Talking Growth Mindset and ‘Monkey Chatter’ with Tony Rush

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					Talking Growth Mindset and ‘Monkey Chatter’ with Tony
Rush mindset?id=powerkeg   January 23, 2013

Tony Rush knows a thing or two about growth mindset
I just returned from the “Release Your Inner Badass” event in Austin, Texas.

This was Empower Network’s third event.

One of the powerful things about attending events….

….is meeting the leaders that you admire, and model.

The very first Inner Circle Audio that I heard was one….

….by Tony Rush about growth mindset.

I was immediately captivated by the possibilities that….

….were available at Empower Network for anyone who dares to dream.

Growt h Mindset is simply getting your mind right and….

….ridding it of the ‘monkey chatter‘ that we all fight….

….and accepting abundance.

‘Monkey Chatter’ is simply your negative self talk.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Tony….

….in the Austin Texas, Hilton lobby.

What follows is about 4:00 minutes of solid gold….

….from a man that knows what he is talking about.

(please adjust your sound, Click here for video)

Tony is currently the top income earner at Empower Network.

I say currently, because the incomes are constantly changing.

People from all over are coming into this company and making a fortune.

One guy at Empower just made over $600,000 in the past 30 days.

Now these results are not typical (Income Disclaimer Statement)….

.…but anything is possible.

Tony accepted a check onstage this past weekend….

….at the “Release your Inner Badass” Empower Network event….

….of over $700,000 in the past 14 months.

Not bad.

And if Tony did not know the power of growth mindset….
….he would not be experiencing the success he is enjoying today.

A further look into growth mindset
To me growt h mindset , is not strictly about money.

Sure, a lot of people come to Empower Network to make money now.

And let’s be honest here, money is important.

It is not evil.

It is a tool.

A tool to buy stuff, and live the way we want to live.

Money creat es f reedom.

And freedom allows you to be your true self.

And Empower Network can provide that.

But even more important than the money aspect, is the growt h mindset ….

….that comes with the products, the leadership, and the modeling.

I am more excited about my internal growth, then the money I am making.

The products in the Inner Circle, and the Monday Night calls….

….develop a person in a lot more areas than just financial.

And getting to the events, just hammers home, why this is life changing….

….for so many people.

Empower Network is about empowerment.

And growt h mindset , is about becoming the best ‘you‘ that you can be.

And by doing so, it will make others want to be around you….

….and want what you have.

There are money making opportunities everywhere.

And some of them work.

And most of them don’t.

But what Empower has, that these others don’t, is a continual investment….

….in the growth of their people.

The leaders here, like Tony Rush…….get it.
They understand that if they help more people accept the growth mindset….

….and eliminate the ‘Monkey Chat t er’ that prevents our dreams from….

….happening, then everyone wins.

We will have built t he richest t eam of net work market ers ever.

And the most self-powered leadership team ever.

The continual commitment to growth mindset is what separates Empower
Network f rom anything else

I think the thing that stood out to me the most this past weekend in Austin….

….was the amount of company resources put into helping the affiliates succeed….

….at all levels of their lives.

Sure there was focus on making money….

….and big checks were handed out….

….but the focus also was on life change.

Because if you go from broke, to $10,000 a month, your life will change.

No one can be themselves when they are struggling.

And freedom creates creativity, personal growth, and charitable giving.

You can be who you are, when you are not a slave to the job.

And we want to see that.

Now is t he t ime.

P.S. For more inf ormation about Growth Mindset, Click the Banner, and watch
the video presentation, that will show you what Empower Network is all about.