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       Place/location-in desert near a cave. 2010.
               -it is in a desert near a cave in 2010 to show the desperation that they are feeling
not only for Proctor to claim innocence, but to get back to civilization also.
        Walls, floor, coloring, size- There are no walls, it is in almost the middle of nowhere, the
floors are dirt and in the cave are stone. The colors should be mostly brown and grey.
              -no walls to show the emptiness of desperation and the colors are supposed to be
dark and bland to also show the desperation.
       Background-In the far background there should be dim lights of a small town. A fire
burning in the cave behind where Hale will be standing.
                -Dim lights of a small town because it’s showing that far off there is civilization
and it increases their anxiety and desperation to get back. A fire burning behind Hale to
emphasize his desperation and anxiety towards Elizabeth.

         Body type/casting- Elizabeth: middle aged, fairly attractive but not too attractive. Skinny,
about 5”6. This shows that she has grown with her husband in their marrige so she is not young
and completely naïve. Skinny to show that she is very stressed and desperate. Hathorne: Very
tall, skinny, and very powerful looking. Very tall to emphasize power and intimidation. Skinny
to emphasize stress. Hale: Semi-short, looks very intelligent but like his is intimidated almost
        Placement on stage in relation to others/objects- Hale should be standing with his back to
the cave and the fire behind him in the cave and facing the town lights that are far off. Elizabeth
and Hathorne will be facing him. Hale will be standing with the fire behind him to show the
desperation and anger coming from him. Elizabeth and Hathorne are facing him so that they are
intently listening to what he is saying and Hale is the “big man” in this scene.
         Costuming/hair/make up/accessories-Elizabeth: worn down jeans with a dirty sweater
that is black, with a white shirt underneath. This shows that she is worn out and dirty, and the
black shows the darkness that she feels, but the white shows her innocence. Her hair should be in
a very messy poinytail to exaggerate the stress and desperation. Make up will be dark under her
eyes to again exaggerate stress and desperation. Hathorne: Suit that has been ripped up from
being in the desert to show how worn out he is also and dirty. Suit should be all black and it
shows that he has power and the black shows that he does not know the truth, so represented by
blackness.. Bags under his eyes to show exhaustion. Hale: The same as Hathorne, but he will
have taken off his suit coat that was black, so his shirt is all white to show that he is different
from Hathorne and also knows the truth, represented by the white.
        Gesture/stance style- Elizabeth will be slouching to show exhaustion, she will look scared
and like she isn’t sure of herself or of anything else. Hathorne will be standing tall and like he is
trying to continuously intimidate Hale out of anything that he has to say. He wants to keep his
power. Hale should be slouching somewhat at first, but throughout his speech he will be rising
into a higher and higher stance until he is on his tiptoes and looks like he is going to fall forward
into Elizabeth.
       Line delivery(volume, style, expression)- Hathorne will sound frustrated and scared that
he may be losing some of his power. Hale will sound desperate, scared, and throughout his
speech he will be gaining a powerful tone and volume but it will also still be desperate.

       Color-It will be dark, so the colors should be grey and blue. It’s dark to show exhaustion
and desperation.
       Shape/Shadow-There will be a glow from the fire behind Hale to emphasize the power
and desperation of his speech.
      Movement-The only movement will be when Hale is speaking and he is growing more
and more desperate and powerful and he has a great sense of what he is saying. So he will be
moving slowly forward and higher up on his toes. He will be pointing sometimes at Elizabeth
when he is speaking right towards her.

       Music-Right when Hale says, “Beware, Goody Proctor…” suspenseful music should start
playing. Violins going high and a loud drum for suspense.
        Silence-There should be silence all up until Hale says, “Beware, Goody Proctor..” and
after he finishes his whole speech there should be just a moment of complete silence.
       Sound effects-None.

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