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					              open your heart

The   pat h   of a   b lood donor
         ta b l e o f c o n t e n t s

step 1   are you an eligible donor?                 1

step 2   make an a p p o intment          3

step 3   t e s t yo ur hemo g l o b in (ir on)   7

step 4   the r e c o r d o f d onat i on      9

step 5   me e t w i th the nur s e       13

step 6   yo ur b l o o d i s taken      15

step 7   r e c ov e ry p e r i o d (d one !)   19

         flip b o o k     25
                                                                                                   are you an eligible donor?

I d e n t i f i c at i o n                       H e a lt h

Identification with full name and signature,     In general good health and feeling well.
or full name and photograph required.            You should have had something to eat                        Between the
                                                                                                             ages of 17-61
                                                 and adequate sleep. You must also meet
Age                                              hemoglobin (iron) requirements (test done
                                                 at clinic).
To donate, you must be at least 17 years of
age, in general good health, and feeling well
on the day of your donation. If you have
never donated before and have had your 61st      At the time of donation, you will be asked
birthday, or if you are between the ages of 67   a number of questions to determine your
and 71, and have not donated within the last     eligibility. For example:
two years, you must be assessed by a physi-
                                                 I f Y o u H av e : Y o u M u s t Wa i t
cian who must fill out and sign the following
                                                 B e f o r e D o n at i n g :
letter. You must also meet the other standard
requirements for donation. To find out more,     Had dental treatment (extractions,
please call us at 1 888 2 donate. Letter to      fillings, cleaning, restoration)
the Attending Physician (Please bring the             •   For cleaning or filling: until the day
completed letter with you to the clinic when              after treatment.
you next come in to donate)
                                                      •   For extraction, root canal or dental
                                                                                                           Weigh at least 50kg
                                                          surgery: 72 hours provided there is
                                                          full recovery.
At least 50 kg (110 lb).
                                                 A cold, flu or sore throat

F r e q u e n c y o f D o n at i o n                  •   Full recovery.

Minimum interval between blood donations         Had ear or body piercing or tattooing
is 56 days.                                           •   6 months

path of a blood donor        1                                                                                   step
      make an appointment

                                                                                         How to Book an appointment                          mobile clinic

                             dIstrICt of
                                                                                         To book an appointment to donate call:              Mobile Clinics are temporary clinics that are
       wEst                north VanCouVEr
    VanCouVEr                                                                            1 888 2 donate (1 888 236-6283)                     set up twice a month at a set location. Here
                               f                                  M                                                                          are just some of the mobile clinics in the
                                                                                         A Canadian Blood Service Blood employee
                                                           port                                                                              Lower Mainland:
                                                          Moody                          will help in booking you a time and clinic for
                b                            G                         J                 your blood donation appointment.                 d nikke i he r i tag e c ent r e
                                                                                                                                            6688 Southoaks Crescent, burnaby
                                                                                         Or you can go to:
                                             h                               port                                                         E c l ov e r da l e c at h o l i c pa r i s h
VanCouVEr                                                  CoquItlaM       CoquItlaM                                                        17475 - 59th ave, surrey
                       d                burnaby
                                                                                                                                          f no r t h l ons da l e c hu r c h
                                                                                         Permanent Clinic                                   3380 Lonsdale Avenue, north vancouver
                                                                                       a centre site                                      G burnaby north secondary
                                                                                         4750 Oak Street, vancouver                         751 Hammarskjold, burnaby

                                                  l               surrEy               b standard life                                    h bill copeland sports centre
            I       rIChMond
                                                                                         888 Dunsmuir Street, vancouver                     3676 Kensington Avenue, burnaby
                                                                            E          C surrey site                                      I st alban's anglican church
                                                                                         10-6830 King George Boulevard, surrey              7260 St. Alban's Road, richmond
                                                                                                                                          J coquitlam christian centre
                                                                                         Blood mobile clinic                                2665 Runnel Drive, coquitl am
                                                                                                                                          K glenbrook park centre
                                                                                         It is a self-contained mobile donor clinic on
                                                                                                                                            76 Jamieson Court, new westminster
                                                                                         wheels that is equipped with four collec-
                                                                                                                                          l richardson elementary
                                                                                         tion stations where you can give blood in a        11339 - 83 Avenue, delta
                                                                                         relaxed setting. Blood mobile clinics go to
                                                                                                                                          M cornerstone sda communit y
                                                                                         events and businesses.
                                                                                                                                            1415 Noons Creek Drive, port moody

                               step                                                                                                                            path of a blood donor      4
1 n3
          will              blood
                                             in their lifetime.
         (5 minutes)

tes t your hemoglobin (iron)

                                          w h at i s h e m o g l o b i n ?                 why do we measure
                                                                                           h e m o g l o b i n l e v e l?
                                          Hemoglobin is the pigment that makes
                                          blood red. It is essential to transport oxygen   Hemoglobin is measured mainly to
                   If your drop of        from our lungs to the cells in our body. The     protect blood donors. Hemoglobin level
                   blood sinks then
                   your iron levels       hemoglobin molecule contains iron, an            will temporarily drop after blood donation.
                   are adequate.
                                          essential mineral found in our diet.             If a donor has normal iron reserves and
                                                                                           adequate iron in their diet, then new red
                                          w h at a r e n o r m a l                         blood cells will be made and hemoglobin
                                          hemoglobin levels?                               levels will return to normal in less than 56
                                          Normal hemoglobin levels are different           days. It is important not to donate blood if the
                                          in women and in men. In women, normal            hemoglobin level is already low. In addition,
                                          hemoglobin ranges from 120 g/L to 160 g/L        a check of donor hemoglobin is important to
                                          (12.0 g/dL to 16.0 g/dL). In men, normal         ensure the quality of the red blood cells
                                          hemoglobin levels range from 140 g/L to 180      that will be transfused.
                                          g/L (14.0 g/dL to 18.0 g/dL).
                                                                                           C a n b l o o d d o n at i o n c au s e
                                                                                           a n e m i a?
                                          h o w i s h e m o g l o b i n m e a s u r e d?
                                                                                           Blood donation results in a drop in
                    A nurse will prick    At a blood donor clinic, hemoglobin is
                    your finger to test                                                    hemoglobin of approximately 10 g/L,
                                          checked before every donation. A sterile,
                    your iron levels.                                                      depending on the size of the donor. Normal,
                                          single use lancet is used to obtain a drop of
                                                                                           healthy donors produce new red blood cells
                                          blood from your finger. The blood sample is
                                                                                           to replace those that were donated. However,
                                          tested on a machine that determines the
                                                                                           iron is an essential mineral necessary to
                                          hemoglobin level. The screening method
                                                                                           produce new red blood cells. It is therefore
                                          used in the blood donation setting is not
                                                                                           very important for blood donors to have an
                                          as precise as testing preformed on a blood
                                                                                           adequate amount of iron in their diet. This is
                                          sample obtained in a doctor’s office and
                                                                                           especially important for female donors, who
                                          analyzed in a laboratory.
                                                                                           have lower iron reserves due to loss of iron
                                                                                           in menstrual periods and reduced iron

            step                                                                                                path of a blood donor    8
          (5 minutes)

the record of donation          W h at i s t h e R e c o r d o f D o n at i o n ?   I n f o r m at i o n R e c o r d e d o n t h e
                                                                                    R e c o r d o f D o n at i o n
                                The Record of Donation is a form that
                                captures all relevant information about you         •    Your donor identification and address.
                                and your donation, and follows you from the         •    Your blood type, preferred language, and
                                registration process, through screening                  number of previous donations.
           Fill the first       to giving blood. It includes a confidential
           part of the blood                                                        •    Results of physical tests including
           questionnaire.       questionnaire that helps determine if you
                                                                                         hemoglobin, blood pressure, and
                                are eligible to give blood.
                                    The donor is required to review
           blood d onating
                                general information on high-risk activities,        •    Indication of how the unit will be
    y n                         the donation process and post-donation infor-            processed.
                                mation and to make a decision whether it is         •    Indications of which employees
                                appropriate to donate or not.                            served you.

                                                                                    •    Your answers to questions on health and
                                W h at Y o u M u s t K n o w
                                                                                         certain high-risk activities.
                                Before filling out the donor questionnaire
                                                                                    •    Comments by screening employee.
              s top here        we ask you to read the What You Must Know
                                to Give Blood, or the What You Must Know            •    Confidential Unit Exclusion (cue) label.
                                to Give Plasma or Platelets brochure. The bro-      •    Deferral codes, if applicable.
                                chure information will help you understand
                                                                                    •    Relevant details of the venipuncture and
                                what to expect during your donation and
                                                                                         bleed time.
                                includes some details on post-donation care.
                                                                                    •    Unit labelling information.
           You will answer
           the 2nd part of
                                I m pa c t o n Y o u r E l i g i b i l i t y        •    Your signature, confirming your
           the questionnaire.                                                            informed consent to use the blood
           with the nurse.      An affirmative response to any of the Record
                                                                                         collected and that you have answered
                                of Donation questions does not necessarily
                                                                                         all questions truthfully.
                                mean that you are ineligible to donate. Once
                                you have responded in writing to questions
                                one through 13, a trained health professional
                                will determine your eligibility during a confi-
                                dential one-on-one interview with you at the
                                blood donor clinic.

                step                                                                                     path of a blood donor       10
                           t ype
                            o f c ana d i ans a r e

42%                                                    3%
                                                      t ype
                                                       o f c ana d i ans a r e

t ype
 o f c ana d i ans a r e

     A                                                 AB

                                                                                 t ype
                                                                                  o f c ana d i ans a r e

     (15 minute s)

meet with the nurse

                                                 YOur meeting with the nurse
                       Blood pressure            w ill incluce:
        120    sys
         80    dia     is taken to ensure
         70    pulse   your are at the
                       appropriate levels.   •   A qualified Canadian Blood Services         •   The donor signs and dates an informed
                                                 employee measures the donor’s blood             consent form on the Record of Donation,
                                                 pressure and temperature. The employee          saying that they have answered all ques-
                                                 also checks the donor’s arms for signs of       tions truthfully.
                                                 intravenous drug use.                       •   The donor is provided with two bar
                                             •   In a private screening booth, the               codes that constitute the Confidential
                                                 Canadian Blood Services screening               Unit Exclusion Label. This procedure
                                                 employee reviews questions 1 to 13 and          allows the donor one last chance, with
                                                 asks questions 14 to 29 aloud, recording        complete confidentiality, to say that his/
                                                 the donor’s answers on the Record of            her blood should not be used.
                                             •   If the test results or interview answers
                                                 indicate a deferral is necessary, the
              A nurse will take                  employee explains this and the process
              your temperature.

         step                                                                                                  path of a blood donor     14
     (15 minute s)

your blood is taken

          Donating blood is
          completely safe. All    H o w i s b l o o d ta k e n ?
          equipment used is
          sterile. Needles are
                                  The blood donation is always made under sterile conditions
          never reused.
                                  created by the use of a disinfecting agent to cleanse the donor's
                                  arm and a sterile, single use needle to withdraw the blood.
                                  The needle is inserted into a vein and the blood flows through
                                  plastic tubing to a sterile blood bag. When the donation is
                                  complete, several blood samples are taken for the purposes
                                  of testing. The units and samples are sent to Canadian Blood
                                  Services laboratories for processing.

                                  A f t e r b l o o d i s ta k e n ?

                                  After the donation is complete, a nurse asks if the donor is
                                  feeling all right. An attendant then leads the donor to a com-
                                  fortable chair for recovery where the donor is monitored for
                 One unit         five minutes. The needle site is covered with a bandage and the
                 or 450 ml
                 are collected.   donor is directed to keep the bandage on for several hours.

         step                                                                           path of a blood donor   16
C a n C E r t r E atME n t
(Up to 8 units a week)

hEart bypass surGEry
(1 to 6 units)

Car aCCIdEnt
(Up to 50 units)

abdoMInal surGEry            h ow M u C h b l o o d d o E s I t ta K E ?
(2 to 4 units)

                             Different medical procedures require varying

                             amounts of blood. Although actual amounts differ
                             depending on individual patients, here are some
braIn anEurysM
(4 units)
            (15 minute s)

recovery period (done!)

                             A choice of
                             a refreshing   recovery period
                                            Donors are usually kept at the donation site for 10 –15 minutes
                                            after donating since most adverse reactions take place during
                  +                         or immediately after the donation You are taken to a refresh-
                                            ment area and are provided with food and beverages to boost
 Variety                                    your blood sugar level. You are given a sticker saying that you
 of tasty
 snacks.                                    just donated blood and people should be nice to you.
                                                Avoid strenuous physical activity for about six to eight
                                            hours after you give. Donated plasma is replaced after 2–3

                  +                         days. Red blood cells are replaced by bone marrow into the cir-
                                            culatory system at a slower rate, on average 36 days in healthy
                                            adult males. These replacement rates are the basis of how
                                            frequently a donor can give blood.
                 Be nice
                 to me...    A sticker
                  I gave     saying
               blood today   that you

                step                                                                           path of a blood donor   20
                                                  (5 minute s)                                                                               (5 minute s)

                                          who le b lo o d                                                                        b l o o d comp onent s
                             broken into components                                                                   blood travels across canada

                  The manufacturing process                      p l a s ma
                  takes every blood donation
                  you make, and separates
                  it into different parts that
                  can help improve or even                       p l at e l e t s
                  save the lives of up to three
                  people.                                        red blood cells

          p l at e l e t s                          p l a s ma                           red blood cells
                                                                                                                   Canadian Blood Services rigorous screening and testing
1. To stop bleeding.                     1. To treat bleeding in persons            1. To increase red cell mass   ensures that donating and receiving blood is as safe as can
                                            who have large amounts of                  after trauma or surgery.    be. Their distribution ensures that they deliver the right product,
2. To platelet function
                                            blood, for example following            2. To treat anemia.
  abnormalities.                                                                                                   to the right place at the right time, so that they continue to
                                            massive bleeding due to
                                            trauma or complicated                                                  meet the need of Canadian hospitals and patients. Their staff
                                            surgical procedures.                                                   and volunteers make the most of the gift of 850,000 units
                                         2. Exchange transfusion for                                                of blood that Canadians donated last year.

                                         3. To reverse the effect of
                                            Coumadin (an anticoagulant
                                            of “blood thinner").
                                         4. To treat some rare bleeding
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                                                    YO U c A N D O N AT e e V erY 56 DAYs
             se                            nt
                                                p ie


t he

                                                                ath of a Blood
h of a B

                                                            e P


                 on                                se

                      or                       o
                                       lip : T

                                                                                 path of a blood donor   26
                                                                                 Rotate Book   1 9

             se                            nt
                                                p ie


t he

                                                                ath of a Blood
h of a B

                                                            e P


                 on                                se

                      or                       o
                                       lip : T
                                                                                  Life after the Blood Transfusions   1 7

                                                              Help save 3 lives

                                                            to donate call:

                                             1 888 2 donate (1 888 236- 6283)

                                                                   Or go to:


1 6   t h e pa t h o f a r e c i p i e n t
                                                                                                                                                   Life after the Blood Transfusions   1 5

                                                                                                                                    George was able to beat his kidney
                                                                                                                                    cancer and is once again able to play with
                                                                                                                                    his children. And thanks to the blood platelet
                                                                                                                                    transfusion he has the opportunity to see
                                                                                                                                    his children grow up.

                                                         the                                             crash
                                                                                            car            After his stay in the hospital and intensive
                                                                                                           physiotherapy, Blake was able to make a full
                                                                                                           recovery from his injuries. And thanks to his red
                                                                                                           cell and plasma transfusions his parents were able

Surviving                                                                                                  to see Blake graduate from sfu with a degree in

                                                                                           After                                       Care
                                            Their new baby girl was able to recover
                                            from her bought of Anemia thanks to her
                                            red cell blood transfusion. And after a stay
                                            in the hospitals nicu unit, their baby girl
                                            is able to be with Linda and her father
                                            at home.

1 4  t h e pa t h o f a r e c i p i e n t




1 0  t h e pa t h o f a r e c i p i e n t

                                                                                                  b                                      n
                                                                                                       e te                s i o at
                                                                                                  t e l a n s f rapy drugsotmmonly leacdan


                                                                                                       t r king chemmthrerow. Thpilsatcelets,ewnhinicghinfec-
                                                                                                                                       ta            e        d           t            t
                                                                                                                                  te d          bon cells an e-t hrea platele
                                                                                                                           st a r          s in                  f
                                                                                                                  rg e                s hi e blood sk for li hrough                   ve l
                                                                                                              Geo t he cell whit                         t ri    go t          ain
                                                                                                                    ct                 of          on a e must           cer t
                                                                                                               affe            ve l s t a p e r s                   ow a
                                                                                                                        w le                           eorg     bel
                                                                                                                to lo imes pu g. So G t drops
                                                                                                                 som r blee              d in          tele
                                                                                                                                                 s pl a
                                                                                                                            so              if hi 3 ) .
                                                                                                                   t ion usions
                                                                                                                              sf               /m m
                                                                                                                      t r a n 2 0, 0 0 0
                                                                                                                        ( ofte

                                                       b loo
                                   l               n
                          cel                u sio
                   &r             n s fss
           l asm
                       t r ant of bloodomplica- a
         p               ve a
                              mou d t he c quired
                                  n        e                      si            a       r
                                                             mas njur ies y, Blake cells
                                                      t he            i
                                                e to             h is         rger and red
                                            Du             lt of         a su
                                                    resu e t raum plasma
                                             as a           th            of
                                                     s of            ion
                                              t ion ransfus .
                                                      e  t            s)
                                                 larg 5o unit
                                                  ( up t

                                                                                                 b loo                            n
                                                                                                    e ll          fu       sio
                                                                                             re d c r a n s , Linda's
                                                                                                      t ture infantsblood cellsto
                                                                                                                                  ema r of red ox ygen re
                                                                                                                             r pr          e             e     u
                                                                                                                        ot he e numb dequat premat
                                                                                                                 any                         a
                                                                                                     L ik e m lacks t h o car r y                   in da's s.
                                                                                                               g i rl         ar y
                                                                                                                                   t           a. L usion
                                                                                                      baby ) necess                       em i          f
                                                                                                                 s              na   s a n e l l t ra n
                                                                                                        ( rbc           yk now re red c
                                                                                                                 bod l requi
                                                                                                          t he             l
                                                                                                                   n  t wi
                                                                                                            i n fa
                                                                                                                                                                                         Blood to the Rescue  1 1

                                                                                                                                                                      Life takes an Unexpected turn  7

                                                                               k idn e y

                                                                                                          George is told that he has kidney
                                                                                                          cancer and will need treatment as
                                                                                                          soon as possible.

                    ca r                   crash
                                            Blake was driving home after a late
                                            night studying at sfu, the car slipped on
                                            some black ice and crashed into a tree,
                                            causing internal bleeding and a rush to
                                            emergency surgery.

                                                                                        pr em at u r e

                                                                                                                                  Linda was rushed to hospital after
                                                                                                                                  having contractions. She is only 34
                                                                                                                                  weeks into her pregnancy and is about
                                                                                                                                  to give birth to a premature baby.

6   t h e pa t h o f a r e c i p i e n t
                                d tu
2   t h e pa t h o f a r e c i p i e n t

                                           palmer          George is a 45 year old single parent. He
                                                           has two children; Sam 8 and Sarah 5.

                                                                                                          Blake is second fourth year student at
                                                                                                          Simon Fraser University. He has a full
                                                                                                          paid soccer scholarship and is major-
                                                                                                          ing in Kinesiology.

                kavinsky                    Linda is 38 years old and she is 34
                                            weeks pregnant with her first child.
                                            Linda has been happily married with
                                            her husband Paul for two years.

                                                                                                                              Meet the future Recipients  3
Meet the
                   re              ts
ta b l e o f c o n t e n t s

                                               Meet the future Recipients  2

                               Life takes an Unexpected turn  6

                                                                    Blood to the Rescue  10

                                             life after the Blood Transfusions  14

                                                                         Flip book ( path of a donor)  18
 the   Pat h
          of a

       R eciPie n t
                 fill your heart

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