Cystitis - Women's Disease

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					Cystitis - Women's Disease

The street is still cold, so the ladies should be careful to prevent cystitis conquer you. First of all, to avoid
urinary tract infections should dress warmly (warm tights and a long jacket or coat.)
Because of the anatomical structure, cystitis predominantly female disease. Because women short and
wide urethra, which makes it easier and faster to reach the microorganisms from the ureters to the
bladder. As a rule, these microorganisms are coliform bacteria living in the colon. When they reach the
bladder, causing inflammation.
How can I prevent cystitis, especially if the disease has a tendency to repeat
Certainly cystitis very unpleasant and dangerous disease, which can lead to very serious and tragic
consequences. so in any case you can not run this disease and at the first sign to begin treatment.
First of all - drink plenty of fluids.
This is necessary in order to clean up the "bad" bacteria in   the urinary tract before they can settle
into them. It is best to drink water with lemon or fruit juice, rich in vitamin C. They are able to acidify the
urine, which in turn, prevents the growth of bacteria and the emergence of cystitis.
Second - do not hold urine.
Do not wait to go to the bathroom when you feel the urgency of this process. Hold frequent bacteria
propagation in the bladder, which again will lead to cystitis.
Third - wear warm clothes.
Lower body hypothermia reduces the local resistance, which contributes to the development of urinary
tract infections, and recurrent cystitis.
Fourth - the quick response.
If you just feel discomfort in the urethra, take a bath with herbal disinfectant and anti-inflammatory
effects (eg, sage, chamomile, calendula). Then go under the warm blanket. Herbs have an antibacterial
effect, the heat expands the tissues of the urinary tract and improves blood circulation, which helps to
overcome the   infection . It should be noted that if the symptoms persist for 2-3 days, you should go to
a doctor who will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics.
Fifth - not to give a chance to the bacteria.
Eat dried cranberries, cranberry juice drink. Cranberries contain compounds that may prevent the
introduction of micro-organisms in the lining of the bladder.

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