Steel Futures July 2008 Vol.2 Issue 6 by linxiaoqin


									July 2008          Vol.2 Issue 6                         Steel Futures
 Upcoming                    Sustainable Steel
 Events                      Construction
 NZ Metals Industry          Workshop Series
 Conference                  SCNZ recently launched the Sustain-       With upcoming changes to legislation
                             able Steel Construction Charter,          and tendering processes it is vital
                             benchmarked to the acclaimed sus-         that our industry takes a position of
 Sky City     29-31 Oct 08   tainability charter of the British Con-   leadership and develops manage-
                             structional Steelwork Association.        ment systems that will let us effec-
 Sustainable Steel           The Charter is a practical way to         tively compete in tomorrow’s con-
                             manage and communicate improve-           struction market.
 Construction Workshops
                             ments in the sustainability perform-
 Auckland - 12 Aug 08        ance of the steel construction indus-     Contact us by 18 July at
                             try. This allows the steel construc- or (09)263 5635 to
 Auckland - 29 Oct 08                                                  book in.
                             tion industry to effectively meet gov-
 Christchurch - 5 May 09     ernment and consumer demands for
 Auckland - 4 Aug 09         improved construction industry envi-      Steel Keeps its
                             ronmental responsibility.
 Christchurch - 20 Oct 09                                              Competitive Edge
                             To assist members in attaining char-
                             ter credits SCNZ have developed a         Steel structures options have main-
                             series of workshops in partnership        tained their competitive edge over
                             with Landcare Research. There will        concrete multi-storey structural al-
                             be five Sustainable Steel Construc-       ternatives as commodity price rises
 Features                    tion workshops spaced over 14             hit all forms of construction around
                             months starting in August 2008.           New Zealand.

•   Sustainable Steel Con-   Completion of these workshops will        SCNZ Manager Clark Hyland speak-
                             give members the tools to achieve         ing at the NZ Institute of Quantity
    struction Workshops                                                Surveyors Conference in Dunedin on
                             Charter gold status including the de-
                             velopment and implementation of an        Friday, “A recent cost comparison by
•   Mentoring Programme                                                SCNZ on three equivalent 10 storey
                             Environmental Management System
    Update                   that meets all requirements of            structures showed that the option
                             ISO14001.                                 with steel frames and metal decking
•   Fletcher Easysteel                                                 with concrete topping was the most
                             The location of workshops will be         cost effective option. This includes
    Workchoice Day           Christchurch and Auckland.                allowance for all current steel price
                                                                       increase to date.
•   Steelwork Made in New    This is an excellent opportunity for
                             members to be guided, step by step        “Previous studies on speed of con-
    Zealand                  through both the Sustainable Steel        struction and carbon footprint have
                             Construction Charter and Environ-         pointed to the same conclusion.
•   Steel Advisor Online     mental Management System
                             ISO14001. SCNZ has put together           “Price rises in building commodities
•   Members Event            an unbeatable package for members         have occurred across the board in
                             around these workshops in terms of        the construction sector. However the
    Switches to Plan B
                             both price and content.                   value offer of steel structures is still
                                                                       better on all three counts.”
SCNZ CMe Mentoring Programme Pilot Underway
The SCNZ CMe mentoring programme is scheduled
to start in July 2008.

Fifteen eager students have been selected for this
pilot programme and while still enrolled at school,
for one day each week they will attend this course.

For the first 5 weeks they will train at Manukau
Institute of Technology (MIT), learning about site
safety, and basic welding and cutting skills.

During the second 5 week block, students will
complete work experience, 1 day per week, with
an SCNZ member company.

During the school holidays students will then have
one week of paid employment with their company
to gain further work experience. After the school holidays the students will spend another 3 weeks at
MIT being introduced to computer modeling techniques and reviewing their skills and work experience.

On conclusion of the course, SCNZ will arrange for a meeting of participating companies, schools and
MIT to discuss and review the pilot programme. The intention being that this be developed into a full
year programme for 2009.

 Fletcher Easysteel Participate in Workchoice Day
Every year Fletcher Easysteel does     extremely high value. A career in       teel is a distribution company, so
its bit for youngsters interested in   Fletchers’ supply chain beckoned        those with an interest in logistics
careers in steel by hosting stu-       those interested in the company’s       could see opportunities in Des-
dents from two schools. First to       network of global suppliers.            patch.
arrive on the morning of May 20
was a group from Auckland Sev-
enth-Day Adventist High School,
under the watchful eye of their Ca-
reers/Gateway Co-ordinator, Colin
Hutchins, pictured on the right.

                                                                               It was time for the company pro-
                                                                               vided lunch and a chance to fire
                                                                               some questions about magnetic
                                                                               cranes, cutting heavy duty steel,
                                                                               the company’s excellent work
                                                                               safety record and its readiness to
Welcoming the party was Ken                                                    support employees keen to further
Hainsworth (holding his white hard                                             their studies and develop their ca-
hat), Fletcher Easysteel’s Business                                            reer paths.
Development Manager. One of the
first points he made was that there                                            Ken Hainsworth is passionate
are plenty of careers for women in     These rolls of small gauge steel        about his industry, which is just as
steel, in sales for example. The       are known as coils and can be           well, because in the afternoon he
female student duly took note; no      used to make many steel compo-          would be doing it all over again
dirty hands; building customer re-     nents, such as steel decking rolled     with students Kelston Boys High
lationships and managing those         to special profiles for composite       School. “I’ve been 40 years in
with smart computer software.          flooring in multi-storey buildings.     steel,” says Ken, “and loved every
                                                                               minute!” It’ll make them think,
Ken’s guided tour soon had the         The steel coil can also be cut and      Ken, so good on you!
students looking at Fletcher’s spe-    palletised to order. Essentially, the
cial steels and hearing about their    students realised, Fletcher Easys-
Buy Steelwork Made in New Zealand
 The Commerce Commission defines “A place of ori-          With an increase on project specifications requiring
 gin” as the country or region where the product was       New Zealand made goods are sourced before looking
 created in its final form from its raw materials or       overseas, stating your New Zealand made status on
 constituent parts. In other words, it is the country or   tender documents should ensure you are provided
 region where the product's 'essential quality' was        opportunity over imported products
                                                           Benefits of New Zealand Made Steelwork
 Objects such as framework for buildings, bridges,
 and grandstands are created, where the steel has to       •   The products will meet the industry standards for
 be, welded and painted to transform it into the end
                                                               NZ and the evidence of compliance will be easily
 The end product is not called steel it is called some-    •   The steel and the welding techniques used to
 thing else such as frames, trusses, building supports
                                                               make their structures are designed for our condi-
 etc where the steel has gone through a manufactur-
 ing process and has been transformed; therefore the
 end product can be labelled New Zealand made.             •   NZ Made steel work will provide contractors the
                                                               flexibility and faster turn around times with quick
                                                               response times and modifications

                                                           •   It helps to maintain employment and therefore is
                                                               good for the economy.
                                                           SCNZ has negotiated a discount for SCNZ members
                                                           wishing to join Buy New Zealand Made. If you are
                                                           interested please email us and we will
                                                           send you out some information.

Steel Advisor Online
Steel Advisor publications are now available on the SCNZ website to
subscribers making it easier to access information and search for top-

Steel Advisor is a series of reference articles that are published regu-
larly. The range of topics reaches into pretty much every corner of
steel construction. Many of the articles are written by SCNZ staff in
response to questions or issues that arise from members enquiries
and requests for information. There are also articles from other recog-
nised experts in the various areas.

If you subscribe to Steel Advisor you will receive the Steel Advisor
folder together with all the previously published articles. You will also
receive future articles as they are written so you can update your

Over time we believe that Steel Advisor
will become an essential reference tool
in every business that is involved with
the specification and use of steel in
construction. You will also have access
to Steel Advisor Library online allowing
you to search and download articles
directly from the SCNZ website.

Steel Advisor subscription is
$50.00+gst per year for SCNZ mem-
bers. That gives you a folder, posted
hard copy updates and online access.
If you would like to subscribe please
SCNZ Members’ Event Switches to Plan B

 More than 30 members responded to the Motordrome Dare,
 and the first eight lined up on the grid to get the May 22 Mem-
 bers’ Event underway with a roar. Suzette Meroiti gives last
 minute instructions.

 Fletcher EasySteel’s Ken Hainsworth drove the fastest circuit
 but never stepped onto the podium because forecasted rain
 compelled the racers to abandon the Schumacher karts and
 take shelter in a shipping container. What was to have been a
 track-side lunch became a standing-room-only affair bravely
 delivered by Country Catering.

 Refuelled and still ready for some competitive action, the lads
 got word that there was, in fact, a Plan B: rendezvous at Gar-
 den City Bowl, don the mandatory red-and-black footwear, and
 show us what you got! Tim Watkins (pictured) showed lots of
 Auckland Steel style, but top scorer was 4D Steel Detailing’s
 Luke “Strike” Thomson.

 Actually, everyone scored because of the networking and the
 banter and it put them in a good mood for the meeting to fol-

 At the Holiday Inn on Avon, Trina Snow, of Buy NZ Made Ltd,
 spoke on promoting benefits of NZ made steelwork. Mike
 Drummond of Canterbury Finance, talked about the global
 credit crunch. SCNZ Chairman John Frear of One Steel Market
 Mills, updated on the global steel market,. Charlie Bartlett from
 Environmark, talked about how members could develop an en-
 vironmental management scheme, and John Kotoisuva, SCNZ’s
 newly appointed Mentoring Development Officer. talked about
 his vision of taking the steel industry into schools and giving
 students a vision of a career in steel. SCNZ Manager Clark
 Hyland brought the members up to speed with updates on con-
 ditions of subcontract and Licensed Building Practitioners.

               Phone 09-263-5635, Fax 09-263-5638
             L2, 17-19 Gladding Place, PO Box 76403
             Manukau City, Manukau 2241, New Zealand

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