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									    IPhone 5 coming to Walmart's Straight
       Talk prepaid plans January 11 th
What is Iphone5?

The iPhone 5 will be the fifth release of the cellular cell phone provided by the apple company and now
comes with the larger product iPod along with Mac computer systems and iPods to form a range of
amazing and highly effective technological innovation based on user-friendly manages and amazing
design. Normally you will still be able to add to the many built-in applications that the device will
provide, such as potential new ones, through the App Shop and many more simple new functions will
also be added as part the os. Whether it will still be iOS 5 is looking more uncertain though. The new
iPod recently launched contains iOS 5.1 and by the summer or later release of the iPhone 5 in white-
colored we could appropriately see the mixed release of iOS 6. The iPhone 5 will be provided in 16GB
and will be sold for $649, while the iPhone 4 will come with 8GB storage space and go for $449. If you
don't want to pay the entire cost up front, In fact it is certain that this new release will contain the
iCloud which provides distant storage space and back-up for data files such as your iTunes music,
images, video clips and more while also forcing them to all the specific above devices you may own.

Some latest apps of iphone 5
Walmart and Straight Discuss to provide the iPhone on its $45 No Agreement Endless Plan, Retailer
providing no-interest unique funding on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 for only $25 a month, you can take
advantage of Walmart's each 30 days installment-financing programs for $25. For more details, head
below the break to get the full news release. Customers have been able to enjoy the iPhone experience
on Walmart's Straight Discuss "BYOD" cell phone programs for quite some time now, but the pre-paid
company will begin directly selling the iPhone 5 as well as the iPhone 4 on Jan Eleventh. The Straight
Discuss wireless no contract strategy, unique to Wal-mart, helps you to save customers on average $950
a season when they change from traditional contract programs with similar unlimited programs. To
learn more about how Straight Discuss Wi-Fi helps you to save customers $950 a season, LAS VEGAS,
Jan. 8, 2013 PRNewswire, Wal-mart and Straight Discuss Wi-Fi, This country's biggest and premier no-
contract cellular cellphone company, today put the power back in the hands of clients with an market
game changing provide. Starting on Jan 11, 2013 in more than 2,000 Wal-mart stores and online at Wal-, clients now have access to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 on Straight Talk's $45 no contract
unlimited talk, written text and information strategy. To make this provide even more cost-effective,
Wal-mart will be offering clients who buy the cellphone in the shop, a no attention fixed-monthly
payments unique funding provide for only $25 each 30 days with a Wal-mart Credit score Cards.

"We are excited to be providing the amazing iPhone 5 to clients looking for one of the most innovative
mobile phones with one of the most cost-effective No Agreement programs ever," said F.J. Pollak, CEO
and Chief executive, TracFone Wi-Fi. "The innovative iPhone 5 with our unlimited $45 each 30 days
strategy and Walmart's $25 unique funding provide is a wedding made in paradise – making it the most
cost-effective top quality smart phone provide in America. With this unique provide the last reason for
not purchasing the No Agreement Straight Discuss strategy is gone."

Pricing for the Straight Discuss no-contract programs include:
iPhone 5 is the slimmest and least heavy iPhone ever, completely remodeled to feature a amazing new
4-inch Retina display; an Apple-designed A6 processor for high fast performance; and ultrafast wireless
technology-all while providing even better life cycle of battery. iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6, the most
innovative cellular os with over 200 new functions including: the all new Charts app; Facebook or
myspace integration; Passbook company and even more Siri functions and 'languages'.

Pricing and Details for iPhone

The apple company iPhones for Straight Discuss will be available for buy at the following prices, Walmart
will provide a unique funding on the buy of the cell phone for $25 each 30 days with a Wal-mart Credit
score Cards on these select models. GE Capital Retail store Bank is the company of the Wal mart Credit
score Cards. IPhone 4 will be available in grayscale for $449 for the 8GB design only, iPhone 5 will be
available in grayscale for $649 for the 16GB design only, Worldwide Contacting to more than 1,000
locations in South America, North America, Indian, and in other nations.

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