End Breed Specific Legislation Now_ by cuba.cube2


									End Breed Specific Legislation Now!

A worldwide, anti BSL campaign is taking place, and I urge each one of
you to participate.

The media has successfully whipped the public into a frenzy, causing a
witch hunt to be launched against any dog resembling a pit bull (which is
not even a breed!).

These dogs have been labelled a danger, and as a result, can be forcibly
taken from peoples' homes for no reason, locked away, and even killed.
Innocence is not relevant, once the label has been assigned.

What kind of damaged society allowed this to occur disgusts me, but no
longer matters. What does matter is ending this madness, now.

How you ask? Here's how.

While the number of targets are many, the most strategic campaigns are
the most targeted.

Therefore, it is my opinion that we begin this campaign by focusing on
these three areas: media; local government officials and celebrities.


The media is influential and often (to the chagrin   of many!) the creators
of public opinion. It is the media that latches on   to the latest
"dangerous dog" story, and turns the public into a   lynch mob. It only
stands to reason, they have the power to shift the   publics' thinking in
the other direction.


Contact as many media personalities as you can, in tv, radio and print.
Appeal to reporters and editors, convince them this story must be told.
Why not get yourself on a local animal themed show, as a guest? Just be
sure not to limit yourself to those shows. The goal is to educate the
public, not preach to the converted. Staff name and contact information,
can be found on the outlet's website.

Government representatives:

They have the power to create, stop and change legislation.


Contact your local officials, and find out their stand on animal welfare,
specifically BSL.

We all know talk is cheap, so keep in contact with them, pay attention to
their voting record, and make sure they know their constituents are
How about putting together a town hall meeting, and inviting a local
politician to participate? If they're resistant, tell them people are
worried about "dangerous dogs" and it will show the public that
politicians are listening. Don't forget to mention it could earn them
some goodwill, and goodwill translates into votes.

To be fair, invite a pro BSL person to debate the issue. Please make sure
the person in your corner is educated on the issue, passionate, and can
answer any question well. You don't want this to backfire!

To search for local officials in your country, type contact elected
officials, then the country name.


Love them, or hate them, they have influence over many. We might as well
convince them to talk about things that matter, so let's get them talking
about BSL.


There are many high profile celebs that are serious animal lovers, and do
a lot to help. Start with them, and convince them to speak up against

Tweet them, post to them or contact their agent or publicist.

So here you have it - a simple start to the campaign.

Now here's a fact - if we don't get tens of thousands of people flooding
our targets with calls and emails, this won't work.

Here's another fact - contact is not a "one off" event. The key is to
exert sustained, and long term effort until we get the job done. With
enough pressure, everyone caves.

There are so many individuals and groups out there signing petitions, and
condemning BSL, but the voices are fragmented.

The only way we're going to make a change, is by coming together. Why not
join forces with other end BSL advocates and groups in your area, and
become one big voice?

It's harder to ignore a yell than a whisper.

Now get out there and ROAR!

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