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					                                                           Meeting Date:            05/08/12
                                                           Agenda Item:              3.10
                                                           Unclassified Manager:    A. Draper
                                                           Extension:               2665
FC 1025 (08/17/11)                                         Director(s):             All

                                     BOARD AGENDA MEMO

SUBJECT:             Grant Funding Agreement between the Santa Clara Valley Water District (District)
                     and Santa Clara County to Provide Grant Funds for the County’s Green Business
                     Program in Fiscal Year 2013.


A. Approve a grant to the County of Santa Clara (County) in an amount not to exceed
   $100,000 to enable the County to administer its Green Business Program (GBP) in District
   Fiscal Year 2013 (FY 2013) with the goal of reducing pollutants entering the surface waters
   of Santa Clara County;
B. Approve the 1-year grant funding agreement (Attachment 1) specifying the terms and
   conditions under which the District will provide the County with the grant in an amount not to
   exceed $100,000 to administer its GBP in FY 2013 with the goal of reducing pollutants
   entering the surface waters of Santa Clara County (Grant Funding Agreement); and
C. Authorize the District’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to execute an agreement substantially
   in the same form as the Grant Funding Agreement.


Clean Safe Creeks Activity 2.5 states “Partner with the County on general surface water quality
protection program/outreach,” and the 15-year goal states “Assist County or cities in reduction
of pollutants in surface water.” To help fulfill this goal, the District has funded the GBP since
April 2004. On May 25, 2010, the Board approved a three-year grant funding agreement with
the County to administer the GBP which will expire on June 30, 2012.

The GBP is administered by the County’s Integrated Waste Management Division. The County
Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission provides review and oversight of the GBP. The
GBP is a free and voluntary program that provides businesses with a framework for improving
environmental performance that supports pollution prevention goals; requires waste
reduction/recycling; promotes water conservation; and mandates energy efficiency measures.
Additionally, the GBP assesses if certified businesses are in compliance with all environmental

The GBP targets small to medium sized businesses. Santa Clara County has approximately
58,000 businesses and fewer than 9,000 (15.4%) are considered small to medium sized
businesses most of which have fewer than 50 employees. Of that 15.4%, approximately 6,000
of those businesses are considered appropriate for certification. These particular businesses
are viewed as having the most opportunity to make significant changes that could protect the
environment, particularly urban stormwater runoff. They are generally too small to have their

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                Grant Funding Agreement between the Santa Clara Valley Water District
SUBJECT:        (District) and Santa Clara County to Provide Grant Funds for the County’s
                Green Business Program in Fiscal Year 2013.

own environmental staff internally and therefore are the primary non-point source pollution
contributors. In 2011, the GBP reported that 484 businesses had received a Green certification
which is about 8% of the target businesses.

In its Fiscal Year 2010-2011 annual review of Clean Safe Creeks' program implementation, the
Independent Monitoring Committee (IMC) recommended “the Water District evaluate
alternatives to the Green Business Program so that the program can be fulfilled objectively”. At
the January 24, 2012, Board Meeting, IMC Chair David Ginsborg recommended that the District
evaluate alternative models to the GBP to help increase the number of business certifications.
The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for the County Recycling and Waste Reduction
Commission is scheduled to begin discussion of the effectiveness of the GBP model on April 25,

District staff met with the GBP staff and explored the following options:

   1.   Approve a new, three-year contract applying the current GBP model.
   2.   Approve a new contract with the County employing a modified Green Business Program.
   3.   Use funds elsewhere in the county for other pollution prevention projects.
   4.   Approve a 1-year agreement with the County focused on modified reporting and
        measures. Continue discussions with Santa Clara County representatives to explore
        other models or opportunities.

District staff recommends the Board approve option number four. The Grant Funding
Agreement will incorporate modified metrics to better quantify program performance to the IMC.
In addition, the Grant Funding Agreement will serve as a bridge, allowing time for the TAC to
discuss options and alternatives which could be incorporated into a future agreement with the
County. The Grant Funding Agreement will include the following program measures:

       Focus on garment cleaning services (CO2 and WET Technologies), auto repair/auto
        body shops, printers and landscapers;
       Development of new outreach materials promoting the environmental benefits of
       Development of additional metrics specific to surface water pollution prevention to
        demonstrate program effectiveness;
       Conducting sector-specific workshops regarding surface water pollution prevention
        featuring subject matter experts;
       Conducting outreach to targeted businesses;
       Use of specially trained interns to assist in the GBP certification process;
       Development of online “how-to” videos to assist businesses with the GBP certification
        process; and
       Provision of a biannual electronic newsletter.

Modified metrics to be reported on a semi-annual basis:

       Milligrams of mercury reduced
       Pounds of hazardous waste reduced
       Pounds of GHG emissions reduced

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                Grant Funding Agreement between the Santa Clara Valley Water District
SUBJECT:        (District) and Santa Clara County to Provide Grant Funds for the County’s
                Green Business Program in Fiscal Year 2013.

       Pounds of materials recycled and diverted from landfill
       % increase of small and medium-sized businesses certified in FY 2013

These measures and metrics are aimed to enhance the effectiveness of the overall program.

While the discussion at the TAC level takes place, the County Recycling and Waste Reduction
Commission requests continued funding of GBP (Attachment 2) to allow the program to grow
and serve as a resource for small and medium size businesses. The list of certified Green
Businesses in Santa Clara County is provided as Attachment 3, and a chart comparing the
number of certified green businesses by county is provided as Attachment 4. Based on the
chart, Santa Clara County has the highest number of certified green businesses statewide.


If the staff recommendations are approved, the financial impact associated with this item is
$100,000, which is approximately 50% of the GBP operation fund. Funds are available in Clean
Safe Creeks' Outcome 2.5 revenues that are allocated to and budgeted within the Pollution
Prevention Activities program.


CEQA requirements do not apply because this project does not cause a direct physical change
in the environment, nor is it reasonable foreseeable that it may indirectly cause a physical
change in the environment.


Attachment 1: Draft Grant Funding Agreement
Attachment 2: Letter from Santa Clara County Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission to
              Director Linda LeZotte.
Attachment 3: List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
Attachment 4: Chart of Bay Area Green Businesses by County

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                                     GRANT FUNDING AGREEMENT
                                           BY AND BETWEEN
                                SANTA CLARA VALLEY WATER DISTRICT
                                       COUNTY OF SANTA CLARA

THIS GRANT FUNDING AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made and entered into effective
as of July 1, 2012, by and between the Santa Clara Valley Water District, an independent
special district created by the Legislature of the State of California (“District”), and the
County of Santa Clara, a political subdivision of the State of California (“County”).


    A. Whereas, the District’s Clean Safe Creeks and Natural Flood Protection Ballot Measure B (“Clean
       Safe Creeks”) was passed by over two-thirds of the electorate in Santa Clara County on
       November 7, 2000.
    B. Whereas, Clean Safe Creeks seeks to accomplish the following four main outcomes: (1) protect
       homes, schools, businesses and roads from flooding and erosion; (2) protect, enhance, and
       restore healthy creek and bay ecosystems; (3) provide additional open space trails and parks
       along creeks; and (4) provide clean, safe water in creeks and bays.
    C. Whereas, the grant funding authorized under this Agreement will further the District’s efforts in
       achieving the second outcome of Clean Safe Creeks (i.e. protect, enhance, and restore healthy
       creek and bay ecosystems).
    D. Whereas, the Clean Safe Creeks plan specifies that the reduction of runoff pollution from
       residential, commercial and industrial sites by encouraging pollution prevention practices is
       important in protecting, enhancing, and restoring healthy creek and bay ecosystems.
    E. Whereas, the County administers a Green Business Program (“County Green Business Program”)
       that is part of a statewide green business network that certifies businesses that have
       incorporated environmentally sound practices into their business operations, including pollution
       prevention practices to reduce contaminants from urban runoff.
    F. Whereas, the District desires that the County undertake the commitments described in this
       Agreement as part of the County Green Business Program, which will further the District’s
       efforts in protecting, enhancing, and restoring healthy creek and bay ecosystems.
    G. Whereas, the County desires to undertake said commitments and represents that it is qualified
       and capable of doing so.

NOWTHEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

1.      TERM OF AGREEMENT. The term of this Agreement shall commence on July 1, 2012, and shall
expire on June 30, 2013, unless sooner terminated in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. All
services described in Exhibit A must be completed by June 30, 2013.

2.      PAYMENT OF GRANT AWARD. The District agrees to provide County funding, not to exceed
$100,000, for those expenses associated with performing, overseeing and implementing the scope of
services described in Exhibit A, attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference (hereinafter
“Scope of Services”), subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The total amount of the

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                                                                                                 Attachment 1
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grant funding that the District will provide under this Agreement shall not exceed $100,000 (“Grant
Award”). County shall provide the District with such statements, invoices, receipts, and other
information for all costs it seeks to be reimbursed for under this Agreement. Payment of the Grant
Award will be paid as 2 separate reimbursement payments. The first reimbursement payment will be
paid within 30 calendar days after the District receives a mid-year progress report (see Exhibit C)
submitted by County staff per Section 4 of this Agreement and all documentation supporting the costs
for which County seeks reimbursement. The second reimbursement payment will be paid within 30
calendar days after the District receives a year-end County progress report (see Exhibit C) submitted by
County staff and all documentation supporting the costs for which County seeks reimbursement. District
will not reimburse County for any costs incurred for any work that: (i) does not come within the Scope of
Services as described in Exhibit A, or (ii) the District reasonably determines the progress report (see
Exhibit C) submitted by County staff is not complete. The District or Clean Safe Creeks Independent
Monitoring Committee (“IMC”) shall have the right to request information as it may deem necessary to
ascertain County’s performance and compliance of this Agreement. The County shall be given no less
than 10 days to respond to requests made by the District or the IMC.

3.     USE OF GRANT AWARD. The Grant Award will only be used to reimburse County for its costs to
undertake and complete the items set forth in the Scope of Services, attached hereto as Exhibit A.

4.      MONITORING AND EVALUATION. County shall furnish all data, statements, records, information,
and reports necessary for the District to monitor, review and evaluate the performance of the Scope of
Services. At a minimum, County shall prepare and submit a mid-year and end-of-year progress reports.
The County shall submit the mid-year progress report to the District no later than January 16, 2013, and
the year-end progress report no later than June 16, 2013. These progress reports shall include the
following information:

                        The number of newly certified businesses during the fiscal year
                        The number of recertified businesses during the fiscal year
                        The total number of certified businesses during the fiscal year
                        The type of business each certified business engages in (i.e. garment cleaning
                        services, auto repair/auto body shops, printers, and landscapers.)
                        The number of businesses decertified during the fiscal year
                        The net increase in certified businesses during the fiscal year
                        The net increase in certified businesses during the fiscal year for each of the
                        other San Francisco Bay Area Green Business Programs: Alameda, Contra Costa,
                        Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Solano, and Sonoma
                        A list of public agencies that are certified in whole or in part
                        A description of all County promotions and outreach geared towards reducing
                        urban runoff from businesses (videos, media advertisements, events, websites,
                        outreach campaigns, etc.)
                        Status of new program measures geared towards reducing urban runoff from
                        businesses that may be identified over the term of this Agreement
                        Total cost incurred in carrying out the Scope of Services, including labor,
                        overhead, materials, etc.
                        Metrics to include pounds of hazardous waste reduced, milligrams of mercury
                        reduced, and pounds of solid waste diverted from the landfill

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                                                                                                 Attachment 1
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      County shall cooperate with the District and IMC in the conduct of any evaluation of County's
      performance of the Scope of Services. County recognizes and agrees that an evaluation of the
      Scope of Services may be completed after the expiration of the term of this Agreement. The
      District shall have the right to request the services of an outside consultant to assist in any such
      evaluation. Such evaluation services shall be paid for by the District.

5.       CONTACTS. Each party’s respective key contact is listed below in this Section 5. Any notice or
communication which is required to be given under this Agreement or which either party may desire to
give to the other, shall be in writing, and shall be delivered to the persons and addresses below via
personal delivery, electronic mail (in PDF format), or postage prepaid First Class U.S. Mail::

         To the County:                   Lisa Rose
                                          Santa Clara County
                                          Integrated Waste Management Division
                                          Green Business Program
                                          1553 Berger Drive, Bldg. 1
                                          San Jose, CA 95112

                                          Ph: 408-282-3166
                                          Fax: 408-282-3188

         To the District:                 Teresa Trinh
                                          Stream Stewardship Division
                                          Santa Clara Valley Water District
                                          5750 Almaden Expressway
                                          San Jose, CA. 95118

                                          Ph: 408-265-2607 x3277
                                          Fax: 408-979-5613

Each party may designate a different contact from that set forth above by providing written notice to
the other party.


     A. County shall establish and maintain a system of accounts for the Grant Award that shall be in
        conformance with generally accepted government accounting principles. County shall also
        document all costs by maintaining complete and accurate records of all costs related to the
        Scope of Services, including but not limited to contracts, invoices, labor costs, cash receipts,
        and/or other documentation and records evidencing in proper detail the nature and propriety of
        all costs in which it seeks reimbursement for pursuant to this Agreement.

     B. County shall maintain records of all matters related to this Agreement including, but not limited
        to, books, financial records, supporting documents, and all other pertinent records sufficient to
        reflect properly all costs of whatever nature claimed to have been incurred and anticipated to

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                                                                                                      Attachment 1
                                                                                                      Page 3 of 12
           be incurred in performance of the Scope of Services. County shall preserve and make available
           its records for: (i) a period of three (3) years from the date of expiration or sooner termination
           of Agreement; or (ii) such longer period, if any, as may be required by applicable law.

      C. At any time during normal business hours, and as often as may be deemed necessary, County
         agrees that the District, its authorized representatives, or both shall have access to and the right
         to examine all contracts and subcontracts, invoices, payrolls, and all other data relating to
         matters covered by this Agreement for: (i) a period of three (3) years from the date of expiration
         or sooner termination of Agreement; or (ii) such longer period, if any, as may be required by
         applicable law.

7.      INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS. County shall, prior to carrying out the Scope of Services, comply
with the insurance requirements set forth in the attached Exhibit B, entitled “INSURANCE
REQUIREMENTS.” The District Risk Manager may, at his discretion, waive any and all insurance

8.        INDEMNIFICATION. County agrees to protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless the District,
its officers, employees and agents from any and all costs, liability, loss, damage, suits, actions, or claims
arising or resulting from the acts or omissions of County, its officers, agents, volunteers, or employees,
in the performance of this Agreement. This Section shall survive expiration or sooner termination of this

9.      TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT. The District may, with sixty (60) calendar days prior written
notice to County, terminate this Agreement prior to the Agreement expiration date for any material
breach, including:

      A.     If County makes improper use of the Grant Award;
      B.     If County fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement including
             without limitation, County's failure to carry out the Scope of Services or comply with the
             terms as described in Exhibits;
      C.     If County submits to the District any report which is incorrect or incomplete in any respect, or
             is untimely; or

Each of County's obligations under this Agreement shall be deemed material. If County fails to perform
any of its obligations under this Agreement, in addition to all other remedies provided by law, and as
may be specified under this Agreement, the District may terminate this Agreement upon written notice.


      A.     This Agreement shall be construed, and its performance enforced, under California law.
      B.     The headings of the sections and subsections of this Agreement are inserted for convenience
             only. They do not constitute a part of this Agreement and shall not be used in its construction.
      C.     This Agreement shall not be delegated or assigned by County nor shall any of the Scope of
             Services be subcontracted to third parties, except as otherwise expressly provided herein.
             Any attempted assignment of such rights or delegation of duties, either voluntary, involuntary
             or by operation of law, made without the District's advance written consent shall be voidable
             at the District's sole option.

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                                                                                                       Attachment 1
                                                                                                       Page 4 of 12
   D.    It is understood and agreed by and between the parties that County in the performance of this
         Agreement, shall not act nor is it at any time authorized to act, as the agent or representative
         of the District in any matter. County further agrees that it will not in any manner hold itself
         out as the agent or representative of the District or act in such a fashion as would give the
         impression to a reasonable person that County is acting in such a capacity.
   E.    Unless otherwise authorized by this Agreement, amendments to the terms and conditions of
         this Agreement shall be requested in writing by the party desiring such revision, and any such
         adjustment to this Agreement shall be effective only upon the mutual agreement in writing of
         the parties.
   F.    In no event shall a payment by District or any acceptance of payment by the County constitute
         or be construed to be a waiver by the District or County of any breach of this Agreement or
         any default which may then exist on the part of the District or County, and the making of any
         such payment or the acceptance of any such payment while any such breach or default exists
         shall in no way impair or prejudice any right or remedy available to the District or County with
         respect to such breach or default.
   G.    This Agreement, including all exhibits and documents incorporated herein by reference,
         embodies the entire agreement between the District and County and its terms and conditions.
         No oral agreements or conversations with any officer, agent or employee of the District shall
         affect or modify any of the terms or obligations contained in any documents comprising this
         Agreement. Any such oral agreement shall be considered as unofficial information and in no
         way binding upon the District.
   H.    If any part of this Agreement is for any reason found to be unenforceable by a court of
         competent jurisdiction, all other parts nevertheless remain enforceable. The District and
         County agree that to the extent that the exclusion of any unenforceable provisions from this
         Agreement affects the purpose of this Agreement, then the parties shall negotiate an
         adjustment to this Agreement in order to give full effect to the purpose of this Agreement or
         either party may terminate this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the day and year first herein
above set forth.

County of Santa Clara                                Santa Clara Valley Water District

Signature:                                           Signature:
Kevin O’Day                                          Beau Goldie
Director, Department of Agriculture and              Chief Executive Officer
Environmental Management

Approved as to form and legality:                    Approved as to form and legality:

Signature:                                           Signature:
Mark Bernal                                          Anthony Fulcher
Deputy County Counsel                                Assistant District Counsel

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                                                                                                 Attachment 1
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                                               EXHIBIT A
                                           SCOPE OF SERVICES
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the County agrees to undertake all of the
following work activities as part of the County Green Business Program from July 1, 2012 to June 30,

    1.   Achieve a minimum goal of certifying or recertifying at least 75 businesses as Green
         Businesses per the County Green Business Program (an increase of 25% of certified green
         business from the County’s previous year’s goals). At least 50 of those 75 certified
         businesses must be new participants of the County’s Green Business Program.

    2. Develop and implement program measures to increase the number of Green Business
       Certifications of businesses that are greater contributors to non-point source pollution and
       are too small to have their own environmental health and safety staff such as garment
       cleaning services, auto repair/auto body shops, printers, and landscapers.

    3. Improve program efficiency through business and community outreach by:

              - Developing and promoting online “how-to” videos that would enable businesses to
         view various steps for moving through the certification process on their own time
             - Developing and promoting biannual electronic newsletters encouraging surface
         water pollution runoff reduction measures
             - Using County trained interns to increase business participation and awareness of the
         Green Business program
             - Working with District staff to develop urban runoff-specific videos and materials for
         the community

       Continuously improve Green Business Program to include new surface water pollution
       prevention measures and metrics as they are identified and developed, especially those
       related to surface water pollution caused by non-point source pollution.
    4. Acknowledge the support of the District’s Board of Directors by including the District logo in
       County’s Green Business Program publications, including newsletters, program activity
       announcements, articles, flyers, media coverage, recognition events, and by referencing this
       grant during regulatory and management status reports, etc.

    5. Upon District request, County is required to conduct one project or event site tour during
       District Fiscal Year 2012-2013. County may be asked to accommodate dates and times at
       which the District board members, management staff, or both may visit.

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                                                                                             Attachment 1
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                                                   EXHIBIT B
                                         INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS

Please refer to the insurance requirements listed below.
Without limiting the County's indemnification of, or liability to, the Santa Clara Valley Water District
(“District”), the County must provide and maintain at its own expense, during the term of this Agreement,
or as may be further required herein, the following insurance coverages and provisions:

County must provide its insurance broker(s)/agent(s) with a copy of these requirements and warrants
that these requirements have been reviewed by County’s insurance agent(s) and/or broker(s), who have
been instructed by County to procure the insurance coverage required herein. All Certificates of
Insurance complete with copies of all required endorsements must be sent to: Contract Administrator,
Santa Clara Valley Water District, 5750 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118.

In addition to certificates, County must furnish District with copies of original endorsements affecting
coverage required by this Appendix. The certificates and endorsements are to be signed by a person
authorized by that insurer to bind coverage on its behalf. All endorsements and certificates are to be
received and approved by District before work commences. In the event of a claim or dispute, District
has the right to require County's insurer to provide complete, certified copies of all required pertinent
insurance policies, including endorsements affecting the coverage required by this Appendix.

County must, at its sole cost and expense, procure and maintain during the entire period of this
Agreement the following insurance coverage(s).

Required Coverages

1.      Commercial General/Business Liability Insurance with coverage as indicated:

        $1,000,000 per occurrence / $1,000,000 aggregate limits for bodily injury and property damage

2.      Business Auto Liability Insurance with coverage as indicated:

        $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage per occurrence,
        covering all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles.

3.      Errors and Omissions Liability with coverage as indicated:

        $1,000,000 per claim/ $1,000,000 aggregate are included in the County’s General Liability

        A. If coverage is claims-made:

                a. Certificate of Insurance shall clearly state that the coverage is claims-made
                b. Policy retroactive date must coincide with or precede the County’s start of work

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                                                                                                 Attachment 1
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                  (including subsequent policies purchased as renewals or replacements).
               c. Policy must allow for reporting of circumstances or incidents that might give rise to
                  future claims.
               d. Insurance must be maintained and evidence of insurance must be provided for at
                  least three (3) years after completion of the contract of work.

4.     Workers' Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance

       Statutory California Workers’ Compensation coverage covering all work to be performed for the

       Employer Liability coverage for not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.

General Requirements

With respect to all coverages noted above, the following additional requirements apply:

1.      Primacy Clause: County’s insurance must be primary with respect to any other insurance
       which may be carried by the District, its officer, agents and employees, and the District’s
       coverage must not be called upon to contribute or share in the loss.

2.     Cancellation Clause Revision: The Certificate of Insurance MUST provide 30 days notice of
       cancellation, (10 days notice for non-payment of premium). NOTE: The standard wording in
       the ISO Certificate of Insurance is not acceptable. The following words must be crossed out or
       deleted from the standard cancellation clause: "...endeavor to..." AND "...but failure to mail such
       notice must impose no obligation or liability of any kind upon the company, its agents or

3.   Acceptability of Insurers: All coverages must be issued by companies admitted to conduct business in
       the State of California, which hold a current policy holder's alphabetic and financial size category
       rating of not less than A- V, according to the current Best's Key Rating Guide or a company of equal
       financial stability that is approved by the District’s Risk Management Administrator.

4.     Self-Insured Retentions or Deductibles: Any deductibles or self-insured retentions must be
       declared to the District.

5.     Amount of Liability not Limited to Amount of Insurance: The insurance procured by County for
       the benefit of the District must not be deemed to release or limit any liability of County.
       Damages recoverable by the District for any liability of County must, in any event, not be limited
       by the amount of the required insurance coverage.

6.     Coverage to be Occurrence Based: With the exception of the Professional Liability/Errors and
       Omissions coverage mentioned above, all coverage must be occurrence-based coverage.
       Claims-made coverage is not allowed.

7.     Non-compliance: The District reserves the right to withhold payments to the County in the event
       of material noncompliance with the insurance requirements outlined above.

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                                                                                                   Attachment 1
                                                                                                   Page 8 of 12
     Please mail the certificates and endorsements to:

     Contract Administrator
     Santa Clara Valley Water District
     5750 Almaden Expressway
     San Jose, CA 95118

IMPORTANT:      On the certificate of insurance, please note either the name of the project or the
                name of the District contact person or unit for the contract.

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                                                                                          Attachment 1
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This Page Intentionally Left Blank

                                     Attachment 1
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                                                                                                                                        EXHIBIT C

                                                                                                                SANTA CLARA VALLEY WATER DISTRIC T

                                                                                                    FY 2012-2013 SUR FACE WATER QUALITY PART NERSH IP PROGRAM

                      DRAFT                                                                                           Bia nnual Project Status Report

                                                                                                         Submission of biannual reports is a program requirement.

                                                   Please us e and s ub mit the same report lorm l or each rep orti ng period. i.e. each consecutive rep o rt ing period should be rellected on the same report.
                                                                                         MAIL: 5750 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118 Att n: Teresa Trinh
                                                                                                       Report Deadlines : January 16, 2013; J une 16, 20 13

                                                                                                                                                                                 _.            ....... -"'-.--,..... -.., -­   -p        .......

STEP 1: Li st prole ct deliverables outcomes and ou tcome evaluat ion methods includinq t heir coa ts and actual s each Quarter.                                                                                 I                                         I                       I
Ac t iv it ies                                                                                                                 2012 -2013 Units 01 Service oer Quarter                                                                                                             I
                                                                                                                                          Q1                     Q2                                              I              Q3                                    Q4           I       Grand Total
A. Pro'ect Delivera bles Le. what was orod uced?
Conduct local outreach to educate the public on the Gree n Business Program and the adva ntages of patronizing       Outcome
cernneo businesses . Examples include placing ads in-local papers , having artic les and developi ng mate rials that
can be distributed to the general public . Acknowledge the support of the District's Board of Directors by including
the District logo in County 's Green Business Program publications, including newsletters. program activity
announce ments, artic les, flyers, media cove rage , recognition events, and by referencing this grant during
regUlatory and management stalus repo rts, etc.

Continue to build partnerships with cities, regulatory agenc ies, and other organizations to assist in promotion,                       Outcome
implementation, and business certi fications .

Achieve a minimum goa l of certify ing or recertifying at least 75 businesses as Green Businesses per the Coun ty
Green Business Program (an increase of 25% of certified green business trom the County's previous year's
goals). At least 50 of those 75 certified businesses must be new participants of the County's Green Business
Prog ram as outlined below.

The number of newly cert ified busines ses during the fiscal year                                                                         Goa l                  12                          13                                     12                                13               Min imum 01 50
The numb er of recertified businesses during the fiscal year                                                                              Goa l                   6                           7                                     6                                  6               Minimum of 25
The total numbe r 01 certified businesses during the fiscal year                                                                          Goal                   18                          20                                     18                                19               Minimu m of 75
The type of busine ss each cerlified business engages in (i.e. gar men t cleaning se rvices, auto repair/auto body
shop s, printers , and landscapers

The number of businesses decertified during the fiscal year                                                                              Outcome

The net increa se in certified businesses during the fiscal year                                                                         Outcome

The net increase in certified businesses during the fiscal year for each of the other San Francisco Bay Area Green                       Outcome
Bus iness Prog rams : Alameda, Cont ra Costa , Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Solano , and Sonoma

A list of public aoencres that are certified in whole or in part                                                                         Outcome
Pounds of hazardous waste reduced                                                                                                        Outcome
Milliqrams of mer cury reduced                                                                                                           Outcome
Pounds of solid waste diverted lrom the landfill                                                                                         Outcome
Pounds of carboard baled                                                                                                                 Outcome
Overall Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduced                                                                                                 Outcome
C. Outcome Measures Assessment Methods Le. what data acousmon me thods are used to dete rmine outcome measures?)                                                                      I
The metrics have been developed by the California Green Business Program and the data inpuls and outputs are built into the online databa se system. The calculations , assumptions and conversions tor those metrics have not changed since they were last
submitled to the Santa Clara Valley Water District and can be provided upon request.

Please consider the follow inq Questions. If any are applicable this Quarter, please identify which Quarter and respond in the space below and/or attach documentalion.
11Durina the oast two aua rters, did your oraaniza tion identrtv the need for any budaet chanaes to District funds? If ves, please submif a mod ified budaet and a buda et adiustment reauest in writina.

2) During the past two quarters, did your organization rece ive notification of new funding tor this project or changes in current funding (other than Distr ict funds)? If yes , please describe and submit a copy of the notificatio n. NO

STEP 2: Identilv quarterly pro ject ex pendi t ur es each Quart er .
Prepared by:             Lisa Rose
Date Preoared :
Contact Phone:           408-282- 3166
Preoarer's Sianature:
The oreoerer of this report certifies that the enecnea expenditures for this Quarter are full compensation for all labor, materials, suoouo«, and equipment used in cettvitu; out this work in accordance with the terms of the 2003
Name               Classif ication                             Loaded              Quarter 1                  Quarter 2                 Quarter 3        Qu art er 4 Expe nses         SCVWD Grant
                                                               Hourly              Expenses                   Expenses                  Expenses                                      Expenditure Total
Elizabeth Constan tino     Proaram Manaqe r
Joanne Chaoa               Office Seeciahst III
Clifton Chew               Manaqement Analyst

                                                                                          ! ,. M' 7{, : · ....
Zachary DeVine             Manaaement Analyst
Lisa Rose
Sue Sherrin
                           Sr. Mamt. Analvst
                           Manaqemenl Aide                                                . ~ P /~- •
                                                                                          I .......

                                                                                          '~          J}' /
                                                                                                                     I' ­
                                                                                                                    . 11        J

                                                                                                                                                                                      Gr and Totals
I                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I
    26:   EXPENDITURES: OVERHEAD (10% of Raw Labor Hours)
                                              Raw Labor                     xl0%                      Grant Qu alified          Quarter 1               Quarter 2 Expenses        Quarter 3 Expenses                 Quarter 4 Expenses                        SC VWD Grant
                                              Amount                                                  Overhead                  Expenses                                                                                                                       Expenditure Total

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Grand Totals

    Payee              Description of      Purpose of    Quarter 1                                     Quarter 2                Quarter 3               Quarter 4 Expenses        SCVWD Grant
                       Exnend itu re       EXllenditure  EXllenses                                     Exoenses                 Expenses                                          Exoenditu re To t al

                                                                            0.00                       0,00                     s                   -   s                             $                               $                                        $               -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Grand Totals

                                                               TatalQ 1            Tota l Q 2                 Total Q3          Total Q 4 Expenses       Total SCVWD Grant
                                                               Expenses            Expenses                   Expenses                                    Exp enses To Date
                           GRAND TOTALS                    s                 $                  -      s                    -       $                   $
                                                                                                                                < Test                  $

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Attachment 1
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This page intentionally left blank

                                     Attachment 1
                                     Page 12 of 12
 County of Santa Clara
 Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission
 Integrated Waste Management Division

1553 Berger Olive, Building #1
San Jose, California 95112
(408) 282-3180 FAX (408) 282-3188

March 7, 2012

Director Linda LeZotte
Santa Clara Valley Water District
5750 Almaden Expressway
San Jose, CA 95118

 Dear Chair LeZotte,

It is my pleasure to submit a letter on behalf of the Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission of Santa Clara County
requesting continued funding of the Santa Clara County Green Business Program. The Program is available to most small
to medium sized businesses in Santa Clara County in specific business sectors (currently) free of charge.

Continued funding will enable numerous businesses in the County to go through the process of modifying their operations
in the areas of waste reduction, water and energy conservation and pollution prevention to reduce their environmental
footprint. Mandatory requirements include, among others, specific measures that address/meet goals of the Clean Safe
Creeks program and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. The Green Business Program commits to working with the Santa
Clara Valley Water District to ensure that the program continues to address the District's goals and objectives.

Santa Clara County's Green Business Program began as part of a Bay Area wide program in 1999. It was purposely
designed as a partnership between government and private industry. Over the years, other counties began modeling green
business programs after the Bay Area Program. The California Green Business Network was established in 2006. They
currently have 15 counties and three cities participating with many other jurisdictions preparing to join the network. In
2011, AB 913 established a statewide Green Business Program that became effective January 1,2012 with Department of
Toxic Substances Control being the lead agency to assist local programs in an ongoing partnership between government
and private industry.

In the past year, the measures taken by the almost 600 Santa Clara County Certified Green Businesses reduced kilowatt
(kWh) hours expended by 5,453,398 kWh, water usage by 7,339,806 gallons, mercury by 12,719 milligrams and reduced
Greenhouse Gas emissions by 267,483 metric tons which equates to taking 52,448 passenger cars offthe road or
providing electric power to 23,159 homes for one year.

In conclusion, the Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission of Santa Clara County requests that the Santa Clara
Valley Water District continue funding the Green Business Program. Ongoing funding will allow this exceptional
program to continue to grow and serve as a resource for small to medium sized businesses as they strive to reduce their
negative impacts on the environment by modifying their business practices with assistance from trained, knowledgeable
and helpful Green Business Program staff. Thank you very much for your consideration.

<Jamie McLeod, Chair
Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission of Santa Clara County
Commissioners: Jamie McLeod, Chair; Ronit Bryant, Kansen Chu, Susan Garner, Jim Griffith, Linda J. LeZotte, Evan Low.
               Cat Tucker, Mike Wasserman, Gilbert Wong
                                                                                                               Attachment 2
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                                     Attachment 2
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            List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
Clean Vent, Inc.                                  186 East Sunnyoaks Ave.            Campbell, CA  95008
Dinan Engineering                                 980 Camden Ave.                    Campbell, CA  95008
Sales Away Inc./100% Green Tee (Organic & Recycle 1060 Florence Wy.                  Campbell, CA . 95008
3 Degrees Marketing, Inc.                         898 La Plata Plaza                 Campbell, CA 95008                                    2542 S. Bascom Avenue, Suite 190 Campbell, CA 95008
KwickCart                                         1821 S. Bascom Avenue #194         Campbell, CA 95008
NuLight Solutions, Inc.                           1350 Dell Avenue, Suite 202        Campbell, CA 95008
PaperSky Design                                   1350 Dell Avenue, Suite 104        Campbell, CA 95008
Professional Cleaning Systems                     499‐A Salmar Avenue                Campbell, CA 95008
Safety Management & Development                   P.O. Box 357                       Campbell, CA 95009‐0357
City of Campbell City Hall                        70 N. First St.                    Campbell, Ca. 95008
City of Campbell Community Center                 1 West Campbell Avenue, Bldg. C32 Campbell, Ca. 95008
Fine Antiques European                            1550 Dell Avenue, Suite C          Campbell, Ca. 95008
Groupware Technology, Inc.                        511 Division Street                Campbell, Ca. 95008
Mohler, Nixon & Williams                          635  Campbell Technology Pkwy. Campbell, Ca. 95008
SummerWinds Nursery ‐ Campbell                    2460 Winchester Blvd.              Campbell, Ca. 95008
YouSendIt, Inc.                                   1919 S. Bascom Avenue, Fl 3        Campbell, Ca. 95008
Cal EarthCare Landscaping, Inc.                   21730 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 201Cupertino,  CA 95014
aumkaara, Inc.                                    175 Calvert Drive, #B205           Cupertino, CA  95014
Yamagami's Nursery                                1361 S. De Anza Blvd               Cupertino, CA  95014
The Driving Machine                               PO Box 695 *                       Cupertino, CA  95015
City of Cupertino, City Hall                      10300 Torre Rd                     Cupertino, CA 95014
City of Cupertino, Community Hall                 10350 Torre Rd                     Cupertino, CA 95014
City of Cupertino, Library                        10800 Torre Rd                     Cupertino, CA 95014
Cupertino Chamber of Commerce                     20455 Silverado                    Cupertino, CA 95014
Cupertino Corporation Yard
Cupertino Corporation Yard                        10555 Mary Avenue
                                                  10555 Mary Avenue                  Cupertino, CA 95014
                                                                                     Cupertino CA 95014
Cupertino Sports Center                           21111 Stevens Creek Blvd.          Cupertino, CA 95014
Intero Real Estate Services                       10275 N De Anza Blvd               Cupertino, CA 95014
Mattsson Web Solutions                            18974 Pendergast Ave.              Cupertino, CA 95014
Rio Adobe                                         10525 S. De Anza Blvd. #100        Cupertino, CA 95014
Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS            19400 Stevens Creek Blvd. #100     Cupertino, CA 95014
Solar March                                       10650 Santa Lucia Rd.              Cupertino, CA 95014
Acadia Veterinary Clinic                          10012 N. Foothill Blvd.            Cupertino, Ca. 95014
City of Cupertino Quinlan Center                  10185 N. Stelling                  Cupertino, Ca. 95014
City of Cupertino Senior Center                   21251 Stevens Creek Blvd.          Cupertino, Ca. 95014
Cypress Hotel                                     10050 S De Anza Blvd.              Cupertino, Ca. 95014
Park Place Restaurant                             10030 S De Anza Blvd.              Cupertino, Ca. 95014
SummerWinds Nursery ‐ Cupertino                   1491 S. Deanza Blvd.               Cupertino, Ca. 95014
City of Gilroy ‐ City Hall                        7351 Rosanna St                    Gilroy CA 95020
Al Sanchez Volkswagen Mazda                       6800 Chestnut St                   Gilroy, CA 95020
City of Gilroy ‐ Corporation Yard                 613 Old Gilroy St                  Gilroy, CA 95020
City of Gilroy Fire Department ‐ Chestnut         7070 Chestnut St                   Gilroy, CA 95020
City of Gilroy Fire Department ‐ Las Animas       8383 Wren Ave                      Gilroy, CA 95020
City of Gilroy Fire Department ‐ Sunrise          880 Sunrise Dr                     Gilroy, CA 95020
City of Gilroy Police Department                  7301 Hanna Street                  Gilroy, CA 95020
City of Gilroy Senior Center                      7371 Hanna St.                     Gilroy, CA 95020
ROP ‐ South County                                700 W. 6th St. Ste L               Gilroy, CA 95020
                                                                                                        Attachment 3
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            List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
Timan Consulting, LLC                        10730 Mora Drive                   Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
Town of Los Altos Hills                      26379 Fremont Road                 Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
KJ & Co                                      175 E. Edith Ave                   Los Altos, CA  94022
Buda Star                                    675 Blinn Ct.                      Los Altos, CA  94024
Pazmany Bros. Landscaping                    1445 Villa Drive                   Los Altos, CA  94024
Honu Wealth Management                       1 First Street, Suite 1            Los Altos, CA 94022
Los Altos High School                        201 Almond Ave                     Los Altos, CA 94022
Music For Families                           1000 Fremont Ave, Suite 140        Los Altos, CA 94024
The Time Butler                              1404 Brookmill Road                Los Altos, CA 94024
All Horizons Travel, Inc.                    160 Main Street                    Los Altos, Ca. 94022
Aqua Cleaners, Inc.                          325 First Street                   Los Altos, Ca. 94022
Egan Jr. High                                100 West Portola Avenue            Los Altos, Ca. 94022
Evidence‐Based Marketing                     175 E. Edith Avenue                Los Altos, Ca. 94022
KickStart Alliance Los Altos                 320 Verano Drive                   Los Altos, Ca. 94022
Knight & Company, Inc.                       425 First Street #A                Los Altos, Ca. 94022
Los Altos Chamber of Commerce                321 University Avenue              Los Altos, Ca. 94022
Select Windows, Inc.                         394 First Street                   Los Altos, Ca. 94022
Sereno Group‐Los Altos                       369 S. San Antonio Road            Los Altos, Ca. 94022
Silicon Valley Mediation Group               141 First Street                   Los Altos, Ca. 94022
Avalon Enterprises, Inc.                     151 Mountain View Avenue           Los Altos, ca. 94024
Davis Design                                 1423 Ranchita Drive                Los Altos, Ca. 94024
Eco Unit, LLC                                2300 Friars Lane                   Los Altos, Ca. 94024
Epicurean Group                              111 Main Street, Suite 3           Los Altos, Ca. 94024
Waldorf School of The Peninsula              11311 Mora Drive                   Los Altos, Ca. 94024
Oak Meadow Dental Center                     210 Oak Meadow Drive               Los Gatos,  Ca. 95032
MyGreenFunds                                 463 San Benito Ave
                                             463 San Benito Ave.                Los Gatos CA 95030
                                                                                Los Gatos, CA  95030
Cristina Herrera, DDS                        700 W. Parr Ave.  Suite H          Los Gatos, CA  95032
Andale Mexican Restaurant                    21 North Santa Cruz Avenue         Los Gatos, CA 95030
Andale Mexican Restaurant                    6 North Santa Cruz Avenue          Los Gatos, CA 95030
Los Gatos United Methodist Church            111 Church Street                  Los Gatos, CA 95030
Sereno Group ‐ Los Gatos                     214 Los Gatos Saratoga Rd          Los Gatos, CA 95030
The Young Professionals, Inc.                17471 Farley Road West             Los Gatos, CA 95030
Town of Los Gatos                            110 East Main Street               Los Gatos, CA 95030
Town of Los Gatos ‐ Fleet Division           41 Miles Avenue                    Los Gatos, CA 95030
County of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation   298 Garden Hill Drive              Los Gatos, CA 95032
The Painting Pros, Inc.                      14960 Los Gatos Blvd.              Los Gatos, CA 95032
FMS Reliability                              20985 Comanche Trail               Los Gatos, CA 95033
Presentation Retreat and Conference Center   19480 Bear Creek Road              Los Gatos, CA 95033
Eucalyptus Magazine                          655 N. Santa Cruz Avenue           Los Gatos, Ca. 95030
Hotel Los Gatos, a Joie de Vivre Hotel       210 E. Main st.                    Los Gatos, Ca. 95030
Los Gatos Parent Nursery School              15 Lyndon Avenue                   Los Gatos, Ca. 95030
Nirvana Aveda Concept Salon                  224‐B N. Santa Cruz Avenue         Los Gatos, Ca. 95030
Six Degrees Marketing, Inc.                  236 N. Santa Cruz Avenue, Suite 10 Los Gatos, Ca. 95030
Tigo Energy, Inc.                            170 Knowles Drive, Suite 203       Los Gatos, Ca. 95030
AIM Mail Center                              15559 Union Avenue                 Los Gatos, Ca. 95032
H. T. Harvey & Associates                    983 University Avenue, Bldg. D.    Los Gatos, Ca. 95032
Integra Insurance Services                   14107 Winchester Blvd. Suite V     Los Gatos, Ca. 95032
                                                                                                       Attachment 3
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             List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
Los Gatos Eye Care                                   15563 Union Avenue                   Los Gatos, Ca. 95032
Los Gatos Family Dentistry                           14543  S. Bascom Avenue              Los Gatos, Ca. 95032
Princeton Capital                                    16780 Lark Avenue                    Los Gatos, Ca. 95032
Reflect Safety                                       19130 Laurel Drive                   Los Gatos, Ca. 95033
Allied Waste Services ‐ Administrative Office        1601 Dixon Landing Road, Bldg. 1 Milpitas, CA  95035
Catered Too                                          1558 Gladding Court                  Milpitas, CA  95035
NAVAJO Company                                       1164 Cadillac Ct.                    Milpitas, CA  95035
Silicon Turnkey Solutions, Inc.                      801 Buckeye Court                    Milpitas, CA  95035
Guckenheimer Food Service @ SanDisk                  601 McCarthy Ranch                   Milpitas, CA 95035
Humane Society Silicon Valley                        901 Ames Avenue                      Milpitas, Ca. 95035
Anritsu Company                                      490 Jarvis Drive                     Morgan Hill, CA  95037
Dinan Engineering                                    865 Jarvis DR.                       Morgan Hill, CA  95037
Eco‐Care Professional Housecleaning                  60 W. Main Ave, Suite 11B            Morgan Hill, CA  95037
Educational Data Systems, Inc.                       15850A Concord Circle                Morgan Hill, CA  95037
Advanced Machining Techniques                        16205 Vineyard Blvd                  Morgan Hill, CA 95037
County of Santa Clara Agriculture Division; South Co 605 Tennant Ave., Suite G            Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Fox Head, Inc.                                       18400 Sutter Blvd.                   Morgan Hill, CA 95037
People and Planet                                    15750 Vineyard Blvd. Suite 170       Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Sensiba San Filippo LLP                              18625 Sutter Blvd., Suite 600        Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Weston Miles Architects                              17500 Depot #120                     Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Comcast Cable                                        18665 Madrone Parkway                Morgan Hill, CA 95037 
Affordable Roofing                                   16495 Vineyard Blvd.                 Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037
Chase VP Design‐Print‐Mail                           16260 Church Street                  Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037
Grizzly Bear Handyman                                17745 Laurel Road                    Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037
ITT Corporation Morgan Hill                          18705 Madrone Parkway                Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037
Silva Chiropractic
Silva Chiropractic                                   18525 Sutter Blvd. Suite 170
                                                     18525 Sutter Blvd Suite 170          Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037
                                                                                          Morgan Hill Ca 95037
European Auto Works                                  239 W Evelyn Ave.                    Mountain View,   CA  94041
American Century Investments                         1665 Charleston Road                 Mountain View,  Ca. 94043
Weiss Associates/Aqua Tierra Associates, Inc.        350 East Middlefield Road            Mountain View, CA
Mountain View Los Altos School District Office       1299 Bryant Avenue                   Mountain View, CA   94040
BEST WESTERN PLUS ‐ Mountain View Inn                2300 W. El Camino Real               Mountain View, CA  94040
Mountain View High School                            3535 Truman Ave.                     Mountain View, CA  94040
Precision Eyecare                                    1039 El Monte Ave.  Suite K          Mountain View, CA  94040
Alta Vista High School                               1295 Bryant Ave.                     Mountain View, CA  94040  
Coupons.Com                                          520 Logue Avenue                     Mountain View, CA  94043
DGA Architects                                       550 Ellis Street                     Mountain View, CA  94043
Mediamorphosis                                       897 Independence Ave.  Suite 3A Mountain View, CA  94043
Mountain View Los Altos Adult School                 333 Moffett Blvd.                    Mountain View, CA  94043
Paramount Booking                                    30 Gladys Court                      Mountain View, CA  94043
Spendgo                                              1883 Landings Drive                  Mountain View, CA  94043
Symantec Corporation                                 350 Ellis Street                     Mountain View, CA  94043
Tickengo                                             201 Ada Avenue #34                   Mountain View, CA  94043
City of Mountain View ‐ City Hall                    500 Castro Street                    Mountain View, CA 94039
Aileen La Bouff  ‐ Realtor                           664 Sonia Way                        Mountain View, CA 94040
Guckenheimer Food Service @ Camino Medical           701 East  El Camino Real, 3rd Floor CMountain View, CA 94040
Lindell Chiropractic                                 998 El Monte Avenue                  Mountain View, CA 94040
ECO Lube Center                                      500 West El Camino Real              Mountain View, CA 94041
                                                                                                              Attachment 3
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             List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
Sunnyvale Foreign Car Service                     83 B Pioneer Way                    Mountain View, CA 94041
VOX Design Group                                  421 Castro Street                   Mountain View, CA 94041
Ditech Networks                                   825 East Middlefield Rd             Mountain View, CA 94043
Harrell Remodeling                                1954 Old Middlefield Way            Mountain View, CA 94043
Larry's AutoWorks                                 2526 Leghorn Street                 Mountain View, CA 94043
Metropolitan Planning Group, Inc.                 579 Clyde Avenue, Suite 340         Mountain View, CA 94043
REI Mountain View                                 2450 Charleston Road                Mountain View, CA 94043
Service by Medallion                              2522 Leghorn St.                    Mountain View, CA 94043
Shoreline Amphitheater ‐ A Live Nation Amphitheate1 Amphitheater Parkway              Mountain View, CA 94043
SOAProjects                                       495 N. Whisman Road, Suite 100      Mountain View, CA 94043
Accretive Solutions                               800 W. El Camino Real, Suite 320    Mountain View, Ca. 94040
Bocek and Associates, CPA                         15080 W. El Camino Real, Suite 9    Mountain View, Ca. 94040
City of Mountain View Senior Center               266 Escuela Avenue                  Mountain View, Ca. 94040
EnnovationZ                                       821 W. El Camino Real               Mountain View, Ca. 94040
Hotel Avante, a Joie de Vivre Hotel               860 E. El Camino                    Mountain View, Ca. 94040
Hotel Zico                                        200 E. El Camino Real               Mountain View, Ca. 94040
Malek Dental                                      100 W. El Camino Real, Suite 74A    Mountain View, Ca. 94040
Merit Law Group PC                                201 San Antonio Circle, Suite 105   Mountain View, Ca. 94040
Shoreline Optometry                               1150 W. El Camino Real              Mountain View, Ca. 94040
Spectrum Fine Homes                               280 San Antonio Road                Mountain View, Ca. 94040
BookBuyers                                        317 Castro Street                   Mountain View, Ca. 94041
Chamber of Commerce Mountain View                 500 Castro Street                   Mountain View, Ca. 94041
Conceptus, Inc.                                   331 East Evelyn Avenue              Mountain View, Ca. 94041
Fenwick & West, LLP                               801 California Street               Mountain View, Ca. 94041
Hawley Peterson & Snyder Architects               444 Castro Street Suite 100         Mountain View, Ca. 94041
Red Hat, Inc.
Red Hat Inc                                       444 Castro Street, Suite 1200
                                                  444 Castro Street Suite 1200        Mountain View, Ca. 94041
                                                                                      Mountain View Ca 94041
Starbucks Coffee Company ‐ 750 Castro Street      750 Castro Street                   Mountain View, Ca. 94041
Audio High                                        165 Moffett Blvd.                   Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Caspio, Inc.                                      485 N. Whisman Road #200            Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Cleanserv Universal Services, Inc.                973 Linda Vista Avenue, Unit D      Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Coupons, Inc.                                     400 Logue Ave.                      Mountain View, Ca. 94043
eHealth, Inc.                                     440 East Middlefield Road           Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Facilities First                                  1400 Terra Bella                    Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Flashbay, Inc.                                    569 Clyde Avenue                    Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Helming's Auto Repair                             2520‐G Wyandotte Street             Mountain View, Ca. 94043
KPMG                                              500 East Middlefield Road           Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Mind Source, Inc.                                 555 Clyde Avenue, Suite 100         Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Moffett Laundrymat                                400B Moffett Boulevard              Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Pacific Eye Care Optometry                        1040 B North Rengstorff Avenue      Mountain View, Ca. 94043
SolFocus, Inc.                                    510 Logue Avenue                    Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Tiny Prints                                       415 E. Middlefield Road             Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Total Cleaning                                    500 W. Middlefield Road. #4         Mountain View, Ca. 94043
Hula Networks, Inc.                               340 E. Middlefield Road             Mountain View, Ca. 94043
SummerWinds Nursery ‐ Mountain View               805 Yuba Dr.                        Mountain View, Ca. 95014
Palo Alto Office Center                           525 University Ave, Ste 102         Palo Alto, Ca 
City of Palo Alto                                 250 Hamilton Avenue                 Palo Alto, CA  94301
IDEO 100 Forrest                                  100 Forrest Avenue                  Palo Alto, CA  94301
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             List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
IDEO 137 Forrest                                    137 Forrest Avenue                 Palo Alto, CA  94301
IDEO 660 High                                       660 High Street                    Palo Alto, CA  94301
IDEO 700 High                                       700 High Street                    Palo Alto, CA  94301
IDEO 715 Alma                                       715 Alma Avenue                    Palo Alto, CA  94301
IDEO 744 High                                       744 High Street                    Palo Alto, CA  94301
IDEO 780 High                                       780 High Street                    Palo Alto, CA  94301
IDEO 831 High                                       831 High Street                    Palo Alto, CA  94301
Palo Alto Hardware                                  875 Alma Street                    Palo Alto, CA  94301
Acterra                                             3921 East Bayshore Road            Palo Alto, CA  94303
Common Ground Garden and Education Center           559 College Avenue                 Palo Alto, CA  94306
Park Avenue Motors                                  3290 Park Avenue                   Palo Alto, CA  94306
Stanford Terrace Inn                                531 Stanford Avenue                Palo Alto, CA  94306
Benhamou Global Ventures                            540 Cowper Street, Suite 200       Palo Alto, CA 94301
Castilleja School                                   1310 Bryant Street                 Palo Alto, Ca 94301
City of Palo Alto Print Shop                        250 Hamilton Avenue                Palo Alto, CA 94301
PR Taylor                                           535 Cowper Street, 2nd Floor       Palo Alto, CA 94301
Wave One                                            172 University Avenue              Palo Alto, CA 94301
Museum of American Heritage                         P.O. Box 1731                      Palo Alto, CA 94302
GreenWaste of Palo Alto ‐ Administrative Office     2000 Geng Road                     Palo Alto, CA 94303
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants                           2191 E. Bayshore Road, Suite 200   Palo Alto, CA 94303
Midpeninsula Community Media Center                 900 San Antonio Rd                 Palo Alto, CA 94303
Robert McMillen & Associates                        767 Clara Drive                    Palo Alto, CA 94303
Minerva Consulting                                  3881 Corina Way                    Palo Alto, CA 94303‐4507
Guckenheimer Food Service @ PARC                    3333 Coyote Hill Road              Palo Alto, CA 94304
Guckenheimer Food Service @ WSGR                    650 Page Mill Road                 Palo Alto, CA 94304
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)                    3333 Coyote Hill Rd
                                                    3333 Coyote Hill Rd                Palo Alto CA 94304
                                                                                       Palo Alto, CA 94304
Culture Frozen Yogurt                               340 S. California Avenue           Palo Alto, CA 94306
Gunn High School                                    780 Arastradero Rd                 Palo Alto, CA 94306
World Centric                                       195 Page Mill Road, Suite C        Palo Alto, CA 94306
Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, LLP                         1881 Page Mill Road                Palo Alto, Ca. 94043
Avenidas                                            450 Bryant Street                  Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Center for Continuing Study of the California Econom132 Hamilton Avenue                Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Congdom & CromeF                                    552 Waverly Street                 Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
CXO Communications                                  175 Forest Avenue                  Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Dr. Tracy Leclerc                                   662 Homer Avenue                   Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Ingbritt Christensen Design                         171 Forest Avenue                  Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Insignia Environmental                              540 Bryant Street, Suite 200       Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Institute for the Future                            124 University Avenue              Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Integrity Capital                                   155 Forest Avenue                  Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Jeri Fink State Farm Insurance                      2225 El Camino Real                Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Letter Perfect                                      384 University Avenue              Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Major, Lindsay & Africa                             487 Lytton Avenue, Suite 201       Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Michelle Belden A.I.A. Architect                    171 Forest Avenue                  Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Motion Picture Laboratories                         130 Lytton Avenue, Suite 120       Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Mulcahy Family Dentistry                            1795 El Camino Real, Suite 100     Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Next 10                                             575 High Street, Suite 310         Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Office of Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo               698 Emerson Street                 Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
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             List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
Palo Alto Bicycles                                171 University Avenue             Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
PaperWhirl                                        230 University Avenue             Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Peters, Peters & Ellingson                        550 Lytton Avenue, Suite 3        Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Premier Properties                                172 University Avenue             Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Ridgewood Capital                                 540 Cowper Street                 Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel                          625 El Camino Real                Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Social Text                                       655 High Street                   Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Stern Mortgage Company                            638 Middlefield Road              Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Stoecker and Northway Architects                  437 Lytton Avenue, Sutie 200      Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
The North Face                                    217 Alma Street                   Palo Alto, CA. 94301
The Princeton Review                              645 High Street                   Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
The Private Bank                                  400 Emerson Street                Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
The Technical Committee                           285 Hamilton Avenue #280          Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Thoits, Love, Hershberger and McLean              285 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 300    Palo Alto, CA. 94301
True Ventures                                     530 Lytton Avenue, Suite 303      Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
University Art Center, Inc.                       267 Hamilton Avenue               Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Webster Financial Corp.                           425 Waverley Street               Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Westin Palo Alto Hotel                            675 El Camino Real                Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Wilbur Properties                                 790 High Street                   Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Ohlone Elementary School                          950 Amarillo Avenue               Palo Alto, Ca. 94303
Opal'z                                            719 Colorado Ave.                 Palo Alto, Ca. 94303
Summerwinds Nursery ‐ Palo Alto                   725 San Antonio Road              Palo Alto, Ca. 94303
Total Quality Maintenance                         895 Commercial Street             Palo Alto, Ca. 94303
Squire Sanders                                    600 Hansen Way                    Palo Alto, Ca. 94304
TIBCO Software, Inc.                              3301 Hillview Avenue              Palo Alto, Ca. 94304
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati P C
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, P.C.            650 Page Mill Road
                                                  650 Page Mill Road                Palo Alto, Ca. 94304
                                                                                    Palo Alto Ca 94304
Biodegradable Professional Cleaning, Corp.        104 Ferne Avenue                  Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
Candice Kistner State Farm Insurance              3944 El Camino Real Suite 200     Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
ChoySinger, Inc. dba The UPS Store                2625 Middlefield Road             Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
Cody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc.             455 Lambert Avenue                Palo Alto, CA. 94306
Crowne Plaza Cabana                               4290 El Camino Real               Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
Green Java, LLC                                   4216 Manuela Avenue               Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
Kasler Law                                        4216 Manuela Avenue               Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
My Gym Palo Alto                                  2655 Middlefield Road             Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
Straits Cafe                                      3295 El  Camino Real              Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
Studley, Inc.                                     577 College Avenue, Suite C       Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
Wu Orthodontics                                   1865 El Camino Real               Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce                     122 Hamilton Ave.                 Palo Alto, CAq 94301
Telosa Software, Inc.                             610 Cowper Street                 Palo Alto,Ca. 94301
Silicon Valley Leadership Group                   224 Airport Parkway, Suite 620    San Jose CA  95112
Dickinson Cabinetry                               140 Lewis Road #10                San Jose CA 95111
Green City Office Cleaning                        4427 Tilbury Dr .                 San Jose CA 95130
Recology Silicon Valley Fleet Division            1675 Rogers Avenue                San Jose,  CA  95112
County of Santa Clara Agriculture and Environmenta1553 Berger Drive Bldg #1         San Jose,  CA 95112
Curtis Horticulture                               777 N. 3rd Street                 San Jose,  CA 95112
Green Valley Corporation dba Barry Swenson Builde 777 N. First Street, 5th Floor    San Jose,  CA 95112
RMC Water and Environment ‐ San Jose Office       2290 N. First Street, Suite 212   San Jose,  CA 95131
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             List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
Landscape Management Services                        1071 N. 13th Street                 San Jose, CA 
Lumiversal                                           75 E. Santa Clara Street, 5th Floor San Jose, CA  94022
Bay Scaffolding, Inc.                                1341 Archer Street Suite D          San Jose, CA  95002
County of Santa Clara ‐ Office of the County Executiv70 W. Hedding Street, E‐Wing 11th  San Jose, CA  95110
County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors/District 170 West Hedding St. 10th Floor      San Jose, CA  95110
Hilton San Jose & Towers                             300 Almaden Boulevard               San Jose, CA  95110
Sensiba San Filippo                                  181 Metro Drive Suite 400           San Jose, CA  95110
Steinberg Architects                                 60 Pierce Avenue                    San Jose, CA  95110
Anderson Brulé Architects, Inc.                      325 S. First St. 4th Floor          San Jose, CA  95112
Fuji Garden Center                                   1815 Monterey Road                  San Jose, CA  95112
Green Valley Corporation dba Barry Swenson Archit 777 N. First Street, 5th Floor         San Jose, CA  95112
GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. ‐ Administrative Office 1500 Berger  Dr.                       San Jose, CA  95112
Integrated Copy Solutions                            280 E. Gish Road                    San Jose, CA  95112
San Jose Conservation Corps                          1534 Berger Drive                   San Jose, CA  95112
BCA Architects                                       505 South Market Street             San Jose, CA  95113
Crowne Plaza San Jose                                282 Almaden Blvd.                   San Jose, CA  95113
Bay Maples                                           2878 Urzi Court                     San Jose, CA  95116
Live Oak Associates, Inc.                            6840 Via Del Oro, Suite 220         San Jose, CA  95119
Cali Mortgage                                        1936 Camden Ave. Ste 6C             San Jose, CA  95124
City of San Jose Camden Community Center             3369 Union Ave.                     San Jose, CA  95124
Coakley Heagerty                                     1165 Lincoln Ave. Suite 208         San Jose, CA  95125
Hyland Family Bicycles                               1515 Meridian Avenue                San Jose, CA  95125
ABF CLEAN                                            960 E. San Antonio St.              San Jose, CA  95126
Applied Engineering                                  970 Lonus Street                    San Jose, CA  95126
Barefoot Coffee Roasters, Inc.                       76 Sunol Street                     San Jose, CA  95126
Cascadia Consulting Group, Inc.
Cascadia Consulting Group Inc                        1046 West Taylor St. Suite 208
                                                     1046 West Taylor St Suite 208       San Jose, CA  95126
                                                                                         San Jose CA 95126
David J. Powers & Associates                         1871 The Alameda, Suite 200         San Jose, CA  95126
David J. Powers and Associates                       1871 The Alameda, Suite 200         San Jose, CA  95126
Middlebrook Gardens                                  76 Race Street                      San Jose, CA  95126
Foothill Presbyterian Church                         5301 McKee Road                     San Jose, CA  95127
Jan‐Pro of Silicon Valley                            4000 Moorpark Ave.                  San Jose, CA  95127
Stark Marketing                                      1172 Murphy Ave.  Ste. 230          San Jose, CA  95131
Rosendin Electric, Inc.                              880 N. Mabury Road                  San Jose, CA  95133
Altera Corporation                                   101 Innovation Drive                San Jose, CA  95134
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.                 130 Holger Way                      San Jose, CA  95134
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.                 120 Holger Ave.                     San Jose, CA  95134
Taos Mountain, Inc.                                  121 Daggett Drive                   San Jose, CA  95134
Evergreen Valley Optometry                           3257 South White Road               San Jose, CA  95148
Adobe Systems Incorporated                           345 Park Avenue                     San Jose, CA 95110
BOMA Silicon Valley (Building Owners and Manager 63 Metro Dr.                            San Jose, CA 95110
County of Santa Clara Assessor's Office              70 W Hedding St 5th Floor E Wing San Jose, CA 95110
Guadalupe River Park Conservancy                     438 Coleman Ave                     San Jose, CA 95110
Guckenheimer Food Service @ Adobe                    345 Park Avenue                     San Jose, CA 95110
Office of Santa Clara County Supervisor George Shira70 West Hedding Street, 10th Floor,San Jose, CA 95110
San Jose Water Company                               110 W. Taylor Street                San Jose, CA 95110
City of San Jose ‐ Environmental Services Deptartme170 W San Carlos Street, 3025 Tuer San Jose, CA 95112
Cupertino Electric, Inc                              1132 N. 7th Street                  San Jose, CA 95112
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             List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
Donatelli Castillo Builders                       534 Horning St                     San Jose, CA 95112
International Vegetarian House                    520 E Santa Clara Street           San Jose, CA 95112
K & L Automotive, Inc. DBA Taylor Automotive      297 E Taylor St                    San Jose, CA 95112
Los Gatos Roofing                                 888 Faulstich Ct.                  San Jose, CA 95112
Recology Silicon Valley ‐ Administrative Office   1675 Rogers Avenue                 San Jose, CA 95112
Salas O'Brien Engineers, Inc.                     305 South 11th St.                 San Jose, CA 95112
City of San Jose City Hall                        200 East Santa Clara Street        San Jose, CA 95113
Fairmont Hotel 4th Street Summit Center           88 S Fourth Street                 San Jose, CA 95113
Forest City Commercial Management  ‐ San Jose     50 West San Fernando Street Suite  San Jose, CA 95113
NextMedia Group, DBA KBAY / KEZR Radio            190 Park Center Plaza              San Jose, CA 95113
Reel Grobman & Associates                         96 N Second St.                    San Jose, CA 95113
URS Corporation                                   100 San Fernando Street, Suite 200 San Jose, CA 95113
inSpa ‐ Almaden                                   5353 Almaden Expwy                 San Jose, CA 95118
Santa Clara Valley Water District                 5750 Almaden Expressway            San Jose, CA 95118
Starburst Construction Company                    1207 Redcliff Dr.                  San Jose, CA 95118
Wow Green                                         1207 Redcliff Drive                San Jose, CA 95118
Advance Career Development                        20 Great Oaks Blvd. Suite 236      San Jose, CA 95119
IBM Almaden Research Center                       650 Harry Rd.                      San Jose, CA 95120‐6099
Emerald Hills Insurance Services                  6169 Valley Glen Drive             San Jose, CA 95123
Mauby All Natural                                 5669 Snell Ave #342                San Jose, CA 95123
Money Mailer of South San Jose                    5405 Colony Green Dr               San Jose, CA 95123
Thomas Appliance Service                          232 Blossom Hill Road              San Jose, CA 95123‐2201
Camden Cleaners                                   5731 Camden Avenue                 San Jose, CA 95124
prxy, Inc.                                        5264 Romford Drive                 San Jose, CA 95124
Rozenhart Family Chiropractic                     4620 B. Meridian Ave.              San Jose, CA 95124
United Shredding Union Ave Office
United Shredding Union Ave. Office                2677 Union Ave
                                                  2677 Union Ave.                    San Jose, CA 95124
                                                                                     San Jose CA 95124
Intero Real Estate Services ‐ Willow Glen         1567 Meridian Ave                  San Jose, CA 95125
MBA Architects                                    1176 Lincoln Ave                   San Jose, CA 95125
Breathe California of the Bay Area                1469 Park Ave                      San Jose, CA 95126
Foster Floors                                     828 McKendrie Street               San Jose, CA 95126
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium       1342 Naglee Ave.                   San Jose, CA 95126
Council of Churches of Santa Clara County         1710 Moorpark                      San Jose, Ca 95128
Envision Technology Marketing Group               1066 Mitchell Court                San Jose, CA 95128
inSpa ‐ Santana                                   377 Santana Row                    San Jose, CA 95128
Stephanie B. Loller, DDS                          891 S. Bascom Ave.                 San Jose, CA 95128
Talogix, Inc.                                     7246 Sharon Drive, Suite M         San Jose, CA 95129
REI ‐ Saratoga                                    400 El Paseo de Saratoga           San Jose, Ca 95130
C.H. Reynolds Electric, Inc.                      1281 Wayne Ave.                    San Jose, CA 95131
Clarke Clean                                      2156 O'Toole Avenue, Suite G       San Jose, CA 95131
CleanSource, Inc.                                 650 Brennan Street                 San Jose, CA 95131
Cyber Switching, Inc.                             1281 Wayne Ave.                    San Jose, CA 95131
LGC Wireless, an ADC Company                      541 E. Trimble Road                San Jose, CA 95131
Guckenheimer Food Service @ BD Bio 2 Qume         2222 Qume Drive                    San Jose, CA 95131
Hydroscience Engineers                            4055 Evergreen Village Square, #25 San Jose, CA 95135
JC Arenas Painting                                3109 Valmaine Court                San Jose, CA 95135
Benchmark Environmental                           3732 Charter Park Drive, Ste. A    San Jose, CA 95136
Branham Lane Cleaners                             171 Branham Lane, Suite 4          San Jose, CA 95136
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             List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
Capitol Wholesale Nursery, Inc                        2938 Everdale Drive                  San Jose, CA 95148
Crosby Landscaping                                    P.O. Box 188806                      San Jose, CA 95158
Coast Building Maintenance, Inc.                      2924 Stanhope Dr                     San Jose, CA 95159
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Inc.             5601 Great Oaks Parkway  (B109) San Jose, CA 95193
Eat My Dust, Inc.                                     2309 Kayla Court                     San Jose, Ca, 95124
County of Santa Clara Controller Treasurer            70 West Hedding Street, E. 2nd FlooSan Jose, Ca. 
County of Santa Clara, Controller‐Treasurer ASAP/ H1555 Berger Dr.                         San Jose, Ca. 
Vintage Roof Tile                                     1325 E. Julian Street                San Jose, Ca. 
County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors, District  70 W. Hedding Street, 10th Floor San Jose, Ca. 95110
County of Santa Clara Department of Planning and D70 W. Hedding Street, 7th Floor EW San Jose, Ca. 95110
County of Santa Clara office of County Counsel        70 West Hedding Street, 9th Floor ESan Jose, Ca. 95110
Design Works, Inc.                                    1735 Technology Drive, Suite 420 San Jose, Ca. 95110
DoVeDa Enterprises, Inc.                              440 West Julian Street, Suite 235 San Jose, Ca. 95110
Kenyon & Kenyon, LLP                                  333 W. San Carlos Street, Suite #600San Jose, Ca. 95110
Office of Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave C ortes70 W. Hedding Street, 10th Floor San Jose, Ca. 95110
Our City Forest                                       151 W. Mission Street                San Jose, Ca. 95110
All Circuit Breakers dba Relectric Supply Company 1711 Rogers Avenue                       San Jose, Ca. 95112
Beshoff Infiniti                                      2198 Tully Road                      San Jose, Ca. 95112
CH2M Hill San Jose Office                             1737 N. First Street, Suite 300      San Jose, Ca. 95112
Children's Choice (San Jose)                          1615 Remuda Lane                     San Jose, Ca. 95112
Connectors Unlimited, Inc. dba DF Sales Company 690 Quinn Avenue                           San Jose, Ca. 95112
County of Santa Clara Department of Environmenta 1555 Berger Drive, Bldg.2                 San Jose, Ca. 95112
County of Santa Clara Office of Supervisor Ken Yeage70 W. Hedding Street, East Wing, 10San Jose, Ca. 95112
Data Marketing, Inc.                                  160 E. Virginia Street, #100         San Jose, Ca. 95112
Evoke Imagery                                         147 N. 7th Street                    San Jose, Ca. 95112
Nolte Associates, Inc.‐San Jose
Nolte Associates Inc San Jose                         1731 North First Street, Suite A
                                                      1731 North First Street Suite A      San Jose Ca 95112
                                                                                           San Jose, Ca. 95112
RNM Properties                                        1732 N. First Street, #450           San Jose, Ca. 95112
Sprig Electric                                        1860 S. 10th Street                  San Jose, Ca. 95112
Uncle Tommy's Ice Cream Catering                      351 E. Hedding St.                   San Jose, Ca. 95112
Berger/Lewis Accountancy Corporation                  99 Almaden Blvd. Suite 600           San Jose, Ca. 95113
Bridge Bank                                           55 Almaden Blvd.                     San Jose, Ca. 95113
Burr, Pilger & Mayer, LLP ‐ San Jose                  60 S. Market Street, #800            San Jose, Ca. 95113
CB Richard Ellis, Inc.                                225 W. Santa Clara Street,  10th Flo San Jose, Ca. 95113
Hotel Montgomery, a Joie de Vivre Hotel               211 South 1st st.                    San Jose, Ca. 95113
McManis Faulkner                                      50 W. San Fernando Street, 10th Fl. San Jose, Ca. 95113
Level III Services, Inc.                              1090 East William Street             San Jose, Ca. 95116
Roshni Energy                                         108 S. 20th Street                   San Jose, Ca. 95116
Treadwell and Rollo, Inc.                             4030 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 210 San Jose, Ca. 95117
Almaden Hills United Methodist                        1200 Blossom Hill Road               San Jose, Ca. 95118
Integrated Design Associates                          1084 Foxworthy Avenue                San Jose, Ca. 95118
SummerWinds Nursery ‐ San Jose                        4606 Almaden Expressway              San Jose, Ca. 95118
Equinix, Inc., SV1                                    11 Great Oaks Boulevard              San Jose, Ca. 95119
Greenman Pet Services                                 6359 Lillian Way                     San Jose, Ca. 95120
Healthy Smiles Dental Care                            5595 Winfield Blvd. #408             San Jose, Ca. 95123
L & M Body Shop                                       5755 Winfield Blvd.                  San Jose, Ca. 95123
My Espresso Gourmet                                   99 Cherry Blossom Drive              San Jose, Ca. 95123
Irene T. Ranucci; Shaklee Independent Distributor 232 Blossom Hill Rd.                     San Jose, Ca. 95123‐2201
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             List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
Koss Collision Center                                280 Cimino Street                   San Jose, Ca. 95125
Landarc Associates, Inc.                             913 Willow Street, Suite 101        San Jose, Ca. 95125
Prudential Ca. Realty                                1213 Lincoln Avenue, #404           San Jose, Ca. 95125
San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners                         2090 Radio Avenue, #13              San Jose, Ca. 95125
Stone Church of  Willow Glen (PCUSA)                 1937 Lincoln Avenue                 San Jose, Ca. 95125
Treehouse in the Glen                                1275 Lincoln Avenue, Suite #2       San Jose, Ca. 95125
Willow Glen Ace Hardware                             2253 Lincoln Avenue                 San Jose, Ca. 95125
Advance Design Consultants, Inc.                     998 Park Avenue                     San Jose, Ca. 95126
Harmony EcoSolutions                                 936 Rancho Place                    San Jose, Ca. 95126
HMC Architects                                       1570 The Alameda, Suite 330         San Jose, Ca. 95126
St. John Vianney Parish                              4600 Hyland Avenue                  San Jose, Ca. 95127
Hinkle Construction, Inc.                            585 MacArthur Avenue                San Jose, Ca. 95128
Intelligent Network Services, Inc.                   384 S. Baywood Avenue               San Jose, Ca. 95128
Monkapaws                                            2187 Peachtree Lane                 San Jose, Ca. 95128
PIERS Environmental Services, Inc.                   1330 So. Bascom Avenue, Suite F San Jose, Ca. 95128
Renewable Power Solutions, Inc.                      2029 O'Toole Avenue                 San Jose, Ca. 95128
San Jose Water Company ‐ Bascom Campus               1221 Bascom Avenue                  San Jose, Ca. 95128
Stryker Endoscopy                                    5900 Optical Court                  San Jose, Ca. 95128
HMH                                                  1570 Oakland Road                   San Jose, Ca. 95129
MidTech Software Solutions, Inc.                     4340 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 170  San Jose, Ca. 95129
Moorpark Hotel, a Joie de Vivre Hotel                4241 Moorpark Ave.                  San Jose, Ca. 95129
The Park Bar & Grill @ The Moorpark Hotel            4241 Moorpark Avenue                San Jose, Ca. 95129
BlueStar Refreshment Services                        780 Charcot Avenue                  San Jose, Ca. 95131
County of Santa Clara Office of Human Relations      2310 N. First Street                San Jose, Ca. 95131
Customized Performance                               1342 Ridder Park Drive              San Jose, Ca. 95131
Equinix, Inc. SV3
Equinix Inc SV3                                      1735 Lundy Avenue
                                                     1735 Lundy Avenue                   San Jose Ca 95131
                                                                                         San Jose, Ca. 95131
ExpertQuote                                          1901 Concourse Drive                San Jose, Ca. 95131
Hines Vaf of No Cal Properties, L.P.                 2262 N. First Street                San Jose, Ca. 95131
NBC Bay Area                                         2450 North First Street             San Jose, Ca. 95131
Nor‐Cal Moving Services                              560 E. Trimble Rd.                  San Jose, Ca. 95131
RAFT‐Resource Area for Teaching                      1355 Ridder Park Drive              San Jose, Ca. 95131
Technology Credit Union ‐ Administration Buidling 2010 N. 1st Street                     San Jose, Ca. 95131
Genesis Engineering Service                          1911 Lundy Avenue                   San Jose, Ca. 95131
Green Bucket                                         1055 N. Capitol Avenue, Suite 194 San Jose, Ca. 95133
Gourmet Gifts                                        4474 Faraone Court                  San Jose, Ca. 95136
BD Consulting & Investigations, Inc.                 300 Piercy Road                     San Jose, Ca. 95138
CommonWealth Central Credit Union                    5890 Silver Creek Valley Road       San Jose, Ca. 95138, Inc.                                     P.O. Box 7666                       San Jose, Ca. 95150
County of Santa Clara, Clerk of the Board of Supervis70 West Hedding Street, East Wing, San Jose, CA 95110 
SmartRoots Landscape & Backflow Services             12120 Center Avenue                 San Martin, CA 95046
CordeValle A Rosewood Resort Hotel and Restauran One CordeValle Club Drive               San Martin, Ca. 95046
Vander‐Bend Manufacturing ‐ Santa Clara              3008 Kifer Road                     Santa Clara CA 95054
Earth Bound Homes                                    1103 Bluebird Avenue                Santa Clara, CA  95051
Costco Santa Clara                                   1601 Coleman Avenue                 Santa Clara, CA 95050
NVIDIA Corporation                                   2701 San Tomas Expressway           Santa Clara, CA 95050
Sustainable Silicon Valley                           900 Lafayette Street, Suite 100     Santa Clara, CA 95050
Agilent Technologies                                 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd.            Santa Clara, CA 95051
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             List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
California Nativescapes                               1400 Bowe Avenue, #602             Santa Clara, CA 95051
HDrevive                                              2252 Pyle Court                    Santa Clara, CA 95051
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Santa Clara‐Silicon Valle2455 El Camino Real                Santa Clara, CA 95051
Avatar Hotel                                          4200 Great America Pkwy.           Santa Clara, CA 95054
Clean Innovation Corporation                          3350 Scott Blvd. Building 8        Santa Clara, CA 95054
Almaden Press                                         2549 Scott Boulevard               Santa Clara, Ca. 95050
Bytemobile, Inc.                                      2860 De La Cruz Blvd. 2nd Floor    Santa Clara, Ca. 95050
Casto Travel, Inc.                                    900 Lafayette Street, Suite 105    Santa Clara, Ca. 95050
Guckenheimer Food Service @ NEC                       2880 Scott Boulevard               Santa Clara, Ca. 95050
Renesas Electronics                                   2880 Scott Blvd.                   Santa Clara, Ca. 95050
Extreme Networks                                      3585 Monroe Street                 Santa Clara, CA. 95051
Liveops, Inc.                                         5425 Stevens Creek Blvd.           Santa Clara, Ca. 95051
Naturell                                              2953 Bunker Hill Lane, Suite 400   Santa Clara, Ca. 95051
Premier Auto Tops & Interiors                         3457 El Camino Real                Santa Clara, Ca. 95051
Silicon Valley Microelectronics                       2985 Kifer Road                    Santa Clara, Ca. 95051
Abbott Vascular                                       3200 Lakeside Drive                Santa Clara, Ca. 95054
Equinix,  Inc. SV2                                    1350 Duane Avenue                  Santa Clara, Ca. 95054
GE Capital Solutions Global Electronics Services      2300 Owen Street                   Santa Clara, Ca. 95054
JP Graphics                                           3310 Woodward Avenue               Santa Clara, Ca. 95054
Real Change Experts                                   4701 Patrick Henry, Suite 701      Santa Clara, Ca. 95054
The Renn Shop, Inc.                                   1423 Laurelwood Road               Santa Clara, Ca. 95054
Rainsavers                                            12881 Pierce Road                  Saratoga, CA 95070
City of Saratoga                                      13777 Fruitvale Avenue             Saratoga, Ca. 95070
CPR Training Solutions                                14420 Pike Road                    Saratoga, Ca. 95070
Sereno Group‐Saratoga                                 14506 Big Basin                    Saratoga, Ca. 95070
Stanford University
Stanford University                                   655 Serra St
                                                      655 Serra St.                      Stanford CA 94305
                                                                                         Stanford, CA 94305
Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church                         728 W. Fremont Avenue              Sunnyvale CA 94087
ProTrials Research, Inc.                              800 W. California Avenue           Sunnyvale, CA   94086
City of Sunnyvale SMaRT Station ‐ Administrative Of 301 Carl Road                        Sunnyvale, CA   94088
Promega Biosystems Sunnyvale, Inc.                    645 N. Mary Ave.                   Sunnyvale, CA  94085
Vision Design                                         1339 Norman Drive                  Sunnyvale, CA  94087
Country Inn & Suites By Carlson                       1300 Chesapeake Terrace            Sunnyvale, CA  94089
ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc.                         1188 East Arques Avenue            Sunnyvale, CA 94085
City of Sunnyvale ‐ Corp Yard and Fleet Services      221 Commercial Street              Sunnyvale, Ca 94085
City of Sunnyvale Columbia Neighborhood Center 785 Morse Avenue                          Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Palm, Inc.                                            950 West Maude Ave                 Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Sports Basement                                       1177 Kern Ave.                     Sunnyvale, CA 94085
City of Sunnyvale Civic Center                        456 W. Olive Avenue                Sunnyvale, CA 94086
City of Sunnyvale Library                             665 W. Olive Avenue                Sunnyvale, CA 94086
E.O.R.M., Environmental and Occupational Risk Man283 East Java Drive                     Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Pine Cone Lumber Company                              895 E. Evelyn Ave                  Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Savory & Sweet Catering                               149 W. Hendy Ave.                  Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce                         260 S. Sunnyvale Ave. #4           Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Victoria Armigo, EA                                   776 Henderson Avenue               Sunnyvale, CA 94086
City of Sunnyvale Community Center                    550 E Remington Drive              Sunnyvale, CA 94087
City of Sunnyvale Senior Center                       550 E. Remington Drive             Sunnyvale, Ca 94087
Cumberland School                                     824 Cumberland Ave                 Sunnyvale, CA 94087
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             List of Currently Certified Santa Clara County Green Businesses
For Other Living Things                               1261 So Mary Ave.                 Sunnyvale, Ca 94087
Sunnyvale Ford                                        650 E El Camino Real              Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Toyota Sunnyvale                                      898 W El Camino Real              Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Fabric Banners                                        828 W. Ahwanee Avenue             Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Guckenheimer Food Service @ Juno's Cafe               1194 N. Mathilda Avenue           Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Juniper Networks                                      1194 N. Mathilda Ave.             Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Labcyte                                               1190 Borregas Ave                 Sunnyvale, Ca 94089
Power Print                                           828 W. Ahwanee Avenue             Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Sheraton Sunnyvale Hotel                              1100 North Mathilda Avenue        Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Ultimodule, Inc                                       556 E. Weddell Drive Suite 2      Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Intermedia Productions                                1190 Miraloma Way, Suite T        Sunnyvale, CA 95014
The Domain Hotel, A Joie de Vivre Hotel               1085 E. El Camino                 Sunnyvale, Ca. 94040
EarthBaby, LLC.                                       150 San Lazaro                    Sunnyvale, Ca. 94041
Turner Designs, Inc.                                  845 W. Maude Avenue               Sunnyvale, Ca. 94085
West Valley Staffing Group                            390 Potrero Avenue                Sunnyvale, Ca. 94085
Akraya, Inc.                                          840 W. California Avenue, #220    Sunnyvale, Ca. 94086
Sunnyvale Lumber, Inc.                                870 W. Evelyn Avenue              Sunnyvale, Ca. 94086
The International Culinary School at The Art Institute1120 Kifer Road                   Sunnyvale, Ca. 94086
Vander‐Bend Manufacturing ‐ Sunnyvale                 123 Uranium Drive                 Sunnyvale, Ca. 94086
GlyphGuy Interpretive Resources                       512 Alberta Avenue                Sunnyvale, Ca. 94087
Joie de Vivre Hospitality ‐ Wild Palms Hotel          910 E. Fremont Ave.               Sunnyvale, Ca. 94087
Natures Best Cleaners                                 1281 W. El Camino Real            Sunnyvale, Ca. 94087
NOCA Dental Care                                      826 E. Fremont Avenue, Suite D    Sunnyvale, Ca. 94087
SummerWinds Nursery ‐ Sunnyvale                       861 E. El Camino Real             Sunnyvale, Ca. 94087
2Direct Printing, Inc.              233 East Weddell Drive, Suite G   Sunnyvale, Ca. 94089
Cepheid                                               904 Carribean
                                                      904 Carribean                     Sunnyvale, Ca. 94089
                                                                                        Sunnyvale Ca 94089
Detati Communications                                 265 Caspian Drive                 Sunnyvale, Ca. 94089
Equinix, Inc. SV4                                     255 Caspian Drive                 Sunnyvale, Ca. 94089
The Norland Group                                     292 Gibraltar Drive, Suite 106    Sunnyvale, Ca. 94089
NetApp                                                345 E. Java Drive                 Sunnyvale, Ca. 95020

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                              CERTIFIED GREEN BUSINESS BY COUNTY

County                    Certified
Alameda                     520
Contra Costa                388
Los Angeles                  30
Marin                       424
Monterey                     93
Napa                         92
San Benito                   4
San Diego                    25
San Francisco               166
San Mateo*                  108
Santa Barbara                15
Santa Clara                 547
Santa Cruz                  221
Solano*                      8
Sonoma                      105

* Currently inactive  due to lack of funding








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