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IRS Offers Tips to Help Taxpayers with the January 30 Tax Season Opening

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									 IRS Tax Tips                                                                     January 23, 2013

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Help For Hurricane Victims
                              IRS Offers Tips to Help Taxpayers with the
                                             January 30
News Essentials                          Tax Season Opening
What's Hot                   The IRS will begin processing most individual income tax returns on
                             Jan. 30 after updating forms and completing programming and testing
News Releases
                             of its processing systems. The IRS anticipated many of the tax law
IRS - The Basics
                             changes made by Congress under the American Taxpayer Relief Act
                             (ATRA), but the final law requires some changes before the IRS can
IRS Guidance                 begin accepting tax returns.

Media Contacts               The IRS will not process paper or electronic tax returns before the Jan.
                             30 opening date, so there is no advantage to filing on paper before then.
Facts & Figures              Using e-file is the best way to file an accurate tax return, and using e-
                             file with direct deposit is the fastest way to get a refund.
Problem Alerts
                             Many major software providers are accepting tax returns in advance of
Around The Nation            the Jan. 30 processing date. These software providers will hold onto the
                             returns and then electronically submit them after the IRS systems open.
e-News Subscriptions
                             If you use commercial software, check with your provider for specific
                             instructions about when they will accept your return. Software
                             companies and tax professionals send returns to the IRS, but the timing
                             of the refunds is determined by IRS processing, which starts Jan. 30.
The Newsroom Topics
Tax Tips 2012                After the IRS starts processing returns, it expects to process refunds
                             within the usual timeframes. Last year, the IRS issued more than nine
Radio PSAs                   out of 10 refunds to taxpayers in less than 21 days, and it expects the
                             same results in 2013. Even though the IRS issues most refunds in less
Fact Sheets                  than 21 days, some tax returns will require additional review and take
                             longer. To help protect against refund fraud, the IRS has put in place
Armed Forces                 stronger security filters this filing season.
Disaster Relief              After taxpayers file a return, they can track the status of the refund with
                             the “Where’s My Refund?” tool available on the website. New
Scams / Consumer Alerts      this year, instead of an estimated date, Where’s My Refund? will give
                             people an actual personalized refund date after the IRS processes the
Tax Shelters
                             tax return and approves the refund.

                             "Where's My Refund?" will be available for use after the IRS starts
                             processing tax returns on Jan. 30. Here are some tips for using "Where's
IRS Resources
                             My Refund?" after it's available on Jan. 30:
Compliance & Enforcement
                                    Initial information will generally be available within 24 hours
Contact My Local Office              after the IRS receives the taxpayer’s e-filed return or four weeks
                                     after mailing a paper return.
Filing Options                      The system updates every 24 hours, usually overnight. There’s
                                     no need to check more than once a day.
Forms & Pubs                        “Where’s My Refund?” provides the most accurate and
                                     complete information that the IRS has about the refund, so there
Frequently Asked Questions           is no need to call the IRS unless the web tool says to do so.
                                    To use the “Where’s My Refund?” tool, taxpayers need to have
                                     a copy of their tax return for reference. Taxpayers will need
                                     their social security number, filing status and the exact dollar
Taxpayer Advocate
                                     amount of the refund they are expecting.
Where to File
                             For the latest information about the Jan. 30 tax season opening, tax law
                             changes and tax refunds, visit

                             Additional IRS Resources:

                                    IRS Plans Jan. 30 Tax Season Opening For 1040 Filers
                                    Where's My Refund? - It's Quick, Easy and Secure

                             IRS YouTube Video:

                                    When Will I Get My Refund? - English

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