting Opportunities                               TI’s Lynn Berk Honored
IN SEARCH OF  all single members                 If you are interested in chanting a Haftorah
                                                                                                      by USY
of Tikvat Israel,  45 years of age  and          in the winter and spring months, please              Lynn Berk, TI’s youth and family
younger! We are hoping to create a havurah       contact Susan Apter at skapter@comcast.              programming director, was honored at
group of single adults at our synagogue —        net or 460-9657 for available dates.                 the USY International Convention in
a great way to meet people with similar               Attention Megillat Esther chanters:             Washington, DC on December 21, 2008.
interests and form friendships! We think         Purim begins on Monday evening, March                Lynn was recognized for her 39 years of
there are enough singles in our congregation     9. We need to organize the lineup of readers         exceptional leadership and devoted service
to make this a feasible and fun possibility.     for that evening and for Tuesday morning,            to USY, Kadima, and all the youth and staff
      Havurot can be fun and enriching. The      March 10. Please let either Susan Apter              of Seaboard Region. Her valued guidance
idea was developed by Rabbi Mordeccai            ( or 460-9657) or                 and mentorship have touched hundreds
Kaplan, founder of the Reconstructionist         Janaki Kuruppu ( or                of youth and their families. Yasher koach!
Movement. His concept was to get small           460-6026) know which chapter you’d like
Jewish groups to band together for study         to read and your availability for the evening
and observance of Jewish rituals and life        and/or morning service.
cycle events.                                                                                         JAMmARTt
      Each havurah plans activities based        Bereavement                                          (Jews and Muslims
on the interests of its members. We have
a list of ideas to get you started. If you are   Committee                                            Making ART Together)
interested in being part of a havurah with       (Hevra Kadisha)                                      JAMmARTt is a project about forging
other single TI members, we want to hear         Volunteers Needed                                    interaction, respect and understanding
from you!  Please contact Amy Matathias                                                               between local Muslim and Jewish
at 301-570-4496 or            Volunteers are needed to help prepare                communities through the creation of a
                                                 the shiva house while the mourners are at            work of art. The completed piece will go
                                                 the funeral. They will cover mirrors and             on public display and serve as a testament
Sopranos Duo                                     perform other simple tasks, and stay at the          to the cooperation used during its creation.
                                                 home until the family returns. Volunteers            The congregation voted unanimously to
The debut of Las Sosprimas, a classical
                                                 are also needed to pick up the meal of               support the project at the congregational
soprano duo comprised of Susan-Lisa
                                                 condolence from the kosher caterer and               meeting on September 7, 2008.
Gvinter and Robyn Martinez, will be
                                                 deliver it to the mourning family. Help                    The project brings 12 Muslims and 12
at Tikvat Israel on Sunday, January 18
                                                 comfort the mourners and maintain the                Jews together working toward the shared
at 2 p.m. Susan-Lisa and Robyn are
                                                 support for which Tikvat Israel is known.            goal of lending their hands, hearts and a
the daughter and niece, respectively, of
                                                 Contact Genie Glucksman at 301-570-                  willingness to be pioneers in this endeavor.
congregants Steven and Fortuna Scheige.
                                                 1624 or Louise Chatlynne at chatlynne@               Artistic experience is not required.
     These two very talented sopranos
                                                                                      On November 16, 2008, a group of
invite you to an afternoon of classical
                                                                                                      Muslim and Jewish professional artists
music, including beautiful arias, amusing
duets and Judaic repertoire. The program         Toiletries Needed for                                met for the first time to brainstorm how
                                                                                                      to plan, direct and lead the creation of the
will be narrated by Elizabeth Daniels and
accompanied by pianist Marcia Bronstein.
                                                 Homeless Shelters                                    art. There were five Jews, four Muslims, one
                                                                                                      Muslim-Jew, and one non-denominational
A reception will follow the concert.             This year has marked a large expansion               artist. We were a diverse group; most of us
     The concert is free; however, a donation    project at the Montgomery County                     had never met before. We focused on the
of $10 is suggested to benefit a charity of      Coalition for the Homeless main shelter              shared elements that are important to both
the synagogue’s choosing. We look forward        site.  Our donations of toiletries have              of our religions, and how they are expressed
to seeing you on January 18!                     been well received. Now that there will              in Islamic and Judaic art. There was a feeling
                                                 be an increased number of homeless                   of creativity, cooperation, energy, learning
                                                 people at the expanded shelters, our                 and openness throughout the discussion.
                                                 donations are needed more than ever.                       We hope to hold the first art creation
                                                      I want to deliver the thanks from the shelter   day within the next couple of months.
                                                 to our congregation and remind everyone              The project has a limited amount of space
                                                 that those hotel samples and all other new           so if you are interested in participating,
                                                 unopened toiletries will always be welcome.          please contact Betsy Miller at bnahmiller@
                                                                                             or 301-279-0453 as soon as
                                                      Roma Sohn                                       possible.
                                                      Tikvat Israel Social Action Committee

Please RSVP to         relentless aerial bombardments intensify,       FEBRUARY ADULT EDUCATION
for all events. If you do not have access to    including the deaths of two soldiers by a       EVENTS
e-mail, please call the office to RSVP.         bomb explosion and a missile attack. The
                                                end comes on May 24, 2000 when Beaufort         Science and Religion
DISCUSSION GROUP ON THE                         was blown up with over 1,000 mines and
                                                                                                Sunday, February 22 (after minyan)
CHUMASH ESSAYS                                  a huge explosion lit up the sky as the IDF
                                                                                                Look for listserv announcement and flyer
The discussion continues on Sunday,             withdrew from Lebanon. This film was
                                                                                                for more information.
January 18 at 10 a.m. when we discuss           Israel’s submission to the Academy Awards
the essay “Dealing with Strangers,” found       for best foreign film, a winner of 4 Ophir
on pages 1377-1382. Copies of the essay         Awards (Israeli Oscar), and one of Israel’s     Jack Rosen Scholar’s Weekend
will be available on the table outside the      biggest box office successes of 2007. (Kino
sanctuary. The single requirement for           Int’l Press Material)                           February 27–28
participation is reading the essay before                                                       Visiting Scholar, Rabbi David Golinkin
coming to the discussion. RSVP to Richard                   The Band’s Visit                    Friday night: Earthly or Heavenly – Will
Stoll at or 301-946-8435.              (Bikur Ha-Tizmoret, 2007)                     the Real Jerusalem Please Stand up?
                                                         January 24 at 7:45 p.m.                Shabbat sermon: Israel – A Jewish State?
FOURTH ANNUAL ISRAELI FILM                      The Alexandria, Egypt, Ceremonial Police             Love of Eretz Yisrael in the Talmud
FESTIVAL                                        Orchestra arrives in Israel for an event at
Experience Israel from a unique perspective     the Petach Tikvah Arab Cultural Center,
— through the lens of award-winning             only to discover there is no delegation to         If you want to volunteer to help
Israeli-produced films. Join us for a           meet them, nor any arrangements made               with adult education programs and
stimulating discussion and dessert after        to get to their destination. Taking the            classes, please contact Susan Apter
each film with moderators Eric Zakim,           wrong bus, they arrive at the remote Israeli       at or 301-460-
associate professor and executive director of   town of Bet Hatikva, and are stuck there           9657, or Betsy Miller at bnahmiller@
the Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn Institute        until the next morning’s bus. The band’s  or 301-279-0453.
for Israel Studies and the coordinator for      leader (Tawfiq) is helped by a restaurant
Modern Hebrew Language and Literature,          owner (Dina), who offers to put them up
and Sheila Jelen, assistant professor of        for the night. As the band settles in, each
Hebrew literature, University of Maryland.      of the members attempts to get along
     The fee per movie is $10 for TI            with the natives in their own way. It is
members and $12 for nonmembers. The             a special night of quiet happenings and         College Outreach
snow date is February 7.                        confessions as the band makes its own
                                                impact on the town and the town on them.        The TI college students signed up for this
              Beaufort (2007)                                                                   program have received two fun and tasty
         January 17 at 7:45 p.m.                 Movie Shorts from Tel Aviv University          packages so far this year. It isn’t too late to
Built by the Crusaders in the 12th century,                        (2006)                       join the fun! Please contact Elyse Bernstein
Beaufort (“Beautiful Fort”) was controlled                January 31 at 7:45 p.m.               ( or Susan Apter
by the PLO during the 1970s civil war           Tel Aviv University (TAU) has one of the        ( if your college
in Lebanon. However, the Israeli army           most developed university film programs in      student would like to be included for the
captured the fort in June 1982 and held it      Israel. The short films that we will view, 10   spring package.
for 18 years, through May 2000. Internal        Weitzman St., Alex, Papa, and Pinhas, were            
debates about the occupation and grassroots     created by TAU students.These are award-        IMPORTANT:  If your student’s address is
protests eventually led to their covert         winning films, which have been screened         going to change next semester, please contact
withdrawal. At the beginning of the film        in such venues as the Cannes Film Festival,     Elyse or Susan so they can update their records.  
a small cohort of soldiers, led by their        the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival and the
22-year-old commander Liraz, still occupies     Tribeca Underground Film Festival. They
Beaufort. These dedicated soldiers work         all relate to the theme of Israel’s Russian
long days, but increasingly become weary        immigrant experience, including the
of their mission’s purpose. Liraz’s authority   cultural and religious implications faced by
is challenged by the strained soldiers and      Russians adapting to Israeli society.
tested by his superiors as days go by and

TI Supports Linkages to                          The Gift of Life                             Donations
Learning                                                                                      The congregation gratefully acknowledges
                                                 Out of the smoke, out of the mist,           the following donations that were received in
TI’s Social Action Committee is delighted        Life emerged from His fingertips:            November 2008.
to announce that our congregation                Each connected, and all related,
                                                                                              Donations Made on the occasion of yahrzeit
raised more than $400 for Linkages to            Pulsing and feeling, they were created,      in memory of:
Learning’s Thanksgiving Drive! We served            forming the Chain of Life.
                                                                                              Israel Kauffman by Ira Benzion
or supplemented meals for 30 families,
which constitutes half of all the Linkages       Each in its manner, each in its way,         Marvin Apter by Susan Apter
families at Harmony Hills Elementary             Thriving by night and striving by day,
                                                                                              Dr. Philip Bress by Marian and Jesse Kaiser
School. Linkages to Learning at Harmony          Running or swimming, swinging or
Hills is extremely grateful to our synagogue     flying,                                      Rosalind Bloom by Helene Bloom
for its generosity (see letter below). Thank     Crawling or climbing, working and            Alex Kreisman by Isidore Kreisman
you so much for opening your hearts and          dying,
                                                 Caught up in the Dance of Life.              Martha Flehinger by Elizabeth Chambre
sharing your good fortune with others who
are less fortunate.                                                                           Hilde Bodenheimer by Elizabeth Chambre
                                                     We heard the Lord exhort us:
Mail Call
                                                                                              Louis Steiner by Roberta (Bobbe) Steiner
                                                       “Be fruitful, multiply.”
                                                     The Earth is spread before us,           Abraham Kaplan by Irene Kaplan
Dear Tikvat Israel                                  We do not know where our                  George Simball by Ruth Simball
Congregation:                                       homes will lie.
                                                                                              Abraham Bernstein by Arnold and Paulette
On behalf of Linkages to
Learning at Harmony Hills                        The prairie’s swell, the mountain’s
Elementary, I am writing to express our          steep,                                       Ada Taylor by Ruth Mollen
deepest appreciation for your general            The jungle’s green, the ocean’s deep,        Rosalie Taylor by Ruth Mollen
donation of $405 in gift cards and checks.       The desert rock, the tundra’s snow:
                                                 These are the places we must go —            Albert Mukasey by Rhoda Eckstein
Your contribution helped many of our
families. Thank you for making a different                                                    Asher Berkowitz by Barbara and Richard
in our community.                                We shall prepare the Earth for man
                                                                                              Sam Schuchman by Leonard and Celia
      As you know, Linkages to Learning          And help fulfill God’s holy plan:            Schuchman
provides educational support, mental health         This is the Hope,
                                                                                              May Kronenberg by Martin Kronenberg
and social services at 28 Montgomery County        This is the Hope of Life.
elementary and middle schools, bringing                                                       Reuben Lapin by Karen Cohen
greatly needed resources from private,           —Paul E. Grayson                             Jennie Jaffe Flax by Herman Flax
nonprofit and public agencies to support
                                                 [This poem was presented by Paul             Louis Bogage by Joseph Bogage
some of our county’s neediest children and
                                                 Grayson at a recent Tikvat Israel
families. Although public funding covers our                                                  Joseph Cohen by Eileen Romm
                                                 Shabbat service.]
basic services, it cannot possibly meet the
                                                                                              Diane Gardsbane by Hyman Gardsbane
extensive needs of the communities we serve.
As we continue to expand, we increasingly
rely upon our partnerships with faith groups,
                                                Congregant Avi Ashery                         Robert Kandalis by Sophie Steinberg

community organizations, businesses and         to Address HAZAK                              Rose Kaplan by Mimi and Allan Meltzer

caring individuals like you to meet many                                                      Martha Lohwasser by Betty Fishman
families’ needs.                                On Thursday, January 29, the HAZAK            Jacob Bernstein by Mae Bernstein
      Thank you again for your generous         meeting will feature a presentation by TI’s
                                                Avi Ashery entitled,  “Hasbarah–Jewish        Joseph Bernstein by Mae Bernstein
donation. We feel very fortunate for your
help as we work together to improve             P.R. from Israel and American Jewish          Paula Weiser by Alan Weiser
the lives of at-risk children and families.     organizations — Sucess or Failure?” We will
                                                                                              Philip Grossmann by Joelle Black
Because of your generosity, the children        meet at noon at the synagogue. Please bring
we serve enjoyed a fruitful Thanksgiving.       a brown bag dairy lunch; drinks and sweets    Bernard Cohen by Richard and Francine Cohen
                                                will be provided. Avi will speak at 12:45     Jack Sheskin by Eugene and Sandra Sheskin
    Sincerely,                                  p.m. and a discussion will follow.  Please
                                                plan to attend what promises to be a great    Doris Schlessinger by Renel Silver
    Anna Rosales,
    Site Coordinator/Case Manager               program and hear Avi’s views on a subject     Irvin Lerner by Freda Stutz
    Linkages to Learning                        that is very important to all of us. This
    at Harmony Hills Elementary School          program is free to paid-up members.                                 Continued on page 10

Donations, continued from page 10                In memory of Saul Stutz by Marlene and          Cantor’s Fund
                                                 Joseph Bishow
Gilda Greene by Dorothy Regensteiner                                                             By Martie Adelman
                                                 In honor of Sol Zeidman’s speedy recovery by
Alice Regensteiner by Dorothy Regensteiner       Debbie Segal                                    In Celebration of Janice Rosenberg and David
                                                                                                 Gormin’s engagement by Belle and Bernie
Esther Adelson b Rae Newman                      In memory of Melford Cohen by Jesse Kaiser      Schechter

Fannie Stein b Edith Kronenberg                  In appreciation of Jimmy Perlmutter and in      In honor of Wendy Morrison by Belle and Bernie
                                                 honor of Maxine and Jimmy Perlmutter’s new      Schechter
Fannie Fleitman by Phyllis Leise                 granddaughter by Leon and Moira Green
                                                                                                 In appreciation of Cantor Helzner by Leon and
David Fleitman by Phyllis Leise                  In memory of Barry Newman by Susan and          Moira Green
                                                 Jay Plafker
Sol Leise by Phyllis Leise                                                                       In honor of Sol Zeidman’s speedy recovery by
                                                 In memory of Melford Cohen by Roma and          Elaine and Micah Krichevsky
Max Glick by Julius Oppenheim
                                                 Marvin Sohn
                                                                                                 In honor of Joel Bressler’s special birthday and
Harry Ohr by Pearl Krepchin
                                                 In memory of Jeanne Bowen by Barbara and        Bar Mitzvah by Bobbi and Larry Gorban
Clara Osofsky by Gloria Silverstein              Irv Cohen
                                                                                                 In honor of Joel Bressler’s special birthday by
Phil Abramowitz by Adele Bayer                   Alfred Cowan Fund                               Mae Bernstein

Jeanette Sohn by Roma Sohn and Marvin Sohn       In honor of Joel Bressler’s special Birthday    Beautification Fund
                                                 by Ted Kram
Meyer David Green by Rianne Melmed                                                               In memory of of Helene Kram’s sister and Bonnie
                                                 In memory of Louise Deutchman by Ted Kram       Cowan’s aunt by Deborah Berlyne
Sol Baron by Doris Kanner
                                                 In memory of Jeanne Bowen by Ted Kram           In memory of Rob Kline’s mother by Bobbi and
Jair Kaplan by Irene Kaplan                                                                      Larry Gorban
                                                 In memory of Melford Cohen by Ted Kram
Jacques Kahn b Joel and Annie Kahn                                                               In memory of Jeanne Bowen by Betty Anne
                                                 In honor of Ron Rabin’s presidency by Ted       and Michael Soffin
Isidor Schechter by Bernard and Belle D.         Kram
Schechter                                                                                        In memory of Jeanne Bowen by Elaine
Shirley Blau by Marian Sheskin                   Rabbi’s Fund                                    Goodfriend

Jack Xheskin by Marian Sheskin                   In memory of Dr. Michael Shnur’s mother by      In memory of Jeanne Bowen by Diane and
                                                 Eileen Romm                                     Joe Gezelter
Rebecca Gershowitz by Albert Gershowitz
                                                 In memory of Jeanne Bowen and honoring          USY Scholarship Fund
                                                 Tikvat Israel congregants for their wonderful
General Donations
                                                 tributes By Jules Bowen                         In memory of Charlotte Lowenfeld by Mortimer
In appreciation of Linc Hallen by Alan and                                                       Lowenfeld
                                                 In memory of David Jacob Lerner by Freda L
Susan Apter
                                                 Stutz                                           In memory of William Lowenfeld by Mortimer
In honor of Shelly Goldin’s speedy recovery by                                                   Lownfeld
                                                 In honor of Rabbi Gorin by Shirley and David
Carol and Richard Barsky
                                                 Greenberg                                       Kiddush Fund
In memory of Ernest Kahn by Tamah Graber
                                                 By the Greenberg family                         Refuah Shlema for Sol Zeidman by Bobbi and
In memory of Belle Meyers by Tamah Graber                                                        Larry Gorban
                                                 By Jeffrey Smith
In memory of Ernest Kahn by Ziva and Jerry                                                       Religious School
                                                 In honor of Rabbi Gorin by Janice Zalen
                                                 In honor of Rabbi Gorin by Leon and Moira       In memory of Ernest Jennes by Bobbi and
In memory of Pearl Gottesman by Ziva and                                                         Larry Gorban
Jerry Schuchman
                                                 Refuah Shlema for Shelly Goldin by Susan and    By Marina and Louri Zaitseva
In honor of Susan Brannigan on passing the
                                                 Jay Plafker
Maryland Bar Exam by Betty Fishman                                                               Social Action Fund
                                                 In memory of Moishe Horelick by Rhoda
Refuah Shlemah to Lou Kornhauser by Betty                                                        In memory of Jeanne Bowen by Diane and
Fishman                                                                                          Joe Gezelter
                                                 In memory of Sylvia Horelick by Rhoda
In memory of David Mayer Jr. by Howard
                                                 Sakolsky                                        Torah Fund
                                                 In memory of Mollie Broadman by Ira Broadman    In memory of Jeanne Bowen by Diane and
High Holiday honors by Marian and Jesse
Kaiser                                                                                           Joe Gezelter

In honor of David Wagner’s Bar Mitvah by                                                         Tzedaka Fund
Norma Dancis
                                                                                                 In honor of David Wagner’s Bar Mitzvah by
In honor of Lisa and Jack’s wedding by Carol                                                     Alvin and Florence Bernstein
and Richard Barsky

             Tikvat Israel remembers with respect those whose yahrzeits
                     occur from 5 Tevet to 6 Shevat • January 2009
Ida Fattman             Benjamin Feinman          Albert Blonder             Sarah G. Kravitz
Robert Lewis            Jennie Schnitzer          Ruth Halpern               Carl Lane
Sarah Margolies         Lillian Walder            Anne Kristal               Frances Nadel
Dora Tanker                                       Sidney Sirkis              Sylvia Seiler
                        16 TEVET/JANUARY 12       Eugene Thompson            Esther Blake Wilchins
6 TEVET/JANUARY 2       Benjamin Kay
Solomon Battino                                   24 TEVET/JANUARY 20        3 SHEVAT/JANUARY 28
Ben Perlmutter          17 TEVET/JANUARY 13       Solomon Meltzer            Raymond Eldredge
Frances Saperstein      Mildred Brook                                        Sarah Gorin
Fred Stryker            Rachel Cohen              25 TEVET/JANUARY 21        Bertha Grossman
7 TEVET/JANUARY 3       Harriet Miller            Lorimar Caplan             Celia Hecht
Helen Berger            Samuel Nadel              Sarah Cohen                Nat E. Koeppel
Eve Hoffman                                       Mollie Flax                Morton Leman
Daniel Jeremias         18 TEVET/JANUARY 14       Bernard Gross              Jacob Schneider
Sol Leise               Blanche Cohen             Nathan Plafker             Bess Snyder
Anne Segal              Irwin Fishman             David Rosen
                        Hyman Gershowitz          Henry Schwartz             4 SHEVAT/JANUARY 29
8 TEVET/JANUARY 4       Lillian Liss              Louis Waxler               Leo Pachenker
June Balin              Marjorie Nash                                        Isaac Zipin
Esther Berk             Joseph Sully              26 TEVET/JANUARY 22
Eugene Cahn                                       Moishe Chaim Chait         5 SHEVAT/JANUARY 30
David Glass             19 TEVET/JANUARY 15       Bernard (Burt) Chatlynne   Fanny Leah Brick
9 TEVET/JANUARY 5       Sam Fermon                Benjamin Futrovsky         Eva Brooke
Max Bassin              Abraham Pelish            Sam Gorin                  Dorothy Caplan
Irving Reiner           Sarah Rosen               Marcus Jacobs              Gutman David Cohen
Doris Klion Taylor      Caren Thaler              Morris Silverman           Bernard Einbinder
                                                                             Samuel Helzner
10 TEVET/JANUARY 6      20 TEVET/JANUARY 16       27 TEVET/JANUARY 23        Anna Linsenberg
Lydia Black             Walter Blumberg           Marie Gabes                Maxwell Rosenlicht
Henry Roth              Beatrice Boroff           David Kushner
Carl Seide              Frieda Cohen              Lena Rosenblum             6 SHEVAT/JANUARY 31
                        Louis Hecht               Della Whittaker            Celia Bress Radin
11 TEVET/JANUARY 7      Sara Kaplan                                          Marion Salon
Julia Auerbach          Sadie Koeppel             28 TEVET/JANUARY 24
Irene Berger            Clement Ezra Marcus       Richard Alan Goodman        CONDOLENCES
Morris Gorinson         Mildred Stein             Meyer Kensky                Tikvat Israel extends
Margaret Peisner                                  Dora Stutz                  condolences to:
                        21 TEVET/JANUARY 17
12 TEVET/JANUARY 8                                                            David Mayer, III on the death
                        Julius Landy              29 TEVET/JANUARY 25
Geraldine Linden                                                              of his father, David Mayer, Jr.
                        Havivah Levy              Lena Berlin
Mollie Radin Schrager                                                         Freda Stutz on the death of
                        Hilda Levy                Samuel D. Bredt
13 TEVET/JANUARY 8      Michael O. Miller         Saul Cohen                  her son, Saul Stutz
Ellen Frank Fine        Ida M. Schiffman          Malcolm First               Helene Kram and Neil Kram on
Ellen Jacob             Rabbi Richard Winograd    Harold Kaplan               the death of Louise Deutchman
Allen Katz              Richard Wottitzky         Shoshana Kolirin
                                                                              Joyce Fisher and Bonnie
Anna Krooler                                                                  Cowan on the death of
Nathan Nachamkin        22 TEVET/JANUARY 18       1 SHEVAT/JANUARY 26
                                                                              Melford Cohen
                        Morris Cohen              Lawrence Blonder
14 TEVET/JANUARY 10     George Ray Davis          Nathan Gershowitz           Robert Copaken on the
Julius Rom              Maurice Levinsohn         Marion Goldstein            death of his brother, Richard
Rebecca Rosenberg       Abraham Peck              Samuel Lerner               Copaken.
                                                  Joseph Seiler

Can you believe.....PURIM is just around the corner!

                             MISHLOACH MANOT 5769
One of the nicest Purim traditions is giving a gift of food to friends – “Mishloach Manot.” Sending food
gifts is one of the four Mitzvot of Purim and is a heartfelt way to foster friendships and connections
within our community. It also emphasizes Jewish unity, which lies at the core of the Purim holiday.

Join in the mitzvah and fun of Mishloach Manot by ordering your Purim bags now!

                                        ~ How It Works ~
 For $5 per name or household, you can send a beautiful gift bag to anyone on the TI membership list
(in-town members only), including TI teachers and staff. Each person on your list will receive one
gift bag, along with a Purim card listing all the people who also designated that individual to receive
a bag.* Bags will be picked up at the Purim Carnival or the Megillah reading.
Special Deal! For $150 you can have your name included on as many people’s bags as you wish. Even
the whole congregation and staff, if you like!

                      ~ Two Options for Placing Your Order ~
Visit, where you can check off the names of TI members and
staff whom you would like to receive Purim bags, and securely pay by credit card. You will soon
receive a letter by regular mail with your personalized password for accessing this website.

                                                   - OR -

Fill out the form on the reverse side of this page and return to the office with your check.

                ORDERING DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 9, 2009
(Questions? Contact Bobbi Cohen at 301 847-8779,; or Maimon and Anna
Levy at 301 774-6115, Sun.-Thurs., 6:00 – 9:00 pm or
*If you are sent a Mishloach Manot bag from more than one individual, you will receive one bag only; all those
people sending you the Mishloach Manot will be listed on the accompanying card.

                              Mishloach Manot Bags
                                   Order Form
Important Note: For your convenience, Mishloach Manot bags may be ordered online at Online ordering will allow you to check off the
names you wish to include from the TI membership and staff list and to pay securely by
credit card.

   For those who prefer the paper order form, please complete the information requested below
   and return the form to the office with your check no later than February 9, 2009. Thank you.


   ___ Option A
      I would like to include my name on the Mishloach Manot bags for the following Tikvat
      Israel members and staff (use space below). The cost is $5.00 per name or family
   ___ Option B
      I prefer to pay $150 for my name to appear on the Mishloach Manot bags for ALL Tikvat
      Israel members and staff (or for only the individuals I’ve listed below).

       Please use additional sheet if more room is required. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.

       1.___________________________________          8.________________________________
       2.___________________________________          9.________________________________
       3.___________________________________         10.________________________________
       4.___________________________________         11.________________________________
       5.___________________________________         12.________________________________
       6.___________________________________         13.________________________________
       7.___________________________________         14.________________________________

Attached is my check for:
____ Option A: Number of bags ___ at $5 each……………………………… Amount:_______

____ Option B: $150 for my name to appear on bags for ALL mem-
     bers of the TI community (or just the names I’ve listed above).…………Amount:_______

____ Additional bags for my personal use (family and friends)
     Number of bags ___ at $8 each ……………………………………....... Amount: _______

                                                                  TOTAL:         $ _________

Note: Orders will not be processed without payment. Please write your check to “Tikvat
Israel,” with “Purim” on the notation line. Submit check & form to office by Feb. 9, 2009.

Name: __________________________Tel No.______________E-mail ____________________

I’d like my name (family name) to appear on the Purim cards as: _________________________
                                                  NON-PROFIT ORG.
ROCKVILLE, MD 20851                                 U.S. POSTAGE

                                                   PERMIT NO. 147
                                                   ROCKVILLE, MD


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