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Empower Network Scam – The Honest Truth
by awaheed | on January 20, 2013


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Empower Network Scam this Empower Network Scam that Pyramid Scheme this and the
Pyramid Scheme that….seems to be all you hear when people talk about Empower
Network or the MLM / Network Marketing prof ession as a whole.

Isn’t it weird how people believe pretty much anything you tell them especially when it
involves earning money online…

Well I’m not going to talk about the Empower Network Scam a whole lot or tell you how
awesome or how bad it is….instead I’m going to just go ahead and share a video with real
hard f acts and results…oh and these are my own personal results f rom being with
Empower Network, just so you know.

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So as you can see f rom the above video of my own personal back of f ice, the company is
a completely legitimate company and does in f act pay you 100% commissions on each
sale and those are residual, meaning you get paid every single month per person in your

How did The Rumours About The Empower Network Scam Start?
What you have got to understand in our prof ession of network marketing / making money
online, honestly there are many people who are in it just f or the money with no intention
of helping team members build there business, all they are interested in is getting people
to join their team and making quick money then basically ditching them, I have seen them I
have been a victim and I HAT E T HEM!

T he whole Empower Network Scam thing started because of people like this, when
Empower Network was f irst launched back in October 31st 2011 it had huge hype as it was
being launched by two of the biggest names in the game David Wood & David Sharp but
not only that they claimed it would pay people the unheard of 100% commissions, now
that alone had already started the Empower Network Scam rumours because everyone
wondered if and how they were going to be paying their members 100% commission and
how they were going to make money themselves as a company?

Empower Network Scam & The Facebook Fiasco
Suf f ice to say Empower Network became a huge success with it’s un-rivalled
100% commission pay plan and great team of leaders and support.

When Empower Network f irst got on the Facebook scene people like with any new
network marketing company got excited and started to post their af f iliate links and
promote Empower Network, unf ortunately some people over did their marketing and
Facebook didn’t like how they where over promoting and plastering their links all over their
social network so Empower Network was unf ortunately banned f rom Facebook which is
another reason f or the Empower Network Scam title.

Here’s how the Empower Network Compensation Plan works!

The Number 1 Reason For The Empower
Network Scam Title
T he number 1 reason why people say Empower Network is a scam is…..because they
themselves do not make money f rom it….Now that does not mean you won’t, I don’t or
other people don’t, in f act if you’ve watched the video above you know I make a pretty
decent amount of money f rom Empower Network and below are some screenshots of my
back of f ice f or your ref erence too.

Empower Network Residual Amount In 8 Days

        Still have some doubts of Empower Network, watch this video below

Now you got to understand Empower Network is a business, and it does work and does
pay and as f ar as Empower Network Scam rumours they are obviously not true, but you
need to commit to the business, treat it like a business and just get down to work, the
rewards are great but only to those who work smart…Not hard SMART !

More About The Empower Network Scam Crap
Once the company had properly launched the results people where getting where amazing
and people who had never made a dime in traditional MLM / Network Marketing or working
online where having huge success with days of hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

For example take a look at the below image of one of my team members f rom Empower
Network….who had her f irst ever $3625.00 DAY!

Empower Network Scam – Ruth Has Her First $3625.00 Day

 Empower Network Payments

So there you have it, now it’s your decision Empower Network Scam or Empower Network
Not Scam!!

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