; Governing Board Meeting - Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District
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Governing Board Meeting - Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District


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                            FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA
                                       September 23, 2004

REGULAR MEETING            A regular meeting of the Governing Board of the Fairfield-Suisun Unified
                           School District was held in the Council Chambers of the Fairfield City
                           Hall, 1000 Webster Street, Fairfield, California, on Thursday,
                           September 23, 2004.

ROLL CALL                  Members in Attendance: Abraham “Abe” Bautista, Barbara D. Mallon,
                           Gary Falati, Kathy Marianno, Ivan Meadows, Beverly Taylor, Charles B.
                           Wood, and Sharon Tucker, Superintendent.

                           Members Absent: None

OPEN SESSION               The Governing Board convened in Open Session at 6:00 p.m.

CLOSED SESSION             The Governing Board convened in Closed Session at 6:01 p.m. to discuss
                           personnel items, labor negotiations, student discipline, and conference with
                           real property negotiators.

CALL TO ORDER              The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by Mr. Falati.

PLEDGE OF                  Dorothy Johnson, retired teacher, led those in attendance in the Pledge of
ALLEGIANCE TO THE          Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

REPORT OF ACTION           Mr. Falati announced that the Governing Board took no action during
TAKEN DURING               Closed Session.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA    **   Motion was made by Mr. Wood, seconded by Dr. Meadows, and carried
                           unanimously to approve the adoption of the agenda.

APPROVAL OF           **   Motion was made by Dr. Meadows, seconded by Mr. Wood, and carried
CONSENT CALENDAR           unanimously to approve the following Consent Calendar items:

                           1. regular minutes on August 19, 2004

                           2. implementation of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical
                              Education Grant

                           3. Adult Education Course Offerings for 2004-2005

                           4. Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Adult Education and Family
                              Literacy Act, Sections 225/231

                           5. acceptance of gifts to the district
Fairfield-Suisun Unified                                                                    Board Minutes
School District                                                                        September 23, 2004

     CONSENT CALENDAR      6. vendor warrants for August 2004
                           7. district payroll expenditures for August 2004

                           8. declaration of district obsolete and surplus equipment and
                              authorization to sell at public auction by Nationwide Auction Service,
                              Benicia, CA

                           9. personnel action report 0405-5a (certificated hires, leaves, retirements,
                              and resignations)

                           10. personnel action report 0405-5b (classified hires, leaves, retirements,
                               and resignations).

     STUDENT               Reports regarding various activities at the high schools were presented by
     REPRESENTATIVES       Allison Brown (Fairfield High School) and Ronica Jackson (Sem Yeto
                           High School).

     INTRODUCTION OF       Amanda Sison (Laurel Creek Elementary) and Taylor Noack (Dan O. Root
     FAIRFIELD-SUISUN      II Elementary) were introduced as Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District
     UNIFIED SCHOOL        Students of the Month for September 2004.
     OF THE MONTH FOR      Ms. Taylor presented medallions and certificates of honor to the students
     SEPTEMBER 2004        on behalf of the Governing Board. Kylene Bailey, Laurel Creek
                           Elementary Principal, shared some of Amanda's talents and volunteer
                           activities. Rob Martinez, Dan O. Root II Elementary Principal, shared
                           some of Taylor’s academic accomplishments and said that she has a
                           Believe It Or Not I Care (BIONIC) spirit.

     RECOGNITION OF SITE   Dr. Tucker introduced the Teachers of the Year and explained the selection
     TEACHERS OF THE       process of the site and district Teacher of the Year. Mr. Falati presented
     YEAR                  each recipient with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Governing
                           Board and Liz Priest, Fairfield-Suisun Unified Teachers’ Association
                           President (F-SUTA), presented each teacher with a flower on behalf of the

                           Ms. Priest acknowledged all teachers in the district as Teachers of the

                           Clay Blanco (Green Valley), Todd Marcacci (Sullivan), Amy Purcell
                           (Dover), Debbie Cook (Rodriguez), Tara Spinelli (Crystal), Sue Goodsell
                           (Grange), Art Sullivan (B. Gale Wilson 6-8), Todd Halvorsen (Sem Yeto),
                           Nancy Moore (Fairfield), Judi Wing (Adult School), Robert Barna
                           (Fairview), Cynthia English (Suisun Valley), Jessica Kirchhoff (Amy
                           Blanc), Elza Sullivan (Crescent), Karen Cooper (Nelda Mundy), Jon Gall
                           (Dan O. Root II), Barbara Merrill (Tolenas), Katie Tweltridge (Cleo
                           Gordon), Lana Coppock (Anna Kyle), Mary Howard (B. Gale Wilson K-
                           5), Robert Olsen (H. Glenn Richardson), Michelle Uldall (Oakbrook),
                           Diane DeFord (Suisun Elementary), Daun Herbert (Bransford), Carroll

Fairfield-Suisun Unified                                                                   Board Minutes
School District                                                                       September 23, 2004

                           Shroyer (Laurel Creek), Michela Ward (K. I. Jones), and District Teacher
                           of the Year Jerry Moore (Armijo).

     RECOGNITION OF        Dr. Tucker presented a plaque of recognition on behalf of the Governing
     DISTRICT TEACHER OF   Board to District Teacher of the Year, Jerry Moore.
                           Mr. Moore said it is a great honor to be selected to represent his school and
                           the district. He thanked the teachers and classified staff who support each
                           other. He thanked his wife, Chris Moore, for her support, his daughter,
                           son-in-law, and grandchildren. He said that a teacher's reward cannot be
                           measured, but it is when students return to say "hi," or that you were a
                           father figure, or they become teachers themselves, that you know you have
                           made a difference. Mr. Moore said that his philosophy of education and
                           why he became a teacher could be summed up in the Future Farmers of
                           America mission statement, “to provide each student the opportunity to
                           develop his or her potential for leadership, personal growth, and career

     RECESS                The meeting recessed at 7:54 p.m. for a reception.

                           Following the recess, the Governing Board reconvened in Open Session at
                           8:13 p.m.

     SUPERINTENDENT’S      Dr. Tucker thanked the National Association for Uniform Services for
     REPORT                donating a pamphlet of the Constitution to each 5th, 8th, and 11th grade
                           student. She shared the following news and events of the district:
                                    Congratulations to Armijo High School's National Merit
                               Scholarship semifinalists Katherine Meadows, Linda Li, and Camilla
                                    Kathlan Latimer, Oakbrook Elementary School teacher, who is a
                               statewide leader in mathematics and is president for the organization
                               that is sponsoring the Northern California Mathematics Conference
                               Assilomar 2004.
                                    The Purchasing Department is sponsoring the Annual Back-to-
                               School Vendor Show on October 5th where staff will be able to see
                               products from fifty-eight vendors. She thanked the vendors for
                               donating supplies to students and staff.
                                    Cleo Gordon Elementary School is hosting a parent meeting on
                               October 11th with author Dr. Robert McKenzie speaking about helping
                               parent to help students do their homework from his book titled Setting
                                    Green Valley Middle School continues the year with Rachael's
                               Challenge, which is a program devoted to teaching young people to be
                               positive, compassionate, honest, and trustworthy. The school has also
                               begun the program “Where Everyone Belongs,” which is an
                               orientation program for 7th grade students to help them meet other
                               students prior to the first day of school.
                                    Grange Middle School and B. Gale Wilson Elementary School are
                               involved in Rachael's Challenge and will have student body
                               presentations by Rachael's sister, Dana Scott.

Fairfield-Suisun Unified                                                                    Board Minutes
School District                                                                        September 23, 2004

                                     Fairview Elementary School is participating in the Safe School
                                 Ambassador Program, where students are taught skills to help peers
                                 interact in positive and socially acceptable ways and reduce "put
     SUPERINTENDENT’S            downs," teasing, and bullying.
     REPORT (continued)              H. Glenn Richardson Elementary School students reported to
                                 Kathleen Nguyen, Principal, that a boy was stealing bikes from the
                                 bike rack. She caught the suspect and the Fairfield Police were called.
                                     Bransford Elementary School had twenty families attend the first
                                 parent meeting of English Language Learners.
                                     Laurel Creek Elementary School hosted a luau with dancing,
                                 games, and musical presentations.
                                     Dan O. Root II Elementary School hosted their Annual
                                 Grandparents' Day. Rob Martinez, Principal, provided a Power Point
                                 presentation of the grandparents visiting and having lunch with their

     BOARD                   Facilities Subcommittee – Dr. Meadows reported that the committee met
     SUBCOMMITTEE            on September 16th and discussed the following:
     REPORTS                  - Financing for a new district office.
                              - Armijo and Fairfield High School Athletic Fields – This item will be
                                 presented to the Governing Board at the first regular meeting in
                              - Falls School Septic System Analysis – The system will support a
                                 student population of 200.
                              - The Facility Capacity at Crescent Elementary and Rodriguez High –
                                 Crescent is at its maximum capacity and Rodriguez is nearing
                                 capacity, therefore a fourth high school needs to be addressed.

                             Mr. Falati said that the Governing Board has taken no action on school
                             boundaries or on Falls School. He said that both items would require a
                             vote by the Governing Board in Open Session.

                             Human Resources - Mrs. Marianno reported that the committee met on
                             September 21st and discussed the process and implications of No Child
                             Left Behind (NCLB), paraprofessionals, and instructional assistants. The
                             committee recommended that information about NCLB be presented at a
                             regular Governing Board meeting.

     RESOLUTION              Bill Luna, Director of Administrative Services, stated that the State Board
     NO. 6-0405, DECLARING   of Education has declared October 2004 as Character Education Month.
     OCTOBER 2004 AS         Staff is proposing a district-wide declaration of October 2004 as Character
     CHARACTER               Education Month in the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District. He said
     EDUCATION MONTH IN      that once adopted the district will conduct a poster and poetry contest in
     THE FAIRFIELD-          the areas of honesty, responsibility, respect, kindness, cooperation, and
     SUISUN UNIFIED          courage.
                             Mrs. Marianno, Ms. Taylor, Mr. Bautista, and Ms. Mallon (alternate)
                             volunteered to be judges.

Fairfield-Suisun Unified                                                                          Board Minutes
School District                                                                              September 23, 2004

                           **   Motion was made by Mr. Wood, seconded by Mrs. Marianno, and carried
                                unanimously to approve Resolution No. 6-0405, Declaring October 2004
                                as Character Education Month in the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School

     PUBLIC HEARING:            Bruce Chmieleski, Director of Information Services Division, stated that a
     DETERMINATION OF           public hearing is required to determine that the district has sufficient texts
     SUFFICIENT                 and instructional materials. He reported staff's findings that all areas are
     TEXTBOOKS AND              sufficient except K-3 science, which does not meet the state adoption
     INSTRUCTIONAL              criteria
                                The public hearing was opened at 8:37 p.m.

                                There being no response, the public hearing closed at 8:38 p.m.

     APPROVAL OF                Mr. Chmieleski stated that Resolution No. 5-0405 is a Certification of
     RESOLUTION NO. 5-0405      Sufficient Instructional Materials. He said that the K-3 science materials
     – CERTIFICATION OF         need to be purchased.
     INSTRUCTIONAL         **   Motion was made by Mr. Wood, seconded by Dr. Meadows, and carried
     MATERIALS                  unanimously to approve Resolution No. 5-0405 – Certification of
                                Sufficient Instructional Materials.

     APPROVAL OF                Mr. Chmieleski stated that the Education Code requires the Governing
     CERTIFICATION OF           Board to adopt new materials that follow a state adoption in K-8 and
     PROVISION OF               certify that schools have the appropriate materials. He reported that in
     STANDARDS-ALIGNED          spring 2005 the high schools will have additional new language arts
     INSTRUCTIONAL              materials.
     MATERIALS             **
                                Motion was made by Dr. Meadows, seconded by Mrs. Marianno, and
                                carried unanimously to approve the required standards-aligned textbook
                                and instructional materials certification.

     APPROVAL OF MARTIN         Rob Pierce, Director of Facilities and Construction, stated that if David
     AND HILBORN SITE           Weir is converted into an elementary school with Measure C and state
     FOR CONSTRUCTION           funding. This would relieve overcrowding at Bransford and Fairview
     OF F-SUSD                  Elementary Schools. He reported that several ideas have been discussed
     ADMINISTRATION/            for a district office site. The district is currently considering a lease/lease
     BOARD FACILITIES           back of 60,000 square feet of office space and 15,000 square feet of
                                warehouse space at Martin/Hilborn in Fairfield. Mr. Pierce presented
                                information on the original Measure C plan, opportunities for funding from
                                AB 401, the sale of the old Crystal site in Suisun, the yearly fee to lease
                                warehouse space, Community Facilities Districts (CFD), and developer
                                fees. He explained that by not developing the project at the old Crystal
                                site, Measure C funds for that project would be released for other Measure
                                C projects. Mr. Pierce said that the Martin/Hilborn site is close to the
                                district clientele it serves. He explained that the lease/leaseback method
                                will deliver the project on time to open David A. Weir in fall of 2006. He

Fairfield-Suisun Unified                                                                     Board Minutes
School District                                                                         September 23, 2004

                           estimated that the project could cost 10% - 17% more if the district
                           developed the project itself. Mr. Pierce reported that the City of Fairfield
                           has agreed to expedite the process and waive all fees except what cannot
                           be waived by law.

     REQUESTS TO SPEAK     George Guynn, Jr., Suisun City resident, believes that Suisun City gets left
                           out when it comes to the district and that the Suisun City Redevelopment
                           has land it can build on other that the old Crystal site property. He said the
                           public should have more time to consider the proposal for the district

                           Monica Brown, Green Valley Middle School teacher, expressed concern
                           about using Community Facilities District funds for a district office when
                           Rodriguez High School still needs a swimming pool. She said that the cost
                           of the project should be known prior to the Governing Board's decision.
                           She does not believe Measure C funding may be used to finish Rodriguez
                           High School.

     APPROVAL OF MARTIN    Mr. Wood said that the finances have been discussed in Closed Session.
     AND HILBORN SITE      He asked if the total cost could be reported in open session.
     OF F-SUSD             Mr. Pierce said that approximately $3.5 million in Measure C funds will be
     ADMINISTRATION/       recouped and the total cost of the district office project at Martin/Hilborn
     BOARD FACILITIES      is approximately $14 million. He said that more detailed information
     (continued)           cannot be released because the district negotiations may be jeopardized.

                           Mr. Wood asked if the district could finance the project if the project cost
                           $14 million.

                           Mr. Pierce said that the district could fund the project at $14 million.

                           Mr. Wood expressed reservations considering that he believes only
                           $900,000 was used to convert David Weir to a district office. He said he
                           understands the potential savings of buying an office building, but
                           expressed concern about the district not going to bid on the project to
                           encourage competition. He expressed concern that the project may end
                           costing over $14 million. Mr. Wood reviewed the funding sources and the
                           cost of converting the old Crystal Middle School site.

                           Mr. Pierce said that AB 401 allows funding for the district to build with a
                           lease/leaseback model. He said that the district solicited a number of
                           proposals based on different scenarios and the current proposal was the
                           best. Mr. Pierce said if the district built the project and went out to bid
                           then the district is subject to change orders. The lease/leaseback model
                           would be a single negotiated cost.

                           Dr. Meadows asked if Mello Roos taxes could fund a swimming pool at

Fairfield-Suisun Unified                                                                     Board Minutes
School District                                                                         September 23, 2004

                           Rodriguez High School. He asked when a decision was needed regarding
                           the location of the district office.

                           Mr. Pierce said that CFD 5 could be used to build a swimming pool at
                           Rodriguez High School as part of its completion. He said that a decision is
                           needed as soon as possible to meet the deadline of David A. Weir
                           Elementary School opening in fall 2006.
     AND HILBORN SITE      Mrs. Marianno asked about the condition of the portables at the old Crystal
     FOR CONSTRUCTION      site.
     OF F-SUSD
     ADMINISTRATION/       Mr. Pierce said that the condition of the existing portables is not good and
     BOARD FACILITIES      if the site were converted to a district office, the existing portables would
     (continued)           be needed as well as additional portables.

                           Ms. Taylor asked if any of the funding for the district office could be used
                           in the classrooms.

                           Mr. Pierce said that CFD funds can only be used for the projects on the
                           project list and a district office is on the project list. He said that using
                           funds for the district office will not require increasing the CFD taxes. Mr.
                           Pierce said that redevelopment funds were planned for projects that have
                           been completed with other funding except for Suisun Elementary, which
                           will not use a significant amount of the funds. He said that developer fees
                           may be used to build new classrooms, but those needs have been met
                           through Measure C funding and CFD contributions.

                           Ms. Mallon said if the funding for the warehouse from the General Fund
                           would go back to the General Fund if the district builds a warehouse.

                           Mr. Pierce said the funds that would be used to lease a warehouse for the
                           next fifteen years would be applied to the lease/lease back of the district

                           Dr. Meadows asked that the item be delayed for action tonight and brought
                           back to the Governing Board for action on October 14th.

                           Mr. Bautista said that the conversion of David A. Weir and a warehouse
                           are both needed. He believes the warehouse would pay for itself over time.

                           Mr. Falati said that sites for a district office have been discussed during the
                           past year at Governing Board Facilities Subcommittee meetings all of
                           which are open to the public. He said that Suisun City prefers the district
                           not build on the old Crystal site. Mr. Falati said that the district has funds
                           and funding for a district office because the district has been responsible
                           with funds. He believes those funds should be used to improve the district
                           and the district should not be embarrassed to have a nice district office
                           where the Governing Board and staff have a place to meet for conferences,
                           etc. He said that many sites in the community have been discussed and the
                           Martin/Hilborn site is a location that is available to a majority of the public

Fairfield-Suisun Unified                                                                    Board Minutes
School District                                                                        September 23, 2004

                           that the district serves.

                           By general consensus, the item will return as an action item at the regular
                           Governing Board meeting on October 14th.

     PUBLIC                George Guynn, Jr., Suisun City resident, thanked Mr. Falati for inviting
     COMMUNICATION         him to the public meeting of the police department and the community. He
                           believes there are too many false burglar alarms, leaving the public
                           inadequate to defend themselves. He expressed concern that the public
                           library in Suisun may close and he supports Suisun City Council Member
                           Jane Day's suggestion that the school district and city work together
                           toward a solution to provide it a facility.

                           Liz Priest, F-SUTA President, said that the new teacher evaluation process
                           has begun and teachers and administrators are being trained. She shared
                           that the CA Educator will print an article about the evaluation process.
                           She said that through the efforts of the teachers and administration the
                           district is past its first ten days of school and classes are not beyond the
                           maximum number of students allowed. Ms. Priest said that the teachers
                           are interested in participating in the selection process for the new

                           Chandra Forrest, E. Ruth Sheldon parent, described an incident that
                           occurred at E. Ruth Sheldon, which involved a student receiving the
                           Heimlich maneuver. She expressed concern that staff is not required to be
                           trained in Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

                           Dr. Tucker said that two teachers came to the aide of a student and
                           performed the maneuver. She said that many teachers have CPR training.

                           Mr. Falati asked for more information about the incident.

     2004-05 SINGLE PLAN   Araceli Cantú-Tong, Director of Instructional Support Services, introduced
     FOR STUDENT           Vic Ramos, Fairfield High School Principal, to present the 2004-05 Single
     ACHIEVEMENT FOR       Plan for Student Achievement for Fairfield High School.
     SCHOOL                Dr. Ramos reported that a data team, School Site Council, and staff
                           developed the plan. He presented five basic factors that affect student
                                provide a curriculum that has clear guidelines regarding content
                                  and that holds teachers accountable for the content
                                ensure there are high expectations and incentives for all students
                                  to achieve
                                improve community involvement by better communication,
                                  participation, and governance
                                provide a safe and orderly environment
                                improve student achievement by emphasizing and providing the

Fairfield-Suisun Unified                                                                   Board Minutes
School District                                                                       September 23, 2004

                                    necessary staff development training in the areas needed for
                                    student achievement.

                           Dr. Ramos said that 50% of the staff has attended the Ruby Payne training
                           and the remainder will have attended by the end of the 2004-05 school
                           year. Dr. Ramos said that staff took a major step forward and they are
                           very excited about this year.

     RESULTS OF 2003-04    Brian Centeno, Director of Assessment and Accountability, reviewed
     ADEQUATE YEARLY       information about Title I expectations. He explained the forty-six different
     PROGRESS (AYP)        areas of criteria that are used to arrive at the AYP figure and if a school
                           fails to meet its target in one area, then they do not meet the AYP.

                           Mr. Centeno presented information on the AYP results for 2003-04 and
                           recommendations. He reported that the district met all forty-six criteria of
                           its AYP in 2003-04. He presented AYP information for each school in the
                           district. He said that the district should continue to focus on the academic
                           criteria, particularly in the area of the students with the most needs.

                           Dr. Meadows asked if there will be any exceptions made in the future in
                           the criteria of participation.

                           Mr. Centeno answered that some governors are lobbying for change
                           because schools are having results, but are labeled by the NCLB criteria as
                           not meeting their AYP.

     REQUEST TO SPEAK      George Guynn, Jr., Suisun City resident, believes that if the AYP were
                           applied to a business, some would fail it and go out of business. He also
                           believes that less government is better and the schools would be better off
                           with local control. He suggested the Governing Board lobby the federal
                           government for change.

     FACILITIES UPDATE     Mr. Pierce reported that Phase 1 of Measure C is complete. The expense
     PROGRESS REPORT       was $100 million of which $40 million was from Measure C and $60
                           million from the state. He thanked maintenance and custodial staffs, the
                           principals, assistant principals, staff in Information Technology, Facilities
                           and Construction, Fiscal Services, the Citizens' Oversight Committee, and
                           Phil Kay, Project Manager, for everything that they did to accomplishment
                           the completion of the projects. He thanked Dr. Tucker and the Governing
                           Board for their leadership. Mr. Pierce presented pictures of the new
                           Crescent Elementary School, Crystal and Green Valley Middle Schools,
                           the modernization projects at Fairfield and Sem Yeto High Schools,
                           Sullivan and Dover Middle Schools, and E. Ruth Sheldon, Anna Kyle, and
                           Tolenas Elementary Schools. He reported that the project at Grange
                           Middle School should break ground by December 2004 and be completed
                           by November 2005. He presented a model of the finished project.

     TRANSPORTATION        Kari Sousa, Assistant Superintendent Fiscal Services, reported that a long-
     REPLACEMENT           term plan for capital transportation assets has been discussed at the

Fairfield-Suisun Unified                                                                   Board Minutes
School District                                                                       September 23, 2004

     POLICY                Governing Board Finance Subcommittee meetings. She presented a plan
                           for bus replacements and explained the criteria for replacement. Ms.
                           Sousa explained that the smaller busses would be replaced on a seven-year
                           cycle and the larger busses on a twelve-year cycle. She said the
                           replacement plan would cost $450,000 per year.

                           Ms. Taylor asked what the normal mileage is for the life of a vehicle.

                           Angie Goakey, Director of Transportation, said that some districts have a
     TRANSPORTATION        range of 200,000 to 300,000 miles for larger busses and 150,000 to
     REPLACEMENT           200,000 for smaller. She reported that the district is working on setting a
     POLICY (continued)    standard.

     REQUEST TO SPEAK      George Guynn, Jr., Suisun City resident, asked if smaller buses are used
                           less often than larger busses. He believes that if busses are maintained
                           properly, they should last indefinitely. He said the replacement schedule
                           should be longer.

                           Mr. Wood said that the district will try to preserve the busses through good
                           maintenance, bus routes, and future school boundaries.

     PUBLIC HEARING        Xavier De La Torre, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, stated
     REGARDING THE         that a public hearing is required for initial proposals of bargaining units.
     PROFESSIONS           The public hearing was opened at 10:48 p.m.
     BARGAINING UNIT'S     There being no response, the public hearing closed at 10:49 p.m.
     FOR THE 2004-2005

     DISTRICT'S INITIAL    Dr. De La Torre presented the district's initial proposal to the California
     PROPOSAL TO THE       School Employees Association Chapter #302, Support/Operations
     CALIFORNIA SCHOOL     Bargaining Unit for a successor contract agreement for 2004-2007.
     CHAPTER #302,

     REVIEW OF BOARD       Special Governing Board meeting – September 28th at 5:30 p.m.
     AGENDA TIMELINE       Crystal Middle School dedication – September 29th
                           Regular Governing Board Meeting – October 9th

     BOARD MEMBER          Ms. Taylor shared that she attended the Crescent Elementary School

Fairfield-Suisun Unified                                                                             Board Minutes
School District                                                                                 September 23, 2004

      INFORMATION                      dedication and she has been attending the Rodriguez High School footballs

                                       Mr. Bautista shared that he also attended the Crescent Elementary School
                                       dedication. He appreciates the district working together with the
                                       community as visionaries by passing Measure C. He also attended the
                                       Armijo High School Alumni barbeque.

      BOARD MEMBER                     Ms. Mallon shared that she attended the Crescent Elementary School
      INFORMATION                      dedication ceremony and the Back-to-School night at Suisun Valley
      (continued)                      Elementary School. She said that Suisun Valley has a strong Parent,
                                       Teacher Organization, which provided a pizza party prior to the event.

                                       Mr. Wood shared that he visited Armijo High School and attended the
                                       Crescent Elementary School dedication. He said that Measure C passed
                                       because of a hard working committee and administration that subsequently
                                       made the school facilities projects possible.

                                       Mr. Falati shared that Sodexho is sponsoring Ruby Payne training for the
                                       food service employees. He visited Alder Creek Intermediate School in
                                       Truckee and recommended the district investigate the synthetic turf there.
                                       Mr. Falati reported that there has been discussion about a Community
                                       Foundation being formed to support the school district.

      ADJOURNMENT                 **   There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:03 p.m.

                           Approved:   ___________________________________
                                              Charles B. Wood, Clerk

Attest: ___________________________________
           Gary Falati, President



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