american lit by erin.marie8dee


									Erin Hanson

Hour 4


                                 The Importance of American Literature

         Some would say the importance of American Literature is quite the same as the importance of

American History, because of the history which is generally a part of the literature. What is the

difference? While learning about American History you get the facts of people, places, and times and

learn about the events that took place. You learn about the reasons behind historical events and the

outcomes of it all, but what are you missing that could be critical to what and how you learn about

history? You’re missing the emotion behind the struggle and success, and you’re missing the parts which

relate to you. These things might help you realize your connections with our history. They say over and

over that if you don’t learn from your past, the past will repeat itself; but I, personally, don’t find that

connection in a history textbook. I learn it from the personal writing of those who witnessed and

experienced history. American Literature is also very often referred to in our culture in general. Famous

quotes and phrases are heard often, but aren’t necessarily always understood, which gives us another

reason to learn and to understand. Finally, American Literature can give us different viewpoints on the

world and show us how and why our culture has evolved.

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