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					                                    The Eagle Flight
                                               Southern California District Royal Rangers

                                                                                                 Winter 2010/2011

                                                                doing this in two areas, through adult leadership

A note from the
                                                                training and development. Not just by having great
                                                                materials, but instructors that will help tutor your
                                                                leaders to be the very best they can be. Rangers
District Director . . .                                         Basics training for those getting started and World
                                                                Class Outpost training that will help evaluate
                Tim Bruder                                      effectiveness and set goals to take the next step to be
                                                                better are helping meet that need. We have even
                Merry Christmas?                                started leadership small groups “Eagles Nest” to help
                                                                the next generation of leaders evaluate their personal
                    Wow that was                                leadership skills and challenge them to improve there
                fast…this year sure was                         effectiveness. As John C. Maxwell states so
a fast one. We started out with the                             emphatically, “Leadership is not developed in a day but
Power up Conference (Commanders                                 daily.”
Conference), all new and improved with over 45
different classes, made possible by a great team of Kid
Ministers working together. Kid’s Ministries includes
Children’s Pastors, Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers
coming together to reach kids. That’s right, let’s build
the church. I am so looking forward to the next one in

    Royal Rangers divided the 4 divisions to 7 and put
them in full motion this year. We will be watching the
results over the next few years to make sure it’s the
best for the district but right now I am really happy with
the change. We have seen growth and more church
participation in the planning and divisional events. The
goal is for the churches to have more influence in the              As we get ready for the next year I would like to
planning of district events. I think it is working great.       challenge you, not to do more but to do better. I know
We still have some work to do, but we can reach the             Royal Ranger leaders are the workers of the church.
goal of making Royal Rangers the most sought after              You really are great examples of “Long Life Servant
boys mentoring program.                                         Leaders.” But I know we can reach more, more
                                                                effectively. We can do this by working more and more
     Excerpt: 'The Mentor Leader' by Tony Dungy                 as a team building the church, using every method we
     “The need is clear and urgent for men who care             can to build the church not departments.
about boys—who simply care whether they live or die
and who care enough to pass along what it means to                   Let me know if there is any way we can help you
truly be a man”.                                                and your churches reach more boys. We are working
                                                                on making the available training more accessible. Just
    Royal Rangers took a survey and we asked “How               connect with you divisional commander or me and we
do you feel your church is doing mentoring boys?”.              will do our best to help you be the best you can.
With the churches that responded, the overwhelming
response was we need and want to do better. For                 “READY” in His service,
those that responded, the request was for help and/or
to get more Leaders. I don’t think this is a big surprise
to any of us. The Royal Ranger staff has been working
hard to create ways of helping the local church to              Tim Bruder
develop Leaders so we all can do better. We are                 District Director
                                                    The Eagle Flight 1
                                                                             Important – December 11th
Clippers Basketball –                                                         District Staff meeting info

Assemblies of God Night                                            The location for the District Staff meeting on
                                                                   December 11th has changed due to construction at
Saturday, November 20 –                                            the district office.
7:30 pm
     Come out and enjoy the 1 Annual                               Living Waters Christian Fellowship in Fountain
Assemblies of God Night with the                                   Valley has agreed to host our December meeting.
Clippers! Watch as they take on Amare                              Their address is: 9801 Talbert Avenue, Fountain
Stoudemire and the New York Knicks.                                Valley, CA 92708.
Following the game, all youth from any participating
Assembly of God church will have the chance to play                If you have any questions, please call the District
on the court following the game. A select few students             Royal Rangers office at (949) 252-8694.
will also get the chance to come down and high five
the players as they take the court! A Royal Ranger
group will be presenting the colors for the night at
Staples Center. For more information, please contact

                                                                Charter Deadline
Maurice Baker at

     Please see the attached flyer for ticket purchasing
information or our website.                                     Approaching
                                                                    Greetings from the national Royal Rangers
Start Planning NOW for                                          ministry office!

Power up                                                            We trust you have enjoyed a great summer
                                                                mentoring future men. We love and appreciate you,
Saturday, January 22                                            and pray for you often. We thank God for your ministry.

                                                                     With all the fun activities, it’s easy to overlook
                                                                important dates. We want to remind you of the
                                                                upcoming 2010-11 chartering season, August 15-
                                                                October 31. If you have already chartered, thank you
                                                                for your continued support of our shared mentoring

                                                                    If you have not already chartered, it’s not too late!
                                                                Go to the website below to get started TODAY!
                                                                Chartering as soon as possible allows your church and
                                                                outpost to receive a 15% discount (off the regular retail
                                                                price) on all Royal Rangers gear, including TRaCclub
                                                                (our new online curriculum delivery tool)! If your
                                                                currently chartered outpost does not recharter BEFORE
                                                                OCTOBER 31, 2010, the 15% chartering discount will
                                                                expire until your outpost recharters.
     The Power Up event is on Saturday, January 22,
2011 from 8 am-4 pm. SURGE, the pre-event, is on                    Remember, it’s not too late, but don’t wait! Charter
Friday, January 21. Registration for the whole package          your outpost today!
is $20. We’ll be back at Orange County First Assembly                                              To charter now, go to:
and are ready to inspire, engage and excite folks to                       
follow the great call of serving God by serving children.                     For more information on chartering, go to:
   We have Davy Liu of Kendu Films and Chip
Espinoza, author of Managing Millennials slotted to                 May God bless your every effort to evangelize,
speak plus the 25+ workshop leaders who will offer              equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike
something practical for everyone. See the district              men and lifelong servant leaders!
website for more information.                                                                  In His service, Jim Allen

                                                    The Eagle Flight 2
                                                               Royal Rangers Support
                                                                    As we enter into the holiday season, I would
                                                               like to encourage you to remember Royal Rangers
                                                               and the Ready Reserve. With the current economy
The Rangers Curriculum Club                                    many have reduced their giving. We have felt it
                                                               also as we are continuing to be creative in
    TRaCclub, short for “The Rangers Curriculum                reducing our expenses. Your Ready Reserve gift
club,” provides churches with relevant online resources        will help us with the operational cost of the Royal
to mentor future men. Affordable and available                 Ranger office. It couldn’t be simpler to donate with
anywhere anytime you connect to the Internet,                  online donations through Paypal. Just go to our
TRaCclub provides you the latest mentoring resources           website: and make
(which are continually improved based on feedback              your donation online. Whatever you can do will be
from our valued members).                                      greatly appreciated.

    TRaCclub includes meeting plans and merit                      Thank you again, and we
teaching materials for Royal Rangers meetings. It              look forward to your continued
replaces the older printed materials (Leaders Guides,          support as we “Evangelize,
Merit References, and boy's Workbooks) and enables             Equip and Empower the next
local Royal Rangers leaders to plan and conduct                generation of long life servant
weekly meetings with the ultimate degree of flexibility        leaders.”
while utilizing the most up-to-date materials at a
minimal cost.                                                  Tim

     TRaCclub features five tracks, and you can

                                                               Updated Award Forms
choose membership in one or more. Each track
includes the boys’ worksheets, eliminating the need to

                                                               Available for Download
purchase individual workbooks.

    Ranger Kids, for leaders mentoring boys K-2nd
    Discovery Rangers, for leaders mentoring boys
    3rd-5th                                                        Check out our district website for the new
    Adventure Rangers, for leaders mentoring boys              award applications. They have been updated
    6th-8th                                                    to make it easier for you to fill out through
    Expedition Rangers, for leaders mentoring boys             Microsoft Excel. The award applications
    9th-12th                                                   available are:

    Leaders Track, supplements the print Leaders               Junior Leaders Service Award
Manual (NOTE: This track is complimentary for two              Outpost Leadership Award
years with the purchase of a print Leaders Manual;                  (replaces Outpost Commanders award)
simply enter the unique code found in the inside back          Outpost Service Award
cover.)                                                            (replaces Leaders Service award)
                                                               Outpost Coordinators Award
For more information, go to the National Royal Ranger              (replaces Senior Commanders Award)
                                                                   If you have any difficulty with these forms,
                                                               please contact our office to receive the form in
                                                               another format or by mail.
               Upcoming Events
  Nov 20 – A/G Clippers night                                  Southern California District
  Dec 11 - District Staff Meeting (new location)               Royal Rangers
  Jan 7 - Award applications must be postmarked                17951 Cowan, Irvine, CA 92614
                                                               (949) 252-8694
  Jan 11 – POWER UP: Leadership Conference           

                                                   The Eagle Flight 3
The Eagle Flight 4

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