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Giving Back

              Annual Report
                                                Chairman’s column:

                                                Finding New Ways to Give and to Give Back
                                                                               In this issue’s interview with JoAline Olson, she speaks about
                                                                               the vital partnership of the local community with the Hospital.
         St. Helena Hospital                                                   I am particularly pleased to be among those members of the
              Core Values                                                      community who are partnering with JoAline and the Hospital’s
                                                                               entire team to help maintain the excellence that we have all
                                                                               come to expect from our St Helena Hospital.
                                                                               Over the next few years, we have several monumental challenges
            We exceed expectations.                                            before us that will have far-reaching consequences for
                                                                               healthcare in our community. Preparing for the renewal of
                                                                               buildings and facilities, staying ahead of the technology curve
                                                in modern healthcare and building new relationships to ensure the continuity of volunteer
                   RESPECT                      leadership are the Foundation’s priorities during my term as chairman. The decisions that
       We treat others with dignity and         our Hospital leadership makes now will impact the quality of life that our families, friends and
                 compassion.                    businesses experience in the future.

                                                During 2005, St. Helena Hospital leadership and staff continued to find new ways to excel at
                                                providing healthcare for our community. I am pleased that the Hospital continues to achieve
             ACCOUNTABILITY                     national acclaim through the Medicare Quality Project, HealthGrades’ Hospital Quality in America
                                                Study, a national study on Home Care and a National Quality Measure of Behavioral Health
      We take personal responsibility for
                                                services. Allow us to share our continued success with you in this newsletter.
              all of our actions.
                                                This issue is also filled with inspiring stories of those who gave, and gave generously, during
                                                2005 in support of the Hospital. My family chose to make a significant gift this year because we
                  INTEGRITY                     have benefited from this wonderful hospital and would like future generations to benefit as well.

     We act in harmony with our values.         On behalf of the Foundation Board, please know how much we appreciate our many good
                                                friends who continue to support the Hospital. We invite you to partner with us to sustain an
                                                outstanding medical center through volunteering and investing and by sharing your thoughts
                                                with us about what is working and what we might do better.
           We lead out in creating a            St. Helena Hospital never rests and is always searching for new ways to give back to our
            healthy community.                  community. This promises to be an auspicious year, and I look forward to sharing our
                                                progress with you.

      We promote optimal health and
    healing in ourselves as well as others.

                                                    Our Mission
           In serving the people of the Napa Valley and neighboring communities, St. Helena Hospital is committed to:

            •   Creating an effective environment for healing the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually;
            •   Promoting this healing with skill, compassion and the highest standards of quality;
            •   Helping individuals and families become responsible for achieving their optimum wellness;
            •   Providing an atmosphere of dignity and loving care for those whose health cannot be restored;
            •   Managing our resources efficiently and prudently in order to sustain our capacity for enduring service;
            •   Empowering our staff to achieve the best expression of their professional skills;
            •   Being an aware and responsive member of the communities we serve.

St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
What it Takes …
To Be the Best!
What does it take to create and maintain a state-of-the-art medical                                                   IntelliCare, a comprehensive
facility in the upper Napa Valley? How does St. Helena Hospital keep                                                  electronic medical record
pace with burgeoning medical and technological research to provide                                                    system,
the community with the best care available?                                                                           which will greatly enhance
                                                                                                                      medical record accessibility.
JoAline Olson, president and CEO of St. Helena Hospital,
points to the relationship between the community, physicians                                                         With growth, of course,
and the Hospital. Through community support, whether through                                                         come challenges. “The
volunteerism or dollars raised through the St. Helena Hospital                                                       rapid rate of change is one
Foundation, St. Helena Hospital is able to offer cutting-edge                                                        of the hardest things about
technologies and recruit physicians who are knowledgeable about             being president of a hospital,” Olson says. “Keeping an organization
the latest medical research, which is unusual for a hospital in a rural     of this size nimble and able to change in areas of reimbursement,
location. Providing excellent service is how the Hospital gives back        technologies, procedures and regulations is all necessary and very
to the community. “It is a very rewarding cycle and a very productive       time consuming.”
relationship,” says Olson.
                                                                            The benefits of running a community-centered hospital far outweigh
In 2005, this rewarding relationship brought growth to St. Helena           the difficulties, however. Olson speaks of the joy of being part of a
Hospital in the form of continued distinction for the Cardiovascular        team that provides excellent, whole-person care and the rewards of
Center, new technologies and services, and three outstanding                implementing programs that really make a difference for people.
physicians, David P.L. Sachs, MD, Mark Parra, MD and Brian                  “Seeing a person change because he or she came through our hospital
Mundy, MD.                                                                  is rewarding,” she says. “And it is rewarding to see our community
                                                                            back the value of the Hospital and acknowledge that the quality of the
But the growth doesn’t stop there. Olson says that in 2006,                 Hospital is essential to the quality of life in the Upper Valley.”
St. Helena Hospital will see a new nuclear medicine camera
installed, a rapid-response team developed and implemented,                 So why is St. Helena Hospital able to offer top-notch services and
and the recruitment of physicians in internal medicine, the                 care to the community? It is a matter of balance—a continuing,
hospitalist program, pulmonology, and preventive medicine and               mutually beneficial relationship that is sustaining to all.
wellness. In June 2006 the Hospital implemented Phase I of Project

           2006 Board of Directors                                                                  Trustees

     Rick Jones      Daphne Araujo          Stacey Bressler
     Board Chair          Vice Chair       Secretary & Annual    Bruce Atwater    Catherine Ball    David Duncan               Diane        Valerie
                                            Fund/Community                                                                Livingston    Montgomery
                                              Outreach Chair

         Edward          Elaine John        JoAline Olson        Andrea Phelps          Andreas    George Sheldon    Greg Smith, MD    Bob Trinchero
      McDonald      Foundation President    Hospital President                   Sakopoulos, MD
  Treasurer & CFO               & CEO                 & CEO

Chuck McMinn             Joe Wender           Robin Lail          Virginia Van      Tom Wajnert    Carole Williams
     Audit Chair    Finance/Investment/    Nominating Chair           Asperen
                     Disbursement Chair

                                                                       Provides Annual Support
         Contributions from the members of the President’s Forum have made
         it possible for St. Helena Hospital to make a difference in so many lives
         throughout the Napa Valley community and beyond. Together, Forum
         members contributed nearly $260,000 to the Hospital’s Annual Fund
         in 2005. These contributions support vital Hospital projects that are
         essential to sustaining community health.

                                          In January 2005, President’s Forum members were captivated with an enlightening talk given by Stanford’s
                                          Irving Weissman, MD, on the latest in stem cell research. Dr. Weissman is an international leader in
                                          researching how stem cells fight disease. Barbara and John Witt hosted the event, sponsored by Mechanics
                                          Bank, in their newly renovated barn.

                                          Alex and Bob Phillips hosted a September President’s Forum alfresco event, sponsored by RevCare,
                                          in their beautiful gardens on their estate. Heather Pena, MD, medical director of St. Helena Hospital’s
     Forum Levels of Participation        Center for Health, and Robert Kushner, MD, author of Dr. Kushner’s Personality Type Diet, discussed
                                          the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and how our life patterns affect our weight loss success.
     Partner Membership:
     $25,000 or more                      Thank you to our event sponsors Mechanics Bank and RevCare, and to Barbara and John Witt and
                                          Alex & Bob Phillips for opening their beautiful homes to us.
     Platinum Membership:
     $10,000 to $24,999
                                          Membership Benefits
     Gold Membership:
                                          As a member of the President’s Forum, you will receive:
     $5,000 to $9,999

                                                      • Invitations to two Preferred Living Series lectures. These intimate gatherings draw experts
     Silver Membership:
                                                        from a wide range of fields, allowing Forum members to follow the latest trends in medi-
     $2,500 to $4,999
                                                        cine, fitness, prevention and nutrition. Preferred Living Series events include a memorable
                                                        meal in an elegant setting, often a private Napa Valley estate that is otherwise unavailable
     Bronze Membership
                                                        to the public. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know others who share an interest in
     $1,000 to $2,499
                                                        health and a passion for giving.

                                                      • Special members-only pricing* for Silver Memberships and above in One: The Napa Valley
                                                        Personal Health Experience, a comprehensive health assessment and year-long program individu-
                                                        ally customized by Harvard-trained Medical Director, Health Pena, MD. Make your health
                                                        a top priority in 2006 with one-on-one personal care.

                                                      • Recognition on the Donor Wall of the Hospital lobby (cumulative gifts of $5,000 or more)
                                                        as well as in Hospital publications.

                                                      • Preferred Parking at the Hospital.

                                                      *Savings for up to two people of 25% for Partners; 20% for Platinum members; 15% for Gold members; and 10% for Silver members.

                                                       Join the legions of supporters who have helped sustain St. Helena Hospital by contacting
                                                       Melinda Greene, 707-967-5604 or via email at

St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
                                                                                              Why I Donate
                                                                                              Annually …
                                                                                              “ Our community reflects and values
                                                                                                quality and is very fortunate to have
                                                                                                one of the very best medical facilities
                                                                                                in Northern California.”
                                                                                                                Betty & Andrew Beckstoffer

                                                                                              “ We are happy to help a great facility.
                                                                                                We are lucky to have a first-class
                                                                                                medical facility that invests in cut-
                                                                                                ting-edge technology.”
                                                                                                                       Marilyn & Ed Wallis

                                                                                              “ As ex leaders of nonprofit institutions,
                                                                                                we are profoundly aware of the value
                                                                                                of dependable annual support for
                                                                                                the success of the institution. This
                                                                                                annual support is even more valu-
                                                                                                able if its use is not designated but
                                                                                                left to the judgment of the profes-
                                                                                                sional staff and board.”
                                                                                                                    Carol & Bill Kieschnick

New Board Member                                                                              “ Pam and I view St. Helena Hospital
                                                                                                as a remarkable resource for such
David Duncan                                                                                    a lightly populated area. It is our goal
                                                                                                to make sure it remains a viable
                                                                                                health care option of the highest
David R. Duncan is chief operating officer and general manager of Silver Oak and
                                                                                                quality for the whole community.
Twomey Cellars. Building on a foundation established in 1972, David seeks to sustain
                                                                                                They have terrific doctors and a
excellence with each vintage at his family’s wineries. He has served in this position since
2002. The Duncan family farm vineyards and produce wines at their two locations in              great staff, but it takes a lot of rev-
the Alexander and Napa Valleys.                                                                 enue to sustain that and to keep
                                                                                                the five-star ratings they now have
Upon graduation from the University of Notre Dame in 1988, David joined the oil                 and to elevate other areas to match.
and gas industry. In addition to his position at the wineries, he serves as president of        We passionately support their mis-
Duncan Oil, Inc., an independent oil and gas exploration company with offices in                 sion of excellence and want to see
Denver and Houston. David has held this position since 1995.                                    it continue.”             Pam & Gary Jaffe

David and his wife, Kary, a practicing dermatologist, reside in St. Helena and enjoy
raising their three children, Connor, Maeve and Jack. David’s hobbies include fishing,         “ We feel so fortunate to live in a
hunting and riding a variety of bikes along the coast of California.                            community where good health is
                                                                                                a priority, and St. Helena Hospital
In addition to becoming a member of the St. Helena Hospital Foundation Board of                 is an exemplary example of this.
Directors, David’s community involvement includes serving as a board member for                 The Hospital staff reach out to the
the Wine Service Co-Op and as chairman of the board for Noodles & Company, an                   community in many ways, one of
innovative restaurant with over 120 locations. David has been a member of the Young
                                                                                                them being the President’s Forum.
Presidents Organization (YPO)—Northern California Chapter—since 1997.
                                                                                                Our principle admiration for the
                                                                                                Forum is in its ability to inform,
                                                                                                stimulate and motivate.”
                                                                                                                  Mariann & Michael Layne

              Honorees                                           Foundation Gala Raises Record High
              Margrit & Robert                                   On Saturday, November 12, 2005, nearly 300 friends and supporters of St. Helena
                                                                 Hospital came together for the Foundation’s annual gala at the Culinary Institute of
              Mondavi                                            America. During the live auction, paddles were raised high in support of the Hospital’s
                                                                 Cardiovascular Center, bringing in over $470,000! A special Fund-a-Need lot raised
                                                                 $77,750 to expand the Cardiac Rehab Center. Since the gala’s inception in 1995, it
                                                                 has raised over 2.5 million dollars.

                                                                 As in years past, gala attendees honored community members who play a leadership
                                                                 role in benefiting health care in the Napa Valley. This year’s honorees were
                                                                 Margrit and Robert Mondavi. Among their many endeavors that have benefited the
                                                                 community, Margrit and Robert were instrumental in launching what has currently
                                                                 become Auction Napa Valley. The Wine Auction, developed in 1979 during a time
                                                                 when Robert Mondavi chaired a campaign to help build a new wing at St. Helena
                                                                 Hospital, has awarded more than $62 million to the health and well being of the
                                                                 county’s residents.

                                                                 Mark your calendars: St. Helena Hospital’s 2006 gala, honoring Robin Lail, will take
                                                                 place on November 11th at the Napa Valley Reserve.

    Golfers Give Their Best
    What better way to spend a mid-September day than hitting the links at
    the Napa Valley Country Club, with great weather, great food, and great
    company? Each year the St. Helena Hospital Foundation provides a
    fabulous golf experience, along with outstanding prizes, gifts, live auction
    and awards banquet. The 16th Harvest Invitational Golf Tournament was
    held on September 19th, 2005, and raised over $30,000 to benefit St.
    Helena Hospital’s Cardiovascular Center.
                                                                                               Tim Moore ponders his next move.
    The 2006 tournament will take place on September 18th at the Napa Valley
    Country Club. Sponsorship opportunities range from $250 for a hole
    sponsorship to $25,000 for the opportunity to be the Presenting Sponsor.
    For information on sponsoring or participating in the 17th Harvest
    Invitational Golf Tournament, contact Rachelle Newbold at 707-967-5819,
    or via e-mail at Entry forms should be submitted to the
    Foundation before Friday, September 8, 2006.

  Golfers prepare for a terrific day on the greens.                                              Players hit the links before attending the live auction and awards banquet.
St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
Center for Health
Fitness Center Transformation
St. Helena Hospital’s Center for Health participants are not the
only ones being transformed these days. With a generous donation
from Daphne and Bart Araujo, the old gym is becoming a first-class
Fitness Center with the addition of 17 new LifeFitness and Scifit
machines, including treadmills, Stairmasters, weights and full
body equipment.

Additionally, the facility is being upgraded with new lockers, mirrors,
paint, carpet, security camera, sauna, and a divider between the teaching
kitchen and the Fitness Center. The wall and divider were created by a
donation from Darryl Galusha, a well-known Napa Valley contractor
and former St. Helena Hospital Foundation Board member.

Russ Melgar, fitness coordinator with the Center for Health,
provided the inspiration and vision for the project and was
responsible for researching and purchasing the equipment. Center            Daphne Araujo, Russ Melgar and Bart Araujo pose before the plaque commemorating the
                                                                            Fitness Center renovation.
for Health program participants have benefited tremendously from
the changes and appreciate having state-of-the-art machines to
work out on. And, since the arrival of the new equipment, Russ
has noticed a significant increase in the number of employees and
physicians utilizing the Fitness Center before and after their shifts.

 The donation is much more than just an equipment and facility
upgrade. As one Hospital employee recently stated, “This is a gift
that saves and changes lives.”

“ Our hope was that the upgrading of the
 Fitness Center at St Helena Hospital
                                                                            Exercisers enjoy the upgraded Fitness Center, thanks to generous donations from the Araujos
 would allow many people to discover                                        and the Galushas.

 the benefits of regular exercise in their
 lives. The response has been beyond
 expectation. We are happy to support the
 preventive health care that the Center
 for Health, and Fitness Coordinator
 Russ Melgar, can so ably provide.”
                   - Daphne & Bart Araujo, Araujo Estate Wines

                                                                            Lynnette and Daryl Galusha are honored at the Fitness Center Open House.

                                                    Auction Napa Valley Grants Support
                                                    Diagnostic Screenings at St. Helena Hospital
                                                    Auction Napa Valley (ANV) awarded St. Helena Hospital a $500,000 grant in 2005 for a
                                                    state-of-the-art 64-slice CT Scanner. This diagnostic tool is capable of assessing coronary and
                                                    peripheral artery disease, detecting the smallest lung tumors, and offers improved definition
                                                    of bone and joint anatomy. Having this higher level of diagnostic information enhances the
                                                    physician’s ability to make a more confident diagnosis and to provide the most appropriate
                                                    treatment. The Hospital’s CT scanner will be the only 64-slice available in the 5-county area
                                                    of Napa, Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma and Solano counties. St. Helena Hospital is the Bay
                                                    Area’s leading regional cardiac center, with consistent top ratings for superior outcomes in
                                                    Northern California.

                                                    ANV also awarded
                                                    The Women’s Center of
                                                    St. Helena Hospital
                                                    $116,000 to support
                                                    preventive health screenings
                                                    for the Valley’s vulnerable
                                                    individuals and families
                                                    (specifically our Hispanic
                                                    and senior populations).
                                                    The grant will provide
                                                    80 mammograms, 21
                                                    ultrasounds, 120 bone
                                                    density tests and 400 Heart
                                                    at Risk screenings to individuals who are uninsured. The Women’s Center is committed to
                                                    providing these screenings to help the community remain disease-free through identifying
                                                    disease early in order to access timely treatment and improve outcomes.

   The St. Helena Hospital
   Foundation Staff                                 Tribute Gift Honors Spouse and Staff
                                                    When it comes to your loved one’s heart,          opportunities to recognize meaningful
                                                    only the best will do.                            milestones in their lives,” says Elaine John,
                                                                                                      SHH Foundation president and CEO. “Often
                                                    Recently Vincent DeDomenico, Sr. searched
                                                                                                      contributions are made in tribute to a loved
                                                    for the “best heart specialists in the Valley”
                                                                                                      one or a caregiver. These memorial or tribute
                                                    to care for his wife, Mildred. The Cardiac
                                                                                                      gifts are not only meaningful to those who
                                                    Care Center that rose to the top of the
                                                                                                      initiate or receive the recognition, but they
                                                    DeDomenicos’ list was at St. Helena
                                                                                                      help the Hospital provide quality health care
                                                    Hospital (SHH).
                                                                                                      to the community for generations to come.”
                                                    “Mildred sees James Lies, MD, on a
                                                                                                      When the Hospital receives a memorial or
                                                    regular basis and has all her testing done
                                                                                                      tribute gift, the individual honored, or
                                                    at the Hospital,” reports Vincent. She
                                                                                                      anyone the donor wishes to acknowledge,
                                                    is “comfortable and happy and I hope it
                                     Elaine John                                                      receives a recognition card. Donors also
                                                    continues forever.”
                              President and CEO                                                       receive a gift receipt for their charitable
                                  Oliver Ramsey     In tribute to Mildred’s good health and the       contribution records.
              Director of Major and Planned Gifts   skills of the cardiology specialists, staff and
                               Melinda Greene
                                                                                                      For more information about memorials
                                                    other physicians at SHH, Vincent made a
           Director of Development/Annual Fund                                                        and tributes, please contact Elaine John,
                                                    generous gift of $50,000 in December 2005.
                              Rachelle Newbold                                                        Foundation President and CEO, at
                           Development Associate    “St. Helena Hospital Foundation staff             (707) 963-6406 or via email at
                                     Gail Burr      enjoys working in partnership with grateful
                           Development Assistant
                                                    patients and others to develop appropriate

St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
Total Funds Raised

                                                                             Where the Money Comes From

           Statement Of Financial Positon:               31-Dec-05
            Cash and cash equivalents                           $3,380,839
            Marketable securities                               $1,110,988
            Pledges receivable                                  $1,442,717
            Interest in split-interest agreement                $57,648
                                                                                Where the Money Goes
               Total Current Assets                             $5,992,192

           OTHER ASSETS:
            Pledges receivable, noncurrent                      $2,643,641
            Interest in split-interest agreeement, noncurrent   $243,455

            Accounts payable                                    $993
            Accrued expenses                                    $4,841
               Total Current Liabilities                        $5,834

           NET ASSETS:
            Unrestricted                                        $189,611
            Temporarily restricted                              $7,451,341
            Permanently restricted                              $1,232,502


                                          Giving Back

St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
Giving Back:                                    A Year of Significant Achievements
St. Helena Hospital (SHH) Garners                                               How Fast is Our PCI Time? Super Fast!
Top Rating in Medicare Quality Project                                          The time it takes for a patient arriving at the emergency room with
                                                                                heart attack symptoms to obtain percutaneous coronary intervention
In its ongoing quest to improve the quality of care for patients,
                                                                                (PCI) by a cardiologist can make a difference in the amount of
St. Helena Hospital finished in the top 10 percent of the nation
                                                                                damage sustained by the heart.
in the treatment of heart failure in a groundbreaking patient
quality improvement project sponsored by the Centers for Medicare               PCI opens the blocked blood vessel to the heart so that the heart
and Medicaid Services (CMS). St. Helena was the only California                 muscle receives oxygen-rich blood. The faster the time from front
hospital to achieve this recognition.                                           door to PCI, the less damage will be done.
“We are one of 18 California hospitals participating in this patient care       At St. Helena Hospital the average PCI time is 21 percent faster than
quality improvement project and one of five to participate in Northern           the nationally accepted optimal time.
California,” said Lisa Fowler, BSN, RN, and Clinical Quality
Coordinator. “We are the beta testers in what may become mandatory
reporting of treatment indicators for all hospitals in the country.”            Behavioral Health Places in Top 10
                                                                                Hospitals of National Quality Measure
Hospitals performing in the top 10 percent for a given clinical focus
will receive an additional 2 percent bonus on their Medicare payments           St. Helena Hospital’s Center for Behavioral Health is in the top
for patients in that clinical area. St. Helena Hospital received a quality      10 performing hospitals for post discharge results in the country,
bonus for its treatment of heart failure.                                       according to a national quality assurance study.
St. Helena Hospital is also in the top 10 percent for year two in               Only two other hospitals in California received this extraordinary
treatment of heart attack, she said. Hospitals participating in the             rating. Other top 10 hospitals include Yale University School of
program were evaluated on 33 clinical measures, such as whether                 Medicine, New York Presbyterian, Hartford Hospital-Institute
patients received proper treatment and the outcome of the                       of Living, Stanford University Medical Center, and University of
procedure, Fowler said.                                                         California, San Francisco.

Independent National Study                                                      According to Managed Health Network, a behavioral health HMO that
                                                                                covers 6.4 million people in 27 states, the Center for Behavioral Health
Recognizes SHH’s Heart Program for                                              exceeds the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
Clinical Quality Excellence                                                     standards. The criteria for meeting the standard states that “59 percent
                                                                                of patients must be seen by licensed clinicians within seven days of
St. Helena Hospital in the Napa Valley received a 5-star rating for             discharge from an acute unit.” St. Helena’s average is 76.5 percent.
clinical quality and performance excellence in heart failure and
peripheral vascular bypass in 2005, according to HealthGrades,                  St. Helena Hospital is the largest behavioral health service provider
the nation’s leading healthcare quality company.                                in Northern California, with 121 licensed beds. The Center for
                                                                                Health includes three programs. The Vallejo Campus is a JCAHO-
St. Helena Hospital’s ratings place the Hospital as the best rated              accredited facility that offers mental health programs, seven days a week
provider in the North Bay/North Coast region of California for                  to adults, adolescents (ages 13-18) and children (ages 3-12). Housed
Overall Cardiac Services three years in a row. The Hospital is also             at the St. Helena Hospital campus are the Alcohol and Chemical
rated as the best provider of cardiology and cardiac interventional             Recovery Program, and an inpatient unit for short-term evaluation
procedures. It is the only 5-star rated hospital in the region for              and treatment for those who are experiencing acute symptoms of major
treatment of heart failure.                                                     mental illness. The Center serves approximately 2,100 patients a year,
                                                                                50 percent of which are children and adolescents.
As part of its seventh annual Hospital Quality in America Study, HealthGrades
independently analyzed nearly 5,000 hospitals in all 50 states and the          Home Care in Top Eight Percent
District of Columbia for its 2005 ratings, objectively assessing their
clinical outcomes, performance and quality. The HealthGrades ratings            of National Study
measure whether patient outcomes for each of more than two dozen
procedures and diagnoses are better than expected (5-star), as expected         St. Helena’s Home Care department is in the top eight percent of
(3-star) or worse than expected (1-star). Earning a 5-star designation          all agencies in the country in reducing unplanned hospitalization.
indicates that a hospital has scored in the top 15 percent or better in the
                                                                                St. Helena’s department was among 7,500 Medicare certified agencies
nation for clinical quality.
                                                                                that were analyzed in the OBQI/Home Health Compare study.
“In the North Bay/North Coast region, St. Helena Hospital stands
                                                                                Given these scores, the department has been invited to participate in
out notably in terms of delivering quality care for its cardiac and
                                                                                the National Home Care Hospital Reduction Project. The study will
vascular patients,” said Sarah Loughran, HealthGrades executive
                                                                                identify practices, processes, staffing patterns and strategies used by the
vice president. “Patients, families and employers here truly have
                                                                                nation’s most successful agencies to reduce unplanned hospitalization.
access to healthcare that is among the best in the nation.”

       Community Philanthropy
                                          Revitalizes Cardiac Rehab Center
       Just this past summer                           Common Goal Builds Camaraderie
                                                       There’s something inspiring about the combined RPMs of the
       we announced the expansion                      whirring stationary bikes and rolling treadmills powered by the steady
                                                       feet and determined will of those whose hearts have been tested.
       need for our Cardiac Rehab Center.              Cardiac Rehab participants have shared many miles—somehow,
                                                       all this pedaling and plodding causes friendships to bloom and
       Not only did our current and former
                                                       camaraderie to abound.
       Cardiac Rehab patients give back to the
                                                       “ The atmosphere was very clubby. We
       program that has helped them return to            all shared the misery together. It was
       living healthier lives, but many community        enjoyable to compare notes about
       members and fundraising groups made this          surgeries. It was fun to find out I was
                                                         healthier than a lot of other people
       possible: Cathy and Fred Beringer kicked          with heart disease. The ambiance really
       off the campaign by hosting an informative        distracted me from the fact that I was
       dinner at Beringer’s Hudson House.                there to exercise.” – Thomas May, Martha’s Vineyard

       Proceeds from our golf tournament and
       fund-a-need lot at our annual gala, along
                                                       Knowledge Instills Confidence
       with our direct mail campaign helped            Patients and family members talk about the self-esteem of those who
                                                       come through the program – how diet counseling and supervised
       support the $175,000 expansion project          exercise provides them with knowledge that makes them feel more
                                                       confident as they cope with their diagnosis and safer as they resume
       that will create a larger Cardiac Rehab
                                                       their normal activities. Participants emerge from the program
       Center to better accommodate the hundreds       stronger and better able to face the challenges of their heart disease.

       of patients who annually rely on the Center     “ As I rode the bike or walked on the
       to provide supervised exercise during their       treadmill while I was in rehab, I became
                                                         more confident of my recovery and my
       road to recovery. The addition of specialized     heart. I felt that every moment spent in
       equipment will enhance the rehabilitation         rehab had a positive effect on my health…
       of patients with individual needs, such as a      and my life!” – Katie Somple, Lifestyle Properties
       compromised hip or knee.                        “ The program really gets you acquainted
                                                         with your body – you notice changes
                                                         – and participation reinforces healthy
                                                         choices. Being monitored while working
                                                         out gives a feeling of security and
                                                         furnishes a weekly health profile.”
                                                                – Mark Terrell, Lampson Tractor & Equipment Company

St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
“ I’m not much of an exerciser, but Nia Lendaris,
  Cardiac Rehab coordinator, is exceptional. She
  explained what needed to be done and showed
  me how. She kept my condition in the forefront                          June poses during a hard-hat tour with Cathy and
  of her mind. We started slowly and then built                           Fred Beringer, who hosted a fundraiser for the Center
                                                                          at Beringer’s Hudson House.
  up to more strenuous exercises. I started losing
  weight and getting in better shape. With her
  help, I was able to lower my blood pressure.”                          June Wilson
              – Miles Karakasevic, Domaine Charbay Winery & Distillery   Makes a Big Impact
                                                                         with Year-end Gift
“ One of the greatest assets of the program is the
  Cardiovascular Clinical Nurse Specialist who                           June Wilson’s involvement with the Hospital
                                                                         began in the emergency room. After a near-
  monitors you while you are exercising. She has                         death experience and successful recovery,
                                                                         June has provided the Hospital with strategic
  a wealth of knowledge about heart disease. She                         support for four new projects. Her December
  can tell you what to expect in your rehabilitation                     2005 gift of $50,000 to help complete the new
                                                                         Cardiac Rehab Center expansion is the most
  workout as well.”       – Tom Alamano, St. Helena Wine Center          recent example of her generosity.

                                                                         June chooses to support projects that are
                                                                         meaningful to her, but there’s more to her phil-
                                                                         anthropic decisions than just “giving back.”

                                                                         Just like a business investor, June carefully
Rehab Extends and Enhances Life                                          scrutinizes the Hospital for projects that show
                                                                         great promise before making her contribu-
“ In attending the program my goal was to be                             tions. June looks for important new projects
                                                                         that are on the verge of success but need one
  physically fit enough to go back East for a family                      final boost to get started.
  reunion. I met my goal. I highly recommend the
                                                                         “I like to see something ready to happen and
  Hospital for its Cardiac Rehab program.”                               make it go!” June said recently. “I enjoy see-
                                                                         ing a Hospital project that is almost burgeon-
                                                 –Thomas May
                                                                         ing and then I provide the final money to
                                                                         complete it.”

                                                                         She also consults with her accountant to
                                                                         determine the amount of her gift so that she
“ If a program like this had been available to                           maximizes charitable deductions. “I make my
  my Dad, I think he would still be alive today.                         gifts to the Hospital for tax purposes, too,”
                                                                         June confirms.
  The question is basically, ‘Do you want to
                                                                         Annual year-end gifts from generous and
  live longer’”                     – Mark Terrell
                                                                         savvy donors like June help St. Helena
                                                                         Hospital stay at the forefront of modern
                                                                         healthcare. We hope her generous invest-
                                                                         ments in our community hospital will continue
                                                                         for many years to come.

                                      2005 Brings Three New Physicians

        Mark Parra, MD                                   Brian J. Mundy, MD                                   .
                                                                                                       David P L. Sachs, MD
        Obstetrician - Gynecologist                      Interventional Cardiologist                   Pulmonologist
                                                                                                       Co-Medical Director,
        Board certified by the American Board of          Board eligible in Interventional Cardiology   St. Helena Center for Health
        Obstetrics and Gynecology                                                                      Center for a Smoke-free
                                                         Diplomat of the American Board of
        Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics     Internal Medicine                             Life Program
        & Gynecology
                                                         Residency in Internal Medicine at
        Residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology,            Providence St. Vincent Medical Center         Stanford University Adjunct Clinical Assoc.
        Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago         in Portland, Oregon                           Professor of Medicine

        Experienced in laparoscopic and                  Cardiology Fellowship at Henry Ford           Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care
        hysteroscopic surgery. Dr. Parra is bilingual.   Hospital in Detroit, Michigan                 Medicine

                                                         Cardiovascular Fellowship at Henry Ford       Director, Palo Alto Center for
                                                         Hospital in Detroit, Michigan                 Pulmonary Disease Prevention
                                                         Interventional Fellowship with The Care
        St. Helena OB-GYN
                                                         Group, St. Vincent Hospital/Heart Center,     Office:
        • 1530 Railroad Ave., St. Helena
                                                         Indianapolis, Indiana
        • 935 Trancas St., #4B, Napa                                                                   St. Helena Center for Health
        • 15322 Lakeshore Dr., #102, Clearlake           Specialized training in cardiac and           10 Woodland Road, St. Helena
        Phone: (707) 963-5006                            peripheral vascular procedures                Phone: (707) 963-6365

                                                         St. Helena Hospital Professional Bldg.
                                                         6 Woodland Road, #307, St. Helena
                                                         Phone: (707) 968-9191

St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
                                                              Funded by a generous grant from the Joseph Phelps Vineyards Foundation,
                                                              The Women’s Center of St. Helena Hospital introduced a revitalized Breast
                                                              Health Program in 2005. The program offers an individualized approach for
                                                              women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

                                                              “A cancer diagnosis affects not only the individual, but his or her family, friends
                                                              and our community as a whole,” says Linda Schulz, director of The Women’s
                                                              Center. “We are committed to helping women, and the lives they touch, move
Phelps Foundation                                             through this journey.”

Helps Launch                                                  Shellie Klimen, Registered Nurse and Certified Breast Specialist, is the program’s
                                                              Breast Health Navigator, a position supported by the Phelps grant. Shellie guides
Breast Health Program                                         each participant through the maze of surgeons, radiologists and oncologists
                                                              as each patient assesses her treatment options. Shellie’s goal is to make the
at The Women’s Center                                         experience of each woman’s diagnosis and treatment as stress-free as possible.

Services provided by the Breast Health Navigator include:                  The Women’s Center is able to offer programs of this caliber
                                                                           precisely because of financial support from individuals or
  • Discussion of mammogram findings and follow-up                          organizations, such as the Joseph Phelps Vineyards Foundation.
  • Educational information about benign and malignant breast diseases
                                                                           “I’m a firm believer in returning assets to the community,”
  • Information on breast cancer and medical or surgical
                                                                           says Tom Shelton, president of Joseph Phelps Vineyards.
    treatment options
                                                                           “Breast cancer, has touched the lives of several Joseph Phelps
  • Pre-op and post-op teaching                                            employees,” Shelton says, “and the Phelps Foundation wants to show
  • Emotional support for breast cancer patients and their families        support for what these women and other women in the community
                                                                           are going through.”
  • Innovative educational resources and customized care based on a
    patient’s needs and values                                             And so far the response has been very positive. “One woman recently
  • Greater continuity of care among multidisciplinary team members        told me that it is just nice to know that there is somebody here she can
  • Educational offerings about breast health                              call on for questions, concerns or support,” Schulz says.

Women’s Center
Touches 10,000 Lives in 2005
Whether it’s staffing a health fair, providing space for a support group, or
participating in a community event, The Women’s Center is poised and ready
to make a difference in the health of our community. In 2005, thanks to the
efforts of Carrie Begg, education coordinator, the Heart at Risk team led by
Ellen Dick, RN, and the Latina Advisory Board, chaired by Rosaisela Alfaro,
The Women’s Center touched more than 10,000 people in our community.

“We accomplished this through our Quest for Zest women’s health education                    Heart at Risk staff perform cardiac risk factor screenings in the community.
series and other lectures, Heart at Risk screenings throughout the community
and at local businesses, and several events targeting our Latino population             The screening program is intended to promote personal
at mini health fairs and our annual Latino Family Health Fair,” says Linda              responsibility for health. The Heart at Risk staff discusses
Schulz, director of The Women’s Center.                                                 the results with each individual and makes recommendations,
With the addition of Shellie Klimen, RN, Breast Health Navigator, The                   as needed. The decision about follow-up, however, is
Women’s Center plans to reach even more people in 2006 by providing                     the responsibility of each participant. Health education
extensive education on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment options.              materials are available for those interested.

                                                                                        Due to regular visits over the years, Heart at Risk has seen
Cardiac Screenings Are                                                                  significant improvements in the overall employee health of
                                                                                        certain companies. People are more aware of and prone to
Improving Employee Health                                                               value the importance of regular exercise, a healthy diet, the
Heart at Risk is a program at St. Helena Hospital that performs cardiac risk            need to read labels, stress management and weight control.
factor screening for employers and for the community. The purpose of the                Also, in the Hispanic population, Heart at Risk has been
program is to identify individuals with increased cardiac risk based on the             able to identify multiple, extreme high-risk individuals. In
following risk factors: blood pressure; blood sugar; blood cholesterol; body            collaboration with Clinic Olé, these clients have been able to
composition; and cardiac and weight health history.                                     receive immediate onsite treatment and lives have been saved.

                      What You Don’t Know About Fast Food Can Kill You

         A diet rich in fast food can cause life-threatening problems,         When Davidson entered the Transformations program she
         according to Heather Peña, MD, medical director of The Center         weighed 173 pounds. She lost seven pounds during the program.
         for Health at St. Helena Hospital in the Napa Valley.                 “Her weight loss during the program was not significant, but the
                                                                               change in her health was,” Dr. Peña says.
         “Transformations, our weight-loss program, is seeing more
         and more clients who are suffering from poor liver function,          While she attended the Transformations program, Davidson
         diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure,” she              went without her customary junk food, instead eating a plant-
         says. “Obesity isn’t always the cause of the problem; instead,        based diet with small amounts of chicken and fish. She also
         it’s the fast food our clients are consuming.” St. Helena’s           exercised daily and worked with a therapist and nutritionist on
         Transformations program promotes weight-loss and lifestyle            her eating problems.
         management, including healthy eating, cooking, exercise and
         stress reduction.                                                     “A junk food diet can do real damage to
         For Susanmary Davidson, 63, of Vacaville, CA, who attended the        the body,” Dr. Peña says. “Saturated fats
         Transformations program in August 2005, weight wasn’t the issue       are associated with cancer, stroke, heart
         at all. “I was 30 pounds overweight, exhausted and had no energy.”
                                                                               disease and now we are seeing more people
         Davidson’s primary care physician found her liver function tests      with liver problems as well.”
         showed that her GGT, which can be an indicator of excessive
         drinking, hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver tumor or metastases, as well    Two weeks after attending the program Davidson visited her
         as injury from drugs toxic to the liver, was elevated 10 times        doctor, who re-tested her liver functions and re-checked her
         the normal value. He referred Davidson to a gastroenterologist        glucose, and cholesterol levels. “All liver functions were normal,
         with a specialization in hepatology, who took a liver biopsy and      except the GGT, which had dropped to 90 (she began the
         diagnosed her with a fatty infiltration of the liver.                  program with a GGT of 360—normal is between 0 and 51 IU/L).

         “I don’t drink. I have never had hepatitis, but my grandmother        “A junk food diet can do real damage to the body,” Dr. Pena
         died of liver disease,” Davidson says. That was the only reason the   says. “Saturated fats are associated with cancer, stroke, heart
         specialist could find for the elevated GGT and the fatty liver. He     disease and now we are seeing more people with liver problems
         told her to lose weight and the blood value would likely go down.     as well.”

         What none of the doctors realized, Davidson says, was that she        Davidson managed to quickly reverse the damage her diet was
         was eating three meals a day at fast food outlets. “I was a typical   doing to her body, particularly her liver. “This is not rocket
         junk food junkie.”                                                    science,” Dr. Pena says. Eating more fruits and vegetables, and
                                                                               getting enough exercise, can have tremendous benefit.
         “We are seeing more liver function abnormalities in people
         who don’t drink,” Dr. Peña says. “Too often we blame these            The Transformations program combines the best of personalized
         co-morbidities on obesity, menopause, depression and genetics,        attention with the support and community spirit of a group
         but a diet rich in fast food may be the culprit.”                     program in a residential setting. It is based on sound medical
                                                                               evidence and principles, eliminating the risks of untested, fad
                                                                               approaches. For more information, call 800-358-9195 or go to

St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
                                                                  January - December 2005                  Judy & Ed Weltman
                                                                                                           Carole & Richard Williams

                                                                    DONORS                                 Mrs. Alfred Wilsey
                                                                                                           Margaret & Angus Wurtele
                                                                                                           Zumwalt Ford

                                                                 PLATINUM CIRCLE:                          PATRON’S CIRCLE:
                                                                 $500,000 - 999,999                        $5,000 - $9,999
                                                                                                           Lauren & Bob Ackerman
                                                                 Martha & Bruce Atwater Fund of the
                                                                                                           Adventist Health
                                                                    Minneapolis Foundation
                                                                                                           Charles & Catherine Ball
                                                                    And Martha & Bruce Atwater
                                                                                                           Marge & Bruno Bartolucci
                                                                 Auction Napa Valley
                                                                                                           Johanna & Barry Berkowitz
                                                                 Rick Jones
                                                                                                           Boston Scientific Corporation
                                                                 Evalyn & Bob Trinchero
                                                                                                           Calistoga Ranch
                                                                                                           Community Projects Inc.
                                                                 GOLD CIRCLE:                              Fred Crutcher
                                                                 $200,000 - 499,999                        Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty
                                                                                                           Frank, Rimerman & Co. LLP
                                                                 Daphne & Bart Araujo                      Kyle & Tom Futo
                                                                 Virginia & Ernest Van Asperen             Priscilla & Keith Geeslin
                                                                                                           Linda J. Gibson
                                                                 SILVER CIRCLE:                            Julie & Frank Husic

Foundation Adds                                                  $100,000 - 199,999
                                                                                                           Michelle & James Johnson
                                                                                                           Olga & Bill Keever
                                                                                                           Robin & Jon Lail
Information Source for                                           Anne & Charles McMinn
                                                                 Peter Newton
                                                                                                           Lifeline Emergency Response Service
                                                                                                           Tracy & Larry Lintner
                                                                                                           Diane & John Livingston
Estate and Charitable Giving                                     Jack Thomas Trust
                                                                 Ann Colgin & Joe Wender                   Dan Lynch
                                                                                                           The Mechanics Bank
                                                                                                           Valerie & Robert Montgomery
                                                                 BRONZE CIRCLE:                            Dale D. Newkirk
                                                                 $50,000 - $99,999                         Carol & Philip Norfleet
Congress is considering the most sweeping tax reforms in                                                   Robert Mondavi Winery
                                                                 The Big Oak Volunteer Gift Shop           Rudd Foundation
decades. Donor advised funds and IRAs are some of the            Mildred & Vincent DeDomenico              Susan & Leslie Rudd
                                                                 Kary & David Duncan                       Ryland Corporation
elements under review during 2006 sessions. Meanwhile,           Silver Oak Cellars                        Liliane & Edward Schneider
Washington is involved on several levels in looking at the       June B. Wilson                            Elaine Sczuka
nonprofit sector and identifying areas of abuse.                                                            Betty & Dr. Daniel Skeoch
                                                                 CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE:                        Michael Slepnikoff
                                                                                                           St. Helena Hospital Administration
In an effort to keep the community up to date on current         $25,000 - $49,999                         Patricia & Donald Stephens
                                                                 Victoria & Peter Chow                     Sterling’s Rose Haven
issues about estate and charitable gift planning, the                                                      Steve Padis Jewelry Plus
                                                                 Joseph Phelps Vineyards Foundation
Foundation has launched a new information source on              John Pershing                             The San Francisco Foundation
                                                                 Alexandra & Robert Phillips               TNT Foundation Inc.
its website at                            Theresa & Thomas Wajnert                  Roger Trinchero
                                                                 Joan & Edward Westgate                    Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
                                                                                                           Anne & Roger Walther
The new Planned Giving web pages offer in-depth articles
                                                                                                           Beclee & John Wilson
and current news on estate planning and charitable               BENEFACTOR’S CIRCLE:                      Stella Wilson
giving strategies.                                               $10,000 - $24,999                         Sue & Richard Wollack

                                                                 Gerson & Barbara Bakar
                                                                 Stacey & Bob Bressler                     CONTRIBUTOR’S
“Our goal is to provide a robust, easy-to-use site where you     Charles Krug - Peter Mondavi Family       CIRCLE:
can choose how much information you want,” says director         Community Foundation of the Napa Valley
                                                                 Debby & Tom Davidson                      $2,500 - $4,999
of Major and Planned Gifts, Oliver Ramsey. “We hope that         Lexie & Robert Ellsworth                  Mary Cunningham Agee & Bill Agee
you will find this a solid and dependable service and             Deann Wright & Luke Evnin                 Sharon & Donald Ammon
                                                                 Kelly & Paul Fleming                      Andrew Ball
bookmark it for regular visits.”                                 Gerson Bakar Foundation                   Barnett Consulting
                                                                 Florianne & Stuart Gordon                 Bix Restaurant
                                                                 Ellen & Charles Haas
The new website also provides information for professional                                                 Linda & James Burton
                                                                 Icon Estates                              Sara & Dennis Cakebread
financial advisors, with articles from estate planning experts.   Pam and Gary Jaffe                        Maggie & Dr. Less Chafen
                                                                 Mabel Johnson                             Chateau Montelena Winery
                                                                 Marilyn D. Jones                          Jim Clifton
For information about supporting the St. Helena Hospital         Joseph Phelps Vineyards                   Jan & Dr. Robert Darter
through gift and estate planning, visit    Joseph R. McMicking Foundation            Devenney Group Architects, Ltd.
                                                                 Kaiser Consulting Network Incorporated    Barbara & James Fetherston
or call Oliver Ramsey at (707) 963-6535.                         Blanche & Peter Mondavi                   Kathy & Jim Fleming
                                                                 Valerie & Robert Peebles                  Judith Ford Newman
                                                                 Gail & Carmen Policy                      Grace Family Vineyards
                                                                 Peggy Rawls                               Claudette Cooper & Miles Grant
                                                                 Vega & Alan Rice                          Kathy & Craig Hall
                                                                 Gonzalo Salinas                           Harbison Wines
                                                                 Daphne & George Sheldon                   Deborah & William Harlan
                                                                 St. Helena Rotary                         Drs. Marilyn & Raymond Herber
                                                                 TRD Associates, LLC/Predhomme & Co.       Katherine & Dr. Steven Herber
                                                                 Amabel & Dr. Eric Tsao                    Jeanie & Dr. John Hodgkin

         Maureen & Charles Hoffman             Susan & Dann Boeschen                      Mary Ann & Dr. Gordon Osborn             Lorraine & Harold Ashton
         Jerald R. Hyde                        Robert W. Boucke                           Pacific Union College                     Eleonore & Edward Aslanian
         Jefferson Family Trust                Heidi Bowen                                Gabriel Pastrama                         Ramona M. Asmus
         Nancy Jefferson                       Monene & Richard Bradley                   Christopher Peacock                      Assn. of Retired Safeway Employees
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St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
Carolyn & Jack Butler                        John Del Bondio                           Louella & Tim Freeman                      Elisabeth & Wm. Alston Hayne
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Tammy Cantrell                               Tobey & Larry Dickson                     Judy & Mike Gaulke                         Virginia & Ben Henry
Stephen L. Carbone                           Michele Dillon                            Barbara Geitner                            Francis Hernandez
Cardiovascular Lab at St. Helena Hospital    Beverly & Timothy Dinsmore                Nicole Geitner                             Kathy Hernandez
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Karen & Raymond Chadwick                     Lisa H. Drinkward                         Robert Gilmartin                           Anita and Bill Hoffman
    Wynelle & Douglas Chadwick               Eileen & Steven Duff                      Caroline & Arthur Gimbel                   Elaine & Robert Hoffman
Harold Chaffee                               Geraldine Dunbar                          Debi & Doug Glantz                         Christina Holguin
Daphne & Ed Chaix                            Darcy & Leslie Dunlap
Fern Chamberlain                             Norma & Frank Dupper
Doug Champaign                               Betsy Durell
Ralph A. Champlin                            Dutch Henry Winery
Sharon & Harold Chappell                     Linda Dutcher
Ilona E. Chase                               Louise & Bob Dye
Stacy Chavka                                 Lynette & Harold Dykes
Pauline Chen                                 Patrice Dyse
Jessica & Josh Chernoh                       E. Montalvo Realty
Jeanne Chu                                   Eagle & Rose Estate
Eloise D. Clark                              Earle Mickle Trust
Ollie & Don Clausen                          Denise & Roland Eckhardt
Janet Clayton                                Mary L. Edano
Cliff Lede Vineyards                         Vicki Edwards
Clos Pegase                                  Ava Eichler
Dora Clute                                   Linda Einfrank
“Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, LLP”         El Molino Winery
Coffey Communications                        Arjuna Elkins
John Collins                                 Terrence Ellson
Perry Collins                                Elyse Winery
Compadres Bar & Grill                        Emilio’s Terrace
Betty Compton                                Mary Elizabeth & Joseph Emre
Conn Creek Winery                            Nettie Ensminger
Shannon & Frank Connelly                     Eugene Epp
Arnold Contestable                           Mable Erickson                            Elizabeth & Glenn Goelz                    Ann Holliday
Sally & Gerald Cople                         Etude Wines                               John M. Gonzales                           Christine Holmes
Corison Winery                               Eufroncinia & Jose Eustaquio              Google                                     Diana Holmes
Lina & Robert Coruccini                      Linda Evenrude                            Harriett B. Gore                           Honig Vineyard & Winery
Cosentino Winery                             Karen & Lyall Fahden                      Mary & Ivan Goyak                          Daniel B. Hooven
Ann B. Cox                                   Nancy C. Fahden                           Ann & Dick Grace                           Wendy Hopgood
Judith & Milton Crabb                        Fanny’s Bed & Breakfast                   Gary Grace                                 Albert J. Horn
Kathleen Crawford-Rose                       Far Niente                                Julia A. Graham                            Dr. Andrew D. Horpeniuk
Cricket                                      Denis Faria                               Natalie & William Graham                   Rita Hoshino
Crocker & Starr Wines                        Mary & Forrest Faulknor                   Eugene Grant                               Kathryn A. Houston
Johanna Crosby                               Nancy & Thomas Felling                    Gretchen & Richard Grant                   Inge Hovanesian
Richard Crowell                              Stella Fernandes                          Judy Green                                 Milena Howard
Nancy Crowther                               Martha L. Fields                          Judith Greene                              Patricia & Bruce Hraba
Crystal Springs Uplands School               Dave Fiesler                              Melinda Greene                             Ronald & Sharon Hughes
Culinary Institute of America at Greystone   Valerie & Robert Fish                     Glee & Robert Greenwood                    Merise Hullquist
Celia Cummings                               Craig Fisher                              Sue Gress                                  Leslie & George Hume
George Curtis                                Keith D. Fisher                           Grgich Hills Cellar                        Elizabeth & Grant Hunt
Karen & Peter Dahl                           Luisa Fisher                              Miljenko Grgich                            Minnie R. Hunt
Suzanne D. Dahling                           Mike Fisher                               Mary Rocca & Dr. Eric Grigsby              Linda Hutson
Ellen & FJ Dale                              Sue & Sandy Fitch                         Thelma Groeneweg                           Marilyn G. Hyde
Beverly D’Angelo                             Brent Fjarli                              Rita & Kevin Hall                          Ilexia Design
Juliet and Rognald Dankmeyer                 Kathy M. Flamson                          Fernanda & Harold Halloran                 Tatsuo Ito
Maria D’Argenzio                             Dawn Fleming                              Halo Salon                                 Cheryl Iyamu
David’s Jewelry                              Vicki & Jeffery Fletcher                  Claudia & Rob Hampton                      Jane & David Jackson
L.C. Davidson and J.W. Davidson              Flora Napa Valley                         Donna & Mike Hardy                         Reg Jackson
Linda Davis                                  Dr. William Flynn                         June Harman                                Loueva Jacobs
Carol & Dr. Robert Davis                     Klaus Foetzsch                            Jack C. Harmon                             James Flamson Insurance & Tax Service
H. Glenn Davison                             Katherine Ford                            Jennifer Harrington                        Sharon & Charles James
Harold Davison                               Noreen Fortune & Burt Thompson            Harrison Vineyards                         Lorie Janes
Carol Day                                    Charles Fowler                            Margie & Bill Hart                         Jay Richolson Investments
Shirley & Paul Dean                          Frameworks                                Daphne Hartley                             Sharon Jellison
Ramona & Leland Decker                       Drs. Judy & Stephen Franzino              Harvest Inn                                Jelly Belly Candy Company
Richard Dee                                  Dianne & Don Fraser                       “Alan Harvey, Jr.”                         Naoko Jenkins
Carrie DeFere                                Linda Frederico                           Caren & Fritz Hatton                       Jim Hanson Bookkeeping Service
Katherine & Peter deFremery                  Jeanne Frediani                           Carol & Robert Havens                      Gloria Jimenez
Leslie Deguzman                              Teri Fredrickson                          Joyce & Robert Hayes                       JMB Associates

         Joel Gott Wines                             Zoila Luna-Villegas                     Ray Nakashima                     Jann Pollard
         Regina & Erling Johnsen                     Cary MacDonald                          Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Co.   Anne Yamamoto & Bryan Polster
         Mark E. Johnson                             Jannine & Robert MacDonnell             Napa Valley Country Club          Sharyl & Ronald Ponce
         Shawnee Johnson                             Inna & John MacDougall                  Napa Valley Olive Oil Mfg. Co.    Lynn & Edward Poole
         Wayne Johnson                               Heather MacKenzie                       Napa Valley Symphony              Ida & Dana Porterfield
         Karoline & Wyman Johnson                    Hildet & Daniel Madrid                  Ray L. Nasuti                     Prairie Dog
         Kit Jones                                   Eddie Madrid                            Ana Negrete                       Press
         Loretta Jones                               John Maerzke                            Nora & Barry Nelson               Ruth & Michael Price
         April L. Jordan                             Josephine & Larry Maggini               Catherine & Stephen Nessier       Harry A. Prince
         Michelle Juarez                             Diane & Sean Maher                      Erick Neuharth                    “Professional Balloon Pilots Association
         Judd’s Hill                                 Eileen V. Mahoney                       Neyers Vineyards                      of Napa County, Inc”
         Ellsworth F. Judy                           Main Street Books                       Dana D. Nichelini                 Professional Fiduciary Mgmt. Services
         Juslyn Vineyards                            Susan & James Maloney                   Austin M. Nickerson               Professional Hospital Supply
         Hillard M. Kahan                            Beryl Mamanua                           Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery
         Holly Kalua                                 Frederick J. Mann                       Barbara L. Niemann
         Barbi & Kevin Kalua                         Corazon & Mario Mantillas               Sylvia F. Nobleman
         Karl Lawrence Cellars                       Linda & Norm Manzer                     Karen Noggle
         Birgitta & Anders Karlman                   Thomas Marek                            Lorene & Leonard Nunaly
         Sue A. Kavinoky                             Mario’s                                 John M. Nye
         Polly Keegan                                Michele & Gregory Markarian             Deanna Ochoa
         Guy & Mary Keilman                          Market                                  Mary & Tom O’Donnell
         Jeannette C. Keller                         Markham Vineyards                       Gerryne & Thomas O’Higgins
         Judy Sue & Karl Kelley                      Maureen Marks                           Linda & James O’Keefe
         Cathy & Philip Kendall                      Marlowe & Company Jewellers             Old Faithful Geyser
         Kent Rasmussen Winery                       G.T. Marsh                              Michael O’Leary
         Kenward Family Vineyards                    Louis Martini                           Reggie Olejniczak
         Kenwood Vineyards                           Michael M. Martini                      Marie Oliver
         Patricia & Paul Kerr                        Marilyn Mason-Stanton & James Stanton   Janis & Alfred Olsen
         Norman Kiken                                Celia & Robert Masyczek                 Marie & Allan Olson
         Tom Kiley                                   Eileen & D. Malcolm Maxwell             Leslie & Greig Olson
         Kathleen King                               Mayacama                                Paul Olson
         Marsha & Thomas King                        Lisa R. Mayer                           Teresa O’mara
         Cynthia Devlin Kistler                      Harriet & Ray Mayeri                    Peggy O’Neill
         Deborah Klaus                               Claudia A. Mayfield                      Chioma & Philemon Onwere
         Hilda & Dwight Klenke                       David McBride                           Christine Ortiz
         Beth S. Klugman                             Dorothy & Donald McCabe                 Charlene & Victor Osorio
         Jane & Waldo Kolb                           Christine & William McClure             Susan & Michael Oster
         Korbel Champagne Cellars                    Willinda & Peter McCrea                 Betty Ottman-Ewing
         Koves-Newlan Vineyards & Winery             Hansel R. McCrorie                      Outpost Wines
         Antoinette Krajcar                          Christine & Robert McCullough           Pacific Union Payables Account
         Susan & Ron Krausz                          Ethel & Fred McCutchan                  Tracy Pacini
         Barbara & Peter Kreider                     Stephanie McDonald                      Judy & Steve Padis
         Nancy Kress                                 Terri & John McIntosh                   Pahlmeyer
         Bonnie & William Kroplin                    Marilyn & John McIntosh                 Palladium Fine Jewlery
         Leah Kuchta                                 Lenore McKnight                         Hermenigilda Panganiban           Betty & Ron Profili
         Nicholas D. Kujovich                        Pamela McSharry                         Catherine & Rudolph Papale        Stephen D. Quiggle
         Kuleto Estate Family Vineyards              Gabrey Croft Means                      Judy & Larry Parady               Harmony Quinn
         “Kyphon, Inc.”                              Erika Mee                               Becky & Milton Parriott           Ken Quinn
         La Jota Vineyard Co.                        Reg & Edith Meikle                      Parry Cellars                     Quintessa
         Ladera Vineyards                            Russ Melgar                             Carla Paschal                     Vera Quirici
         Lake-Silverado Cardiovascular Consultants   Lynn & Dave Melvin                      Martha & James Patrick            Carol & Guy Qvistgaard
         Lamborn Family Vineyards                    Roberta & Gary Menegon                  Patricia Patten                   “Rancho El Adobe, LLC”
         Janet G. Lamborn                            Louise & Verino Menegon                 Katherine Pattison                Nancy Rawdon
         Loesha & Angelo Lamonica                    Kimberly Meredith                       Tiffany Paul                      Raymond Vineyard & Cellar
         Kim L. Lamonte                              Jeanine & Jack Meregalli                Cynthia Pawlcyn                   REACH Air Medical Services
         Cindy & Dave Lane                           Constance & Alfred Meyer                Margaret & William Payne          Mary & Steven Read
         Doris Langham                               Virginia & Richard Michaux              Pearl Wonderful Clothing          Michael Rebello
         Patricia E. Lapera                          Violet Micheli                          Michele R. Pedro                  Red Hen Cantina
         Betty Larsen                                Alban & Jula Millard                    Peju Province                     Redbud Community Hospital
         Candice & Robert Larson                     Debra Miller & Michael Dobler           Isabel & Luis Pelaez              Reeds
         Mary L. Law                                 Joseph & Marjorie Miller                Maria Pena                        Lianne & Linden Reeves
         Eleanor H. & F.M. Leake                     Beth & John Milliken                    Margie & Jim Penkala              Kimberly & John Regan
         Fran & Dana Leavitt                         Sheila & Harold Mills                   Betty & Donald Penland            Arturo Relevo
         Maynard Lebrun                              Miner Family Vineyards                  Jane M. Pepe                      Dr. Lorelei Repique & Greg Bietz
         Janeil L. Lee                               Olga & Alton Minter                     Ezequiel M. Perez                 Helmuth C. Retzer
         Lefever Salon                               Dr. William R. Mitchell                 Jill & Richard Permutt            Revana Family Vineyard
         Antonia Lendaris                            Daniel Mock                             Jeanne & Merton Perry             Judith & Thomas Revelle
         Linda & Robert Leonard                      Marian Molinari                         Monty & Nancy Perry               Patricia Reynolds
         Lee & V. T. Leonard                         Arlette & John Monfredini               Carol M. Peterson                 Charlotte & David Rice
         Let’s Face It Aesthetic Services            Emilio Montalvo                         Marianne & Richard Peterson       Yvonne & Michael Rich
         Lewis Cellars                               Page Monte                              P.J. Peterson                     Joanna Richardson-Jones
         Irita Lewis                                 Christine Montelli                      Jody Pfeifle                       Jennifer Richter
         Karen & Jay Lewis                           Tim Moore                               Andrea & William Phelps           Cheryl Rick
         Olan Lewis                                  Audrey Morales                          Lee Philipson                     River House Books
         Lightworks Photography                      Azalia Morales                          Heather & Bruce Phillips          Rebeca Rivera
         Judy Lilley                                 Betsy & Greg Morgan                     Frances & Harold Phipps           Jennifer & Fred Robedee
         Lincoln Financial Advisors                  June & Jack Morgan                      Robert Pickus                     Robert Keenan Winery
         Marie & Barry Lipman                        Alison L. Morr & Bryan A. Kolozsi       Nancy Pieraccini                  Robert Pecota Winery
         Livingston-Moffett Winery                   Jacqueline & Forrest Mozer              Joyce E. Pihl                     Sherry Robertson
         Heather Loftis                              Regina & Robert Muehlhauser             Susan Pillsbury                   Mildred Robinette
         Pat Perini & Bob Long                       John Muhlner                            Lisa & Jeremy Piner               Leea Robinson
         Irais Lopes-Ortega                          Mercedes & E.R. Muirhead                Pinot Blanc                       Joe L. Rocha
         Candace Lord-Schneider & A. Gregory         Steven Murray                           Pirates Lair                      Shanna & Timothy Rodgers
             Schneider                               Mary & Wayne Murray                     Gunter & Vivian Hansen Pirchner   Noli Rodica
         Darlene Lowe                                Kenneth & Dorothy Myers                 PJ Steak                          Marlee Rodrigue
         Luna Vineyards                              Violet M. Nakabayashi                   Rosaisela Plancarte-Ayala         Elizabeth M. Rogers

St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
Bertha Rojas                                 Lucille & William Smail
Romeo Style                                  Catherine & James Smith
Olga Romero-Montanez                         Lowell V. Smith
Tom Rosander                                 Dina & Michael Smith
Sharon & James Rose                          Snap-On Tools
Corrina Rosebrook & Evan McCulloch           Peter & Linda Snowden
Barbara & Richard Rosenberg                  Retha Snyder
Frederika & Theo Rosenbrand                  Shirley Snyder
Michael Ross                                 Vickie L. Somarriba
Mary Jane & Andrew Rossi                     Carol L. Spencer
Ines & Costantino Rossi                      Don Spicer
Denise Rossmiller                            Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery
Barbara Roush                                Spring Mountain Vineyard
Joan & James Rubadeau                        SRK
Rudolph Papale Co.                           St. Clement Vineyards
Rutherford Grove Winery                      St. Helena St. Helena Antiques
Rutherford Hill Winery                       St. Supery Vineyards & Winery
Patricia Rutherford                          Donna & Steve Stack
Arnold O. Rystad                             Staglin Family Vineyard
Zorayda & Manuel Sabio                       Sharalyn & Garen Staglin
Amelita & Norbert Sacro                      Deborah & Christopher Stangel
Mary Saenz                                   Ruth A. Stanton
Safeway Stores                               Glenice Steck
Akemi & Yasuhiko Saitoh                      Jeane & Arthur Steck
Joanne & John Sales                          Carolynn Steele
Ruben Salinas                                Dawn V. Steele
Salon Glorio                                 Joel Steffen
Vicki Sampson                                Isaac Stein & Madeline Johnson Stein   Mary & Tom Twist                    Doris & Wendell Winkelkotter
Mrs. Arthur Samuelson                        Stephenson Communications              Tanya L. Groves & Ralph Ungermann   Debra & Gregory Winkle
Virginia Samuelson                           Karen Stern                            Universal/Motown                    Dolores & Ron Wisbey
San Francisco Giants                         Elisa Stevens                          Priscilla & Sloan Upton             Rosado Wiseman
Misty Sanchez                                Michael Stoffal                        V. Sattui Winery                    Gil Wishnick & Michael Kilgore
Scott Sandin                                 Stony Hill Vineyard                    Iver Vaaer                          Susan Witt
Debbie Santos                                Louise & John Strasser                 Jim Valdivia                        Marsha Wold
Vicki Saunders                               Style Station                          Margaret & John Valiante            Amanda & James Wolf
Marcie L. Saverien-Basore                    Patricia & Rhoda Sullivan              Laura Y. Van Gorder                 Stephen C. Wood
Saviez Vineyard Wine Company                 Sarah & Tony Sumbillo                  Helen & John Van Reeth              Patricia Worthey
Sawyer Cellars                               Carol & Michael Sund                   Vanderbilt & Company Inc.           Jane & Jim Wright
Leroy Sayas                                  Dawn Surges                            Mary VanVranken                     Lucille Yau
Karen C. Schein                              Blesilda Surio                         Elsa & George Vare                  Rachel Ybarra
Jeanette & Toby Scherencel                   Susan Branum Studio Pilates            Vasconi’s Pharmacy                  Ira Yeager
Dr. Margaret Schlatter & Dr. Stephen Vance   Anne Carver & Denis Sutro              David Venegas                       Gloria Young
Phil Schlein                                 Kathy Swabacker                        Vianett Tailoring                   Joan R. Young
Marianna Schmidt                             Tracy & James Sweeney                  Dyan Vicencio                       Paula Young
Wonona Schmidt                               Rita Sypitkowski                       John Villagomez                     Paula Rast Young & William Pier Young
David I. Schneider                           Minhdung Ta                            Vineyard Country Inn                Duane Ytredal
Bruce Schooley                               Frances M. Tagliaferri                 Vineyard Valley Homeowners Assn.    Linda Zajac
Schramsberg Vineyards                        Hannah & Frank Takahashi               Nancy & Dr. Carlos Von Pohle        Norma Zavala
Linda K. Schulz                              Grace Takami                           von Strasser Winery                 ZD Wines
Marian & Richard Schumacher                  Alice & Kenneth Taplin                 Paul Vorland                        Barbara Zepponi
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving            Denise Tarkman                         Ethel & James Vye                   Grover Zierle
Rosemarie & Peter Schwarzbach                Lary & Kathleen Taylor                 Hunter E. Walk                      Ann McGhee Zink
Sconza Candy                                 Taylor’s Refresher                     Marilyn & Edward Wallis             Chris Zonca
Wayne Scott                                  Debra & David Teesdale                 Elizabeth & Fred Wallraff           Sherlyn & Dave Zumwalt
William C. Searcy                            Karen & Stan Tempchin                  Barbara & Richard Walton
Seavey Vineyard                              Joan Temple                            Patricia & Tim Warner
Beverly & Allan Sebanc
Flor Segura de Hernandez
                                             Ross Templeton
                                             Adair & R. Brian Tench
                                                                                    Anne A. Watson                      2005
                                                                                    Betty & William Webster
Sylvia Seibert
Linda & Ron Sereni
                                             Seow & Chih Teng
                                                                                    David Weed                          HONORARIUM
                                                                                    Nancy Welch
Helga Shafer
Shafer Vineyards
                                             Aline & Raymond Tetrault
                                             Carry & John Thacher
                                                                                    Nina A. Wemyss                      CONTRIBUTORS
                                                                                    Nanette Cordes Werley
Sharkey Arts
Serena & Tyler Sheldon
                                             The Somatic Heatlh Center
                                             “Thesman Custom Builders, Inc.”
                                                                                    Ruth & Sam West                     LIST
                                                                                    Julie Westrupp
Laurie Shelton                               This and That Productions              WGS Interior Design
Lois & Thom Shelton                          Larry Thomas                           Kay Wheeler                         In honor of Daphne Araujo
Jackie Sherman                               Marjorie & Michael Thomas              Whispering Pines Water Co.          Diane L. Morris
Charlotte & Ralph Sherman                    Sue Thomas                             Jay Whitcomb
Sherwin Family Vineyards                     Linda & Shawn Thompson                 Carol & James White                 In honor of Dr. Becky’s new marriage
St. Helena Hospital Maintenance Dept.        Nelda G. Thornton                      Mary & Peter White                  Wonona Schmidt
St. Helena Hospital Medical Staff Office      Valen Threadgall                       Whiting Nursery
St. Helena Hospital Purchasing Dept.         Nancy Tikker                           Janice & Russell Wight              In honor of Cecilia Bickford
Dr. Michael W. Shifflett                      Fern & Dr. Rue Tikker                  WilkesSport                         Jennifer Harrington
Susan & Michael Shifflett                     Jeannie & David Tillay                 Gayle & Harry Willett
Mabel & Dr. J. Paul Shively                  Deborah B. Todd                        Charles & Marlena Williams          In honor of Brenda
Judith Shively                               Cliff Toews                            Ann & J. A. Williams                Tammy Cantrell
Showket Vineyards                            Elmer Tofanelli                        Paul Williams
Maile Shubin                                 Toni Rigdon Skin Care & Cosmetics      Lanetta & Gary Wilsey               In honor of Barbara Brown
Silverado Vineyards                          Christa & Scott Townley                Ava & Derby Wilson                  Barbara Geitner
James E. Simonsen                            Trader Joe’s                           Mary Wilson
Gene C. Sinnes                               Trefethen Vineyards                    Mavis S. Wilson                     In honor of Bruce’s Wife and Three Boys
Six Flags Marine World                       Nathalie & Bill Trevor                 Betty & Robert Wilson               Bruce Schooley
Kathleen Slack                               Trinchero Family Estates/Sutter Home   Donna & Robert Winchell
Rosalyn Slack                                Truchard Vineyards                     Ellen M. Windham                    In honor of George Bush
Esther Slater                                Rita & Thomas Tucker                   “Windmill Management, LLC”          Don Spicer
Mary & Paul Slawson                          Lola Turner                            Caroline S. Wing

         In honor of the Center for Behavioral Health
         Dyan Vicencio                                  2005
         In honor of Mary J. Dylla, MD                  MEMORIAL
         Eve Kanne-Ulin & Jeffrey Ulin
         In honor of Steven Herber, MD
         Tom Butler                                     LIST
         In honor of Kathy Hernandez                    In memory of Tom Abbott
         Tiffany Paul                                   Norma Baker

         In honor of John E. Hodgkin, MD                In memory of Jose Alfaro
         Darcy & Leslie Dunlap                          Wine Country Cardiology Associates

         In honor of Wilfred Huse, MD                   In memory of Kenneth Atkinson
         Fred Crutcher                                  Wine Country Cardiology Associates

         In honor of John Jacobson, MD                  In memory of Raymond E. Balch
         Jack C. Harmon                                 Wine Country Cardiology Associates

         In honor of Nia Lendaris                       In memory of Richard E. Barrall
         Donna & Mike Hardy                             Audrey Barrall

         In honor of James E. Lies, MD                  In memory of James Bennett
                                                                                                 In memory of Mildred Denton              In memory of Nazim Hakim
         Fred Crutcher                                  Wine Country Cardiology Associates
                                                                                                 Wilma Keenleyside & Robert Brownscombe   Wine Country Cardiology Associates
         Milena Howard
                                                        In memory of Mildred Bennett
                                                                                                 In memory of Lee Dillon                  In memory of Allan Hendricks
         In honor of Helen Miles                        Linda C. Bouchard
                                                                                                 Michele Dillon                           Patricia E. Lapera
         Rita & Kevin Hall
                                                        In memory of Sidney Berlin
                                                                                                 In memory of Daniel Dodge                In memory of Pastor Ted Herr
         In honor of Denise Sidenstricker               Wine Country Cardiology Associates
                                                                                                 Wine Country Cardiology Associates       Eleanora M. Herr
         Nicole Geitner
                                                        In memory of Gary Bevins
                                                                                                 In memory of Mary C. Dolan               In memory of Mary Holloway
         In honor of St. Helena Hospital                Anonymous
                                                                                                 Shawnee Johnson                          Carol & Charlie Gill
         Pamela McSharry                                Noli & Charles D’Ombrain
                                                                                                 Pamela McSharry
                                                        John Pierson
                                                                                                 Jeanette Scherencel                      In memory of Marilyn Huthes
         In honor of St. Helena Hospital Staff          Jamie Siy
                                                                                                 Sue Thomas                               Nancy & Jim Aldred
                                                        In memory of Eugene Bickford
                                                                                                 In memory of David Egwahke               In memory of John Intersimone
         In honor of Aricia Halley Stanton              Jennifer Harrington
                                                                                                 Liana S. Amador                          Wine Country Cardiology Associates
         Ruth A. Stanton
                                                        In memory of Patricia Boucke
                                                                                                 In memory of Jerry Fernandes             In memory of Andrew Johnson Jr.
         In honor of Barbara Stanton                    Barbara & Frank Borges
                                                                                                 Jim Valdivia                             Lorraine & Harold Ashton
         Ruth A. Stanton                                Robert W. Boucke
                                                                                                                                          Robert W. Boucke
                                                        “Windmill Management, LLC”
                                                                                                 In memory of Joshua Fisk
         In honor of Ken Stanton                        Wine Country Cardiology Associates
                                                                                                 Tammy Cantrell                           In memory of Dale Johnson
         Ruth A. Stanton                                                                                                                  Judith & Thomas Revelle
                                                        In memory of Ivan Brandt
                                                                                                 In memory of April M. Flynn
         In honor of Kristen & Doug Stanton             Wine Country Cardiology Associates
                                                                                                 Dr. William Flynn                        In memory of Sally Jones
         Ruth A. Stanton                                                                                                                  Christy & David Abreu
                                                        In memory of Wallace Brooks
                                                                                                 In memory of Mel Fortune                 Claire Kalista Alt
         In honor of Leslie Stanton                     Wine Country Cardiology Associates
                                                                                                 Noreen Fortune & Burt Thompson           Liana S. Amador
         Ruth A. Stanton                                                                                                                  Vicki & Robert Andersen
                                                        In memory of Joseph Brown
                                                                                                 In memory of Lloyd Funkhouser            Araujo Estate Wines
         In honor of Ray Tetrault                       Flora Brown
                                                                                                 Noli & Charles D’Ombrain                 Assn. of Retired Safeway Employees
         Aline & Raymond Tetrault                                                                                                         Lynne Jones and Robert Begley
                                                        In memory of Ella M. Carrick
                                                                                                 In memory of Art Garegnani               James Bennett
         In honor of Emmet Tetz, MD                     Wine Country Cardiology Associates
                                                                                                 Wine Country Cardiology Associates       Stephen Bergren
         Julia W. Cheever                                                                                                                 Jennifer Berry & Don Michael
                                                        In memory of Dorothy Carter
                                                                                                 In memory of Lucille Gassaway            Adrienne M. Binni
         In honor of Yvonne Thomas                      Judith & Milton Crabb
                                                                                                 Wine Country Cardiology Associates       Matthew Binnie
         Larry Thomas                                                                                                                     Stacey & Bob Bressler
                                                        In memory of Alan Chaffee
                                                                                                 In memory of Arian Gedman                Kathryn & Gregory Bronstein
         In honor of Virginia and Ernie Van Asperen     Harold Chaffee
                                                                                                 Albert Gedman                            Sara & Dennis Cakebread
         Gerson Bakar Foundation                                                                                                          SHH Center For Health
                                                        In memory of Pauline Chaffee
                                                                                                 In memory of Tim Gee                     Sharon & Harold Chappell
         In honor of Mark Van Gorder                    Harold Chaffee
                                                                                                 Becky & Milton Parriott                  “Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, LLP”
         Laura Y. Van Gorder                                                                                                              Community Foundation of the Napa Valley
                                                        In memory of Angie Chapman
                                                                                                 In memory of Betty Gilreath              Lina & Robert Coruccini
         In honor of Wilson White                       Leah Kuchta
                                                                                                 Wine Country Cardiology Associates       Crystal Springs Uplands School
         Mary & Ivan Goyak                                                                                                                Ellen & FJ Dale
                                                        In memory of Don Christensen
                                                                                                 In memory of Aubrey Gooch                Juliet and Rognald Dankmeyer
         In honor of Carole Williams                    Sharon E. Brooks
                                                                                                 Wine Country Cardiology Associates       Tobey & Larry Dickson
         Barbara & James Fetherston                                                                                                       Stacey & Theodore Dobos
                                                        In memory of William Cropsey
                                                                                                 In memory of David Matthew Greene        Sheila & John Dowell
         In honor of James L. Woolley, MD               Sharon & Charles James
                                                                                                 Judith Greene                            Suzanne & Frank Dowling
         Maria Pena                                                                              Melinda Greene                           Ava Eichler
                                                        In memory of Reginald Crussell
                                                                                                                                          Roberta & Kenneth Eldred
                                                        Daphne & George Sheldon
                                                                                                 In memory of Hilary Gregory              Sue & Sandy Fitch
                                                                                                 Joanne Hatch                             Vicki & Jeffery Fletcher
                                                        “In memory of William A. Crutcher, MD”
                                                                                                 Patricia E. Lapera                       Noreen Fortune & Burt Thompson
                                                        Fred Crutcher
                                                                                                 SHH Medical Staff Office                  Judy & Mike Gaulke
                                                                                                                                          Robert Gilmartin
                                                        In memory of Joe Deapen
                                                                                                 In memory of Rita M. Gunn                Caroline & Arthur Gimbel
                                                        Jeane & Arthur Steck
                                                                                                 Wine Country Cardiology Associates       Natalie & William Graham

St.Helena Hospital ~ 2005 Annual Report
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Henney                 In memory of Harry Kevich            In memory of Jim Moberly                     In memory of Louise R. Saunders
Virginia & Ben Henry                     Wine Country Cardiology Associates   Wine Country Cardiology Associates           Rosado Wiseman
Pauline Heyneker
Anita and Bill Hoffman                   In memory of Sarah Kim               In memory of Carolyn L. Moe                  In memory of Arnold Scherencel
Albert J. Horn                           Joanne Hatch                         Barbara & Frank Borges                       Jeanette & Toby Scherencel
Leslie & George Hume                     Patricia E. Lapera
Jane & David Jackson                     SHH Medical Staff Office              In memory of Marjorie Mondavi                In memory of Irene and Elmer Schmidt
Elaine & Donald John                                                          Dorothy Mondavi & Children                   Wonona Schmidt
Karoline & Wyman Johnson                 In memory of Gertrude Komodoski
Marilyn D. Jones                         Wine Country Cardiology Associates   In memory of William H. Murphy               In memory of Dorothy G. Searcy
Hillard M. Kahan                                                              Wine Country Cardiology Associates           William C. Searcy
Tom Kiley                                In memory of Bee Lacaze
Deborah Klaus                            John Del Bondio                      In memory of Marjorie M. Noyes               In memory of Kathryn J. Silsby
                                                                              Joan Bunce                                   Cynthia I. Archer

                                                                              In memory of Dr. Philip Ottman               In memory of Sylvia-Ann Sprung
                                                                              Betty Ottman-Ewing                           Elizabeth Hoelle

                                                                              In memory of Fran Pershing                   In memory of Mark Stapleton
                                                                              Betty & Bill Adamo                           Ilona E. Chase
                                                                              Joyce & Robert Hayes
                                                                              Jeanine & Jack Meregalli                     In memory of Morse Stonecypher
                                                                              Christine Montelli                           Kathleen Crawford-Rose

                                                                              In memory of Leo Piller                      In memory of Pamela Straus
                                                                              Charles & Catherine Ball                     Linda Evenrude

                                                                              In memory of Alfonso Pina                    In memory of Trent Strickland
                                                                              Barbara & Frank Borges                       Sharon E. Brooks
                                                                              Wine Country Cardiology Associates
                                                                                                                           In memory of Yvonne Tetz
                                                                              In memory of Lucinda Porter                  Kathleen Slack
                                                                              Julia A. Graham
                                                                              Janeil L. Lee                                In memory of Mario & Mary Trinchero
                                                                              Retha Snyder                                 Roger Trinchero

                                                                              In memory of James R. Pride                  In memory of Dean Turner
                                                                              Carolyn Pride                                Wine Country Cardiology Associates
Beth S. Klugman                          In memory of Po Lam Chau             Pride Mountain Vineyards
Antoinette Krajcar                       Lucille Yau                                                                       In memory of Sam Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lipman                                                     In memory of Robert E. Pusey                 Charlotte & Ralph Sherman
Pat Perini & Bob Long                    In memory of Norman Langham, Sr.     Anonymous
Michael M. Martini                       Doris Langham                                                                     In memory of Cody Welch
Lisa R. Mayer                                                                 In memory of Geoffrey Qvistgaard             Ramona M. Asmus
Dorothy & Donald McCabe                  In memory of Theresa E. Lima         Carol & Guy Qvistgaard
Barbara & Laureston McLellan             Linda Einfrank                                                                    In memory of Bernedette White
Anne & Charles McMinn                    Tatsuo Ito                           In memory of Thelma Reed                     Patrice Dyse
Gabrey Croft Means                       Akemi & Yasuhiko Saitoh              Wine Country Cardiology Associates
Lynn & Dave Melvin                       Shirley Snyder                                                                    In memory of William M. White
Arlette & John Monfredini                                                     In memory of Olga R. Reynolds                Wine Country Cardiology Associates
Alison L. Morr and Bryan A. Kolozsi      In memory of Cliff Little            Wine Country Cardiology Associates
Regina & Robert Muehlhauser              Barbara & Frank Borges                                                            In memory of Wilbur Willkins
Mary & Wayne Murray                                                           In memory of Elizabeth Robinson              Wine Country Cardiology Associates
Catherine & Stephen Nessier              In memory of John Luzzi              Leea Robinson
Linda & James O’Keefe                    Kathy M. Flamson                                                                  In memory of Derby Wilson
JoAline & David Olson                                                         In memory of Kenneth Rosenthal               Ava & Derby Wilson
Pacific Union Payables Account            In memory of Kathleen Mahoney        Lisa Hinz & Dr. Andreas Sakopoulos
Katherine Pattison                       Eileen V. Mahoney                                                                 In memory of Fred Wilson
Cynthia Pawlcyn                                                               In memory of Richard L. Rosenthal            Mr. Iver Vaaer
Peninsula Community Foundation           In memory of Balbina Mallari         The Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation
Jann Pollard                             Gina Chico                                                                        In memory of Ruth Winn
Sharyl & Ronald Ponce                                                         In memory of John Sagadin                    Wine Country Cardiology Associates
Kimberly & John Regan                    In memory of Violette Matthews       Wine Country Cardiology Associates
Gayle & Tom Rimerman                     Wine Country Cardiology Associates                                                In memory of Ed Yuschak
RINA                                                                          In memory of John A. Saunders                Tracy & James Sweeney
Corrina Rosebrook & Evan McCulloch       In memory of Patty Mayfield           Wine Country Cardiology Associates
Mrs. Arthur Samuelson                    Wine Country Cardiology Associates
Virginia Samuelson
Beverly & Allan Sebanc                   In memory of Bonnie McKennie
Serena & Tyler Sheldon                   Anonymous
Catherine & James Smith
Sharalyn & Garen Staglin                 In memory of Reg J. Meikle
Isaac Stein & Madeline Johnson Stein     Reg & Edith Meikle
Minhdung Ta
The E. Richard Jones Family Foundation   In memory of Verino Menegon
Nathalie & Bill Trevor                   Roberta & Gary Menegon
Virginia & Ernest Van Asperen
Elsa & George Vare                       In memory of Arturo L. Merla
Hunter E. Walk                           Ida & Dana Porterfield
Barbara & Richard Walton
Patricia & Tim Warner                    In memory of Eleanor L. Meyer
David Weed                               Sharyn Meyer Fuller
Carole & Richard Williams
                                         In memory of Barbara Mizera
In memory of Donald Keeler               Joanna Richardson-Jones
Bonnie & William Kroplin

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