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									 NOVEMBER, 2008

Have A Heart —
Donate A Part
We were blessed recently to have with us Jan      100,000 nationally. To raise awareness, the              Inside This Issue
Frye Hill who told her story of hope, loss, and   Clemmons club received $50,000 to outfit
joy. Her mother became a liver transplant         15 trailers (as in tractor trailer) with a vinyl   Page 2
recipient in 1994 and is now living a full and    “wrap” advocating for organ and tissue             •President’s Message
enjoyable life. In 1997 Jan was a newlywed        donations. So when you see one of these
                                                                                                     •Birthdays and Anniversaries
whose husband Jim was struck by a car only        rolling billboards that say “Have A Heart
one week after signing up as an organ donor.      – Donate A Part”, think of Jan’s message
                                                                                                     •CART-Coins for Alzheimer
Today, five people are living full, healthy        and give consideration to becoming a donor          Research Trust
lives as a result of his willingness to donate    yourself.     If you or someone you know
his organs and tissue.                            would be interested in learning more about         Page 3
                                                  this subject, visit www.donatelifenc.org or        •National Foundation Month
Today there are over 3,000 North Carolinians      www.carolinadonorservices.org.                     •InnKeeper of the Year Award
waiting on organ and tissue donations;                                                               •Calendar of Events
                                                                                                     Page 4
                                                                                                     •Membership Roster
                                                                                                     •Makeup Meetings

                                                                                                     LEADING                 THE        WAY
                                                                                                     Tim Marion..........President
                                                                                                     C a t h y S t e v e n s. . . . . S e c re t a r y
                                                                                                     M a r i e Wo o d. . . . . . . . Tr e a s u r e r
                                                                                                     C h a r l e s D u g g e r. . . . S e r g e a n t
                                                                                                                                         At Arms
                                                                                                     B o b M e i n e c ke. . . . . P r e s i d e n t
                                                                 Organ Donation saves lives.                                                 Elect
                                                                                                     B e n C o o ke. . . Pa s t P r e s i d e n t

                    Foundation Dinner

                                                                                                     W E E K LY M E E T I N G S

                               November 6 at 6:30
                                                                                                     Tuesday, 12:10 pm

                            High Point Country Club

                                                                                                     Cross Creek Country Club

                          Guest Speaker — Barry Rassin                                               1129 Greenhill Road
                                                                                                     Mount Airy, NC

                              2008-2009 THEME: MAKING DREAMS REAL
 Message from President Tim                                                                  Charles Dickens – first
                          Fellow Rotarians,
                                                                                             line from Chapter I of
                           November is Foundation Month for Rotary, and I want to
                           share some thoughts on this very important aspect of Rotary
                                                                                             A Tale of Two Cities
                           International because some members do not fully understand
                                                                                             It was the best of times, it was
                           how Foundation affects our club, our community and the
                                                                                             the worst of times, it was the
                           world at large. The mission of the Foundation is to enable
                                                                                             age of wisdom, it was the age of
                           Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and
                                                                                             foolishness, it was the epoch of
                           peace through the improvement of health, the support of
                                                                                             belief, it was the epoch of incredulity,
                           education, and the alleviation of poverty. The Foundation is a
                                                                                             it was the season of Light, it was
                           non-profit organization supported by voluntary contributions
                                                                                             the season of Darkness, it was the
                           from Rotarians around the world, and by other non-Rotarians
                                                                                             spring of hope, it was the winter of
  who share our vision of a better world. Contributions to the Rotary Foundation are used
                                                                                             despair, we had everything before
  for Ambassadorial Scholarships, Group Study Exchanges, Matching Grants and other
                                                                                             us, we had nothing before us, we
  worthwhile programs which benefit Rotarians and their projects. More information
                                                                                             were all going direct to Heaven,
  about Foundation gifts can be found on the Rotary website at www.rotary.org.

                                                                                             we were all going direct the other
                                                                                             way--in short, the period was so far
                                                                                             like the present period, that some
                                                                                             of its noisiest authorities insisted
                                                                                             on its being received, for good or
CART -                                                                                       for evil, in the superlative degree of
                                                                                             comparison only.
Coins for Alzheimer Research Trust
The CART program was initiated in 1995 by the Rotary Club of Sumter, SC and has grown
and expanded to include all districts in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. The
Mount Airy club lost interest a few years ago, but President Tim Marion felt a strong need
to bring it back, and once again we are actively engaged. In the past two months our club
has collected almost $600.00 from coins and bills tossed into our blue buckets each week.
This is wonderful. Your dollars combined with the other 11 districts can really add up.

Since 1999 there have been eight grants totally $1,850,000    for research. These grants     Birthdays &
have gone to the following research centers:
• Emory University, 1999
• Case Western University, 2001
• Johns Hopkins University, 202                                 $250,000
• University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2003           $250,000
• University of Connecticut Health Center , 2004                $250,000
• University of California Los Angeles, 2005                    $250,000                       6......Marie Wood
• University of Texas Medical Branch, 2006                      $250,000                       6......David Jessup
• May Clinic – Jacksonville, 2007                               $250,000                      13......Joanna Refvem
                                                                                              15......Carla Majure
                                          You can see by these numbers that some major        23......Brenda Goings
                                          fund raising is being accomplished. Why is this     25......Burke Robertson
                                          important? There are over 4 million Americans       26......Kirby McCrary
                                          currently dealing with this disease. As our         27......Paul Belk
                                          population ages, yes that’s the baby boomers        30......Hugh Peoples
                                          I’m talking about, these numbers are expected
                                          to grow substantially. All of us are touched by
                                          this in one way or another. We’ve seen this in      19......Jim & Louella Grimes
                                          our own club. For more information, please          19......Jack & Marie Wilson
                                          visit www.cartfund.org.                             27......John & Donna Jackson

2      The Mount Airian Rotarian
National Foundation month                      peace generated great postwar interest in
                                               its development. After Rotary’s founder,        of the Year —
                                               Paul P. Harris, died in 1947, contributions
                                               began pouring into Rotary International,        Robin Hester
                                               and the Paul Harris Memorial Fund was
                                               created to build the Foundation.
                                                         That year, the first Foundation
                                               program – the forerunner of Rotary
                                               Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships
                                               – was established. In 1965-66, three new
                                               programs were launched: Group Study
                                               Exchange , Awards for Technical Training,
                                               and Grants for Activities in Keeping with
                                               the Objective of The Rotary Foundation,
                                               which was later called Matching Grants .
                                                         The Health, Hunger and Humanity
                                               (3-H) Grants program was launched in
                                               1978, and Rotary Volunteers was created            Robin Hester, Twyla Sickmiller and
Arch C. Klumph, founder of The Rotary                                                                              Wanda Urbanska
                                               as a part of that program in 1980. PolioPlus
Foundation, circa 1916 Courtesy of
                                               was announced in 1984-85, and the next
Rotary Images
                                               year brought Rotary Grants for University
                                               Teachers . The first peace forums were held      The Innkeeper of the Year award,
                                               in 1987-88, leading to the Foundation's         presented by the Bed and Breakfast
I n 1917, RI President Arch C. Klumph
                                               peace and conflict studies programs .            Association, went to our own Robin
proposed that an endowment be set up “for
                                                         Throughout this time, support of      Hester of the Sobotta Manner Bed
the purpose of doing good in the world.” In
                                               the Foundation grew tremendously. Since         and Breakfast. Congratulations to
1928, when the endowment fund had grown
                                               the first donation of $26.50 in 1917, it has     Robin and husband Thurman for this
to more than US$5,000, it was renamed
                                               received contributions totaling more than $1    outstanding achievement.
The Rotary Foundation, and it became a
                                               billion. More than $70 million was donated
distinct entity within Rotary International.
                                               in 2003-04 alone. To date, more than one
          Five Trustees, including Klumph,
                                               million individuals have been recognized
were appointed to “hold, invest, manage,
                                               as Paul Harris Fellows – people who have
and administer all of its property . . . as
                                               given $1,000 to the Annual Programs Fund
a single trust, for the furtherance of the
                                               or have had that amount contributed in
purposes of RI.”
                                               their name.
          Two years later, the Foundation
                                                         Such strong support, along with
made its first grant of $500 to the
                                               Rotarian involvement worldwide, ensures a
International Society for Crippled Children.
                                               secure future for The Rotary Foundation as
The organization, created by Rotarian
                                               it continues its vital work for international
Edgar F. “Daddy” Allen, later grew into the
                                               understanding and world peace.
Easter Seals.
          The Great Depression and World                                                            Sobotta Manner Bed & Breakfast
                                               reprinted from the Rotary
War II both impeded the Foundation’s
                                               International website
growth, but the need for lasting world

                                               November 2008
   DATE               ROTARIAN                    SPEAKER & PROGRAM
   Nov. 4             Kevin Cheek                 Keith Bobbitt & Ken Badgett – Camp Raven Knob
   Nov. 11            Tim Marion                  Karen Shore, President Mooresville –South Iredell Chamber
                                                  CART Program
   Nov. 18            Tom Fawcett                 Frances Fawcett Beijing Olympic Experience
   Nov. 25            Nelson Clark                Linda Devine Guardian Ad Litem

                                                                                               www.mtairyrotary.org 5
    ROTARIAN    SPOUSE                       ROTARIAN                SPOUSE                  ROTARIAN                SPOUSE
nnn   Cooper Adams        Ginny       nnn    Raymond Hanna                          nnn      Chris Nichols           Angie
nnn   David Adkisson      Ellen       nnn    Gary Harold             Vicki          nnn      Richard Patterson       Kaye
nnn   Andy Anderson                   nnn    Todd Harris             Betsy          nnn      T.J. Payne              Sharon
nnn   Kate Appler         Mark        nnn    Darrin Hartness         Lisa           nnn      Greg Perkins            Julie
nnn   Faith Ashby         Ted         nnn    John Haynes             Barbara        nnn      Jim Petelle             Ann
nnn   Ted Ashby           Faith       nnn    Robin Hester            Thurman        nnn      Hugh Peoples
nnn   Paul Belk           Cecelia     nnn    Derek Higgs             Mary           nnn      Tonda Phillips
nnn   Chip Bondurant      Patricia    nnn    Ashley Hinson           Lynne          nnn      John Priddy             Sandra
nnn   Ed Bondurant                    nnn    Eric Hodges                            nnn      Gene Rees               Peggy
nnn   Horace Bondurant    Jewel       nnn    Bill Holcomb                           nnn      Bill Refvem             Joanna
nnn   Ricky Bowman        Lori        nnn    Bucky Holcomb           Kim            nnn      Joanna Refvem           Bill
nnn   Don Brookshire      Sylvia      nnn    Elmer Holst             Juanita        nnn      C.B. Roberson           Jamie
nnn   Sue Brownfield       Hal         nnn    Joan Inman              Bill           nnn      Burke Robertson         Carolyn
nnn   Carol Burke                     nnn    John Jackson            Donna          nnn      Mark Rogers             Deidre
nnn   Greg Cave           Lynette     nnn    David Jessup            Renee          nnn      Robert Rogers           Deborah
nnn   Kevin Cheek                     nnn    Allen Johnson           Alison         nnn      Aaron Routh             Lee Ann
nnn   Nelson Clark        Lisa        nnn    Alison Johnson          Alan           nnn      Macon Sammons           Candace
nnn   Betty Ann Collins   Martin      nnn    Amy Johnson             Bill           nnn      Brandt Scholz           Lynn
nnn   John Collins        Bobbie      nnn    Bill Johnson                           nnn      Don Schumacher          Karen
nnn   Peter Cook                      nnn    Dick Johnson                           nnn      Frank Sells             Amanda
nnn   Ben Cooke           Lone        nnn    David Jones             Betty          nnn      Twyla Sickmiller        Roger
nnn   Adam Delp                       nnn    Jim Lewis               Teresa         nnn      P.J. Snow               Joy
nnn   Charles Dugger      Shirley     nnn    Teresa Lewis            Jim            nnn      Cathy Stevens           Mark
nnn   Ron Ellis           Diana       nnn    Steve Lindsley          Lorie          nnn      Leslie Stoklosa
nnn   Jeffery Ellis                   nnn    John Lockhart           Alice          nnn      Wanda Urbanska
nnn   Robbie Ernhart                  nnn    Peter Lydens            Linda Wright   nnn      Ann Vaughn              Tom
nnn   Tom Fawcett         Mary        nnn    Greg Marshall           Lori           nnn      Anne Webb               Tom
nnn   Fred Folger                     nnn    Kirby McCrary           Tammy          nnn      Tom Webb                Anne
nnn   Ralph Forbes        Erika       nnn    Carla Majure            David          nnn      Laura Wharton           Bayley
nnn   Deborah Friedman                nnn    Tim Marion              Cindy          nnn      Jay Williams            Beth
nnn   Alton Gaither       Janice      nnn    Tony Marion             Janice         nnn      Jack Wilson             Marie
nnn   Kendra Garaventa                nnn    Robert Meinecke         Judy           nnn      Dick Wimbish            Sue Ellen
nnn   Brenda Goings                   nnn    Robert Merritt          Cama           nnn      Marie Wood              Tycho, Jr.
nnn   Marian Goldwasser   Michael     nnn    Bob Moody               Kathy          nnn      Steve Woronoff
nnn   Jeff Gordon         Kelli       nnn    Julie Moore             Jack           nnn      Betty Wright            Hylton
nnn   Jim Grimes          Louella     nnn    Ray Morton              Whitney        nnn      Doug Yarboro
nnn   Steve Gross         Polly       nnn    Britta Needham          Jeff

                Key:        Past President          Board of Directors              Paul Harris Fellow

Honorary Members .........3                                  MAKEUP MEETINGS
Active Members...........111          Monday................Stuart, VA ................. Rotary Park ..................6:30 pm
                                      Tuesday................Winston-Salem ......... Benton Conv. Ctr.........12:30 pm
Total Membership.........114          Tuesday................Yadkinville................ Ace’s Restaurant ...........7:30 am
Paul Harris Fellow........103         Wednesday...........Yadkin-Valley............ Comfort Inn ..................7:45 am
                                      Wednesday...........Surry Sunrise............ Prime Sirloin ................7:30 am
                                      Wednesday...........Galax, VA ................. Presbyterian Church..........Noon
                                      Thursday..............Hillsville, VA ............ Shoney’s Restaurant..........Noon
                                      Thursday..............King .......................... Town & Country Rest...7:00 am
                                      Friday...................Reynolda ...................Winston-Salem Col.....12:30 pm

6     The Mount Airian Rotarian                                                            www.mtairyrotary.org

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