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Health - Wealth Man


document about women's health

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									    Health - Wealth Man

    Friends you probably know that health - is one of the main sources of happiness, joy and beauty. Health -
    the main wealth of the person.
    Let's look at this in more detail. What is health?
    Surely everyone knows the answer to this question. In my understanding - is a complete absence of
    disease, a condition of the human body, which ensures full compliance with all of life's functions and
    activities. <- MoreProdolzhit reading ->
    At present, the life and work of modern man is costly, physical and mental stress. How do we preserve
    and maintain our wealth in this environment?
    The answer is simple - to live a healthy lifestyle.
    As you know the movement is life . Fitness, yoga, swimming, etc., all this physical activity. Have a
    beautiful body, it does not mean to take the enhanced diet is primarily muscle tone. And we achieve
    muscle tone through exercise.
 There are three types of exercise:
1. Power - for example, pulling, lifting barbells, they are designed to increase muscle mass;
2. Cardio exercises such as running, cycling, cross-country skiing. They aim to increase endurance and
   weight loss;
3. Stretching muscles - are aimed at improving the flexibility of the body.
 Each person decides for himself what he will do in physical activity, whether it's swimming, fitness or just
    a morning run. The most important thing to enjoy what you're doing.
    Friends, but why it is so important to us to play sports? How does physical exercise on the body?
    Many benefits of exercise. Proved that when exercising normal weight, accelerated heart rate, thus
    stimulates blood circulation, strengthens bones, increases joint flexibility, improves complexion, corrects
    posture, normal nervous system.
    As a result, physical activity prolongs our life, youth and beauty.
    There is another component of health - this is proper nutrition .
    It is the food that we make, ensure the development and updating of cells and tissues of the body, is a
    source of energy.
    I have to say I am against any diets associated with losing weight. Imagine a person is on a diet, eating
    little, he gradually loses weight, but his health is waning. The first falls immunity, the body does not
    receive the right amount of vitamins and minerals. A corollary, frequent colds, fatigue, lack of strength,
    energy and constant sleepiness.
    Power must be complete, contain essential vitamins and elements to sustain the body. But we must
    remember that there should be no over-eating, especially at night.
    For lovers of sweet and starchy foods to eat such food, preferably in the morning, to avoid weight gain.
    As you know carbohydrates keep your blood sugar levels to normal values. If you eat too many
    carbohydrates (sugar and almost 100% of carbohydrates), more than can be converted into glucose or
    glycogen (which is stored in the liver and muscles), then the result is a fat.
    When the body needs more fuel, fat is converted back into glucose and body weight decreases. This is
    why foods rich in carbohydrates should eat in the morning, so that these substances had to go into
    energy, and is converted to fat.
    Still want to note that good nutrition is recommended to use the meat, seafood, vegetables, herbs, and,
    of course, fruit.These foods are the most nutrient dense.
 So summarize:
 Proper nutrition is a way of life - is diverse, fresh foods in moderation, eat a pleasure.
     Sports - is the key to happiness, joy and beauty.
    Friends I want to wish you wealth, both physical and spiritual, and everything else required to be put!
    I wish you success!

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