Declaration of ownership of Technology Template by avylcohen


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                              Declaration of Ownership of
                                    Technology Document
      (Insert the name of your company and the abbreviation of the company as well if applicable here) will herein be
                                             referred to as “The Company”

      This “Agreement” is made this day of (insert the date here) by and between “(Insert, if
      applicable, the name of the affiliated company that is part of the technology such as the
      parent/holding company)” dba “(insert the name of the real company that the person or
      company is actually familiar and doing business with – here)” (The Company) is a New
      York State S-CORP registered company, located in (insert the city/town, state and country
      here), soon to become an LLC registered company and (insert the full name of the recipient
      here) (“insert the initials of the recipient here”), a (insert the country of citizenship here,
      where the individual is living) citizen living in the Province/state of (insert the name of the
      state or province here) situated at: (insert the complete address including zip/postal code
      as well as the country here).

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