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									Which Feeder Is BEST for YOUR Pet?

Feed and water are two essential elements for keeping your dog happy and
healthy. But a food and water dish is also something very important to

It's important that your pets are being fed and given water every day.
But because we all often lead busy lives and our schedules may sometimes
produce conflicts which prevent us from keeping a set schedule for our
pets, we cannot always guarantee that our dogs are going to get their
food and water at the same time every day. But automatic feeders and
automatic waterers provide that for your pet without taking time away
from other responsibilities. This allows your pet to eat and drink
throughout the day at their own convenience.

Automatic pet feeders are great for dogs and cats of any size. Automatic
feeders are designed to allow your dog or cat to eat throughout the day
whenever they are hungry. Automatic feeders release a small amount of
food into the bowl and keeps the remaining food secure and fresh for a
later time. Pets that eat once a day will eat quickly, which makes it
challenging to digest and might vomit. Veterinarians highly recommend
automatic pet feeders. Large dogs consume a lot of food, so be sure to
get a large auto feeder. The food canister is protected from dirt, rain,
and other elements in an airtight container. Don't allow your dog or cat
to eat everything at one setting, but rather let them choose when to eat.
Just like humans, pets eat until they're full.

Automatic pet waterers provide clean, fresh, and cool water to your dog
or cat all day. With hectic schedules, it's easy to forget to refill the
water bowl. With an automatic waterer, you'll no longer have to wonder if
your dog or cat needs water. Automatic waterers have a pump that
circulate the water to keep it clean and odor-free. Similar to nature, an
automatic waterer keeps the water running so that the water is fresher
and cooler than stagnant water. Providing a lasting supply of water with
an automatic waterer will keep your pet healthy. Automatic waterers keep
your dog or cat hydrated, even on the hottest day!

Elevated pet feeders and elevated pet waterers are great for dogs and
cats with medical conditions. If your dog or cat is older and has a hard
time eating out of their bowl, veterinarians recommend elevated feeders
and elevated waterers. Elevated feeders and elevated waterers reduce
tension upon neck muscles, bones, and joints. Studies show that elevated
feeders and elevated waterers enhance digestion and decrease swelling,
because they're swallowing less air. Prevent straining and tension with
an elevated pet feeder and/or elevated pet waterer.

One thing to remember is that as with any other dish or bowl that is
being used to feed and water your dog, the automatic feeders and waterers
become dirty and require cleaning. It's important that you realize that
just because they may be automatic, that doesn't mean that we can
completely ignore responsibilities. They must be kept clean in order to
provide your dog with the cleanest, source of food and water.
Guaranteeing that your dog always has fresh food and water will make your
dog's life a lot more comfortable and having the automatic pet feeder and
waterer will make your life as a dog owner a lot more enjoyable as well.

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