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									Taking Decisive Steps to Fight Mold
Mold and mildew are harmful elements which can greatly affect the health and well-being of
those who have been exposed to them. These elements typically occur on homes after flooding,
as the moisture allows for optimal growth conditions.

Dangers of Mildew and Mold

                                          Mildew and mold are dangerous to human health
                                          because of the spores that they release into the air as
                                          they grow. Such spores have the potential to cause lung
                                          problems, heart palpitations, dizziness, and nausea.

                                          Put simply, the spores which are released as a result of
                                          growth are poisonous, even though the effect can be
                                          delayed at times. Therefore, it is essential to prevent
                                          these growths from occurring in the house.

                                          Since such growths are likely to occur as a result of
                                          home flooding, we will focus our efforts there.
                                          Thousands of homes are flooded every year, with
                                          reasons for said flooding ranging from heavy rain
                                          conditions causing actual floods, to burst pipes.

                                          No matter what the reason is for the situation, it is best
                                          to address it effectively in order to prevent mold and
mildew conditions.

What to Do when a Home Gets Flooded

When an area of the home gets flooded, be sure to tackle the event head on. Remove anything
which has gotten wet from an area, and then make every effort to dry things out completely.

If your situation is like the majority of them out there, then you will likely be able to save some
things, while having to throw others away. It is crucial to be practical and employ an effective
form of triage on anything in the house which has gotten soaked.

Take up carpets and the pads underneath them and use industrial fans and heaters in order to dry
them out. It is essential to get rid of any and all moisture which has accumulated in said places.

Also be sure to check out wooden bookcases and other furniture. Furniture is very good at
retaining moisture inside of it without cluing people in to how much damage is being done
Saving the More Important Things

It is up to you to make every effort to get rid of the
accumulation of water both at its source and also
where it affects. If it seems like something is beyond
saving, do not hesitate to throw it out.

It is always better to have to take a bit of a loss with
possessions than risk the health and wellbeing of
people in the home. Human life is always worth
more than any objects in a house.

If you should have mold issues come up, be sure to
use the services of a property restoration firm that offers Portland mold removal services. The
experts provided by such on organization (or one like it) will be instrumental in helping to get
the hoe back into viable condition and shape.

While it is very important to acknowledge the dangers that such conditions present to house and
people alike, it is also important to remember that help is out there. There are ways to fight back
against accumulations, in order to allow everyone to return to the lives that they were living.

Photo Credit: Mike's...Seat related tales

Photo Credit: Mike's...Seat related tales

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