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									Moon Phases Presentation

        By: Rebecca Merlin
           & Kevin Reilly
Prepared for: Mrs. Lowry's 4th Grade
       Magruder Elementary
       Implemented on: Nov. 6, 2002
Class Make-up:
    18 students
    Inclusive classroom setting

                        SOL 4.7:
                             The student will
                             investigate and
                             understand the
                             relationships among the
                             Earth, moon, and sun.
                             Key concepts include the
                             motions of the Earth,
                             moon and sun, and
                             phases of the moon.
Moon Phases Powerpoint Overview

                 Earth & Moon Outline
                 Moon-Earth Rotation
                 8 Moon Phases
                 Lunar Cycle
                 Fun moon facts
                 Bay of Fundy
     Moon Phases Activities
Oreo Moon Phases
   Cookie filling represents four
    of the moon’s phases.

                              Internet Stations
                                  How much do you weigh on
                                  the moon? What phase of
                                  the moon were you born
     Moon Phases Activities
                           Formative assessment
                           about what the students

Moon Phases Flip Book
Fun! Fun! Fun!
              What Went Well!
Powerpoint presentation held their interest
Oreo activity -- who can resist FREE food?
Internet activities -- how much do YOU weigh on
  the moon?
Differentiated activities appealed to learners’
  multiple intelligences
5 adults in the room -- extra supervision and
 Positive interaction -- good questions and prior
  knowledge about moon phases
Students were well behaved
   Suggested Improvements
Fewer activities
   Think-Pair-Share: students had
     difficulty working with a partner
   Moon Phases Flip Book: students
     were unable to put it together
Material covered was enough for a unit
  instead of a single lesson
  From the teacher’s desk
Thank you for your efforts in preparing a group of effective and fun instructional activities on the
phases of the Moon. You did an outstanding job putting the lessons together. The students in
my class really enjoyed all parts of the lesson. The powerpoint covered the SOL well, and could
be used to introduce the concepts to the whole class, or to reinforce concepts as students work
individually, or in pairs, at a computer workstation. The students enjoyed exploring the links to
other sites and activities. Enjoyable, and informative also, was the "Make the Phases of the Moon
with an Oreo Cookie" activity. This "hands-on" and "mouth-on" activity stimulated interest and
got even the more reluctant learners positively involved. The moon booklets and Think-Pair-
Share completed the lesson, giving students a chance to practice the information they had

Thoughts on improving the activities relate mostly to things beyond your control:
•Make more time for the lesson
•Find one more person to help at a station. The Think-Pair-Share group probably needed
  a little more supervision.
• Create a poster or model of the moon phases to assist students making the booklet to
  copy from.

These are minor adjustments. Overall you put together some neat instructional activities. My
Joyce Lowry

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